What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 205


Chapter 205 Group Space Roaming Plan

Brother Zhang has a total of seventeen groups, most of which are pulled by others, while There are only three groups in which he is the group owner, namely: milk tea shop delivery, vegetable market supplier, and Chang’an Lane security team.

The rest are basically pulled by others, and some are organized. For example, the Twelve Spirits actually have a group. The information on the signature of the homework is posted in it, and whoever sees it will sign it. Another example is that there is a group in Chang’an Lane. This group mainly discusses which house in Chang’an Lane is vacant, which house owner has moved, who has passed away, etc. Everyone doesn’t like this group very much, because as long as it sends out something Movement and stillness represent a separation.

There is also the Miaomiao House, such as Grandfather Pi’s group called Pippi, where some young residents chat and gossip. There is a message inside, basically the people here are heavily dependent patients of Brother Zhang’s milk tea shop.

Afterwards, there is also a group such as Tianwang Laozi. This group was established by Thunder Dragon, but later because there were three of his ex-girlfriends in the group at the same time, basically no one in this group spoke anymore, which was very embarrassing. of.

Of course, I can’t remember the little brother Zhang who doesn’t chat very much and has no practical significance, but he has five groups that are very important, one is B-Rank control Sequence, the group owner of this group is on rotation, whoever takes his turn is who, usually the main god of several big regions takes turns to be the group owner. Brother Zhang in the group is basically the top character, because some of the top dynamic is to follow him reported.

There is also a group named Lost. Most of this group are some A-Rank restricted level characters who entered this world unintentionally. There are not many people, but each one has a very terrifying existence. This group is one of their co-management councils. Everyone is usually ventilated. After all, it was because they entered by accident and could never go back. For them, this world is already their home, so this group People are also very careful, and they hide very well. They are usually very low-key. There is nothing special about them, but they occasionally meet up to catch a fish and have a drink together, although they are all A-Rank exceeding A-Rank. The boss, but his temperament is very peaceful.

The group that Brother Zhang is talking about now is a multiverse connected group, a group formed by civilizations with cross-world communication capabilities, using Divine King’s information to transfer information. The encoders unify the signals of different worlds through transit, and many approved civilizations will even establish liaison stations here for communication.

Aiya, it’s actually nothing. After all, everyone knows that the world with Guardian is the main universe No. 0. Although many other world civilizations have already surpassed the main universe, it is No. 0 after all. , Guardian’s face still has to be given to one, setting up an office here, one can observe the movement of the main universe, and two can timely praise the Guardian’s stinky feet, anyway, everyone is happy and it’s over.

Oh, yes. Brother Zhang also has a group shopping group, because in the past, Xiaoma’s hardware store also served as a community grocery shopping and express delivery station. Later, when Xiaoma went out to retreat, the grocery shopping and express delivery business stopped. Now they are all the grocery shopping groups. Share a knife and help fight landlords in it.

“You need these things, it’s not difficult, but if you want to turn them into vegetables, isn’t that just making it more difficult for yourself?”

Brother Zhang The questions in the group were answered, and they quickly entered the discussion of today’s topic. Brother Zhang didn’t speak anymore, because he knew that the danglings in this group were not pleasing to each other. If you want to know what the problem is, you only need one person to pick the head, and someone will open the bar below. He doesn’t need to talk nonsense, just write it down. Similar to asking on those social platforms: I bet there are no good headphones under 300 yuan.

As expected, after the first person finished speaking, someone below immediately replied to the person above: “The more ignorant people are, the more absolute the world is, the 373 universe is Magic Universe, and the alchemy in it is It can perfectly solve such a problem. I just happened to be in Universe 373, and there are products that can meet the requirements of the Guardian, but because of the low technology in 373, it may be necessary for the Guardian to make a trip by himself.”

Brother Zhang is crazy behind the screen as the sixth, and he remembers what people say.

After the person finished speaking, the person in front was of course dissatisfied, he first sent a “ho”, and then began to choke: “It’s really all you need to move the keyboard, I’ve been to 373 too, it’s really amazing, but why didn’t you tell me about the difficulty of alchemy? I thought it was just your 240 people who checked it out, you’re a scammer. If you have the ability, you can directly come up with the formula.”

“You really asked the right person, and I actually recorded it.”

“You did.”

They came back and forth , that 240 universe was still unnerved in the end, he transcoded the content he recorded and sent it to the group, and Aite called Brother Zhang: “That’s about it, I have screened out a few that suit your requirements. I’m not like someone from 106 who can only move my mouth.”

Brother Zhang thanked him repeatedly, but the messenger of the 106 universe was silent.

At this time, Xu Wei stood by and watched Brother Zhang copy the recipes, she asked curiously: “Brother, who are all here?”

“Yes. Other messengers from the parallel universe are here to be observers.” Brother Zhang said while copying the recipe: “They are all ambassadors and enjoy the treatment of ambassadors.”

“Ah…the country knows Ah?”

“Yes, but ordinary people don’t know.” Brother Zhang raised his head and glanced at Xu Wei: “What’s wrong?”

“Then the one in front of them What does the number mean? Is it in order?”

Brother Zhang shook his head, then raised his head and explained to Xu Wei: “They arranged it themselves, I also asked this question at that time, they The explanation given to me is that any divergence in the main universe will produce a new universe, and before this divergence point, all the history of that universe is the same as the main universe, and they are divided according to their own world in the main universe It is a known world, because there are countless worlds, not all worlds can have space-time technology, maybe there is a problem with a divergence point, and that world may no longer exist.”

“Oh…” Xu Wei hurriedly nodded: “So that’s the case, so what number are we?”

Brother Zhang handed the phone to Xu Wei, and Xu Wei took a look Brother Xiao Zhang’s nickname, and then exclaimed: “Brother, you are Zero!”

“Ah this…” Brother Zhang raised his head silently, with a strange expression: “I’m not.”


“That’s not what I meant, I meant that your name is preceded by a zero.”

“Huh…” Brother Zhang let out a sigh of relief: “Because it’s the main universe. “

Xu Wei thought it was amazing, so she asked Brother Zhang some more questions. Brother Zhang would not reject her with his usual good temper, so he explained to her, saying that there is only main universe No. 0. The Guardian will be born. If two Guardians meet, it means that the two main universes 0 collide, but in theory this situation will not occur. The price of the Guardian meeting is likely to be that the two main universes are destroyed together, and the main universe is destroyed, and the countless multiverses will be destroyed together.

“Why do we end together?”

Brother Zhang lowered his head and thought for a while: “Because the physical rules of the main universe are the physical rules of the multiverse, and the main universe and the main universe are the same as the main universe. The rules of the universe are different, and the Guardian’s cognition is the rule. When the Guardian appears in other main universes, once there is an obstacle to cognition, there will be a rule obstacle, that is, a huge bug. The two worlds will form a rule hedge , and then disappeared together.”

“Rules…” Xu Wei whispered a few words: “I don’t understand.”

“I don’t understand either.” Brother Zhang smiled Pointing to the phone: “They all told me.”

Afterwards, they happily went to discuss the recipe. It doesn’t matter if there are any rules or regulations, because if you don’t understand, you won’t understand. Understand.

Brother Zhang has about five dishes to prepare, and according to the content posted in the group, the food for healing and wounding needs to use a thing called dragon zinnia, Xu Wei thought it would It is ambergris, but after seeing it clearly, I found that this dragon’s odor is a kind of flower in the information sent by others. This kind of flower only exists in the volcano. It is said that there will be a Fire Dragon guarding it. It only blooms once a year, but A flowering period lasts about nine months, and the characteristic of this flower is that it can heal the injuries of almost all magical creatures, and because of the special growth environment, only some super devil beasts in that world will cultivate some.

And the second repair class is not difficult. According to the data, there is something similar to this effect in their alchemy books. The main raw material is giant beast Ananda in the sea. The skin of the dragon’s retreat, that thing is easy to buy around the Bay of Bengal, boil the skin of Ananda dragon to make a gel, and then add the juice made from a hard grass in the east to repair almost everything. The body of devil beast monster beast, but because it is used to molt, the repair effect can only last for a short time, but fortunately, the skin of Ananda dragon is not too precious, because that thing is 900 kilometers long, and it will molt in two years. Once the hide, the hide will float on the sea because it contains a lot of gelatin, and it will eventually be harvested, and the hardest grass in the data is the hard grass from the East.

According to the content in the detailed explanation of alchemy, it is said that the hard grass in the east can grow up to tens of meters high, and the center is hollow. The reason why it is difficult to obtain is that the eastern area is a forbidden area. There is no communication with the outside world and no one is allowed to enter it. Every year, only some hard grass can be smuggled out by manpower, so the price is expensive and there is no market.

“Does this mean bamboo?” Xu Wei pointed to the introduction on the phone: “Hard grass, dozens of meters, hollow. It can grow several meters in a day.”

“I think it should be…”

Xu Wei thinks these things are amazing, because… Bamboo, which is obviously worthless, can actually be said to be in the sky and the earth.

“The world line is different, and the cognition will be different.” Brother Zhang said with a smile: “But this seems to be a good solution.”

“Yes Don’t you take me to play.”

“It’s a little dangerous, right? Let me ask.”

Brother Zhang quickly asked in the group if he had been to 373. People on the side, ask what is going on over there, the observers said everyone talking at once, Brother Zhang and Xu Wei quickly pieced together a general appearance of the 373 universe.

First of all, their civilization took another route, which is the magic route that everyone often said. With magic and spell as the route, their technological level will not be too high, because smart people have gone to cultivation Well, so their dynasties have been changed for a long time. Now the subcontinent of South Asia is still under the control of the Peacock King, and the level of technology has remained at the level of a thousand years ago. It is relatively primordial and barbaric, and women are not recommended.

“Haha…” Xu Wei saw them talking at once, and laughed involuntarily: “They are so interesting, so I won’t go. What else is there? ”

Brother Zhang handed her the note. The note said that there is also a kind of magic monkey in 373. The bones of the magic monkey are ground into powder and mixed with an herbal extract. It can quickly improve people’s ability, but the effect of this thing is also different from person to person, and everyone’s degree of improvement is different. Some people make a breakthrough all at once, while others can only effectively treat constipation.

It’s just that the bones of the demon monkeys are not easy to obtain. First, these demon monkeys are intelligent and can even communicate. Many top experts will not hunt intelligent creatures. Another is that the average height of these monkeys is about 70 meters, and they all live on islands in the Pacific Ocean. Not to mention the battle strength, there will be other strange and powerful creatures on the island, so the effect of this thing is also It’s just a legend.

“Isn’t this Vajra?” Xu Wei said with wide eyes, “No, no, that would be too cruel, and the pretty boy from Skull Island is still very cute.”

“Yeah. , I’ll find a way to replace it.” Brother Zhang shook his head and said, “I don’t even kill chickens.”

“Yes… your roast chickens are processed and sent by them.”

After Xiao Zhang finished speaking, he looked at his notes for a while, and Xu Wei suddenly asked: “Then how did you get there? Is there any way?”

” The backyard.” Brother Zhang said without raising his head: “Illusory realm can go to all the places I know.”

“It’s really convenient…” Xu Wei said enviously: “I still don’t know how to control it, Zhang Yao can do it.”

Brother Zhang just laughed but didn’t answer, because he knew that Zhang Yao was really just a The role of the fur, the illusory realm is far beyond the imagination of all of them, and it can even be said to be the first treasure under Brother Zhang’s hands.

Electric vehicles second.

After knowing the approximate product distribution, Xiao Zhang first finished shooting the shooting plan of the past few days, and then he said hello to Wugenshui and said that he would be back in about five days. The small request is not just a word, so Wugenshui agreed without thinking. After all, the filming plan during this period was very smooth, and Xiao Zhang’s performance innate talent was strongly expressed by the old fogey director. Certainly, the shooting cycle has been greatly shortened. Now his role is almost finished, and he is waiting for the movie to be released. The director patted his chest and said that if the film could not win the star, he would jump directly into the Pearl River.

After arranging it together, Brother Zhang entered the bamboo forest with a large backpack on his back. He put some bamboo in the backpack and disappeared into this world.

The first goal he entered after entering was dragon cypress, but he had never seen it before, so he had to go there and inquire about it. It was the first time he entered 373world, Brother Zhang. Somewhat curious, when he appeared on the street, he was immediately surrounded by onlookers.

As the group said, the overall development progress of this era is probably at the level of a thousand years ago, but the secret technique here has evolved very delicately, and the science is not metaphysical enough. Minato, you can see a lot of secret technique learning shops on the street.

“Arrest this spy.”

Brother Zhang can’t understand the language of the people here, but he can automatically receive their spiritual information. He heard this sentence After that, he immediately turned his head and looked towards the side, only to see a few people dressed in completely different clothes moving quickly in his direction.

As an investigator, Xiao Zhang didn’t want to conflict with anyone, so he just took a step back, and the person disappeared into the shadows, and the people around him saw this scene. After that, discuss spiritedly.

But when they were talking, Brother Zhang had already walked out from another street corner, and the clothes on his body had become the same as those around him, and even the backpack behind him had become a big cloth. Pockets, the glasses on his face are also taken off, and he looks like a local aborigines.

This is easy to solve by dressing up, but the language and words are difficult. Brother Zhang can indeed receive spiritual information, but if there is no way to communicate with others, it is also very difficult. One thing, you can’t dream of it.

So he just stood on the side of the road and kept absorbing all kinds of information from the minds of passers-by, and then put the basic content of the information into his memory. The whole process only took fifteen minutes. Brother Zhang has already mastered the language and writing of this region.

As for his learning ability, he always felt that if there is an opportunity for the college entrance examination, he would definitely be able to enter a double first-class university.

After knowing the language and characters, he began to wander here. By comparing the surrounding terrain, he knew that he had actually come to the boundary of Suzhou. Anywhere is a rich area.

But if you look closely, there are indeed many places selling cultivation supplies in this place. The density is probably equivalent to stationery stores. There are so many things in it, many of which he has never even heard of.

“It seems to be in the wrong place.” Brother Zhang opened the note and looked at it. There was nothing on the top of it, and if he didn’t guess wrong, what the observer gave him was South Asia subcontinent version, and the location he came from is the East Asia area…

But it’s nothing, go and see more, this place is also quite interesting, so I don’t rush to find it. If you have the materials on the side, it is not too late to grope here for a day or two before going. If the time comes, you can directly ask Ananda Dragon for a piece of dead skin. It will not be so stingy, right?

(End of this chapter)

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