What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 206


Chapter 206 is clean and hygienic

Brother Zhang strolled here for two days and found that the alchemy system here is the medicine pill system , the effect is also there, but the taste is too far from the dish, and the needs of Xiao Zhang are there, there is no need for such a high-intensity item, otherwise he might as well go directly to the group Buy some Immortal Pill in here Well, they are it possible that what could be better from Supreme Taoist’s Alchemy Furnace?

Fortunately, the basic monetary system of 373world is still gold, silver, and copper, and it is not a big problem for Brother Zhang to rub gold by hand, so he bought some souvenirs, and then went straight to The place where the dragon sap was gone.

Sumatra volcano group, this place is now a forbidden place for human beings. It is precisely because there are many volcanoes here that it is very suitable for the growth of dragon tamales. Some powerful creatures occupy the mountains as kings. These things are actually That is, the monsters, but the human beings in this world are not very competitive, and they do not meet the basic requirements of the terrifying erect ape, so these monsters rarely mingle with them in the form of humans.

But these things are intelligent creatures after all, and they also have various needs, so after the rise of human beings in the past two thousand years, they have gradually begun to do some business with human beings, so how to do business? They can’t always rely on violence, and they have naturally evolved a set of trade models of their own.

Sumatra is a place where both the climate and the environment are very suitable for these monsters to live together, and they also have their own social model on it. Human ships docked and traded with the natives of these islands.

And when a human like him appears here, it is not particularly abrupt, and there is already a simple market on the island, where there are many people from different regions doing things with the demon spirit here. Some of the demon spirits were in human form and some kept their original form. Brother Zhang even saw a red-haired monkey crouching in front of a pile of wild fruits and waving to everyone passing by.

However, because this place has no formal supervision system, it is like a place outside the law. Many criminals who are extremely vicious in the human world will abscond here. .

Brother Zhang is carrying a bag and wearing a T-shirt, looking like a rookie from a foreign country, plus he buys things in gold, isn’t this a classic fat sheep, so When Brother Zhang entered this market, he was stared at.

But the moment they turned their attention to Brother Zhang, he already knew their plan, but he didn’t care, he just continued to search for this interesting little market. interesting stuff.

Because this place is rich in Monster Qi, many local fruits and plants have mutated due to the effect of Monster Qi. For example, some common tropical fruits have become completely different here. For example, the most common Fire Dragon Fruit, Xiao Zhang has seen yellow, red, and white, but here there is one that looks very similar to Fire Dragon Fruit, but the outer skin is blue-green, and the inner is purple.

This is a fruit sold by an orangutan. When Brother Zhang was watching, it indicated that he could try it with sign language, so Brother Zhang picked up one and ate it. How to describe the taste… It is like a lychee that looks like Fire Dragon Fruit. The pulp is not soft and waxy, but the juice is full and moderately sweet and sour. The taste of lychee is also mixed with the taste of mango. In short, it is a very Weird fruit.

Brother Zhang reached out and clicked on the orangutan’s hand, and then asked, “Can this be grown by myself?”

The orangutan looked very complicated towards Brother Zhang, because its brain may not understand why a human can speak the language of their race, let alone any spiritual conversation.

However, it also quickly responded to Brother Zhang, saying that these fruits could not be planted, because this kind of fruit grows on the shell of giant tortoises, and they have also tried to plant them in their clan. But all failed.

Brother Zhang was slightly disappointed, but he still bought a little bit. The orangutan took a thumb-sized piece of gold, and after confirming that it was real gold, it asked Brother Zhang to help him take a look at the stall, and it went to find the change.

And then…the orangutan never came back, and a lizard sitting next to the insect egg told Brother Zhang that he might have been deceived, because all the fruits in the monkey didn’t add up. Worth half the price of that gold.

Little Brother Zhang smiled, then squatted on the ground and threw all the fruits into his backpack. The lizard next to him looked at his outfit, because the big brother of the lizard was also very curious about the human being in front of him. How did you put all the fruit in such a small bag?

In the end, Brother Zhang really put all the fruits in it, but his bag didn’t change at all, how it was when it came and how it is now, the big brother Lizard was very surprised and stretched it out. The long neck looked at Brother Zhang: “Would you like something delicious?”

Brother Zhang saw his booth, then smiled and waved his hand, while Big Brother Lizard thought it was Because he was not used to it, he handed an insect egg to Brother Zhang and showed him a bite.

This time, little brother Zhang can be regarded as being very kind. He took the white insect egg, which was about the size of a bottle of essential oil, and put it in his mouth like a lizard big brother. Then he felt an indescribable fresh aroma pouring into his mouth. He frowned, tasted the taste carefully, and found that the taste of this thick paste was a bit like steamed taro, and it tasted like silver fish soup with some seaweed, a little fishy.

At this time, the big brother Lizard took another small fruit and handed it to him, and then he took one and threw it into his mouth. Brother Zhang followed suit, and the fruit exploded in his mouth. Out of the pulp, this pulp has a strong wine taste, and a sour and fruity aroma of wild fruits, accompanied by a strong spicy taste like mustard, with a bit of greasy inspect egg, directly on the top.

Brother Zhang patted his forehead, and then pointed to the insect egg and fruit, indicating that he also wanted a little bit.

The big brother of the lizard is obviously more kind in business than the orangutan. After he received the little gold nugget from brother Zhang, he not only gave him a lot of things he wanted, but also bit off some of it with his teeth. The gold was returned to Brother Zhang.

This time, the news that Brother Zhang traded in pure gold has spread all over the market for some reason, and both demons and people have begun to sell their products to Brother Zhang with all their might. And Xiao Zhang is also a shopaholic. Although his purpose is to come here for the most expensive dragon jasmine, he buys a lot of these interesting specialties. He even buys directly without looking at the variety. bought it.

Happiness is over.

And in the evening, the people in the market gradually dispersed. Xiao Zhang was sitting in a simple shed. This is a fried rice shop run by a human. The person who fried rice looks like an Indian. The ingredients prepared from the island’s ingredients have strong local characteristics. For example, the bowl of rice in front of Xiao Zhang is made of special local rice, eggs of a kind of flying ant, and strange fruits.

The spice taste is very strong, but it is not unpleasant, especially when the ant eggs burst in the mouth, the special taste and fragrance are quite addictive, and there is also a kind of Disgusting looking drink. Boss uses a strange tree bark as a raw material. He tore the bark open and rubbed it repeatedly in the water. After the white foam appeared on the surface of the water, Boss would add a seaweed juice with a fishy smell, and then The pot will bubble up, and when the bubbles are finished, the liquid will turn into pink.

At this time, the Boss will pour the pink liquid into a bowl made of coconut shell, add a blue wild fruit with lemon flavor, and then the pink juice will change instantly. It became light purple…

Brother Zhang faced such a bad drink, even if he was a Guardian, he couldn’t open his mouth, and the Boss gave him a thumbs up with a simple and honest face, Make the act of drinking.

“Go ahead…” Brother Zhang looked at the light purple drink in the coconut shell: “It’s clean and hygienic, brothers…”

He sighed after saying that. Going down, and after drinking it, he was suddenly shocked, because the taste of this ghost thing was surprisingly good. After the entrance, there was a kind of aloe vera taste at first, but soon it was slightly sour and sweet, and then there was a kind of The incomparably cool feeling traveled down the esophagus into the stomach, and even made people feel that the air they breathed was cold. After Xiao Zhang fully opened his senses, he could even get goosebumps from one breath.

Brother Zhang asked about the ingredients of this drink, but the Boss didn’t say it… I think it should be the secret recipe. But I have to say, this thing is really interesting, and the coolness makes the nasal passages clear.

After a light meal, the night will come. At night, there is no hotel Inn in this place. People who come and go either go back to their boats or find a place to set up tents.

Most people will still choose to return to the heavily guarded ship, because in this Barbarian Desolate Land, it is really dangerous, because no one knows whether those simple and honest stall bosses will turn into murdering to the night. The devil who seizes the treasures.

Brother Zhang was afraid of his hammer. He didn’t need to sleep anyway, so he just found a tree branch and sat on it, and then started to record what he bought today, and it was right before him. While making the list, he could already feel someone approaching quickly.

In this case, Brother Zhang didn’t even raise his head, just swiped his fingers to the side, and those who were quickly approaching him between the trees lost their balance and fell heavily on the ground. .

After that, no matter how hard they struggled, they would fall down again, as if they had pulleys under their feet. Some of them wanted to fly, but they flew three kilometers away with a little movement.

(End of this chapter)

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