What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 207


Chapter 207 Ananda Long

Without friction and resistance, no matter how awesome you are, you will be a jerk. The robbery team I made up had a bloody nose and a swollen face in less than ten minutes, and the others were still floating at an altitude of 3,000 meters, and those who could fly were silent.

But Brother Zhang has already jumped down from the tree and headed towards the largest volcano. After all, the largest volcano has the most dragon tamales. The high-level monsters there have long developed that place into a He has established his own planting base and relies on these things to become a dominant player.

Brother Zhang soon entered the volcanic crater. For him, high temperature and high pressure are not a problem, but his arrival disturbed the monster guarding the treasure. In front of the blooming dragon salamander, a huge red salamander appeared behind him, the yellow eyes of the salamander shone with dangerous rays of light, and its nostrils spewed strong sulphur gas. Go up very angry.

But Brother Zhang did not remain unmoved, he just squatted down and started to record the beautiful flower in front of him. The plant that grows in lava has a beauty that ordinary people can’t see. Its flower plate is two meters in size. After adding the petals, it can stretch out about ten meters. It is like a water lily in lava. The leaves are a touch of orange red, and they are particularly eye-catching in the tumbling bright lava. Each petal has a thickness of about 30 centimeters.

When you reach out and touch it, the cold touch makes it seem out of tune with the surrounding environment, and its unique fragrance can still escape in this environment full of sulfur and poisonous qi.

But Brother Zhang’s crouching action really attracted the attackers. The salamander behind him suddenly spread his wings and galloped towards him. At this distance and speed, almost no one could dodge.

But this time…it seems to have miscalculated, because all of a sudden this huge creature seemed to hit an invisible wall, and the huge force did not stimulate a little wave, not even the sound. nothing. The salamander with only one broken canine was lying on the ground struggling to breathe, and in front of its nose was a hand, a straw-like hand compared to its huge body.

But it was this hand that made this huge creature that stomp the whole island tremble lay on the ground in agony.

Brother Zhang saw what it looked like, smiled and restored it to normal, and helped it to get its teeth back by the way, while the cured salamander tried desperately to hide back, and kept on top of it. On the wall, but seeing Brother Zhang who was approaching step by step, it wanted to spread its wings and fly high, but unfortunately it was dragged back by Brother Zhang just after a few flutters.

“How do you sell this?”

Brother Zhang pointed to the dragon salamander on the back and used spiritual transmission to ask the salamander in front of him. After the salamander received the information, it was obviously stunned. One moment, and then transformed into a human form, it turned out to be a little elder sister with red hair.

She really wants to cry but has no tears now, and it’s not that she doesn’t sell it, why would she come directly to someone’s house, so that they think this person is a thief… It hurts when I bumped into it just now. .

But she didn’t dare to conflict with the person in front of her, because this monster had proved everything just now. Although she didn’t know what the hell it was, the salamander was extremely sensitive to danger. She knew that if If you conflict with this thing, you may be drowned by him in the lava.

So after she received the signal from Brother Xiao Zhang, she looked up. Brother Zhang looked in the direction she was looking in and found a hole not far from the volcanic crater. Brother Zhang pointed to the place and asked, “You mean to go there, right?”

The salamander was nodded, and then Brother Zhang just flickered, and a man appeared at the entrance of the hole, and The salamander turned into a prototype and flew up. After she passed, she turned into a human figure again and led Brother Zhang to the depths of the hole, but Brother Zhang found that he had actually made an oolong as soon as he passed by…

Because this hole leads straight to the outside, and there is a very obvious sign at the entrance, the sign reads “Fire Dragon Oxygen Shop”, and there are many bottles and jars on the table, some large There are small ones, and the inside are the leaves of the cassia that have been picked, and these leaves are obviously treated, and those rough parts have been cut off.

Brother Zhang walked into the store and found that it was still a suite. It should be the warehouse and operation room of the salamander. There was a lot of waste of dragon zinnia, and there were still a few pieces that were not finished. of leaves.

It wasn’t until this little brother Zhang that he understood… It turned out that he was in business, and he went directly to his plantation. This behavior was no less than stealing persimmons from the yard where he sold persimmons.

“Sorry, sorry…” Brother Zhang smiled and apologized: “I just came here, and I don’t know the rules.”

And the salamander turned into a human figure and pointed to the surrounding She was very sad about the shelf. She was beaten for no reason… She even lost her teeth. Although she was connected, the grievance was really aggrieved.

β€œHow do you sell these?”

Brother Zhang found that this place has a very complete range of dragon’s zinnia products, ranging from dragon’s zinnia puree to dragon’s zinnia super-concentrated puree. , From dried dragon’s saffron to fresh dragon’s saffron leaves, it can be said that everything is available, and from those jars, this salamander seems to be a really professional player.

The salamander very expressly gave Brother Zhang a price list. The price list of dragon zinnia is displayed on the top, and there is a price list from purchase and sale to exchange. Blocks, Silver Coins, gemstones, copper and even iron can be exchanged, and even pork, beef, fish and other food can be exchanged…

For example, a can of dragon tasin super-concentrated puree, a small can One kilogram of gold is needed for one kilogram of gold, and ten kilograms for a large can, and if you use beef in exchange, it is twenty cows. Brother Zhang thinks this price is actually okay, because when the salamander introduced it, it said that the dragon’s zinnia only matures once a year, and a jar of super-dense pulp needs four dragon’s zinnia to be completely broken before it can be extracted. Dragon zinnia can also extract such a little thing.

Brother Xiao Zhang thought it was very suitable, so he asked for a jar of each variety, and the salamander, who was very good at business, also explained Brother Zhang’s trick to keep this thing, that is, dragon salamander Never see water, it is useless to see water.

“Are you doing business here?”

Brother Zhang asked curiously while waiting for the salamander to climb up and down to pick up the goods, but the salamander sighed helplessly. Said: “It’s very common, the stuff is too expensive and it doesn’t sell.”

“Well, if it works well, I’ll buy it regularly.”

“That’s really very good, I’ll give you a discount next time.” Salamander happily took the goods that Brother Zhang asked for: “Chenghui, forty-five kilograms of gold.”

Brother Zhang didn’t either. Nonsense directly handed a large lump of gold out of his backpack, and then watched the salamander hold the lump of gold and threw it into a jar full of water, and then she took the overflowing water and weighed it, satisfied Nodator: “It’s pure gold.”

“What if you encounter tungsten with this method?”

“What is tungsten?”

Brother Zhang Just took out a piece of tungsten… and this salamander seemed to prefer tungsten compared to gold. After she studied for a long time, she said to let Brother Zhang wait, and then she took the tungsten to the ground of the volcano, and then waited for her to come back. At that time, she picked up a fresh bottle of broken dragon zinnia and put it in front of Brother Zhang: “This one, change it.”

“Do you like tungsten?”

“Volcano They can’t be melted! If you sell them to humans, you can change a lot.” Salamanders are very happy: “They like to use strange weapons.” The cans were stuffed into his backpack, and the salamander next to him saw his movements. In fact, it was not much different from the big brother of the lizard who sold the insert eggs before. I was very surprised…

β€œ This, do you want to exchange it?”

Brother Zhang shook his head and said, “This is a gift from a friend, so it’s not easy to exchange.”

“Oh…” Salamander was a little disappointed: “Then come again next time.”

Brother Zhang originally thought that there would be a fight or something, and he also said he wanted to find a way to get the dragon’s cypress, but now it seems that it is really himself After thinking about it too much, people open their doors to do business…

After buying the dragon siphon, Brother Zhang returned to the woods again. This time he found that the team that came to rob before were all lying on the ground. , they have learned to be good, and they no longer struggle to get up. They are all lying there chatting, chatting about the brothers who flew into the sky, I don’t know if they are all right.

When Brother Zhang came to them, no matter how stupid they were, they all knew why they were like this, so the begging came one after another, but Brother Zhang didn’t rush to release them, just squatted there. Asked: “Do you know Ananda Dragon?”

Immediately someone responded: “I know I know, Ananda Shesha! The big eel! I have seen it once.”


“Is his skin expensive?”

“It used to be not expensive, but now it is very expensive.” After all, he was a pirate, and they still knew some things very well: “It is very expensive now.”

“What’s the matter?” Brother Zhang curiously asked.

At this time, another person hurriedly replied: “Because all of a sudden the skin of it can no longer be fished from the sea, and now it can only be bought through a man named Vaishami Ayin, who sells it. It’s very expensive.”

Little Brother Zhang nodded: “many thanks.”

After he finished speaking, he snapped his fingers, and the people on the ground suddenly felt that their familiar bodies had returned. They quickly got up and moved a bit, and found that the slippery touch was no longer there, and they all returned to normal. But now they don’t dare to make trouble in front of Brother Zhang, after all, the pain of bloody nose and swollen face has not dissipated.

“You must be a super magician!” One of them complimented Brother Zhang: “Otherwise it wouldn’t be so powerful…”

Brother Zhang turned his head and asked: “This island Is there anything special about it? It’s more distinctive.”

“Yes, yes.” At this time, a bearded man with a full face was busy nodded: “There is a prostitute, and there is a It’s called Ah Si, its red hair is very beautiful! It also makes a nice sound.”

Brother Zhang’s expression suddenly distorted: “Orangutan? Let’s go a little.”

“Master, it’s very exciting! Don’t miss it.”

(End of this chapter)

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