What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 208


Chapter 208 This is called eating

After all, Brother Zhang didn’t try the taste of the orangutan, Even if it is recommended by those who are dying.

Of course, it’s not that Brother Zhang is worried about safety. If he wants to, it must be safe, but this thing is really not attractive at all. But in addition to the orangutans, they said that there are other interesting places in this place. For example, those smuggling ships that come and go will bring some slaves to sell from time to time. If you want, you can buy a few for a little money. Slave, and then use these slaves to exchange some good things with the monsters on the island, or simply torture to death is actually very relaxing.

Brother Zhang is of course impossible to accept this kind of proposal, but he didn’t say anything, because it is not the Guardians but the revolutionaries who want to change this world. Generally speaking, this place is backward It really makes people clicking one’s tongue in wonder, but speaking of which they are able to strike an inexplicable balance in such badness, which is quite remarkable.

But in the end, Brother Zhang didn’t stop there. After resting here for a night, he came to the largest town near the Bay of Bengal. It is said that this is the only designated trading place for Ananda dragon skins, except for Ananda. In addition to the dragon skin of Tuolong, it is also the largest slave trading city and largest smuggling port in the entire subcontinent.

Standing on the bustling harbour and looking out, the sails are densely packed, the ships entering and leaving the port are constantly coming and going, and the pier is lit up all night. The prosperity of import and export has created the unique style of this city. Ships from Persia, Egypt and even Europe are gathered here. People of all kinds come and go, and even people with fancy clothes like Xiao Zhang are not on the street. Any novelty, because there are also many dark-skinned and dark-haired smugglers roaming the streets.

And because of the unique terrain and unique world civilization, this port city should theoretically be the most prosperous city and the most technologically-rich city in this world. The buildings and streets of the construction show a taste of early steampunk. Walking in the city is like entering the world of monster hunters. Although there is no magical flying carpet, you can see the city Flying boats have become the means of transportation for the rich, similar to taxis.

Brother Zhang had just arrived here, but he saw everything was new. He even paid for a flying boat without a destination, just flying around the city a few times. Flying boats are not cheap or even expensive. They have a unique way of metering, which is the street meter. One Silver Coin is required for each street corner, and one Silver Coin is half a day’s salary for the harbour laborer.

The drivers of the flying boats are mostly cultivators with certain abilities. Although they are different from the Sect in the East, they are not much different in nature. Most of these people are very talkative, they are like taxi drivers. It is the same to talk to a high-roller like Xiao Zhang.

“Ananda Shesha, it is said that it lives under the bay and protects the bay with its own power. It is lazy and never likes to move. It only needs to eat once in hundreds of years. But no one has really seen what it looks like, it is said that it is very big.”

The driver of the flying boat flew the flying boat over the city, and then introduced the little brother Zhang like a tour guide. Because Xiao Zhang can communicate spiritually, even if what he said is obscure, Xiao Zhang can understand.

And because Brother Zhang gave the flying boat driver a large piece of gold, if there is no accident this evening, the flying boat belongs to Brother Zhang, and the driver above will concentrate on serving this ho. Customer is OK.

“Here is our most famous food store. Do you need something to eat? I’ll go get it for you.”

The flying boat has lowered and below it is a The food store full of Third Brother style looks quite upscale, but Brother Zhang became curious: “I’ll go with you, I’ll invite you to eat, but you are responsible for picking out the best tasting things.”

What surprised Brother Zhang was that this restaurant actually had a place for flying boats to park, just like a parking lot. After entering, the feeling of gold and jade in glorious splendor really made his eyes shine.

However, the prices on the menu are even more impressive. The dishes here start at five Silver Coins, and the expensive dishes are calculated in gold coins. What surprised Brother Zhang the most was that there was actually a dragon skin soup from Ananda Long. In order to study what it tasted like, he spent ten gold coins to order one.

The visiting service staff told Xiao Zhang that it would take about two hours for Ananda Dragon’s Longpi Soup to be out of the pot, and he needed to wait patiently. Brother Zhang did not say anything about it. , after all, he is also a cook, and he deeply knows that a good dish takes time to cook.

They ordered a table of dishes, which added up to only a little more than five gold coins, and a dragon skin soup of Ananda Long was more expensive than this table. The driver repeatedly praised Brother Zhang for his generous spending. After all, this meal is almost equivalent to the entire income that the flying boat passengers can save without eating or drinking for half a year, or even more.

You must know that flying boat passengers are already considered middle- and high-income groups in this city.

But although the price is expensive, these things did not give Xiao Zhang a particularly amazing feeling, because most of them are made of expensive spices, such as pepper, chili, cinnamon, star anise, etc… …these spice that people in this world seem full of awe, are really not worth mentioning on Brother Zhang’s side.

But when the pot of Ananda Dragon’s Dragon Skin Soup came up two hours later, it really surprised Brother Zhang. The pot that came up was probably the kind of pot you usually eat boiled meat slices , the dragon soup inside is brown paste, and there is no such messy spice flavor.

Brother Zhang took a spoonful of it into the bowl and felt that its texture was a bit like…a very thin ice powder, but it was indeed hot, thick and textured. Taking a sip, the first feeling in the mouth is that the mouth is mushy. A large amount of gum has been fully simmered in the soup, and then an unprecedented sweetness fills the mouth, and there is a unique seafood. A slight fishy smell, and this fishy smell is not unpleasant, and it is even because of this little fishy smell that this pot of soup has a wild taste.

There is no spice in the dragon soup, just a little salt, and even the taste of salt may be the taste in the skin, because you can taste the taste of the sea that seems to be absent, which is very likely Just put everything, just boil it with the dragon skin of Ananda Dragon.

Brother Zhang continued to take a few mouthfuls. He could clearly feel the gelatinous feeling slowly entering his stomach, which was quickly digested, and then penetrated into all parts of the body at a very fast speed. This thing can’t affect him, but he can really feel it.

Afterwards, he tasted every detail of the dish like a Gourmet, and under the pot he found something very finely cut like the skirt of a bastard. I sucked one into my mouth, without any effort, the tongue completely melted with a sip of the tongue, and then the umami taste ten times richer than the soup exploded in my mouth, and the salty taste here told Xiao Zhang. His intuition was right, the salty taste in this soup really came from the taste of the skin itself.

After swallowing what was in my mouth, it immediately began to have a sweet taste that turned upwards. The kind of fresh sweetness was like drinking a bowl of boiled Buddha jumping over the wall, but This taste is far stronger and stronger than Buddha Jumps Over the Wall.

He picked up one again and observed it carefully. Although it had been boiled badly, from the outside, it looked like the skin of an eel, but it was different. Because it is thick enough.

Brother Zhang asked the driver of the flying boat to call the manager here. He said he wanted to see what the real dragon skin of Ananda Dragon looked like. Can the manager refuse it? This is a big guy who is willing to spend fifteen gold coins for a meal, and he doesn’t even need Brother Zhang to go in person. He quickly ordered the waiter to bring the ingredients.

There are two kinds in the tray, one is a black hard shell that is dried in the sun, and the other is a dragon skin that has been soaked in water, and the black one is nothing special, just like that kind of big turtle The shell is about ten centimeters thick, and there is a stench that is hard. But the one next to it with good hair shows a completely different attitude. It is a large piece of brown translucent with a jelly texture. It is about fifty centimeters thick in the bucket, although it looks like jelly. , but it is extremely strong, and cannot be pierced by hand at all, even with a needle.

Brother Zhang asked a few questions curiously, and the manager also answered one after another. He said that the dragon skin of Ananda Dragon cannot be cooked directly after it is bought, because there will be a A special odor that is hard to swallow. It is necessary to scrape the black mucus from the outside of the dragon skin with a little by little knife, and then put the treated dragon skin in the oven to steam dry. This process takes ten days or even longer. After the dragon skin is taken out, it can be hung in a cool and ventilated place for preservation. When needed, a piece can be cut off with a saw for foaming.

It takes about seven days to soak the hair, and the water must be changed every morning and evening, and the water must use the purest fresh water, without any impurities, and without the smell of salt and alkali. The pure fresh water costs a gold coin to be transported from afar.

Dragon skin will have a special texture after foaming. At this time, it cannot be cut with metal, because if it is contaminated with the smell of metal, the picky Gourmet will overturn the table. At this time, they will use the sharp beak of an eagle or the fangs of a crocodile to divide the dragon’s skin.

The split dragon skin will appear silky, because otherwise it cannot be cooked at all. These dragon skins are then put into a soup boiled with hard grass from the East, which can effectively neutralize the sea smell carried by the dragon skin and make it sweeter.

And this is not the last process. The last process is to put the dragon skin that has been washed and swelled and soaked in hard grass juice into a pot made of expensive ceramics. Although the dragon skin at this time is stewed. It was very soft, but it still took two to three hours of cooking to get to the table.

Brother Zhang clicked one’s tongue in wonder in his mouth, he didn’t expect that it takes so much effort to make a serving of this stuff, no wonder it’s top-notch cuisine, the money is here to see , it does not seem to be too expensive.

Because the cost of the first few things is there, the first is pure water, there is no pure water for a dollar a bottle, pure water needs to be made by those alchemists little by little Come out, this cost is invisibly expensive. Another is that there is no bamboo here, or they don’t have Xiangfei bamboo here. This completely needs to be smuggled and imported. If the cost is low, there is no way. The last one is that they don’t have exquisite porcelain firing technology. Although the pots can also be cooked, they cannot withstand high temperature stewing for such a long time, so they have to use ceramics. Where do they come from? Still have to smuggle imports. Brother Zhang saw that a white porcelain plate smuggled from the East in the market outside cost a gold coin, and a stew pot that can withstand high temperature may not be cheap.

But these things are on Brother Zhang’s side…Isn’t that something that PDD can find hundreds of pages in a search?

“Can this be sold to me?” Brother Zhang meant that he wanted to buy some dragon skins of Ananda Dragon directly.

However, this request was rejected by others, because this is their signature dish. Although no one will be hard on money, it will be the king’s birthday in a few days. If these finished products are sold now For others, there is no time to make new ones now. Compared with money and life, life is obviously more important.

Brother Zhang can understand after listening to it. After all, since people can introduce the production method, they are not afraid of people copying. After all, this thing has no technical content, and it is time cost. Be there, and have plenty of patience.

“Then where can I buy it now?”

The manager said with a sullen expression and an embarrassed expression: “Everything you can buy this season is in stock, Ananda. The next time Tuolong sheds its skin in nine months, and now we all buy it from that Vaishami Ainna in the city, he has a very strange temper, he won’t sell it if he doesn’t give him a satisfying gift Yes.”

“Then what kind of gifts does he like?”

“Like… pigs, live pigs.”

Live pigs… Little Brother Zhang His brows furrowed, and he already had some hunch in his heart. This so-called Vaishami Ayin is likely to be Ananda Dragon, because a normal person would definitely not ask people for this thing of a live pig when he buys something.

Homegrown? Still doing business. Brother Zhang decided to visit this Vaishami Ayin.

After the meal, Brother Zhang unprecedented ate up a large portion of the soup, because the taste was really good, and he also found a problem, that is, the alchemy of these people is very good. Most of them have been integrated with food. Although the effect is worse than that of simple medicine pills, it is not so difficult to swallow.

“Take me to that Vaishami Ayin.” Brother Zhang said to the driver of the flying boat, “I want to buy some Ananda dragon skin.”

(End of this chapter)

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