What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 209


Chapter 209 Unfunded Sale

Brother Zhang didn’t prepare a live pig, but he still came to the seller’s castle.

This is really a castle, and it’s built on a reef by the sea, surrounded by that kind of dark brown rock, the driver of the flying boat told Brother Zhang that no one in the city knew when the castle was built , it seems to have stood here overnight, and after that, the dragon skin of Ananda Dragon can no longer be caught on the sea, and this has become the only place where you can buy dragon skins.

Because it is an exclusive sale, the price has skyrocketed by more than a hundred times. The flying boat driver said that he even remembered a few years ago when even the ordinary person’s family could buy a piece of skin and go back to making soup. , and the current price is no longer affordable for the ordinary person.

“You wait for me here, I’ll go in by myself.”

Brother Zhang said to the driver, and then walked straight across the bridge, while the castle’s The door was tightly closed, he stepped forward and knocked the door knocker. With the heavy friction of the door shaft, a one-eyed old man with a hunched body came out. He glanced at Brother Zhang with a dark look. , and then a strange syllable came out of his throat.

“Hello, I’m here to buy and sell the dragon skin of Ananda Dragon.”

After explaining the purpose of his visit, Brother Zhang was led by the old man into the room. After entering the castle, this place has a strange feeling as soon as you enter it. It is wet and sticky, like an ancient building soaked in water, covered with seaweed, and the moisture in the air is so large that the clothes can be completely attached to the skin. , looks very uncomfortable.

Follow this old man all the way into the castle, there is not a single light here, but it is not so dark, there is some kind of algae attached to the wall, this algae can emit sparkling in the dark. The green light makes it look deep and mysterious.

They walked all the way down, and Brother Zhang made a preliminary estimate that they had probably walked down more than a hundred meters. This distance has completely exceeded the range of the castle, that is, Said they were actually in the seabed now.

But because there are bricks all around and can’t see the outside, Brother Zhang doesn’t know where this is.

After walking like this for about ten minutes, they stopped outside the huge door of a room. The old man called to the door a few times, and then the door opened slowly. .

When Brother Zhang walked in, he only felt that the place was hot, salty, and sticky, as if he was in a smelly fish tank, and it was completely dark, without a shred of light, but Brother Zhang can clearly see all the furnishings and layouts here. There are no walls in this place, and there is a deep seabed world directly outside, with countless marine creatures wandering around.

And suddenly all those grotesquely shaped deep-sea creatures are disappeared, and then there is a big guy in the endless darkness that can’t see the end at all, from the shape of the huge head, it can be seen that this is It was a huge eel, it was slowly swimming in this direction, and then part of its body was coiled around, as if it had lost its vitality, and then Brother Zhang saw a person appearing not far in front of him. place.

When this person appeared, the surrounding lights also turned on, and what appeared in front of Brother Zhang was a normal room and a fat and somewhat ugly man, sitting in a In front of the huge chair, the fat on his stomach was almost drooping to his knees, looking very shocking.

He looked at Brother Zhang and didn’t speak, and Brother Zhang just walked to the wall and reached out to touch it, and found that the wall didn’t feel like a brick, but like some kind of seabed creature. , covered with mucus.

“Oh, you are Ananda Dragon, right.” Brother Zhang patted the wall and said to the man: “Sell your own skin…you can still do business.”

The man was stunned to see Brother Zhang, his mouth opened, and then a huge eye on the wall slowly opened. Brother Zhang feels that there is some external spirit strength that wants to impact his thinking, but this impact is not as bad as searching the Internet for empty fingers to hurt him…

“Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t investigate your intention.” Brother Zhang waved his hand: “I’m just a customer who came to buy dragon skins.”

Seeing that his spirit strength can’t affect the people in front of him, Ananda Tuolong’s human form looked a little strange, and then the huge eye slowly closed again. After it closed, the fatty in front of Brother Zhang was able to speak: “What do you want to know?”

“Don’t worry, I’ve seen creatures that are 10,000 times more terrifying than you.” Brother Zhang waved his hand and said, “I also understand that you are actually a part of the world, far more kind than most humans.”

Hearing Brother Zhang’s voice, Ananda Long’s mood gradually calmed down, and the two of them chatted for a while. It finally calmed down after Brother Zhang transmitted the image of the creature he said was 10,000 times more terrifying than Anandalong.

Of course, Brother Zhang didn’t share any terrifying images, he just passed the body of Feathered Serpent to it, the body of the black-skinned Dalailai, which can stretch for more than 4,000 kilometers. In comparison, Anandalong’s small body is just a tail.

After seeing this, Ananda Long also probably realized who the person in front of him might be, and it became cowed, but Brother Zhang kept comforting the nine. Frightened critters over a hundred kilometers long.

“I yearn for the Human World, I have been in the icy ocean for too long, I want to touch this world, I have no malice.” Ananda Long kept explaining his own life to Brother Zhang. Motivation: “For countless years, I had only endless darkness, and then an island grew above my head, and the island was full of interesting creatures, but I knew my appearance would make them terrified.”

“Well…” Brother Zhang repeatedly nodded: “I can understand.”

“I am listening to their songs in the deep ocean, and I am very yearning.” Ananda Long’s mood suddenly changed Depressed: “But I have appeared a few times, and only brought disaster.”

Well…how to say. Black-skinned Dalailai is cute, she is even one of the original Ancient Gods of the Earth world, and one of the incarnations of Earth’s will, but the problem is that from a human point of view, if the black-skinned Dalailai appears once, it is doomed It was a terrifying disaster. Every time her wings fanned, it caused a typhoon. Every time her tail swept across the ocean, it caused a tsunami. When she fell to the ground, it became an earthquake. Turning over in a deep sleep is enough to destroy a civilization.

Is she malicious? Of course not, she has no malice towards this world at all, even she loves this world more than anyone else, but being big is the original sin. The same is true of Ananda Dragon. As long as its piece emerges from the bay once, all the surrounding cities and villages will be destroyed.

So Brother Zhang can deeply understand the difficulties of this giant creature. They are also intelligent creatures and have emotions, and their senses are one million ten million times more sensitive than human beings. The seabed can hear the joys and sorrows of everyone on the shore, and can feel every time the blue sea turned into mulberry fields, and it will also yearn for it.

The rulers of these old worlds usually integrate into the world in various forms and postures. For example, like Anandalong, it entered the world as a merchant.

Xiao Geguang listened to Ananda Long’s complaint for a full hour, and then when he emphasized that he was here to buy dragon skins, Ananda Long directly gave him a large piece of fresh The skin, in order to thank Brother Zhang for being able to hear the anguish in his heart.

“Please come here more in the future, I like you.” Ananda Long said reluctantly to Brother Zhang, “I will prepare gifts for you.”

Brother Zhang laughed, waved his hand and said, “Yes.”

Farewell to Ananda Dragon, Brother Zhang was in a very good mood, because although the big eel looked very ugly, it really It’s a cute big guy, and in the process of communicating with it, Brother Zhang also knows why it sells skins so expensive.

It’s really not intentional, but because it was an adult five years ago and completed its last molt, after which it will also shed its skin but the cycle will be as long as two thousand years, so it is sold now The skin is the skin on its body. Although its regeneration ability is very strong, it will hurt to pull it down so hard…

It is timid and afraid of pain, so it can only be sold at a higher price. so that it doesn’t always hurt. But if you want to say that it will stop selling, it is not impossible, but this cute big guy is reluctant to communicate with the little fellows on land, so even if it hurts, it still insists on gritting its teeth, every month Will sell a little of their own skin.

Brother Zhang walked out of the castle, turned back and waved goodbye to the castle. The sea under the castle suddenly rippled with waves without warning, as if responding to Brother Zhang’s farewell. The sound of the waves was crisp and the sky was full of moon. Plate, cool breeze, it is a very moving scenery.

The flying boat driver outside was still waiting for him, and when he saw him coming out, he hurriedly greeted him: “I thought something was wrong with you, if you don’t come out again, I’m going to report it to the patrol team. .”

Brother Zhang said with a smile: “It’s alright, just chatted with the master for a while, is there anything more special here at night? Take me around, tomorrow morning I’m leaving here.”

The flying boat driver hurriedly agreed, and he took Brother Zhang around the city’s night market, eating some very local food, although the main They are all small seafood, but in general, Brother Zhang is very satisfied.

Second day Early in the morning, Brother Zhang returned to the milk tea shop as scheduled. At this time, Xu Wei, who was on the night shift, had just fallen asleep, and only Nian Nian and Sister Gou accompanied Brother Zhang to count things.

Nian Nian, the child who dislikes Chinese New Year the most, today is as happy as Chinese New Year.

(End of this chapter)

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