What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 21

Chapter 21 The Suppressed Life

The final result of the fight was that Mr. Zhu was victorious, and Mr. Ding was pressed on the sofa and slapped the floor by her.

Mr. Zhu stood up, tidied up his messy coat and hair and smiled at Zhang Jiachang: “Our corporate culture is a bit special, it may take a while for you to get used to it.”

Zhang Jiachang opened his mouth, and then he was taken to the workstation by her in a daze.

She didn’t tell Zhang Jiachang to do anything, didn’t tell anyone to take him, and didn’t arrange any specific work, she took him over to exhorted around and said to stare him, and then left happily.

Zhang Jiachang was at a loss when he entered a hole in the silk coil from the situation where he was a male except Gouzi and Nian Nian.

The girls around are also very curious about him, but because they are newcomers, they don’t communicate too enthusiastically. At most, they simply ask about his situation and then go about their own business.

Zhang Jiachang sat at the workstation for an hour, not knowing what to do, but he found that his colleagues around him also didn’t know what to do. This group of people eat melon seeds and chase dramas, make videos with long-distance lovers, chase stars in groups, tear in forums, make sweaters, embroider, buy 9.9 free shipping on the night, and study avocado planting techniques. , there are even two practicing yoga.

Anyway, there is no one to work.

And there was a girl sitting at the workstation next to him. She was small and quiet. Since Zhang Jiachang came here until now, her mouth has not stopped. Just like Doraemon’s different-dimensional pockets, you can always dig things out to eat.

From chocolate, melon seeds, ham sausages to pecans, pine nuts, beef jerky and crispy noodles, she never stopped in her mouth. She also likes to share, and every time she takes out a food, she will share it with her. Zhang Jiachang a pack.

“Here, jelly.” She once handed Zhang Jiachang a jelly, and then continued to turn her head to watch the TV series, as if this world had nothing to do with her.

“Let me ask…” Zhang Jiachang moved the stool toward her: “What does the company do?”

“I don’t know.” The girl shook her head: “There’s nothing to do after we come here, just sit and get off work when it’s time to get off work. Do you know how to play chess? You can go to Luhuahua to make an appointment with her for chess. It costs ten yuan a game.”

At this time, a girl in the front row stood up and shouted, “Anyone order takeout! I’m going to order it now.”

At this time, Zhang Jiachang looked down, only to realize that It was almost time for lunch. He felt that he had to do something after all, so he stood up and said, “Let’s buy some food…I’ll cook. Is there a place to cook here?”

As soon as these words came out, the audience fell silent. Those who wear sweaters don’t wear sweaters anymore, and those who practice yoga don’t practice yoga anymore, they all look at him with incredible eyes.

“I…was invited to cook for the company.”

As soon as these words came out, the audience boiled over. They immediately put down their work and approached the girl who first asked for takeout, and started a frantic grocery shopping mode.

It took three takeaway little brothers to bring the food I bought, and what Zhang Jiachang didn’t expect was that there was a kitchen in this place, and everything in the kitchen was readily available. , comparable to a top restaurant.

It’s just that there is almost no fire inside, and the microwave oven is often used.

Looking at the pile of ingredients, Zhang Jiachang finally put out a long breath, like seeing a savior. And when he picked up the kitchen knife, he realized how rich and imposing this company is, because there are three sets of kitchen knives on the table. There is also the logo, which Zhang Jiachang had seen at the time but was reluctant to buy it, because four kitchen knives cost 38,000, not counting other tools.

Western food knives are also famous. Although the specific price is unknown, it may be a bit bizarre for Cold Steel to provide a set of custom knives.

There is also a steam oven that is also the top match. There is no steam oven of this brand that is lower than 30,000, and this top match is probably more than 100,000. There are also walk-in home refrigerators, high-pressure stoves…

Anyway, if this company goes out of business, the kitchen alone can be worth millions.

Brother Zhang entered his own field, washing and chopping vegetables in one go. According to the ingredients they bought just now, he started to make side dishes and ingredients. ornamental value.

“What are you looking at?”

After playing the cards, Mr. Zhu saw that all his rubbish employees were piled up in front of the kitchen like stacks of Arhats, and they burst out from time to time. She exclaimed, and she became curious. After all, she spent a lot of money on renovating the kitchen. Who knew that it would be used by these waste women to serve takeaways and cook instant noodles since it opened.

She squeezed in from the crowd, just as Zhang Jiachang put a fish that had been powdered and changed into the frying pan, the fireworks went up all of a sudden, and This one is frying fish, the other is still stewing meat, and the third stove is still cooking. .


The moment Zhang Jiachang slammed the spoon, the audience exclaimed, the scene of the flames flying up and down with the dishes, this group of mothers who eat takeout all day long They really haven’t seen it.

Seven or eight dishes will be ready soon, and the rest of the dishes will take a little while. Zhang Jiachang is an old cook after all, and there is basically no upper limit on his physical fitness, so he works hard. He is so prosperous, although there is no such strange operation as adding seasoning needles to pork, but he is skilled and handsome.

In about an hour, a table is enough for ten people to eat. After finishing the kitchen, he walked out and saw that the door was full of people, including Boss.

He wiped his hands with kitchen paper, and his eyes flashed in confusion: “The meal is ready.”

The girls rushed in like flies with a buzzing sound, and turned around. The taste of the circle, one by one exclaimed delicious.

Fourteen dishes, each of which is exciting. Fish with pine nuts, steamed pork ribs, boiled prawns, braised beef, crispy squid, sesame chicken, corn with pine nuts, chicken feet with soybeans…

A working meal is like a feast, even Zhu Always eat and shake your head.

“Aren’t you going to eat?”

Mr. Zhu suddenly remembered something and raised his head to ask Zhang Jiachang: “Come and eat.”

“You guys first Eat.”

The girls in the kitchen started to grab the bowls one by one. big bowl.

There was that yoga practitioner who was breathing hard all morning, and now a bowl of chicken feet soup with bibimbap has been done right before liberation.

“Mr. Zhu, what kind of Divine Immortal did you invite? It’s so delicious…”

“Yeah.” Mr. Zhu hua hua took two bites of the meal , wiped his mouth: “You have to find a way to keep him! Ding Ru is trying to rob me.”

“That’s not possible, I don’t agree!”

Don’t Not to mention, even if you put aside the three perspectives and follow the five senses, you can’t let him run away just by being able to cook this table of good dishes.

Wage increase! Salary must be raised! Directly sign a contract, increase wages and get shares, and treat him like Jia Baoyu in the Grand View Garden! Whoever dares to dig a foot in the wall will be killed.

“Oh, you said it well, what do you say to be Jia Baoyu? People Jia Baoyu still sleep with others, why don’t you go to sleep with them?”

“Indeed It’s not impossible, I have no opinion, you have to look at other people.”

As soon as women get together, this energy will come up, and it is no better than stinky men to get together and say such nonsense. It happened to be the quietest and most considerate little girl in the company.

“Can this kind of good thing be your turn? You don’t take me, Mr. Zhu, in your eyes.”

“Go go go, talk nonsense what?” Mr. Zhu waved Holding his chopsticks, he said like he was chasing flies: “Don’t keep your mouth clean, you will scare people away! It’s only the first day of work.”

“That’s the first day of work. Don’t let him eat the marrow and know the taste? If this is going to run away, I have to eat takeout tomorrow.”

Their conversation stinks, believe oneself infallible others can’t hear, but didn’t expect that Words fell into Zhang Jiachang’s ears, embarrassing him sitting outside.

But he also absolutely didn’t expect…because in his concept, the few opposite sexes who have deep contact with him are either extreme athletes like Huzi, and continue to improve in pursuit of pinnacle’s battle strength. Oneself, cut off worldly desires. Or a fox fairy like Grandfather Pi who is not very smart but has a great temper. Either she is like Xiaotian, she will say yes no matter what she says, the elder sister who is obedient and obedient.

This is really a lot of insight. It turns out that when women get together to gossip, they are really so open-minded.

No, I learned a lot from the first day of going out and learned a lot.

While listening to the sound of frogs on Zhang Jiachang’s side, Thunder Dragon in the milk tea shop was cautiously adding sugar to the milk tea. Although he learned quickly, he still couldn’t tell the difference between half sugar and full sugar. Where is the scale of sugar and sugar-free, learning is very slow…

But fortunately, the business of this milk tea shop is really average, and the people who come are also acquaintances in small groups, Thunder Dragon can be strong Buy strong *** If he has made Haozi drink four cups of milk tea, Haozi now burp is a smell of milk.

“I don’t know how my boss will be bullied on his first day at work.”

“It shouldn’t be, at most, Brother Zhang just doesn’t. Experience, he is not stupid.” Haozi slid with a cup of milk tea and said: “By the way, I told Bureau Chen about the soul of magic, and Bureau Chen said that he would find a way to report to him. If there is no problem, he will A serious department should be established, and the men can be considered to be able to wear police uniforms.”

“You only have three months of preparation time, and you will explode in three months. “Thunder Dragon looked back at Xu Wei, who was studying the correct way to make milk tea: “There’s still a big trouble here.”

“Huh?” Xu Wei raised his head: “It’s not just here Are you alright?”

“Of course it’s fine here, but the problem is that you can’t stay out of the house for the rest of your life, right? Don’t learn how to make milk tea, do you understand what I’m giving you? Memorize it. No? Why don’t you just watch the milk tea! Go endorse it!”

Xu Wei said with a bitter face: “That’s so difficult…”

“Are you going to die? Either I’ll stay here all my life, or 3 months later, I’ll meet the horrors of life.” Thunder Dragon slapped the table and scolded: “If I can’t carry it off tomorrow, I’ll just hit the whip.”

(This chapter end)

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