What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 210


Chapter 210 New Arrivals

When describing the situation of this outing, Brother Zhang seemed very happy, because he Seeing a completely different style and tasting a completely different food is definitely a healing. It is actually a very interesting thing to experience a different life in a completely different world.

“You can go more in the future.”

Jin Mei was the first person to be invited to try the new products. She watched Brother Zhang cook and listened to his description of the new products. The experience of the world, it feels as if I followed it around.

To sum up, it is beautiful. A comforting beauty.

Of course, Brother Zhang also described the dark side and chilling details of that world, but Jin Mei doesn’t care about those, she only cares about all the beautiful things that Brother Zhang encountered and Good food.

“Is this thing a little too dark?”

In the afternoon, Brother Xiao Zhang’s wonderful recipe of foreign world was officially put on the table, the fried insert egg It could be seen that Xu Wei’s scalp was numb, but Jin Mei was the first to put that thing in her mouth.

After biting, the delicious juice inside burst out, the sweet meaty taste between the lips and teeth, and the oily fragrance, the perfect fusion of protein and oil at high temperature, makes this dish look like The full dark cuisine seems to have a soul.


Jin Mei’s affirmation is undoubtedly the force of this dish. Although Xu Wei is very scared, she still holds a chopstick. , and after this chopstick, she couldn’t stop.

It’s really hard for meat eaters to resist this feeling. The taste is like a cicada pupa but far more delicious than a cicada pupae, especially the kind of meat that is emitted from the inside out after you put your mouth down. The satisfaction is even more difficult to extricate. Although this thing looks like an eyeball when fried, but… if you put aside the appearance, this is really a Legendary-level appetizer.

The next dish was the special drink that Brother Zhang ate there. Although the Boss didn’t tell him the recipe, he used his cook’s keenness to re-engraved bits and pieces of what was in it. When I made it for the first time in the morning, I found that it almost tasted. Later, after several taste tests, I found out that the so-called secret seasoning of the Boss should be cane sugar and coconut milk.

Because sugar is a rare thing in that world, most people’s sources of sweetness are fruits and vegetables, but those sweets contain their own flavors and are not as simple as sucrose, So when Brother Zhang added sucrose to it, the taste inside has been restored to a similar level.

This drink is really refreshing. After drinking it, Xu Wei, who has been troubled by rhinitis, suddenly feels that her seven orifices are clear and her breathing is extremely comfortable, even without adding any ice cubes. It’s cool and refreshing, and it can be said that a cup of it in summer is inexhaustible.

Afterwards, Brother Zhang has perfectly reproduced several other “medicated meals” except Anandalong’s Longpi Soup. The first is a few dishes prepared with dragon’s zinnia, the first is the salad made with fresh dragon’s zinnia, because fresh dragon’s zinnia cannot be cooked with fire, after all, it is a thing that grows in lava, and fire is completely for it. Ineffective, so fresh dragon zinnia can only be used for salad dressing with fruits and vegetables.

Not to mention, the lowest score of fifty-nine points was removed from the result of the trial, and the person who gave this low score was Sister Gou, because Sister Gou is not a vegetarian. Remove the highest score of 100. The person who gave this score is Guangkun who smells the fragrance and rubs the rice. Because this guy belongs to the person who can eat three pounds without smell, his score is meaningless. The final average score for this dish was as high as 97 points.

The second dish is still the product of dragon’s zinnia, but this time I use the thick syrup of dragon’s zinnia, not to mention that Miss Salamander’s method is really brilliant, the thick syrup looks like Orange-yellow honey, but it tastes like a strong dragon jasmine. The fragrance is so strong that it makes people dizzy, so this little brother Zhang decided to put him in the Hundred Flowers Brew, which itself is a sweet Soup, because after adding dragon’s breath, the fragrance is so strong that it is like thousands of flowers blooming in the hut, and the processed dragon’s breath has a special effect, that is, after eating it, the whole body will be It emits a special floral fragrance that lasts up to ten hours.

All girls give 100% to this dish, even every year.

The third dish is the spicy worm. This dish is very dark from the name to the shape, but the taste is very good. It is a dish that meat eaters must not miss. Although there is no special effect, a plate of this It’s really cool to eat. The compatibility between this kind of insect and chili pepper is also very high. It bursts into the pulp in an instant, and the aftertaste is endless. Sister Gou gave it a full score of 100, while Xu Wei gave the lowest score, because This girl may not accept its shape very well…

The 4th dish is a special dish, this is because Xiao Zhang has not found a substitute for the bones of the handsome boy on Skull Island, so he can only figure it out by himself A dish is said to have the effect of increasing the power, but after trying it, no one seems to have a clear feeling, but the taste is still good, but in comparison, it is not as amazing as the dragon sausage series.

The last dish cannot be completed for the time being. Brother Zhang has already started to dehydrate the dragon skin, but this is a job that takes time and will not come out for a while.

“It’s a pity that this time, I didn’t get the dish that increases my personal ability.” Brother Zhang looked at the empty plate on the table, and said with emotion: “And I don’t like the kind of food that needs to be used. The dishes that are exchanged for other lives.”

“Then it will not be developed.” After Jin Mei finished speaking, she suddenly raised her head and said, “How about Ginseng Fruit?”

“en?” Brother Zhang was stunned: “Ginseng Fruit?”

“Peach ordinary person can’t eat it, but Ginseng Fruit can. You can go to Zhen Yuanzi to get some, and then add it as a seasoning. A little is good, after all, that thing is still very useful.”

Brother Zhang waved his hand: “I asked, the Ginseng Fruit Tree has long since died.”

“It’s a pity.” Jin Mei curled one’s lip: “Then you said that pan peach will work?”

After she finished speaking, she took out a peach from nowhere, and this peach could probably have an eight-inch cake. The size of the whole body is pink and white, and when you take it out, it has a delicate fragrance and a mouth-watering taste.

“It’s so fragrant.” Xu Wei’s saliva fell on the table: “This smell… can’t stand it.”

Guang Kun went up and down Looking at Jin Mei: “Where did you get it from?”

Jin Mei hit him in the chest with an elbow, and he fluttered.

At this moment, Xu Wei has already reached out to the peach. After all, this taste is irresistible to mortals, but before her hand could reach the position, Jin Mei slapped it down with a slap. : “You will die if you eat it.”

Xu Wei retracted her hand in pain, and curiously asked: “Why?”

“This is not something that mortals can eat. It is actually a kind of fruit condensed by spiritual power, which explodes in one bite.”

Xu Wei pointed at Guang Kun: “But he…”

Jin Mei looked back, But he found out that the dead monk Guangkun had eaten more than half of the peach that she had put aside without any side effects. Jinmei brows frowned and gave him another cubit.

“He’s fine.” Jin Mei said angrily: “This person is not a mortal.”

“Hey, stop, stop.” Guang Kun immediately stood up: “It’s almost done, stop talking. You guys are busy, it’s time for me to go out to sleep.”

In the end, Brother Zhang gave up Pantao, and the things that improve his ability should be put aside for a while. The new dishes are enough for him to toss for a while.

On the second day after the tasting, Brother Xiao Zhang’s super palace snack bar officially opened for business. According to the previous assumption, Xu Wei was in charge of the old area before, specializing in serving meals for ordinary persons, and Brother Zhang also Having taught him all the secrets, Xu Wei doesn’t have any big problems now, while Brother Zhang is in charge of new department planning in the new area.

However, when it opened on the first day, there seemed to be no business. Brother Zhang was sitting in front of the brand-new kitchen counter with a fly swatter. Pippi, who was full of roast chicken and came to visit, came to play with him, and then some new fairies from Jinmei’s family teamed up to see the Guardian.

“Why is this business so bad?” Brother Zhang sat there and scratched his head, and looking at the business in front of him was still the same as before, so he curiously asked Da Huang, who was lying on the fan above his head. : “Do you have any ideas?”

Da Huang raised his head and glanced at him: “You cook me a meal, I’ll tell you.”

“You want to eat What, you say.”

“I want to eat the worm eggs you brought back.” Da Huang licked his lips as he spoke: “Don’t be spicy, don’t be numb, put more worm eggs. “

Brother Zhang sighed, and then gave it a portion, and the dead cat, after efficiently eating a plate, licked his lips again and said, “You have to ask why you didn’t.” Business, do you think about your advertising?”

Brother Zhang slapped his forehead: “Forgot.”

Second day, on the blackboard at the entrance of the milk tea shop It has already been written that “the special new product “Southern Style” package is online, and you are welcome to come and taste it.”

This time there are indeed more guests, but the southern style, most of them eat something that is not eaten. The fruits that have been passed, drink some juices and beverages, and the rare ones ordered fish and eggs.

For the ordinary person, it’s a fresh treat here, but whenever there is an alien or a demon spirit, Da Huang, who temporarily acts as a lucky cat at the door, will say in a very arrogant tone. : “There’s good stuff!”

I didn’t know what to do, and thought that Brother Zhang was selling something.

It wasn’t until about one o’clock in the middle of the night that a demon spirit walked in slowly. Appearance, Brother Zhang said with a smile: “It looks like you are ill?”

“Well, it’s an old problem.” Everyone is a neighbor of Chang’an Lane, and there is nothing to hide: “When I was a little demon, I was beaten by a Taoist priest, and now it happens every full moon.”

Brother Zhang immediately took the opportunity to sell: “I have a special medicated meal here, do you want to try it? ?”

(end of this chapter)

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