What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 211


Chapter 211 Delicious Shack

Brother Zhang is actually very interested in promoting his new dishes, but the problem is According to Zhang Yao’s request, the price of those dishes is really prohibitive.

In the end, Brother Zhang simply made a decision to make a big adjustment to the price of the whole dish. It was a common price, but the purchase was limited. One dish was sold ten times a day, and the price was 88 or medium. Sixty-six, forty-four for a small portion, this is the price for one meal to pick up garbage for a hard day, but it’s gone if it’s late.

Today’s main dishes are three, one is Longxixiang Salad, the other is Baked Conch with Granule Sauce, and the other is Baiguohui.

The granulation sauce is also a product improved by Xiao Zhang. The raw material is made of the kind of insect egg. The protein must be more than six times higher than that of beef, and sesame seeds, crushed peanuts, chili peppers and ginger are also added to it. Wait for the ingredients to make it richer in taste and more beautiful in color.

And the method of making this dish is relatively simple, that is, blanch the fresh conch first, then cut into thin slices for later use, and then add oil in the pot, preferably coconut oil after deodorization, Then add the gravy sauce and the three-piece set of onion, ginger and garlic to stir-fry. After frying until fragrant, add the conch and continue to stir-fry. After the conch is colored, add a little salt and soy sauce for seasoning, and then add rice wine to simmer to collect the juice. If you don’t have gravy sauce, you can also use beef sauce instead. Anyway, it tastes good with stewed insoles.

This dish is also limited to ten servings today, and after I heard that there are new products today and they are very cheap, people in line have been lined up from the entrance of the small restaurant to the alley, waiting for Xiao Zhang to officially open.

Haozi just got off work now, he was walking to the small restaurant with his keys dangling, and when he saw the grand situation of the queue, he couldn’t help but sighed: “Yo, are you all queuing here? I haven’t seen you all usually. It’s so delicious.”

There was a familiar person next to him, and he was happy after seeing Haozi: “Did you not see what Xiao Zhang said on the brand? There are three dishes today, and each dish is limited. Ten servings are available, but I have inside information. Today, the baked conch must be tasted.”

“The news from Grandfather Pi, right?” Haozi sneered: “She can eat meat. ”

Haozi has eaten the whole set of products. He thinks that although the conch is delicious, the yyds is the salamander salad, that strange plant, no matter whether it is candied or fresh, They will all carry a very special scent, and the special thing about that thing is that it can quickly repair various wounds, knife wounds and gunshot wounds by caesarean section, everything can be easily resolved, the magic seems to be something that is not in this world, Moreover, Brother Zhang can drink a cup of Longxixiang fruit-flavored drink for only a few dozen yuan. Although it is not as effective as the dishes, the problem is that it is delicious and refreshing, and it can even reduce inflammation and clear heat. Sore throat, cold and fever are definitely good for a cup.

But what should I say, it’s probably hard for this group of people to understand how amazing this dragon cypress is. After all, they don’t have a lot of pain on their bodies, only people who are always tortured by pain or Only the demon spirit can understand how comfortable the body is when this cup of dragon cypress goes down.

At six o’clock in the evening, Brother Zhang’s evening cafeteria officially opened, and the new business hall also has new rules. Unlike the old business hall in front of it, it does not operate beverages and restaurants. Snacks, and the restricted dishes will be marked on the daily introduction. The rest of the menu items are available in unlimited quantities, and the prices are not very close to the people compared to the previous business hall. Even if you don’t order the restricted dishes, the per capita consumption is also It is about 300 yuan, and the restricted dishes are relatively cheaper.

This strategy was figured out by Xiao Zhang himself. His original intention was to not want so many people to line up, but absolutely didn’t expect this decision to backfire. Today, at least half of the people in Chang’an Lane are waiting in line. eat.

The first group of people walked in. In order not to waste the quota, most of them had four or five, five or six people per table, ordered two restricted dishes, and then ordered some other dishes. A table costs about a thousand dollars, but these old gluttons don’t care at all.

Brother Zhang absolutely didn’t expect, he set the price to this level, but he still couldn’t stop them from exploring the food, and he was sorry to fool people, so he really followed the price standard to determine the quality of the food. This made the group more and more feel that the trip was worth the money, and even took pictures.

“Come, come, try new dishes.” Grandfather Pi was temporarily recruited to serve as a waiter here. She wore a small apron and dressed like a child laborer, and when she served the dishes, She would happily shout a few times, looking very happy.

Tonight’s first new dish, the Baked Conch with Granule Sauce, was put on the table, and along with the dish was a glass of fruit wine for each person. They didn’t know what kind of fruit this wine was. , but it has a taste that is very close to nature, with a touch of sweetness, a touch of sourness, and a touch of wine and grass. It is not amazing to drink with a bare mouth, but after eating two mouthfuls of snail meat, taste it again. , the fragrance and elegance in the wine dilute the greasy feeling in the snail meat at once, leaving only the purest fragrant fragrance between the lips and teeth.

“It’s delicious.”

Several old gluttons praised it one after another. And wine aroma, and the sea smell of snail meat can also perfectly match the meat aroma in the meat sauce, forming a special aroma that is difficult to describe.

And after seeing this plate of snail meat, they naturally couldn’t let go of the passion fruit and dragon tamale salad, so they quickly ordered another one.

There is nothing to say about the dragon sausage salad, just cut the fresh dragon sausage into slices, then mix it with various fruits and vegetables, and match it with Xiao Zhang’s holiday honey mustard sauce, which is sweet, spicy and fruity fragrance.

In fact, dragon zinnia itself does not have a very special taste, that is, a floral fragrance, but if you chew it confidently, it will fill your mouth with a very peculiar fragrance, a bit like watermelon, honey The taste of peach, star fruit and passion fruit is mixed, and if it is added with honey, its taste will be more prominent. When chewing, it will give the mouth a unique sour taste, which can stimulate a lot of saliva secretion.

This dish has to be said that it is really suitable for little girls. The evaluation of this dish is not as good as snail meat, but the taste is also good, but it is not amazing.

And when it came to Passion Fruit Fragrance, they were in a bit of trouble, because this dish is actually a dessert, made of a dozen unknown fruits, pureed and spread on glutinous rice pancakes. When you eat it, it tastes like that kind of ice-skinned cake. The outside is bouncy and slippery but has no taste, but once you bite through that layer of ice-skin, the taste inside will explode in your mouth. The pulp can be said to be very strange, each with an indescribable excitement, like a big bag of assorted popping candy in one bite, with different levels of sourness, different degrees of sweetness and different flavors. Feeling incense began to fight each other recklessly in the mouth.

It’s unpalatable, it’s really not unpalatable, but you need to be able to accept the feeling of escape, because the mainstream flavor is fusion and the main highlight is a kind of confrontation, the confrontation of different flavors is here A unique landscape is formed.

This dish received mixed reviews, one that I found delicious couldn’t stop, and one that I found unpalatable, but I couldn’t take a bite. Word of mouth was polarizing, but the only thing they could agree on was that the dish was an absolute surprise, because no one was sure they liked it or not until they took a bite.

Apart from these three main dishes, there is nothing to say about other dishes. Brother Zhang’s standard is there, and he is surprised not to mention the dishes, but he is definitely worthy of it. Its price makes people not feel like they are being ripped off.

When the business hours ended today, Grandfather Pi was tired and lay on the chair and didn’t want to move. She didn’t expect being a waiter to be so tired. Brother Zhang saw her appearance, laughed , and then said softly: “Pippi.”

“Don’t call me, let me lie down for a while, I’m going to die…”

“I left you something to eat. ”

Grandfather Pi jumped up and rushed to Brother Zhang, and then saw Brother Zhang take out a roast chicken from under the counter, Grandfather Pi snorted, his face full of Disappointment: “Isn’t it still roast chicken…”

“It’s Qiankun Chicken.”

“oh?” Grandfather Pi raised his head suspiciously: “Then I have to try it. .”

What Brother Zhang prepared for Grandfather Pi was a dish he just figured out, that is, before roasting the chicken, wrap the slices of dragon zinxiang around the fruit puree and put it in the chicken’s belly, and then Wrap the chicken with the raised glutinous rice and tin foil and bake it in the oven. Because dragon zinnia is not afraid of fire, the chicken will be permeated with the smell of fruit and dragon zinxiang from the inside to the outside during the baking process. This chicken is full of exotic flavors.

Grandfather Pi had never eaten, but when she ripped open the chicken belly, the whole house was filled with a strong aroma. When Dao Idol was intoxicating, she felt like she was in that kind of fruit juice drink. In the advertisement, the taste of chicken has not lost its original taste because of the pulp inside, but it has become more refreshing because of the pulp inside. The smooth and tender chicken skin shows that the quality of this chicken has turned up several grades at once.

“Delicious and delicious!”

Grandfather Pi chewed the chicken head and chicken feet ka ka sound, leaving no residue, even the last ones sticking to the soup The corn in the juice was eaten up by Grandfather Pi. After she finished eating, she started wagging her tail and begging Brother Zhang to give some more.

At this moment, the door that had already hung a closed sign was banged, and Grandfather Pi reluctantly walked over to open the door and scolded, “Who is going to die? It’s all closed, is it urgent?”

(End of this chapter)

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