What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 212


Chapter 212 Brother is on fire!

Lady Bai stood outside the door. She looked a little embarrassed, and beside her was a woman who weighed at least two hundred pounds. She didn’t care about the fierce Grandfather Pi, just Stretching his neck, he said to Brother Zhang, “Can you help me… My younger sister was injured…”

Brother Zhang frowned looking at the girl who was helped in by Lady Bai, he asked curiously: “What’s the matter?”

“My younger sister…has been in seclusion for 500 years, and only left the seclusion a few days ago, but didn’t expect to meet a Sect Kaishan, she said she didn’t want to cause trouble, but Who knows that the person in the Sect didn’t give her a chance to explain, and came up to besiege my poor younger sister… Although she barely escaped, she was seriously injured.”

Facing Lady Bai Brother Zhang was not very good at refusing, so he let them sit for a while, while he took out the concentrated syrup of dragon jasmine and began to prepare it.

At this time, Grandfather Pi curiously walked around Lady Bai a few times and asked, “You younger sister? Azure snake?”



“Grasping the grass, the scourge of the python…”

Lady Bai just rolled the eyes, but didn’t care about the scumbag fox. After all, she knew in her heart that if it wasn’t for the dead fox With the protection of Chang’an Lane, she had to die a long time ago, and it was not worth bothering with a damn thing.

After a while, Brother Zhang came over with the super-concentrated puree of dragon zinnia. This thing is actually a bit scary. Its fresh form is pink, but it is super-concentrated. After being concentrated, it turned out to be green, and it was fluorescent green, and it would glow… Although Brother Zhang had mixed the lethal taste inside with honey water, it still looked very scary.

“Wow, then Gul’dan, what’s the price!”

Grandfather Pi squeezed his throat and said strange things next to him. Brother Zhang pushed away the Grandfather Pi who was in the way. , walked up to the azure snake that weighed more than 200 pounds, pinched the bottle of gu lu lu on her nose, and poured her a strange liquid that glowed with green bubbles.

During this period, Lady Bai looked at her younger sister worriedly all the time, and not long after she poured it in, the azure snake wa’ed vomited out and vomited out a lot of blood clots, and then her breath was unexpectedly It became stable like this, and the wounds on her body began to heal slowly. Although she didn’t say what was immediately full of blood and resurrected, judging from her steady breathing and no longer pale face, her dangerous period was over.

Lady Bai couldn’t help but put out a long breath when she saw the younger sister’s appearance, while Brother Zhang smelled the super-concentrate and was almost thrown out by that breath, let alone… this Medicinal use and food are really two things. When it is used as food, it is so mild, but when used as medicine, it can be so violent.

In the next few days, Brother Zhang didn’t see Lady Bai again until one afternoon seven days later, when he just opened the door, he saw a woman weighing more than 200 pounds and weighing 1.8 meters came to him. In the store, the sexy bearing and charming temperament sat with his chin up and looked at him.

β€œYoung Master saved my life, or I’ll follow the elder sister’s example and devote one’s life to Well, Young Master, what do you think? Don’t fail to appreciate somebody’s kindness.”

Brother Zhang was first taken aback by her sudden words, and then she became happy, but it didn’t take long before she was pulled out by one hand pulling her ear, and it seemed that Lady Bai came to catch her. people.

Maybe she reprimanded her outside, but not long after they came back again, this time the azure snake was much more honest, after all, she didn’t dare to act wild in front of elder sister, and Lady Bai thanked Brother Zhang immensely, and said that she would pay whatever he wanted.

Brother Zhang didn’t mention the money, he just sat there and asked with a smile, “How is she recovering?”

“It’s pretty good, since you gave her that night. After she fed the medicine, she slept for seven days, and the skin peeled off. The medicine is really divine medicine, and it can cure even such a serious injury.”

Xiao Zhang Brother nodded: “Well, it’s fine.”

“Young Master…”

azure snake just showed her head from behind Lady Bai, when elder sister looked back and pressed it Going down, Brother Zhang said, “I don’t need the money, just help me to promote it.”

“That’s for sure, that’s for sure.” Lady Bai hurriedly nodded and said: ” My younger sister is a bit weird, so don’t take it for granted.”

“It’s okay, she’s very cute.” Brother Zhang lowered his head and took out two cups: “What would you like to drink?”

“Um…” Lady Bai looked at the menu on the wooden token sub-section: “What is that dragon jasmine matcha? Let’s have two cups.”

Brother Zhang took the money, quickly He started to make drinks, and when he was working, he asked curiously: “You didn’t make it clear before, who rewarded your younger sister?”

“It’s a Sect on Qingcheng Mountain, I’m not Quite clear, it should be a very young Sect. I plan to take the younger sister to discuss it in a few days.” Lady Bai speaking of which is also angry: “Although my younger sister is not good-looking, she is not good-looking. He is also a kind-hearted person, but he was also enlightened by Master Guanyin in the past, but now he has suffered this kind of grievance, and this tone has to be revealed.”

In fact, speaking of which, many People are really misled by Teacher Zhao Yazhi’s Lady Bai. The Lady Bai there is gentle and elegant, but in fact, after getting along these days, Brother Zhang knows that Lady Bai is definitely a hot temperament. cultivation , is no longer an ordinary little demon, but that character can’t be changed. If you say that you bring people to settle accounts, then you really will bring people to settle accounts.

“Then be careful.”

“A young Sect, but only a few hundred years of limelight, I still don’t see it.” Lady Bai heroism Reaching to the clouds: “And I didn’t go alone, I brought my friends there. In the past few days, I told the neighbors about Xiaoqing, and several of them were so angry that they wanted to be together. Going up to seek revenge, let’s not say a debt of blood must be paid in blood, it’s not too much to tear him down?”

β€œDid you tell the Golden Dragon Princess?”

After Xiao Zhang’s reminder, Lady Bai remembered that she hadn’t reported this matter to Monster King. She hurriedly called Golden Dragon Princess. Princess heard this, and she was blown away. Shouting on the phone: “Is there such a thing? This shows that you don’t take Monster Race seriously. Where are you, I’ll come right over.”

Lady Bai glanced at Brother Zhang , and then said: “I’m in Chang’an Lane.”

“Oh? You also live in Chang’an Lane? Not bad. Okay, I’ll go there right away.”

Golden Dragon Princess As the distant cousin and ex-girlfriend of Thunder Dragon, she has always been known for her hot personality. She is a person who can’t rub a little bit of sand in her eyes. Besides, SH rushed to GZ.

In the afternoon of the same day, she had already appeared in Chang’an Lane, standing at the door of the milk tea shop and shouting outside: “Haozi! Come out, Haozi! Don’t force me to do it.”

Haozi just got off work and was eating instant noodles at home. Hearing her shout, he ran out with a bowl of instant noodles. He saw the Golden Dragon Princess shouting at a glance, and there was a man standing beside her. The little boy who didn’t know him was eighteen-nineteen, wearing a denim jacket and looking very energetic.

“What are you shouting, Thunder Dragon is not here.” Haozi came to the Golden Dragon Princess with a bowl and looked at the Monster King curiously: “What are you calling me for?”

Golden Dragon Princess saw that there were already many people around, and she didn’t want to make a big fuss, so she entered the store with a wave, Haozi followed behind confused, and the two came to Xiao Zhang’s place side.

Brother Zhang at this point was sitting there building blocks with playing cards. The Golden Dragon Princess was walking with wind, and as soon as he came in, he knocked Brother Zhang’s pyramid down, and he raised his head blankly: “Ah. ?”

“Sorry…” Golden Dragon Princess squatted down and helped Brother Zhang pick up all the playing cards on the ground.

Brother Zhang didn’t blame her, just silently sighed and continued to build a pyramid with playing cards from scratch. At this time, Haozi came in with a bowl, and he stared blankly at the Golden Dragon Princess while frying his face.

β€œWhy would Sect hurt me?”

The tone of Golden Dragon Princess was overbearing, Haozi scratched his head after hearing this, and looked at Xiao Zhang with a confused expression Brother, and Brother Zhang raised his eyes and glanced at him, then nodded.

“What Sect? No, what are you talking to me about?”

“Your twelve spirits are related to the human Sect. As the head of the twelve spirits, Who am I not looking for?” Golden Dragon Princess frowned: “Do you want to do something?”

“You do it.” Haozi pointed at Brother Zhang: “Come, come, you should be Face him and tell me what you want to do.”

Brother Zhang turned his back and began to clean the wine rack with a rag, humming a song, still Qilixiang.

But even so, Golden Dragon Princess didn’t dare to continue to escape, just sat there and said angrily: “Then you don’t care about this matter?”

” No matter what, tell me about the whole sequence of events first!”

While they were negotiating inside, the little boy outside blocked Xu Wei’s way, and Xu Wei had detoured several times. He was blocked by him, and finally Xu Wei became impatient: “Who are you? What do you want to do?”

“You ask me what I want to do? You let me touch it and I will tell you.”


Xu Wei took out the golden pen and slammed him against the wall, then stomped on his head with her feet: “You are courting death.”

“Stop…stop One click!” The boy who was trampled on the ground changed his body and turned into a dragon-headed human body. He covered his face with his hands: “I… I am… it is me!”

This The white dragon head, and the dragon horn is also tied with its own bow, isn’t this the little White Dragon who was brought to train by the Golden Dragon Princess?

Xu Wei looked at him up and down, slowly withdrew her feet, and curiously asked: “Little White Dragon?”

The little White Dragon rushed to Xu Wei’s side with a loud noise. He gave her a big hug: “I’m back!”

“Go away, it’s dirty.” Xu Wei pushed the dog away: “Can you become a human?”

“That’s it.” Little White Dragon patted his chest and said, “I’m a dragon. Did elder sister miss me?”

Xu Wei walked behind the counter and laughed, It’s a lie to say that I don’t want it. In the end, I brought it up by myself. Although my personality is a little worse, I still have feelings. Now I came back suddenly and saw that it has grown up. It’s very gratifying.

“What did you study over there? How did you study like a hooligan.” Xu Wei immediately closed her mouth and pricked up her gossip ears, while the little White Dragon sneaked to the door, and heard the quarrel between Golden Dragon Princess and Haozi through the door at the connection.

“Sister, come, come, come, we’re going to fight.”

“I can’t fight.” Xu Wei sighed: “Brother Zhang is sitting there, they What’s going on? Do you understand? Why don’t I understand?”

(End of this chapter)

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