What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 213


Chapter 213 Sweet Plum Tea Drunk Fragrance

“Three salty plums, cored and mashed. Twenty milliliters of mulberry juice , 500ml of black tea, 20ml of lemon juice, and two spoons of sugar.” Brother Zhang whispered in his mouth, fiddling with his hands, but his eyes kept watching the quarrel between Golden Dragon Princess and Haozi: “One cup of sweet plum wine, three pieces of ice…”

At this moment, Xu Wei happened to walk in, and Brother Zhang handed her the drink he had just prepared. Xu Wei didn’t have time to speak. , picked it up smoothly, after she took a sip, she hurriedly nodded and said: “Delicious, new product?”

Brother Zhang nodded, and then pointed to Haozi: “They It’s going to be a heads-up.”

Xu Wei stared wide-eyed in disbelief, looking at the two people who were facing red faces and thick necks, she never thought that one day such two people would start a heads-up match , the problem is that Haozi is not the kind of material that can be played at first sight. Isn’t he giving away his head for a duel with the Golden Dragon Princess.

“Why? Why do they want to be singled out?”

Brother Zhang scratched his face and said, “Princess said that Haozi is a dry eater, and Haozi is not happy. , and then the two of them made an appointment for a heads-up.”

Although Xu Wei didn’t understand the logic of their behavior very well, there was one thing she thought was very surprising, and that was why Haozi had the courage One-on-one with Monster Race Crown Princess, doesn’t it mean that she can have a place even on Three Realms, how dare Haozi.

And Brother Zhang didn’t seem to have any special opinion on this, he just sat there with his wine, the cup of plum tea drunk just now was put aside, and after Brother Zhang saw it, I picked out a very strange and unclassified item from the foreign world product and added it. Suddenly, the whole house was filled with a strong aroma of wine. Brother Zhang curiously looked at the strangeness of this drink. rays of light, just about to fall, but the Golden Dragon Princess, who was thirsty because of the quarrel, walked straight forward.

“I’ll tell you, if you don’t explain this to me, I’ll explain it myself. When the time comes, don’t blame me for not giving you face.” After Golden Dragon Princess came here, Just picked up the cup “ton ton ton…” and suffocated the glowing drink in one gulp.


Brother Zhang’s reaction was actually half a beat slower than most people’s. After drinking the whole drink, she saw that her fair skin suddenly turned red, dyed to the tips of her ears.

“What is this? It’s so severe…”

Before she could finish her words, she fell straight to the ground, making a sound of a heavy object falling to the ground.

At this time, everyone in the room gathered around, only to see the Golden Dragon Princess smelling of alcohol, lying there and starting to sleep, at first they didn’t agree, but as time passed, Half an hour later, Golden Dragon Princess’s breathing, pulse, and heartbeat stopped completely.

Haozi was terrified this time, because if something really happened to the Golden Dragon Princess and she died in this place, it wouldn’t be a big mess in the Monster Realm? This is really a big mess.

Xu Wei has already started first aid beside her, but no matter what, the Golden Dragon Princess shows no signs of recovery, but she doesn’t even have a heartbeat. At this moment, her eyeballs are moving fast, it seems that dream.

At this time, Haozi stepped forward to investigate, and then threw the soft Golden Dragon Princess on the small sofa next to him. Looking at the Golden Dragon Princess whose body temperature was gradually decreasing, he silently lifted it up. He started looking towards Brother Xiao Zhang: “I’m dead.”

Brother Zhang pursed his lips and didn’t speak, but Xu Wei’s eyes narrowed: “Will it be troublesome?”

“It’s very troublesome.” Haozi sighed with his arms crossed: “Although she killed herself and drank, but Monster King died suddenly, Monster Realm must be in chaos, and Dragon Clan will also come forward to ask for an explanation.”


“Why don’t we just keep doing it…” Xu Wei turned around and looked towards the cauldron behind Brother Zhang: “How about stewing her?”

Everyone looked towards Xu Wei, and even her little White Dragon hid to the side shiver coldly… and Xu Wei waved his hands again and again: “Just kidding… Just kidding…”

” Your demeanor just now wasn’t a joke.” Haozi took a deep breath and said, “But I’m just joking, dragons are cold-blooded animals, they will enter a hibernation state when they are asleep, their heartbeat and pulse basically return to zero, and the consumption will be reduced. To the lowest. I absolutely didn’t expect someone to stew the Golden Dragon Princess.”

Brother Zhang turned his head and looked towards Xu Wei, and Xu Wei was suddenly ashamed and unable to show one’s face He ran away, and Haozi said with a smile: “What are you pairing with, Little Golden Dragon is notoriously good at drinking.”

Hearing Haozi’s words, Brother Zhang thought for a while. Yes, then took out a cup: “Three salty plums, cored and mashed. Twenty milliliters of mulberry juice, five hundred milliliters of black tea, twenty milliliters of lemon juice, two spoons of sugar. A cup of sweet plum wine, three pieces of ice, and then Add a bit of foreign world fruit.”

The cup had a strange fluorescence and a strong fragrance, Haozi picked up the cup and smelled it, then licked his lips. : “It tastes good…”

There was another sound of heavy objects falling to the ground, and Haozi fell to the ground along with him. Brother Zhang looked up at the little White Dragon who was lying there watching the fun. Little White Dragon shook his head like an electric fan: “It’s not me…”

Haozi still had his breathing and pulse after half an hour, but he fell into a deep sleep and couldn’t wake up no matter how much he called. , Xu Wei also came over to take a look, but this time she didn’t propose to stew Haozi, just asked what Brother Zhang should do.

Brother Zhang leaned on his chin: “Send to the hospital.”

Soon, the ambulance came, and Haozi was carried on a stretcher. When I arrived at the hospital, Golden Dragon Princess stayed here. After all, she didn’t have any breathing, pulse, or heartbeat. Plus, when cold-blooded animals hibernated, her body was stiff, so don’t send it to the crematorium for a check-up. That is really too wrong.

Haozi went to the hospital for an all-round inspection immediately, but the hospital couldn’t find any problems at all. His breathing, pulse, and heartbeat were normal, but he didn’t respond to any external stimuli. Are you vegetative?

So Haozi was pulled back in the early morning of the second day, along with a complete set of vegetative care equipment, ranging from a ventilator to a urinary catheter.

Looking at Haozi sleeping on the bed, Brother Zhang simply brought the Golden Dragon Princess over, and one man one dragon lay there, just like the fucking thousand-year-old crystal corpse, at this time Jin Mei also rushed over after hearing the news, because I heard that something happened to Brother Zhang, and the restaurant was not open at night. She didn’t know what was going on. Brother Zhang didn’t bring his mobile phone when he went to the hospital.

And when I came over and looked at it, I realized that the two people in front of them were sleeping with a strange drink, Jin Mei hit Brother Zhang angrily and funny: “You are really, what? Give them a drink.”

Brother Zhang scratched his face: “Wait for me for a while.”

After finishing speaking, he returned to the small restaurant and brought the cup The sparkling plum tea was placed in front of Jin Mei: “That’s it.”

“I’ll take a sip.” Jin Mei took it and took a sip, but she didn’t respond: “It’s okay. Ah, it’s just an ordinary drink.”

Brother Zhang also took a sip and found that other than the taste was good, there didn’t seem to be any special reaction, you two look at me, I look at you , I don’t know where to start.

“They should look like Divine Soul passed away, but they didn’t leave the body.” Jin Mei pressed her finger on the forehead of Golden Dragon Princess, and after a while, she retracted her finger: “There is no separation. three immortal souls and seven mortal souls.”

Brother Zhang frowned thought for a while and said, β€œDreaming.”


“I said they were dreaming.” Brother Zhang shook his head and said, “This is not a good thing.”

“How do you say it?” Jin Mei sat down on the chair next to her: “You said , I’ll listen.”

Brother Zhang didn’t know where to start, so he could only briefly explain, anyway, it means that a person is immersed in sleep for a long time, if this If the dream is long enough, their consciousness will sink in it. If hundreds or thousands of years pass, their consciousness will not be born, aging, sickness and death, but it will be lost because of the time. Become another person, and even forget everything in this world.

“Oh…Inception.” Jin Mei raised a finger and said, shaking, “I’ve seen that movie! It’s been so long that I forgot who I am.”

“en. ”

“Then what are you going to do?” Jin Mei looked at the two people on the bed: “How do you wake them up?”

Brother Zhang shouted the head: “I don’t know either.”

“Then can you go in?” Jin Mei curiously asked: “Pull them out after going in.”

Brother Zhang actually doesn’t care about this. His knowledge is very limited, and this is the first time he has encountered this matter. The solution at hand is either too violent or too strange, which is likely to hurt their consciousness.

So now he feels a little helpless, but after hearing Jin Mei’s words, it gave him a little inspiration, so he nodded: “I will try.”

Then Brother Zhang first used the technique of returning to the dream, linking the consciousness of the two of them together, which means that their dreams are now figured out, and then Brother Zhang stretched out two fingers on the Golden Dragon Princess and the Golden Dragon Princess. On Haozi’s forehead, he took a deep breath, and then tried to access the consciousness of the two immortals.

“How is it?”

Jin Mei asked, Brother Zhang opened his eyes, the scene in his eyes was no longer the reflection in the room, but It’s a scene like a fast-forward movie, where you can see countless people and countless houses, like a mirage.

“I’ve already gone in.” Brother Zhang replied: “The time inside seems to be out of sync. Their time passes too fast. I just checked it, and they only need one second a day. The clock is late.”

“Then you have to hurry up.” Jin Mei calculated a little: “Six minutes is a year.”

Brother Zhang un’ed : “I don’t know how many years have passed before them, just wait for me.”

“One hour is ten years, when did they sleep?” Jin Mei asked.

“Last night around six o’clock.”

Jin Mei glanced at her watch: “It’s been twelve hours and 47 minutes. Well done. It’s been one hundred and fifty years.”

Then Brother Zhang closed his eyes and fully intervened in the world of the two Great Immortals. He soon found Haozi, and Haozi is now completely immersed in this dream, but he is now a A senile guy, sitting on a couch in a small house, watching the boring program on TV repeatedly, his eyes glazed.

Brother Xiao Zhang cut directly in front of him and called out a few times, but Haozi just looked back at him ignorantly, and then asked who he was. Seeing this posture, Xiao Zhang Brother knows that if he doesn’t do something, even if he takes Haozi back, he will be immersed in his own world and will never be able to break free.

Then Brother Zhang directly mobilized all the memories of Haozi in the past 100 years, and then began to delete these contents through the technique of his heart. This is also the first time that Brother Zhang used his heart He tried to modify other people’s memories, but there was really no way, because if he didn’t do this, Haozi wouldn’t be able to go back.

As the memory was gradually deleted in a flashback mode, Haozi on the sofa began to slowly become younger, and finally Brother Zhang restored his memory to the last scene, which is at his place After drinking a glass of wine, Haozi finally changed into what he was before he came in.

“Where is this?”

After Brother Zhang stopped his heart surgery, Haozi suddenly raised his head and looked towards him: “How did we come here?”

Brother Zhang came to the window and looked towards the outside, and found that the world outside had changed with Haozi’s cognition. He turned his head and started to give a brief explanation to Haozi. Brother Zhang’s description, Haozi was stunned: “More than a hundred years?”

“en.” Brother Zhang laughed: “Sorry.”

“That’s okay, just I have more life than others, and it’s a pity to suddenly lose it.”

“It’s not a pity.”

“Ai, what about Princess? I remember Princess was earlier than me, right? Where is she?”

Brother Zhang pointed to the horizon: “She’s in that direction, but she doesn’t need to worry.”


“Longevity species.”

Haozi completely understood after saying this. Longevity species is far more magical than humans. They have a unique memory storage mechanism, and their brain structure is also different from humans. , so this is why most creatures like goblins are more affectionate than people. It is not purely emotional and psychological reasons, but more importantly, the memory storage mechanism is different. For example, ten years is enough for a person to forget the lover who made eachother, but For the demon, fifty years from now, it may remember that when it was sleeping in the mountains, it was trampled by which one.

Their memories are based on a hundred years, so they also enter the dream realm. Brother Zhang doesn’t even need to delete the memories of the Golden Dragon Princess, because it’s just a century-old dream for her. .

“This thing is really mysterious.” Haozi walked outside and opened the car door. While chatting with Brother Zhang about the magic of the glass of wine, he was suddenly stunned: “Where did I get the car? “

“This is your world.” Brother Zhang spread his hands: “You can do whatever you want.”


“Really Yes.”

Haozi touched his chin: “Airplane, come!”

Then when he turned around, a gunship was parked there, and the pedestrians around even said Turning a blind eye to such an abrupt thing, he calmly walked past.

“It’s amazing!” Haozi exclaimed, jumping on the helicopter, and then he found that the control key of the helicopter was actually a keyboard…

“You have played too many games.” Brother Zhang appeared in his back seat at this time: “You can fly and take a look while you still have time.”

(End of this chapter)

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