What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 214


Chapter 214 The monstrous dream

Brother Zhang has never done a helicopter, but here he has a real experience To be honest, it was quite exciting.

However, as they approached, problems came one after another. The originally clear sky suddenly became howling wind and torrential rain. Overturned to the ground.

In this place, Haozi won’t get any harm, so he and Brother Zhang quickly ran out of the wreckage of the helicopter, but what followed was more bizarre and motley.

The first thing that appeared in front of them was a fragmented world. Everything around it began to shatter like a mirror, and the light and shadow inside were completely distorted, and they could not even see a complete line. Straight line, and in the face of such a strange situation, everyone else around is normal, they seem to be unaffected, they walk when they should walk, and eat when they should eat.

The car would suddenly appear from the in midair, then disappear again after driving for a while, and the birds in the sky would start flying backwards and gradually converge on the top of the two of them.

There are irregular twists between high-rise buildings, winding and winding like the broken eaves and broken walls often seen in dreams, Xiao Zhang and Haozi can now be said to be unable to move a single step, because there is no clear direction around, it is like being in a world in a mirror, and the mirror is still broken.

“She doesn’t seem to want us to pass.” Brother Zhang reached out and touched the wall of the mirror that was close at hand: “It’s blocking us.”

“What should I do?”

Brother Zhang didn’t say a word of nonsense, he suddenly accelerated and rushed towards the mirror, and then with a crisp cracking sound, he fell into nothingness. It took a long time, but he still didn’t feel the bottom, and then he saw Haozi also suddenly appeared beside him, the two looked at each other, and then Haozi adjusted to a comfortable position: “It’s been half an hour, If you go any further, you will almost reach the Earth Center.”

But Brother Zhang was just laughed, and he squeezed his fist with one hand: “I’m sorry.”

“What? ”

Before he finished speaking, this fist fiercely hit Haozi in the face, and with a cry of pain, the surrounding picture suddenly changed into another look, flowers, birds, fish and insects, colorful, It’s just that a huge blue whale is flying in the sky, bigger than the mountains and rivers, telling everyone slowly and leisurely that this place is very abnormal. And the grass on the ground has become a bit strange, because as long as you step on it, the grass will automatically fade away like both sides, and it will quickly close after you lift your feet.

“Why are you hitting me…”

“I don’t know, but a voice in my heart told me so.” Brother Zhang pointed to his chest : “I still believe in it.”

“It’s so refreshing to be able to say self-confidence.” Haozi rubbed his face and looked around: “What place is this?”

“Your dreamland.”

The color contrast here is very high, and the bright colors are like the world drawn by a child with a solid color brush, the whales flying in the sky and the long distance The cities that are staggering forward all show the unique dreamy atmosphere here.

“My heart is really beautiful.”

But before he finished speaking, he suddenly saw a wave rolling in this direction in the distance. There was a black line on the horizon, but as the wave approached, Brother Zhang and Haozi both saw it, what kind of wave was there, it was clearly a rolling city.

The city rolled forward like a huge wave, engulfing them in a few minutes, and the two looked up, only to see endless cities, roads, and houses, and no more. Sky.

At this time, the surrounding street lights also turned on, and the little bit of sunlight at the farthest end was finally extinguished in the huge waves made by the city. They were wrapped in layers of dense and towering urban forests. Endless depression.

“She’s better than you.”

Brother Zhang said with a smile.

Haozi didn’t argue, after all, there’s nothing to argue about, I just can’t do it myself, I finally got a helicopter and let the family get over it with a rainstorm, and Crayon World also directly let this reinforced concrete give Roll it up, that’s no face at all.

“Officer, you have a kind and cute little baby in your heart.” Brother Zhang stood under the street lamp and looked at the colorful city in front of him, as if he was in that kind of cyberpunk world, full of There are only desire, violence and exhaustion in his eyes: “You tentatively can be said to be a fairy tale world, look at her.”

Brother Zhang’s joke made Haozi laugh dumbly: “What is this like? Yes.”

At this moment, a man who looked like a lizard and had a tail on the side of the road passed in front of them, took a few steps back, looked at them a few times, and then threw it out of his pocket. A stack of money then pointed to Haozi and made a nasty gesture.

Haozi couldn’t bear it, so he went up to beat the monster, and after the beating, he shook his fist and said to Brother Zhang, “What a guts.”

Brother Zhang didn’t care about Haozi beating the lizards, he just looked up at the towering tower-like building in the hazy city center in the distance. After looking at it for a while, he raised his hand and said to Haozi, “She should be there.”

“How do you know?”

Brother Zhang didn’t answer, just pointed at his chest: “It told me.”

Actually I don’t know if this is a magical superpower. Every time Brother Zhang is at a loss with almost no choice, there will be a very strange feeling guiding him. This feeling has never gone wrong. Although it sometimes makes Brother Zhang look strange, as long as you follow this feeling, all problems can be solved easily.

tentatively called Zhang a shivered Okay.

Now that he has a purpose, he should speed up the pace, but because this is no longer Haozi’s dream, he has no ability to raise his hand to call for a plane, so he can only go there with Xiao Zhang. Walk in the direction of the tower.

But when they came under the tower, three terrifying-looking half-dragon humans suddenly appeared in front of them. They were holding cold weapons that were incompatible with the surrounding environment. Haozi rushed over.

“It’s not…” Haozi looked at it, turned his head and ran: “Why, this is unreasonable!”

Brother Zhang looked at the three wearing armor and Armed with a cold weapon, half-dragon human chased Haozi and went out. It was funny, but not unexpected. After all, this is someone’s dream, and everything that appears in it is normal, no matter how abrupt it is.

“You run for a while, I’ll go up and have a look.”

After shouting to Haozi, he started walking forward. At the entrance of the tower, he actually found Thunder Dragon… But this Thunder Dragon is obviously not the real Thunder Dragon, because the Thunder Dragon here is just a gatekeeper, wearing a shabby security uniform, blind in one eye and a lame leg, and looks ugly Old, like Quasimodo ringing the bell in the courtyard of the Holy Mother in Paris.

And Thunder Dragon didn’t have any special reaction to see Brother Zhang, just sitting there watching the Polygram playing on an old TV set in the 1980s, this ugly Thunder Dragon side Looking at him, he laughed like a mental retardation.

It seems that the dream here is really related to my subconscious. The dragon Third Princess was angry with Haozi before she came in, so she already regarded Haozi as an enemy subconsciously, so no matter what happened Things, the first target is Haozi, rainstorm or city tornado, even the three big draconians behind.

For Thunder Dragon, this is probably the heartfelt blessing of a vicious ex-girlfriend to her ex-boyfriend, not letting him die or let him live well, making him an ugly and blind old bastard, Squatting at your feet every day is worse than a dog.

Brother Zhang laughed, although Haozi’s screams were heard in the distance, but he still walked into the tower. After entering, it was a floor-by-floor office with countless The people are busy, but Brother Zhang didn’t take a closer look, but he can probably understand what these are. To put it bluntly, these are slaves transformed by the Golden Dragon Princess’s desire for power. They are in this ten thousand zhang tower. Here, she works hard for the Golden Dragon Princess, while she overlooks all beings from the top of the tower.

Dream, that’s right, not everyone dreams about whales flying in the sky like Haozi does.

When I got on the elevator, Brother Zhang directly pressed the button on the top floor, but the elevator used in this very high-level slave tower was an old antique almost a hundred years ago. Inside, you can clearly feel the alternation of light and dark outside and the creaking of the mechanical hinges.


The elevator reached the end. When Xiao Zhang came out, he saw a huge space in front of him. It could be as large as 8000 square meters. The size of the tower seen outside does not match, but it doesn’t matter, who will go to the bottom of how many square meters the house in his dream is.

As soon as he took two steps, the red carpet was automatically laid on the ground, and music began to play on both sides, which seemed to be quite grand.

But let’s be honest, it’s just the taste of Golden Dragon Princess, no wonder Thunder Dragon chose to break up with her, this girl looks beautiful, but the core is definitely a spiritual girl, you can hear that Song, even a vulgar person like Xiao Zhang thinks it is unbearable.

Along the red carpet, Brother Zhang walked to a huge terrace, he looked into the distance and found that the whole city was taking in the entire scene, but the red carpet under his feet was still extending out, he looked back and smiled He said to the empty room: “What? Want to see me jump?”

A battering ram-like thing suddenly appeared in the room and headed straight for Brother Zhang, but Brother Zhang didn’t. He didn’t even dodge at all: “Have you forgotten who I am?”

After he finished speaking, he extended the hand and flicked the thing, and the attacking ram that was still aggressive instantly flew ash annihilation , and at this time the scene in the room changed immediately, and on the high throne, a scantily clad woman was sitting there, and there were several strong and beautiful men under her who kept licking her high heels.

“Your dream is really…”

Brother Zhang stepped forward, but the Dragon Third Princess raised her chin and looked towards him: “who you are, dare to come The king’s territory.”

Looking at this posture, she either really forgot Brother Zhang, or she was completely lost in her own dream, it seems that the memory mode of monsters is in this Not applicable in the scenario.

Brother Zhang continued to walk forward, while the Dragon Third Princess continued: “Seeing that you are not bad, you might as well kneel in front of me and ask for my favor.”

“You remember what you said now, and when the time comes, it’s good to die.”

When the voice fell, the real brother Zhang’s eyes snapped open, and then the Dragon Third Princess all confronted each other. The ability to control the dream has been deprived. She is like a helpless little chick who is picked up by Brother Zhang, and what Brother Zhang has to do now is to delete her excess memories in the dream for so many years.

As the layers of memory are stripped away, this strange city gradually falls apart, the darkness of the sky is gone, the strange streets are gone, and even the draconian who is chasing Haozi is gone.

Haozi sat limply on the ground at the moment, gasping for breath, and just after breathing for a long time, he saw Brother Zhang carrying the Golden Dragon Princess to him. Once he flicked it hard, Haozi felt a whirlwind.


With a long scream, Haozi sat up from the bed, looking at the familiar furnishings in front of him and the ones hanging on the wall. Clock, rubbed his face vigorously, and then turned around to see Brother Zhang who was sitting there with rays of light flashing in his eyes and Jin Mei who was playing with his mobile phone next to Brother Zhang.

“So soon? I just started the game.”

And the next moment, Golden Dragon Princess also sat up, with the same expression as Haozi, but when she When he saw that he was lying on the same bed with Haozi, he kicked Haozi down with his feet.

At this time, Brother Zhang also came back from the inside. The light in his eyes gradually disappeared and returned to his normal appearance. He sat there and glanced at the Golden Dragon Princess, and the Golden Dragon Princess was also at this moment. Looking at her, I suddenly remembered the words I had said to him over there, “You’re not too bad, you might as well kneel in front of me and ask for my grace”.

The feeling of death of the club went straight to the top of the head. The Golden Dragon Princess couldn’t stand the embarrassment either. She screamed and covered her head with a blanket…

Brother Zhang smiled and stood up: “Reminisce.”

He didn’t know what happened after that. Anyway, he knew that Golden Dragon Princess just said that he would come back later, and then he even put aside the matter of discussing with azure snake and left in a hurry.

And Haozi is nothing, because he himself has no memory of 150 years in that space, and some are just his strange adventure with Xiao Zhang, so he came as usual. When I arrived at Brother Zhang’s restaurant, I was holding a cup of Qinghuo herbal tea bought from Lady Bai’s herbal tea shop.

“It would be nice if this thing could be developed.”

“I don’t dare.” Brother Zhang shook his head hastily: “I didn’t expect such an exaggeration. The effect.”

“Then give it a try, just use me as the standard. In fact, I kind of miss the feeling of being inside.” Haozi rubbed his hands and said, “I still want to go in and see mine. The big whale that can fly in the sky…”

(End of this chapter)

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