What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 215


Chapter 215 It’s still up to you

Haozi volunteered to be a test subject. After entering the dreamland ninety-seven times, Xiao Zhang Brother finally mastered the preparation method and precise dosage of this special drink. Generally speaking, only one milliliter of the extract of that special fruit can make a person fall asleep for seven minutes, and seven minutes, according to Judging from the speed in the dream, it is probably a little more than a year.

And after diluting it by 1%, it can basically achieve the desired effect, as long as one milliliter of this diluted liquid is added to any beverage, it can make people enter the three Seconds of dreams, and three-seconds of dreams are about four days in it.

And two milliliters of diluent is a person’s limit, and if mastered, this can be a journey of wants to walk to walk.

After the successful trial production of the new drink, Brother Zhang invited a lot of people to try it, including Grandfather Pi, Zhang Yao, and Zhu Zhenzhen, and the effect of this thing was very good on them , Everyone lost consciousness for about three seconds, but according to their drinking test reports, they all experienced a beautiful dream in these three seconds.

Grandfather Pi dreamed that she became the richest man in the world and owned the largest chicken farm in the world. Brother Zhang became her full-time chef, roasting chicken, roasting chicken, fried chicken, stewed chicken, Crispy Chicken, Twisted Chicken, and Baked Chicken take turns to eat, enough. She just ate in her dream for three days.

And Zhu Zhenzhen had a boyfriend who loved her very much in her dream. During these three days, they watched fireworks, played with the Ferris wheel, ate street food and did shameful things. She said that in the three days in the dream, she was happier than in the past 20 years, and then coquettishly begged Brother Zhang to give her another cup, she said that she was going to see her husband…

The only one person who is not happy after coming out may be Zhang Yao. She said that she got everything she wanted in her dream, money, status and love, but she never broke through her current framework. What she wants is to create a new world pattern instead of falling in love with someone, so she is not happy with this dream.

“Although dreams are dreams after all, it’s good to treat them as a concoction for relaxation. You must not indulge in them.” Zhang Yao leaned against the counter and ordered a normal glass of wine. After drinking it, she said: ” The gap between the dream and reality will make people crazy, you still have to limit the purchase of this drink, otherwise you will really be drunk in your dreams.”

Little Zhang brother nodded, in that foreign world strong drink A label of “dreams of grandeur” was affixed to the bottle of the pulp, and then said to Zhu Zhenzhen and Grandfather Pi, who were looking at them pitifully: “You heard it too, it’s okay to adjust it, or you will be drunk in it.”

“Tomorrow, can I come back tomorrow…” Zhu Zhenzhen begged: “I beg you… I’ve never been so happy as in a dream, I beg you.”

Brother Zhang stretched out one finger and gestured with three fingers: “Three days, once every three days.”

“Okay! Three days is three days!”

While speaking, Xu Wei just turned on the TV outside. She likes to watch gossip shows. It happened that she was doing a TV drama interview on TV, and listening to the voice was interviewing Xiao Xiao who was running around all this time.

When Brother Zhang heard her voice, he also turned on the TV on his side, and found that it was really her on the TV, wearing a pink and white dress and light makeup, looking quite cute.

“Xiao Xiao, we all know that you have never been in this industry before, so many fans are curious about what kind of situation you have to make your debut.”

Xiao Xiao Zhan looked a little reserved in front of the TV. She pursed her lips and took the microphone and said, “I actually used to work in a media company. Later, by chance, my former colleagues and friends took me to the studio to run for a while. The dragon trick. Speaking of which, besides Director Chen, the person I am most grateful for is him.”

“Have you been in contact recently?”

“Yes…but Not much.”

When they got here, another host next to them hurriedly interrupted their question and inserted other content: “As a newcomer, you are playing the heroine for the first time, won’t you? Will there be pressure? Although we know now that your performance was outstanding this time, you must have encountered such and such problems at that time, right?”

This is a very ordinary entertainment interview, little one. It was also a newcomer who was the main pusher of the company who got the opportunity for this interview. In fact, most of the questions asked were not nutritious, they were just familiar faces.

“This girl turned out to be working in my company.” Zhu Zhenzhen pointed at Xiaoxiao on the TV and said, “Amazing, she made her debut if you didn’t pay attention. Does Brother Zhang still remember her?”

“en.” Brother Zhang turned his gaze back: “Remember. We had dinner together some time ago.”

“Some of the people we know are also celebrities. “

Brother Zhang didn’t say anything but just laughed, because he not only knew a little star, but also Bai Mengjie. It’s just that Bai Mengjie’s popularity is obviously not good this time. I heard that there was a dispute with the old club. Now it is basically in the snow stage. How to say this kind of thing, Mengjie looks beautiful, but at the core is a mother. Tyrant Dragon has a strong personality and self-love, and she never likes to deal with people, let alone unwritten rules and rich wine bureaus. As long as she is not under her own agency like Xiaoxiao, it is only time to be hidden. question.

As expected, on the afternoon of the second day, Bai Mengjie, who had not appeared for almost a year, appeared in front of Brother Zhang. She took off her hat and said, “I am unemployed.”

Brother Zhang was serving meals to the guests at this time, but he was very perfunctory. Bai Mengjie saw that his attitude was very dissatisfied, so he raised the volume and shouted again: “I’m unemployed!”

“Got it.”

Brother Zhang handed the plate to Grandfather Pi, the temporary waiter waiting next to him, and then replied: “I figured it out.”

“All Blame Haozi! If he was willing to change my life, I would be mad.”

Haozi is not here now, he was given an ultimatum by the Golden Dragon Princess yesterday, and today he is trying to find a way to talk to SC Several reborn Sects are engaged in contact, so now he is working overtime, otherwise when he hears Bai Mengjie’s words, he must be beeping through this bitch impossible to tell good from bad.

As one of several ordinary persons who grew up together, Bai Mengjie, Yang Junfeng and Master Cai Young are basically the circle of ordinary persons that Brother Zhang used to be, and they have never been polite to Brother Zhang, Even after knowing his identity.

“He seems to have told you, right?”

Brother Zhang raised his eyelids and glanced at Bai Mengjie and continued, “Tell me, why are you unemployed this time?”

“The company asked me to accompany me to the wine, and I went to endure the nausea that day, but that bald donkey actually touched my thigh, and I lifted his head with a bowl of fish soup.” Bai Mengjie continued to speak. With a bit of pride: “He can touch my mother’s thigh too?”

“And then?”

“Then all my work was stopped, filming well. All of the movies have been pressed. That’s it.” Bai Mengjie said after shrugged: “The contract has not expired yet, and I can’t even change the employer. This is not a snowball.”

“The contract How long will it be?”

“Five years.” Bai Mengjie laughed dumbly: “After five years, the daylily will be cold, and when the time comes I’m almost thirty, and it’s hard to become popular after I come out. Yes.”

Although Brother Zhang doesn’t know this group of stars very well, he can actually think of it. After all, Bai Mengjie is an idol debut, and the metabolism in this industry is terrifyingly fast. It has been hidden in the past five years. After she came out, I’m afraid she would never be able to fight against those teenage girls.

“What are you going to do now?”

“The income is all frozen, so I have to find a way to support myself.” Bai Mengjie sighed, “Give me an idea.”

Brother Zhang glanced at Grandfather Pi, and then asked, “Come to be a waiter, three thousand six a month. Food and lodging.”

“Don’t make trouble, three A thousand six is not enough for me to buy skin care products.” After Bai Mengjie finished speaking, she pointed to the wine bottle on the wall with a note posted by Brother Zhang: “What are dreams of grandeur? Give me the whole time.”

“You can only drink it once in three days.”

“Try it for me.”

Brother Zhang first mixed a glass of wine, and then took down the wine bottle , Use a dropper to drop a drop from the inside, and it is almost a milliliter. After Bai Mengjie got the wine glass, she sighed, “That’s it?”

After she finished speaking, she suffocated the wine in the glass. That is, in three seconds, she woke up, and after waking up, she cried, and she couldn’t stop her.

Before Brother Zhang could persuade her, she had already run away crying, without even giving any money.

And at noon on the second day, she appeared in front of Brother Zhang again, and this time she was riding an electric bike with a takeaway box hanging behind her, and she also put on a delivery box. The uniform of the dining platform.

Brother Zhang, who was watering the flowers and plants at the door, saw her and laughed: “You are the waiter, and you went to deliver food?”

“Drink yesterday. I got your wine, I had a dream that I became a billionaire from food delivery.”

“Then why did you cry later?”

Bai Mengjie Hehe Yile: “As soon as I wake up, my mansion, luxury car and handsome steward are gone, so can I stop crying? Don’t say it, I want to start taking orders, don’t delay me becoming a billionaire.”

Brother Zhang has seen people from all walks of life, but this is the first time I have seen a popular idol who was laid off to deliver food, but he didn’t have much to say. Everyone has their own aspirations. Watch her leave.

But what made Brother Zhang didn’t expect was that something happened on the first day that Bai Mengjie started delivering food. Although it wasn’t a big deal, it really scared her to the point of all split up. and in pieces. Seeing her tragic state, Brother Zhang finally decided to take action in person.

(End of this chapter)

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