What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 216


Chapter 216 GZ Horror Stories

“Drink a bowl of ginger soup.”

At 1:30 in the morning, Bai Mengjie went back to Appeared in front of Brother Zhang, but this time she was no longer in high spirits, she looked as if she had been greatly frightened, and her electric car was gone, and her clothes were all covered in water. Cooling down, she was shiver coldly when she came over, like a kitten that had fallen into a pool and was struggling to get up.

Bai Mengjie recovered after drinking several sips of hot cola ginger soup, but her trembling with fear expression was still distressing.

“Brother… I hit a ghost.” Bai Mengjie raised her head and said to Brother Zhang in a trembling voice, “I was almost killed.”

Brother Zhang frowned: “What’s going on?”

Bai Mengjie sat there and explained what happened to her tonight.

It was in the evening that she took an order. Originally, it was past nine o’clock and she didn’t want to take the risk of taking the order, but when she saw that the name on the order seemed to be a woman, she thought Then took the last order and went home to watch a movie.

But who knows that this order can be regarded as tossing her to death. The owner of the order first changed the address three times, every time he went further and further away, the last time he even took people directly to the suburbs, Bai Mengjie could have I didn’t send it, but she was also a squeamish person, and she was also a person who didn’t care if she got angry, so she couldn’t help but move towards the last address and rode to the last address.

The location shown by the address is an old factory area. This place has been abandoned for many years, and it has also been developed. There are several buildings standing there alone, and other places are unfinished. building.

When she saw this scene, Bai Mengjie thought it was a prank, so she called to get in touch, but the call was not connected, so she put down her things and was about to run away, But she absolutely didn’t expect that no matter how much she swayed, she would go around in that small place, arrived after nine o’clock, and couldn’t come out until half past eleven.

The electric car ran out of power, so she threw it off and ran with her feet, but after another half an hour she felt like she had finally run out, but suddenly she was choked by the water, came back To his senses, he realized that he had unconsciously reached the center of the Nanhe River, and a little further ahead, the water would completely engulf her.

“How did you get out after that?”

“I don’t know.” Bai Mengjie held the ginger tea and kept shaking: “I only know that I used all my strength to I rushed out, I just thought about going home quickly, and then I came here.”

Brother Zhang nodded: “Change your clothes and come with me to have a look.”

I can let Brother Zhang say it in person, and this matter is basically stable, and he really seldom says what to do in person, to say why he went to Bai Mengjie himself. , probably… Maybe it’s because the little snake’s heart is still there.

Putting on Xu Wei’s clothes, Bai Mengjie sat on Brother Zhang’s electric car and started to go to the place where the accident happened. He said that Brother Zhang was going to beat those demons to the spot and explode.

While the electric car slowly drove to the abandoned factory area, Brother Zhang didn’t notice anything unusual, but he saw the electric car thrown by Bai Mengjie, which was in the grass by the roadside. This place is a full twenty kilometers from the South River.

“Are you sure you went to Nanhe?”

“I’m very sure.” Bai Mengjie seriously and serious nodded and said: “Some time ago, the two of them couldn’t pay back. Is it news about gold panning in the South River…”

Little Brother Zhang nodded, he raised his head to look at the stars, then took out a coin from his pocket and tossed it forward gently: “Take me there! ”

The coin, like a soul, started to roll ahead after it landed. The speed was not fast, just the walking speed of the two of them. The coin rolled through the broken iron gate and continued to roll into the deep darkness. .

Brother Zhang followed behind it, while Bai Mengjie pinched Brother Zhang’s sleeve tightly, for fear that something would suddenly jump out and startle her.

At this moment, Haozi came back from overtime and found that the lights on Brother Zhang’s side were still on. He took a look and found that Xu Wei was the only one cleaning there. After asking about the situation, Haozi frowned. He got up: “Is there such a thing?”

“Well, when you were not around, he took people out.”

“This is considered to be using a hydrogen bomb to blow up mosquitoes. “Haozi sighed: “He is still worried, for fear that the situation of the little snake will happen again.”

“Isn’t this good.” Xu Wei knelt on one leg on the stool, and her upper body was lying in front of the counter : “At least it’s still human. Actually, we all know how many problems he has helped us solve, don’t we?”

Haozi glanced at Xu Wei, then laughed heartily: “You’re right, that Guys… how should I put it, it’s probably a typical cold outside and hot inside. Okay, let him toss it, it’s a small matter. Before you close, is there anything else to eat here?”

β€œWould you like soy sauce fried rice? We just have some leftover rice.”

β€œOkay, let’s have soy sauce rice.”

While they were discussing When Brother Zhang was young, Brother Zhang himself had already entered the unfinished building.

“Brother… I think there are a lot of people around me looking at me.”

Bai Mengjie can’t open her eyes anymore, because she has a very strange feeling that the surrounding She had one’s hair stand on end with the feeling that someone was staring at her from every tattered window.

Brother Zhang lowered his head and glanced at the coins that were already spinning in place, then looked up at the surrounding windows, and then called the head: “Well, it should be.”

” What should I do…what should I do…I’m so scared.”

For her collapse, Brother Zhang just laughed, then just bent down and picked up the coin and slapped it in the palm of his hand, the coin suddenly sent out a searing heat Bright light, this brightness is like the rising sun in the morning illuminating everything around.



Under the light, everything around is not so terrifying, just Xiao Zhang Brother didn’t see anything, didn’t even feel anything, he turned his head to look at Bai Mengjie and said, “Nothing.”


“Of course.” Brother Zhang glanced around and saw nothing evil except a few elves who were harmless to humans and animals were disturbed by the light and stuck their heads out to see what was going on.



“I didn’t talk to you.” Brother Zhang crouched down and waved to the distance: ” I have something to ask you.”

After a while, a few hedgehogs came over, shaking their heads, they seemed to belong to a family, gathered in front of Brother Zhang, everyone talking at once He got up, and Brother Zhang listened for a while and asked, “Then do you know where it went?”

The hedgehog family chatted again, and then the biggest one looked towards Brother Zhang Jiji zhi zhi called.

“Well, okay, I got it. Thank you.” After Brother Zhang got up, the hedgehog family left, and he turned to Bai Mengjie and said, “There was indeed something here before. But it seems to be just a passerby, and according to their description, it may not be the ghost you said.”

“What would that be?”

“I don’t know.” Xiao Zhang Brother didn’t know much about this, so he took out his phone and sent a message to Ghost King Huahua: “Wait for the news.”

As expected, after a while, Ghost King’s video came over. , and in the video she was wearing pajamas with a toothbrush in her mouth: “Yes, there have been a lot of suspected supernatural events recently. I have investigated a lot, but there is no news. I think it may be some kind of transcendence. Space creature.”

“Across space?”

“Yes, a cross-space creature that is good at hiding, I wanted to report it to you, but I don’t have accurate information either. .You ask Sister Mengjie, did you hear any special sound when you were confused?”

Bai Mengjie thought for a while, then suddenly stared wide-eyed: “Yes! Someone seems to be in my ear. While whispering, but I was too nervous at the time to pay much attention.”

“Well, whispering skills. This should be…”

Brother Zhang narrowed his eyes: “God of Chaos.”

“God of wontons?”

“Chaos.” Brother Zhang explained to Ghost King: “It is a particularly difficult space creature, very Disgusting. But if it was them, I should have had an early warning.”

“Then I don’t know.”

Brother Zhang pursed his lips and thought for a moment. Click: “Okay, I’ll continue to look at the situation.”

Encountered by whispers, but has not been confused by the mind, this shows that what Bai Mengjie encountered is not powerful, but it is also difficult to explain anything, because That viscous and disgusting space is best at infiltration…

“I’ll take you back first.” Brother Zhang said to Bai Mengjie, “Then I’ll ask the situation.”

Sending Bai Mengjie back to Chang’an Lane, Brother Zhang immediately entered the spirit and illusion realm, and then quickly entered a vast void. The thing is Azathoth, the blinded and foolish god of ignorance.

Brother Zhang stepped forward and put a hand on the disgusting mucus. He immediately received a huge amount of information, and the blind god of ignorance was also constantly changing from Brother Zhang. When he flipped through the materials there, he kept trying to invade his mind.

But no matter how hard it tried, it couldn’t invade, because in front of it stood the barrier of the multi-dimensional universe, and it had no ability to break through this barrier.

“It’s not yours.” Brother Zhang withdrew his hand: “But I need your help.”

Hearing Brother Zhang’s call, Azathoth became violent. It squirmed, and then squeezed a small piece of meat out of these disgusting meatballs. The small piece of meat quickly took on the appearance of a human, and it said in a slow and stupid tone: “Follow your call.”

Brother Zhang nodded, then stretched out his hand towards Azathoth, and then a meatball began to attach to Brother Zhang’s arm like an octopus, and then gradually spread upward along his palm. .

When Brother Xiao Zhang was covered with purple meat pieces, the pieces of meat returned to Brother Zhang’s arm at a very fast speed.

“many thanks.” Brother Zhang withdrew his hand and withdrew from the Void Realm.

The little brother Zhang who appeared here began to appear a series of mutations. First, his eyes completely darkened, then his body began to twist in a strange posture, and finally he turned into a A giant black moth.

The huge moth is suspended above the city, and the powder on its body erupts with every flapping of its wings, and floats to various places along the wind. He showed the appearance of Brother Zhang, and he completely drove out the Avatar of Azathoth that was attached to him.

“many thanks for your help.” After he finished speaking, a realm of nothingness appeared in front of him, and then countless tentacles stretched out and took back the pieces of meat he threw off.

And Brother Zhang, who had done all this, gently closed his eyes, and all of a sudden the entire world dark creature was exposed to his vision…

(this chapter end)

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