What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 217


Chapter 217 I messed with things that shouldn’t be messed with

There are a total of 127,300 in the whole world Twenty-one dark creatures were irradiated by the fire control radar at the same time, some could not react while others responded immediately.

Most of the dark creatures that are locked in position will show panic, anxiety and agitation, and some weak ones will still have various stress reactions even if they do not respond.

And some powerful people will understand that they are locked, but there is no way to do it, such as Hei Guanyin who is watching TV in the living room, she had just performed a task today, and she is in a very beautiful mood. But suddenly she felt that a terrifying intruder appeared in her consciousness, but even her existence at this level had nothing to do with the intruder, and the fear spread to her whole body in an instant. His body began to tremble uncontrollably, his emotions almost collapsed, and he sat there screaming without warning.

Qing Lingzi came to check after hearing the sound, but did not find any problems, but Hei Guanyin screamed in horror while clutching Qing Lingzi’s clothes, crying so much Split lung.

You must know that Hei Guanyin is a boat of pain. According to the truth, she has no fear or anything to fear. The harm inflicted on her will become the source of her strength, but the problem is But now she suddenly collapsed, like a helpless child.

“What happened?”

Sai Dongfeng came out of the bathroom, wiping his hair while staring blankly at Hei Guanyin, while the TV was playing an idol drama of affliction. Blinking his eyes, he asked curiously, “Isn’t that true? Watching an idol drama like this?”

“No.” Qing Lingzi shook his head and said, “Something must have happened.”

After about five minutes, Hei Guanyin’s emotions gradually subsided, but the fear still haunts her heart, she can’t speak, her breathing is short, and every heartbeat will be accompanied by the lights in the room flickering .

“Okay.” Qing Lingzi patted her head gently: “What happened?”

Hei Guanyin raised his head and wiped away his tears, his eyes were also very confused , and then after a full ten minutes, he told Qing Lingzi intermittently: “I was locked up by someone, and I had only one feeling at the time, if I did anything, I would be killed…I don’t want to. Die…”

She was still in tears at this moment, even the collar of her clothes was soaked, and she looked pitiful.


Qing Lingzi frowned, and he showed complete disbelief at Hei Guanyin’s words, because this is Hei Guanyin, even in Spiritual Mountain is also the existence of top battle strength, how could there be someone in the world who can make her fear to this level?

“Really.” Sai Dongfeng threw the bath towel on the shelf next to him: “Holy Lord. What did you see?”

Hei Guanyin shook his head to indicate that he didn’t see anything Arrived, but she obviously took three consecutive critical blows mentally. Using her description, she was like standing naked in front of a huge eye at that moment, and the indescribably huge eye looked like this. She, in just a few seconds, she felt that she had been opened layer by layer, and there was no pain but only pain and fear from the heart.

Qing Lingzi patted her shoulder: “It’s alright.”

At this time, Qing Lingzi suddenly felt a pain in his hand, he raised his arm to look Looking at it, he found that his wrist had been crushed by Hei Guanyin just now, and some bones had even been stabbed out of the skin.

“Aiya!” Qing Lingzi exclaimed bitterly: “You…”

Hei Guanyin knew that she was in trouble when she saw this scene, she hurriedly stepped forward and tried to help clear up Lingzi healed the wound, but she was not good at it. In the end, Qing Lingzi’s flesh and blood were healed, but the skeleton was still dislocated and shattered.

Qing Lingzi closed his eyes and frowned: “I’m really convinced.”

After he finished speaking, he took a deep breath and used his other hand to restore the already healed The flesh and blood were torn apart, and even he almost fainted due to the severe pain, and then he began to heal himself, while healing his wounds, he said with gnashing teeth: “I am a pure spirit, although I don’t consider myself a hero, but I am also a hero. I used to be a hero on the side, but now I meet you people, it is really the catastrophe of my fate, one by one success is more than failure. Ah… Heaven is above, cross me…”

His wrist was slowly healing in the slight blue light, but his heart was already riddled with holes at the moment, and he was a big boss, but now he was not as good as two thousand years ago. The people below are all rice buckets. It’s really not the drag of these wastes. He has soared into the sky early.

“That’s it, that’s it.” Qing Lingzi shook his hand: “This is my life.”

After he finished speaking, he left in despair, while Sai Dongfeng He lowered his head and glanced at Hei Guanyin: “What’s wrong with him?”

Hei Guanyin is like a little chicken at the moment, pitiful and weak and covering up, looking at Sai Dongfeng with tears in his eyes,shook the head:” Don’t make…”

And the initiator of all this, Brother Zhang, has already swept all the dark creatures in the world, and after eliminating 99% of the targets, he finally He fixed his vision in front of three suspicious creatures.

The first one is a strange creature that he has never seen before. This thing is located 75 kilometers away from him. It disguises itself as a human, but it has a very powerful Mental pollution ability, but it can be determined that it is not a subordinate of Azathoth, but it is completely undetermined what this is.

The second one is a strange thing floating in the dark. It should be a free magic soul. As for why this magic soul did not choose to enter the reincarnation but drifted around, Brother Zhang did not know.

The third is a human. This person did not know where he learned the soul-snapping technique. He had used similar techniques to infringe others to strengthen his own skills.

These three are the targets that Xiao Zhang finally locked. After he opened his eyes, his body gradually disappeared in place, and then he appeared in front of the first undefined strange creature. .

It’s a lump of asphalt, it’s so unremarkable, but it’s capable of imitating anyone it’s ever seen, and has great intelligence. When Brother Zhang came to it, it was spreading out in his rental house, and next to it were the clothes, shoes and socks that it wore in human form.

When Brother Zhang appeared, the pool of things suddenly jumped up as if it was frightened, and then it quickly flowed onto his clothes, shoes and socks, and then a black silhouette wearing clothes. It slowly took shape and eventually became a person.

It looks about 30 years old, wearing a shirt suit, dressed as a salesman, tilting its head and looking at Brother Zhang: “Who are you? I’m calling the police!”

Brother Zhang stretched out a finger and pressed it on its neck, and a deep pit appeared immediately. The texture is like starch that has been mixed with water and then slowly precipitated. The feel belongs to a classic non-Newtonian fluid.

“What did you do at night?”

Brother Zhang asked in a low voice, and the strange creature immediately attacked Brother Zhang, but its physical Neither attack nor mental shock could approach Brother Zhang’s body.

At this time it thought of running, it turned into its original form and flowed all around, but Brother Zhang just drew a circle with his finger, this muddy creature was like a The maltose that was kneaded together by sticks was gathered in the air and kept reversing.

“Don’t turn, don’t turn… I’m going to vomit…”

Brother Zhang stopped turning when he heard it begging for mercy. And it quickly returned to its human appearance, covered its mouth and rushed into the bathroom, and then there was the sound of vomiting and the sound of toilet flushing.

After a while it staggered back and slumped on the ground: “Who are you…”

“I just asked what you did at night.”

“That’s it?” The strange creature smiled helplessly, leaned against the wall and said, “I work overtime until half past eleven, right at the software park, because there is a project to be launched tomorrow, the Boss will not Let’s get off work. At twelve o’clock, I rode a shared bicycle to my house, and then I lay here all the time, I’m already very tired.”

Brother Zhang narrowed his eyes: “Really?”

“Do I have to lie to you? Look at the time I clock in.” The man turned on the location of his mobile phone and showed it to Brother Zhang: “I fell asleep just now and woke up from a nightmare. Then you came as soon as you took off your clothes.”

Brother Zhang used the dream-returning technique to look around and found that this thing is not lying, although it is a chaotic creature of unknown shape, but this month They didn’t leave work earlier than ten o’clock. Today, I did work at the workstation until after eleven o’clock, and ate three breads in the middle.

“What creature are you?”

“I’m a human…” The thing pointed to itself and said, “I’m an authentic person.”

Brother Zhang snorted: “Are you a human?”

“Although I don’t know who you are, you can’t doubt my race.” The creature’s face showed a humiliated expression. Emoticon: “I just accidentally entered a cave when I was six years old, and when I came out, it became what I am now.” All that said, it turns out that he is really a person, only because he encountered a time-space disturbance when he was six years old, entered a space that does not belong to this world, and was infected by the Unknown Creature inside to become what he is now.

“Oh, sorry, I’m sorry.” Brother Zhang looked back at him, then threw a Haozi business card to him: “If you want to change jobs, you can find him.”

The little brother Zhang left, and the big brother picked up the business card with a face covering his face, scratched his head, and his face was blank…

Second stop, little Brother Zhang came to the magic soul who did not enter the reincarnation. The magic soul did not seem to be aware of his arrival, but was only in the darkest corner of the city. Brother Zhang wanted to go up to check, but the magic soul seemed to have no Circling back and forth in one place like spiritual wisdom.

Looking at it like this, Brother Zhang reached out and directly held its Spirit Physique, but through this grip, Brother Zhang knew that it was definitely not what happened at night, because through the Induction he can know that this thing has no spiritual wisdom. The reason why it hangs here is because a dog here can see it and play with it every day… And it has been playing with dogs in this place for more than a year, what is it? did not go.

Brother Zhang let go of his hand, pushed the magic soul into the realm of reincarnation, and then turned around and went to the side of the last target.

This time, the last target was very keen to discover the arrival of Brother Zhang. He seemed to be refined in manner, but when he found Brother Zhang, he became particularly ferocious, and then he said nothing. After saying that, he started to attack Brother Zhang.

Brother Zhang never rambling. He punched him in the stomach and knocked him out of his body on the spot, but the man in Spirit Physique still refused to give up attacking Brother Zhang.

, but he is too weak now, Brother Zhang just stretched out his hand and pulled up all his memories.

After browsing the man’s memory, Brother Zhang chuckled lightly: “It’s you.”

After finishing speaking, he pressed the man’s soul directly back to him In the body of the man, and then the moment the man got up, a big dick called out. This person was slapped on the spot and turned 720 degrees and turned 360 degrees in the back. This was an action with a difficulty factor of 5.0, and even an Olympic athlete could not do such an exaggerated action.

And then Brother Zhang kicked him to the wall before he landed. The force of this kick was so strong that the wall was directly arched by a bag, and the man also Beaten to the point of vomiting blood.

But Brother Zhang didn’t intend to let him go, and pressed a finger directly on his forehead, he immediately let out a terrifying scream, and then Brother Zhang grabbed him directly. His hair disappeared, and he threw him in front of Haozi, who had fallen asleep and snoring: “I found it.”

Haozi, who was confused, rubbed his eyes and got up, looking at Xiao Zhang curiously. Brother: “What’s wrong?”

Brother Zhang didn’t talk nonsense, he directly shared the memory of the weird cultivator he beaten to Haozi, and then Haozi got up and took out a Magical Artifact The copper hammer, removed the hammer head, and the lead rod at the bottom left, which was about as long as an arm, and then he used the Thunder Dragon he had to buy in the house before, but he bought it twice and said it was for the IQ tax for fitness. The rubber skipping rope, and finally he removed both ends of the skipping rope and tied the rubber to the lead rod.

After he slowly took out a pair of wool socks from the bedside table and walked to the person who was caught by Brother Zhang, he said with a smile: “Bite it.”

The man was almost beaten by Brother Zhang until the soul flew away and scattered. Now Haozi listens to whatever he says. He opens his mouth and bites the pair of wool socks. Then Haozi raises the rubber-covered lead stick in his hand. It’s just a stick.

This one hit the man with his jaws locked, groaned, and his eyes wide open. But soon, Haozi’s stick fell like howling wind and torrential rain, and the man who hit him rolled on the ground, but he couldn’t see the slightest trauma on his body, but blood was constantly oozing from his nostrils.

When he felt it was almost over, Haozi threw the stick on the ground and said to Brother Zhang, “It’s my business, you go to rest.”

Xiao Zhang Brother nodded, turn around and leave. And Haozi shouted from behind: “Brother Zhang, next time you need to take care of this kind of thing, it’s a favor for me.”

“Okay.” Brother Zhang didn’t talk nonsense, he turned his head and said back home.

And that night Haozi took the man back to the ninth inning, and after the past, the man was obviously tortured by him to the point that he no longer had any Essence, Qi, and Spirit to resist, and recognized him overnight. guilty.

Brother Zhang didn’t rush to learn about the situation, but just waited until the afternoon of the second day, when Bai Mengjie happened to be there, Haozi came over to report the situation.

It turns out that the person who was arrested by Xiao Zhang the night before was a cultivator, but his cultivation is different. Simply put, he is practicing corpse, and the first person he trained was his biological younger sister. , and then all his relatives, including his parents, were practiced by him, but those low-level corpses could no longer meet his needs, so he used various means to find people to practice hands to deepen his skills.

Before Bai Mengjie, he had practiced silently seven times, and Bai Mengjie was targeted because he delivered him a takeaway, if it wasn’t for the fact that there was a big catfish in the boundary of Nanhe that day. After being disturbed by him and appearing to have broken his technique, Bai Mengjie is now a missing person who is not alive or dead.

“die without regret.” Haozi clenched his fists tightly when he spoke, his eyes bulging out, obviously with extreme anger: “Refining a corpse is a forbidden technique, even if it’s Qing Lingzi. The bastard can’t spare him.”

“Is he dead?” Brother Zhang asked slightly.

“Death?” Haozi said with a sneer: “That’s too cheap for him, I have now submitted to the independent law enforcement authority. It should be down in two days, I will put him in consciousness prison Go inside.”

“Consciousness Prison?” Xu Wei, who was also only gritting her teeth, suddenly asked, “What is that?”

“It’s to put a person’s Put your mind into a completely virtual space, and then let him shut it in there, there is nothing in that place.” Haozi slammed the table hard: “Here death is a blessing.”

” That’s actually nothing, right?” Xu Wei curiously asked: “Is this more terrifying than the death penalty?”

“A prison of consciousness.” Haozi looked towards Brother Xiao Zhang, and then continued to explain to Xu Wei: “It’s a project I’m cooperating with Zhang Yao, inspired by Brother Zhang’s bottle of wine. One day for a second, shut him down for a month.”

Brother Zhang looked towards Bai Mengjie at this time: “You are good luck, remember the past few days to buy some chickens and ducks and go to Nanhe to make a wish.”

Bai Mengjie was ignorant nodded, but she She still listened to Brother Xiao Zhang very much. In the afternoon of the second day, she bought more than 100 kilograms of chicken and went to Nanhe to make a promise. Although she didn’t understand why Brother Zhang asked her to do this, it must be right to listen to him.

But I thought it was over like this, but didn’t expect Bai Mengjie to cause trouble again after this trip…

“You are too easy to cause trouble. .” Brother Zhang saw Bai Mengjie’s bitter face: “Did you say something that shouldn’t be said when you repaid your vow?”

Bai Mengjie looked back and followed her all the way to Brother Zhang. The black fatty in front of him said with a bitter face: “I said…if he is a person, I would marry him.”

Brother Zhang laughed dumbly, looked towards and followed him behind him. The big catfish essence also sighed, turned his face and said to Bai Mengjie: “Why do you talk so much, no matter what happens in the future, don’t attach any conditions. You say such things while giving sacrifices. , this is the conclusion of the contract.”

“Brother…what should I do?”

(End of this chapter)

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