What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 218


Chapter 218 is outrageous

I really can’t talk nonsense about things like praying to God. Brother Zhang doesn’t know now. What should I say, Meng Jie, this child, has liked to play tricks since he was a child.

Of course, he could tell the river god to resolve this matter, but after thinking about it, Bai Mengjie had to resolve this matter by himself, because if she didn’t change her wayward appearance. If so, I am afraid that there will be a major event in the future.

“Yes, of course.” Brother Zhang sat there and said to Bai Mengjie, “Adults should be responsible for what they say. If you speak up, you have to bear the consequences.”

“But I don’t want to marry him…”

Bai Mengjie looked back at the man behind her. To be honest, she was a beauty type. The man behind him was tall and fat. Two hundred and fifty-six kilograms, although it doesn’t look like a hateful face, but it’s really not the type Bai Mengjie likes.

And when she thought that his body was a big catfish, she couldn’t stand his disgust.

“But this is caused by your own nonsense, right, and people have no ill will towards you.” Brother Zhang tapped on the table lightly: “I can help you solve the danger, but I can’t. I’ll help you solve all your problems.”

After finishing speaking, Brother Zhang turned his head to the big guy and said, “You won’t do anything to her, will you?”

The black fatty nominates with a solemn expression.

“I wouldn’t threaten it with martial power, right?”

Still a solemn and serious nodded.

Brother Zhang asked two questions and then turned back to Bai Mengjie: “You saw it.”

“But he…he’s a demon, can you believe the words of a demon? ?”

Her tone barely fell, and at least 70% of the people who ate in Brother Zhang’s shop raised their heads and looked towards her, and even the Grandfather Pi next to her put their plates on the table. He threw it, and the violent python Xiaoqing, who had a more explosive temper, had already stood up and asked: “From ancient times to the present, people have hurt more demons, right? What do you mean by this? Look at my elder sister, who has gone through dozens of It’s reincarnation, and I still miss that dead man, can that man still remember my elder sister?”

The white snake next to her kept pulling her sleeves, but she didn’t say anything. Azure snake’s questioning followed suit.

“That is, what about demons, so what about people, who has heard of people stabbing people in the back, and who has heard of demons playing tricks on people’s backs. It’s really funny.”

Bai Mengjie knew that she She stabbed the monster’s nest, she quickly shut up, and then said to Brother Zhang almost begging: “Brother… I beg you.”

“No.” Brother Zhang shook his head and said: ” You can solve it slowly by yourself, you can communicate with him or whatever.”

Bai Mengjie pouted, suddenly felt that the whole world had abandoned her, and turned her head with tears in her eyes. He rushed out, and the black fatty bowed to Brother Zhang and ran out with him.

At this time, the chicken brother who had been eating the leftovers came over with a flattering face: “Give me the meal she hasn’t finished eating.”

Brother Zhang shook his head. , and then took the leftovers from Brother Ji’s bowl and threw them into the trash: “I’ll make one for you alone.”


Brother Ji rushed over with a distressed face, took out the unsoiled part from the trash can and put it back on the plate: “wasted…wasted…”

“You don’t Let’s go.” The Grandfather Pi next to him said with a look of disgust: “It’s all gone into the trash.”

Brother Ji shook his head and sighed, then folded his hands and lowered his eyes: “Since the leftovers are enough, why bother Let it go to waste.”

“Forget it.” Brother Zhang lowered his head and poured all the rice in Brother Ji’s bowl back again: “Today you will eat fresh.”

After he finished speaking, he raised his head and looked towards a strange man in the corner, then frowned slightly: “And next time, I won’t let you go.”

His words, let Everyone in the room looked in that direction, and the man in the corner stood up and pulled down his hat to cover his face and walked out quickly. After he left, there was a discussion in the room, because this person was very strange and had never met before, but this was normal, because Chang’an Alley is also a scenic spot, although it is not very famous, but occasionally there are tourists wandering there. Came from this place.

But this person obviously looks a little weird, and he can make Brother Zhang give a warning, there must be something wrong here.

As expected, he was stopped outside before he took two steps. It was the big spider spirit who stopped him: “Don’t go, brother, come and explain.”

The man whispered, “Don’t get in the way,” and then pushed the spider spirit, but the spider spirit didn’t eat him. When he went up, a few strands of spider silk shot out, tying the man’s hands and feet. The extremely strong spider silk turned to ashes on the man’s hands and feet.

Brother Zhang lowered his head and was still busy, but Brother Ji saw this scene and got up quickly: “I’ll go take a look.”

He walked to the spider spirit and that person In front of him, he stretched out his hands to stop the spider spirit: “This benefactor, just come to me if you have anything.”

“You are courting death!”

The man suddenly took out a red short dagger and stabbed it into Brother Ji’s chest without any warning. , all kinds of sufferings start with me, there is revenge and revenge and revenge.”

But the man was like crazy, he pulled out his dagger and puffed puff puff and stabbed Brother Chicken more than a dozen times. Twenty holes, but Brother Ji… just didn’t fall or fight back, just stood there and let him poke.

“Damn you demon!”

The man in the peaked cap shouted sternly while killing Brother Chicken: “Without poison to death you, how dare you send it to your door? Come!”

But Brother Ji stood there without realizing it, his body was covered in blood, and even his handsome face was cut open, but he still stood motionless. Someone next to him wanted to help, but they were all stopped by Brother Zhang.

In the end, the man finally let go of his strength, his body slowly softened, and he knelt down at Brother Ji’s feet. Brother Ji extended the hand towards him at this time: “Get up, it’s alright. ”

The people around, including Brother Xiao Zhang, didn’t know what happened, but they felt that it was too sudden this time, which made people stunned.

“What’s wrong? Suddenly… so bloody.” Grandfather Pi held the plate and looked over for a while: “It’s all smashed.”

Xiao Zhang Brother shouted the head: “He put tetramine in the leftovers.”

“Fuck!” Grandfather Pi scolded: “Then you still eat chicken?”

“en.” Brother Zhang nodded: “He eats everything.”

At this time, there was a high-pitched cry of sadness outside. It turned out that the man who had been poking Brother Chicken sat with his face covered Weeping and crying there, everyone is waiting with gossip ears. Even Xu Wei in the room outside turned off the TV and waited for the follow-up story.

There are more than a dozen people in the two rooms, all holding their breaths now, for fear of missing an important conversation.

Brother Ji’s blood gradually dried up, but his wounds slowly recovered as before, and even the blood on his clothes began to flow back. In less than two minutes, his whole body recovered. To the previous appearance, except for the one by one clear knife marks on the clothes.

“Grip the grass!!!!” Grandfather Pi exclaimed: “Immortal Body!”


This skill is similar to The Heavenly Dragon body of Thunder Dragon looks very similar, but it is actually two things. Thunder Dragon is the kind of person who can’t feel pain, even if it is split into coke, it looks dead at the time, but it can heal after a while . But the chicken brother can feel the pain, but will not die no matter what. Therefore, his pale face is not due to excessive blood loss or simply pain.

It’s hard to say which of the two skills is stronger, but who is more capable of resisting is definitely the chicken brother who is more capable of resisting. His fighting ability is absolutely shocking, otherwise he wouldn’t be called Immortal Body .

It’s just that the chicken has a very good temper. Although he often singles out with people, he has never been jealous of anyone until now. Even if he scolds and yells again, he doesn’t seem to be angry. Get up… Even if someone stabbed him with a knife, he wasn’t angry.

“I don’t understand.” Grandfather Pi spread out his hands: “What kind of routine is this, if someone kills me with a knife, I’ll definitely bite to death.”

What can Brother Zhang say? After all, the system is different. Brother Ji’s body belongs to Brother Ji and also belongs to Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva. After reborn from the ashes, Brother Ji integrates Kṣitigarbha. That system is just to play this one. But if it’s just a coincidence, Brother Ji’s body is really in line with Kṣitigarbha’s affinity, and the undefeated attribute of the Perfect Shield gives Kṣitigarbha a lot of room to play.

Black Spiritual Mountain series is to use pain as a boat. The more pain the body bears, the stronger their ability will be, and as for what they think, it is not something ordinary ordinary people can understand. .


The cries outside gradually stopped, Brother Ji said hello to Brother Zhang, and then walked out with the man.

As soon as they went out, the discussion started in the room, while Brother Zhang continued to be busy, Grandfather Pi was tossing around and inquiring about gossip, everything quickly returned to normal, as if the horror scene just now did not happen. the same.

“You said, why did that person poison the leftovers?”

Someone came to Brother Zhang curiously and asked: “Isn’t this targeting Guang Kun? Why.”

“Well, maybe it’s because I found out that he is the only one who is better.”

“How did you find out?” the man asked.

Brother Zhang laughed: “Because Guang Kun looked very ugly after eating, he just didn’t die, it’s not that he couldn’t feel pain.”

“So he knows?”

“en. ”

“He ate all the poisonous things after he found out?”

“en. ”


That’s how people are. As long as they do things that others can’t do, they are amazing.

But what the purpose of that person is, no one knows now. We have to wait for Brother Ji to enlighten him. It is estimated that it is another story. Brother Zhang loves to listen to stories, so he is full of expectations now.

And soon, the topic changed from the sudden occurrenceance to Bai Mengjie. They were discussing what happened to Bai Mengjie in the end, but they were all limited to small talk, and there were no special arguments. throw.

As for Bai Mengjie’s side, she walked a long way in anger, then turned back to the black fatty and said, “You stay away from me! Look at you like this, do you think you are worthy of me? Don’t think I am Brother Zhang, regardless of this matter, you have a backer. Yes, I said it, but how can you take that kind of thing seriously? I already bought you chicken to eat, and you still want to pester me?”

Hei Fatty pursed his lips, but didn’t speak. He kept a distance of about one meter five and followed behind Bai Mengjie, looking a little aggrieved.

“What do you want, just say it, stop pestering me, okay?”

Bai Mengjie saw that what she said was useless, the more she thought about it, the more angry she became, she turned her head and went away When she got to the bar by the road, she started drinking big wine. Fatty didn’t bother her, she just stood at the door. Bai Mengjie’s beauty, even in the dark environment, she couldn’t tell that she was a star, and there were a lot of flies when she entered the place. revolving around.

It didn’t take long for her to chat with a few handsome guys who had a good laugh In less than an hour, Guang Kun had not finished listening to the story of the villain, and she already felt that the world was spinning.

“You…Did you give me medicine?” Bai Mengjie was dizzy and still joking: “No, my brother will break your dog’s legs.”

But after she finished speaking, she suddenly became unconscious in the dark, and the people around her who were drinking with her looked at each other a few times, and then tacitly helped her to go out, looking at the skillful appearance I know this is a lot of work.

But this time they obviously didn’t go well. As soon as they left the door of the bar, they saw a tall, fat, slightly dark-skinned fatty stopped in front of them, and they cursed fiercely: “Go away. , don’t get in the way.”

But the black fatty didn’t seem to hear, and one of them reached out and pushed, but with this push, he felt like he was pushing against the load-bearing wall, not only The other party didn’t move, and he took a few steps back.

“Put her down.” Fatty Hei’s tone was very calm, he pointed to the unconscious Bai Mengjie: “Put her down.”

“Let you mind your own business!”


All of a sudden, a brick was slapped on the black fatty’s head behind him, but it was still the same, the head was fine, the brick was shattered. And the black fatty didn’t even look back, just raised his arms and turned over, the person behind the sneak attack was pushed five or six meters away by this elbow, and after rolling on the ground for seven or eight times, he would not move.

When his companion saw this, he immediately knew that he had encountered a stubble, and then quickly dropped Bai Mengjie and helped his companion to flee, while Fatty Hei saw Bai Mengjie who was unconscious for a moment. Not knowing what to do, he thought for a moment, then turned around and walked towards Chang’an Lane again.

After that, he basically entered the door at the same time as Brother Ji. Brother Ji supported the gangster who attacked him and Fatty Hei supported Bai Mengjie.

“Yo, what a coincidence.” Brother Ji greeted him: “This is you?”

Black fatty just glanced at Brother Chicken, nodded towards him, and then He helped Bai Mengjie in. After entering, Brother Zhang was making the worm meat sauce, and the black fatty came over and put Bai Mengjie in front of him: “She, she’s drunk.”

Brother Zhang stretched out his hand on Bai Mengjie’s head Click on it: “It’s not drunk, it’s drugged.”

“I understand.”

Hei Fatty silently turned around and walked out, but Brother Ji happened to come. , took the vicious gangster, and said to Brother Zhang, “Boss, do you want to hear the story?”

Brother Zhang said after nodded: “Wait a moment. Xu Wei? Xu Wei. “

“Come on.”

Xu Wei walked over from the front hall: “What’s wrong?”

Brother Zhang pointed at the sleepy Bai Mengjie: ” Go take her to the backyard to rest, and let Sister Gou take care of her, and don’t forget to feed the little azure snake.”

“Hello, hello.” Xu Wei helped Bai Mengjie: “This is It’s how much you drink.”

(End of this chapter)

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