What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 219


Chapter 219 And only the great drinkers are famous for all time.

“According to our reporter’s understanding, today in In a bar in XX District of GZ City, four men were attacked by unknown persons, and four of them were seriously injured. The police are actively investigating and collecting evidence. The following is a video of the scene, please contact this station or the police directly if anyone knows.”

There was such a news broadcast on the big TV in the small restaurant. There were four young men chatting on the screen. Suddenly one of them fell to the ground without warning, and then the other three fell at the same time. On the ground, there is no image of the murderer at the scene, but it can be seen from the surveillance that they have obviously suffered a very large impact, and these four people have now sought medical treatment, but judging from the information disclosed on the news, they should be injured. not light.

Haozi stretched out his hands and leaned against the counter to watch TV, while Xu Wei leaned forward and asked in a low voice, “This case belongs to you?”

” Ang.” Haozi complied: “This is obviously an unnatural force, of course it belongs to me.”

“Then what are you going to do?”

“Check it out.” Haozi frowned lightly. He picked it up lightly: “But no one was killed, it’s not a big deal. In the end, it’s probably the bar Boss who went bankrupt.”

After he finished speaking, there was a smile on his face. Seeing his expression, Xu Wei immediately understood the meaning of his words, which meant that he would check this matter, but whether he could check it or not, it was another matter if he checked it carefully.

“What happened to those four people?”

“Two traumatic brain injuries are still implanted for the time being, and the probability of being rescued is not very high. The remaining head can move, and the consciousness is quite clear. The last life is good, it is not too serious, but I am afraid that I will not be able to marry a wife in this life. I just came back from the hospital, the doctor told me so, It’s a serious injury, the bar boss has been controlled, and he’s not going bankrupt this time, I’m sorry for these four brothers.” Haozi showed no sympathy when he said that they were hurt, which is gnashing when he mentioned crimes until now The state of teeth can be said to be different: “We also found illegal drugs on them, and now they are not only victims, but may also be prosecuted for possession of drugs.”

Xu Wei Changchang Oh, and at this time, Bai Mengjie swayed slowly and walked out from behind. She looked listless and slouched in front of Xu Wei: “I’m hungry…”

” Hungry? Are you embarrassed to be hungry?” Haozi coldly snorted: “I’ve already called your parents, and they’ll be back from Canada on the plane tomorrow.”

Bai Mengjie’s face changed when she heard this: ” You!”

“Stop giving me nonsense.” Haozi said with frost on his face: “You almost died, you know, if no one disciplines you, you don’t know when you want me to collect your corpse for you. .”

Haozi’s words are heavy, but they are not heavy enough, because yesterday Bai Mengjie was obviously drugged, and it happened that she was allergic physique, and the medicine had a strong allergic reaction to her. , After being lethargic for an hour and a half, she had obvious swelling of the esophagus and blocked the trachea. If she hadn’t been brought back, if it wasn’t because Sister Gou took care of her, if it wasn’t for Spirit Pill, she would definitely be on her head today. headlines.

“The former actress died naked in a hotel, and she was suspected of being sexually assaulted before her death.” Haozi poked Bai Mengjie’s head heavily with his fingers: “You are such a bastard, you know that your fortune is low and disorderly. Come on, you really have to kneel down to thank the river gods, you are not sincere enough to kowtow or bleed, and you will save two dogs’ lives in three days.”

Don’t look at Bai Mengjie’s usual fierceness, but when When these big brothers lost their temper, she was really cowardly, sitting there for a long time without speaking, and after hearing that she was saved by that black fatty again, she couldn’t say anything.

Xu Wei hurriedly said at this time: “Okay, she is also a victim, just be careful next time.”

“Next time? And next time, I really asked Brother Zhang to hang her on the fan and beat her.” Haozi glared at Bai Mengjie, all hate iron for not becoming steel.

Bai Mengjie knew that she was wrong, and she didn’t dare to make a sound, because she usually played with her temper, and she was fierce at this juncture, which was bringing about one’s own destruction. Before his father and mother went to Canada, he explained to these big brothers that they should be scolded and beaten, please don’t be polite…

This is a bad sentence, I really got a little brother Zhang A beating, that is will enforce Justice on behalf of the Heaven.

“Okay… I know, I won’t do it in the future.” Bai Mengjie immediately confessed and jumped off the chair: “I’ll go to sleep for a while.”

She After walking two steps, Xu Wei grabbed her: “Don’t go, I’ve already cooked all the food for you. Eat something before you go.”

After eating some food, Bai Mengjie drank again A bowl of hot soy sauce soup, this is a complete recovery, she looked around for a while, and then whispered to Haozi: “Haozi, where is that person?”


“That catfish…”

Haozi threw her neck out, and then ignored her, while Bai Mengjie walked to the window and looked over, and found that black fatty was sitting outside with a box lunch in her hand While eating, he didn’t care about people coming, people going around, like a big stone lion standing still.

“People have been sitting at the door guarding you since last night. You don’t drink or eat, and you don’t even make a sound.” Xu Wei propped her chin and looked at the black fatty outside the door. : “Why don’t you give it a try, I think he’s pretty good, and he looks pretty reliable.”

Bai Mengjie shook her head hastily: “Help me save my life, and my feelings are my feelings, I will thank him. Yes, but…”

“No one cares about you.” Haozi said in a bad tone: “Just don’t use people as a tool.”

“Understood… …”

When Bai Mengjie went out again, her attitude towards black fatty had eased a lot. The first time she was unconscious, but the second time she remembered it clearly, when she woke up When she found out that it was Chang’an Lane, she knew everything.

As Haozi said, saving two lives in three days is such a kindness.

She tried to chat with the black fatty, and was surprised to find that although this catfish doesn’t talk much, it is quite alert and smart, even if it looks stupid, but it has a very mature concept system , is not at all mentally retarded as she imagined.

There’s even a little humor.

“I’ll treat you to dinner.” Bai Mengjie sat one meter away from the black fatty and said to him, “When I thank you.”

Hei fatty raised her head slightly Glancing at her, he lowered his head and shook his head, then got up and left. Then just when Bai Mengjie thought he was going back, he brought a pack of fried chicken legs and put it in front of Bai Mengjie: “Bring your own.”

“You are a demon… I am a human, we are impossible. Bai Mengjie sighed: “Have you ever thought about it, you still have thousands of years of life, and I will be gone after several decades.”

Hei fatty smiled: “Three thousand two hundred years, divided I’ll give you half of it.”

“No no no no no no…” Bai Mengjie jumped up in fright and waved her hands repeatedly: “Don’t scare me.”

“Open Just kidding, I can’t extend other people’s lifespan.” Hei fatty raised his head and looked at Bai Mengjie: “But I can shorten my lifespan.”

“Don’t… More than three thousand years, what a pity.”

Hei fatty didn’t say anything, just sat there silently, until Brother Zhang came back from outside and saw the two of them, Fatty Hei immediately stood up and saluted Brother Zhang, and Bai Mengjie hurriedly followed. stand up.

Brother Zhang pointed at Bai Mengjie with his finger, and entered the store without saying anything. Bai Mengjie was quite frightened when she saw this scene, she quickly got up and chased after him, wanting to see the little girl. Is Brother Zhang angry with himself?

“Mind your own business.” Brother Zhang and Haozi used the same tone: “No one can save your life.”

The beaten Bai Mengjie went out , as soon as he looked up, he saw the black fatty sitting on the side of the road, staring at the front sparsely, as if he was still adapting to the change from water to shore.


Bai Mengjie walked up and said, “I’ll invite you to dinner, if you want to go.”

“I don’t need to repay.” Black fatty Said: “When the fate runs out, I’ll leave.”

“It’s not a reward, I’m just boring to eat alone, I’m going to have a big meal, it’s not worth it alone, go for a walk. “

In the end, the black fatty was dragged away by Bai Mengjie, and Haozi stood outside the falling window with a bowl and watched them leave, then suddenly turned around and asked Brother Zhang, “Sometimes fate is really very good.” It’s hard to say.”

Brother Zhang didn’t say anything, but just stood there silently watching Bai Mengjie dancing and complaining about his situation to the black fatty and disappeared in Chang’an Alley.

“Ai, how’s your movie? When will it be released? Everyone is asking, saying that they want to book a show for you.”

“I don’t know, I’ll wait for the news. Good.” Brother Zhang turned around and went to the counter: “Xu Wei, go and change the blackboard outside so that it’s available for today’s pipe dream.”

“Okay! Let’s go now. “

The blackboard outside lights up, which means that Brother Zhang’s dark night restaurant officially kicked off.

Speaking of which is also interesting. He has developed so many dishes, but the sales volume is very small. According to Zhang Yao’s analysis, it should be that those things are too targeted, plus the new dishes. Too few, it is not suitable for selling in a place like a late-night tavern. In the future, as the demand increases and everyone has more choices, this will gradually attract more people to try.

The sales of the dishes are average, but what everyone didn’t expect is Xiao Zhang’s pipe dream, but it is very popular. The pipe dream sales day every three days has always been from the opening to the closing of the guests. There will be an endless stream, even if the price of Xiao Zhang is outrageous, a small cup will cost two hundred, and the price is exaggerated and Moutai can still be in short supply.

Some drinkers from outside Chang’an Lane began to come here, so Brother Zhang had to serve a limited number of 200 glasses, and there was not necessarily a seat. But even so, those Brewmasters would tirelessly rush over to line up and wait, just for those three seconds of intoxication.

“By the way, what did the person Ah Ji brought to tell you yesterday? Mysterious secret.” Haozi was not there yesterday, but he also heard about what happened with Brother Ji. Thinking about it, I asked a question.

“I’ll tell you later.” Brother Zhang said with a smile: “It’s very interesting, that person is a demon exorcist, he said that he had been eyeing Guang Kun for a long time, and then followed him all the way. Arrived at the monster’s lair.”

“I really know how to play.” Haozi sneered: “But that person is also unlucky, and the first order is on Ah Ji.”

Little Brother Zhang couldn’t help but laugh out loud, Ah Ji is Ah Ji after all, the more painful it is, the stronger it is, and the evil people inflict on him will become the source of his energy. Sure enough, the attributes of KαΉ£itigarbha and Ah Ji are naturally similar. The strongest shield of the spirit, one that uses pain as a boat, I have to say that this is just as good as it has been properly arranged by fate.

While chatting, the guests outside came one after another. They all ordered a few side dishes, ordered a pipe dream, and drank the middle wine. Three seconds later, When I woke up, some people looked peaceful, some covered their faces and wept, some were ecstatic, and some were disappointed.

No one knows what they saw in their dreams, but this glass of wine can satisfy their emotions that cannot be satisfied in the world, which is a good thing.

Brother Zhang never asks what people dream about, but silently observes their various postures after waking up. There are new customers and old customers here, but without exception, they will all become returning customer.

The tavern was full of people, and there were not enough tables, so they sat in Xu Wei’s area, and Xu Wei was also full, so they sat at the door, they couldn’t squat down at the door, they even sat on the ground and beside the road superior. Push the cup for a change, and talk loudly.

But there are also those who have a glass of wine and then leave without doing anything. Such people generally have a solemn expression. It can be seen that they must not go to the dream for pleasure.

Maybe it’s a deceased relative, maybe a goodbye companion, maybe a childhood playmate… Many kinds of partings, seeing each other in a dream, even just chatting and masturbating is enough.

β€œOld man, happy, what are you dreaming about?”

An old man with white beard and hair drank a glass of wine, leaned against the wall and stared at it for three seconds. When he woke up, he walked out with a smile on his face, and his companion had been waiting for him outside for a long time. Seeing him come out, he couldn’t help but ask a question.

“I, I went back to my hometown for a year, my mother cooked me a meat stew, and my father scolded me badly, saying that I am a big young man, and I am so ignorant, Don’t even bring a daughter-in-law home.”

His words made the surrounding companions laughed heartily, and several of them laughed at each other and walked away together, Xu Wei held her cheeks and looked at the to-and-fro people, suddenly Curiously, he asked Da Huang who was squatting next to him: “You said, if I have a drink, can I see my grandma?”

“I recommend you not to, this thing is a placebo for loneliness.” Da Huang shook the head: “Look at the old man just now, at his age, he can eat his mother’s stew again and be scolded by his father. This is already a life without regrets. What about you? You I saw it after I went in, but you are still young, and you are not old enough to make up for your regrets. Zhang Yao said, this thing youngster can’t be drunk, and it will destroy your courage.”

Xu Wei took out a He tore up the potato chips and ate it. After thinking about it, he also laughed: “That’s right.”

At this moment, a man who seemed to be talking suddenly appeared at the door. With the smell of alcohol, Xu Wei immediately said welcome, but the staggering person followed the smell of alcohol to Brother Zhang.

He looked around fifty years old, and he wasn’t sloppy, but he smelled like pickled alcohol, which was very unpleasant. This looks like the kind of wine Mengzi who soaks in the wine jar all day long. He slaps two hundred yuan in front of Brother Zhang: “If the wine is not good, I will set up your stall.”

Brother Zhang didn’t talk nonsense, just poured him a glass with a smile, and the man took advantage of the situation to pick it up and smelled: “It’s normal, the wine smell is not strong.”

After he finished speaking, he opened his mouth and smelt it. He raised his head, drank a glass of wine, and then naturally fell asleep with his head tilted in confusion. After three seconds, he woke up again, and the whole person seemed to be a different person from top to bottom. I took another two hundred dollars: “One more drink.”

“I’m sorry.” Brother Zhang shook his head and said, “Every three days can only have one drink per person.”

” Then I’ll ask people to buy it, can I drink it?”

“No.” Brother Zhang shook his head and said, “Otherwise, there will be no next time.”

“There are too many rules breaking. .” The man patted the table, his beard and hair all open: “Then why do I have to drink it today?”

When he spoke, he exuded a fierce breath from top to bottom, and the wind even started to blow up in the room. Judging from the posture, he would never give up until he had a second drink today. .

Brother Zhang didn’t talk nonsense, just pushed back the two hundred dollars, then plugged the wine bottle silently, turned his head and shouted to Xu Wei: “Today sold out.”

“Boy, this business, you do your business, I buy mine, you’d better not meddle.”

After he finished speaking, Spiritual gradually began to be on his side. Qi condensed and formed, but Brother Zhang was only laughed when he saw this scene, turned his head and started to get busy.

“Okay, okay, today you are considered to refuse a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit.”

That person moved towards Brother Zhang volley is a finger, a sword qi Rushing to Brother Zhang, this sword qi is not strong, and that person obviously doesn’t want to cause trouble, but he just couldn’t bear the temptation of fine wine to make this decision, and the sword qi, in terms of scale, just wants to make small Brother Zhang suffered a little so that he could obey.

But didn’t expect to go down with a sword qi, like clay ox entering the sea, after a swish and then there is no more text, Xiao Zhang sat down and said: “Have you had enough?”


“Go out!” Brother Zhang frowned.

Then the man felt that saw a flash, and when he woke up again, he found that he was standing outside Chang’an Alley. At the end, he found that his arm was being held down: “Yo, isn’t this the drunkard Sword Immortal Chen Shi, how come such a good Yaxing went down the mountain today?”

The man looked back, but When he found out that it was Fellow Daoist, whom he knew before, he immediately became excited, pointed to the inside and said, “I just met a strange person inside! My sword qi couldn’t move him, but he was slammed and threw it out.”

The words of the drunkard Chen Shi made his two friends suddenly startled: “You…you won’t attack that tavern Boss, will you?”

(End of this chapter )

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