What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 22

Chapter 22, interesting man

“Mr. Zhu has given a notice that everyone will not be absent for the New Year’s team building tonight.”

In the afternoon, Zhang Jiachang was Sitting there in a daze, suddenly the little girl at the front desk came to him and told him about the New Year’s team building.

“New Year?” He glanced at his phone: “But…the Mid-Autumn Festival hasn’t arrived yet.”

“Well, as Mr. Zhu said, it should be an early year for everyone. “

Zhang Jiachang: “???”

Others complained one after another when they heard the news, it seemed that this team building was something extremely unlucky.

Seeing all of them like this, Zhang Jiachang curiously asked the girl next to him who was soaking jujubes and eating: “What is this group building?”

“It’s just that. stuffing oneself with food, every time a newcomer comes, there will be a new year team building, this year is three years old.”

The girl who has been eating is called Xiaoxiao, the name speaks for itself Xiaoxiao , The mouth is small, everywhere is small, but the appetite is bottomless.

“What are you shouting? Mr. Zhu said that this New Year’s team building lottery, the first prize is 10,000 yuan in cash plus a new mobile phone.”

tone barely fell , the whole office cheered, and everyone turned from sadness to joy. Then I saw the little girl at the front desk began to issue a number to everyone.

When it was sent to Zhang Jiachang, she deliberately blocked other people with her body and whispered to him: “Must come at night…there is a surprise.”

“Huh?” Zhang Jiachang glanced down at his number: “Okay…I’ll call home.

Thunder Dragon soon received a call from Zhang Jiachang, um ahhhh after a while, he pressed the screen , pointed to Yang Junfeng who had just returned from outside for two days and said: “The boss asked you to pick up Nian Nian, and their company will hold an annual meeting in the evening. “

“Annual meeting? “Yang Junfeng’s expression immediately turned the old man to look at his phone: “This summer vacation has just passed, where did the year come from?” “

“Ghost knows.” “

“If you want me to say, he really can’t think about it. I checked the company he works for, it’s beautiful and lovely. Love Culture Media Co., Ltd…. If you listen to the name, it can be serious.” company? Yang Junfeng flipped through his phone, then said, “The chairman’s name is Zhu Zhenzhen, you see pictures of people…”

Thunder Dragon took his phone, looked at the picture of Mr. Zhu above, sucked in a breath of cold air said: “How old are you when you are the chairman? The registered capital is still 50 million? Did she launder money? “

“It’s not like, it should be the daughter of some super-rich family in the city. In order to prevent her from playing around outside, she made such a money-losing business for her, and the number of taxpayers was only seven. You can’t lose a few dollars a year. “Yang Junfeng curl one’s lip: “I really don’t know what the hell my intestines have done. The first job in life is to do this. “

“It’s not that I look down on the boss… Isn’t it harmful that he goes to work at other people’s place, what would he do?” “

“He looks so clean, he can eat with his face.” “Yang Junfeng lifted Erlang’s legs and said swayingly: “The charger is my ambassador.” “

While they were talking, a few people walked in. Thunder Dragon looked up and saw that Haozi and Chen Ju were taking the lead, followed by three or four people who looked crooked in Thunder Dragon’s eyes. .

“What’s this for? Thunder Dragon raised his head and asked, “Haozi, what kind of demon are you doing?” “

“Isn’t it still the case with Xu Wei, where is she?” “

“The endorsement at the back. “

Haozi nod

, pushed the door and walked in, but the next moment was chased by Da Huang, biting and scratching.

p> “It’s better for you to go… Da Huang here I am. Haozi looked at the hole in his trousers with a sad face: “He really hates me.” “

“Who made you Haozi.” ”

Thunder Dragon walked into the small courtyard. As soon as he entered, he saw Da Huang squatting on the eaves, waiting for something like guarding Haozi. He grinned happily: “What is Da Huang doing?” “

“Squat Haozi, don’t beep, I’ll scratch his face if he dares to come in again.” “

“You’re busy…you’re busy…”

Thunder Dragon hurriedly bypassed Da Huang and walked into the house, and when he walked to the window, he saw Xu Wei wearing headphones, in front of him. She has a book of “Introduction to Mind” and is reading silently following the words above. She has now entered the stage where her mind can turn at will. Maybe she didn’t even realize that when she was reciting the mind, the spiritual power around her followed her. My thoughts began to flow.

Thunder Dragon couldn’t help but sighed when he saw this. This bitch is really a genius of learning spells, and she can enter the attitude of her heart at will on the first day. You must know that this is a The threshold of Cultivation, 99% of the people are stuck in this level, they will not be able to enter this state for many years, and even their whole life is only the level of Dao Child.

β€œ Hey! “Thunder Dragon patted Xu Wei’s shoulder:” Bureau Chen is looking for you outside. “

Xu Wei was photographed shivered, she shivered, raised her head, looked towards Thunder Dragon, took off her earphones and asked, “What’s wrong?” “

“Someone is looking outside.” “

Xu Wei complied, got up and walked outside. Seeing her coming out, Haozi quickly pulled her aside and began to ask carefully about the details of her previous contact with the netizen.

“This matter may be related to a cult that spans many countries, so you still have to cooperate. “

“Okay…” Xu Wei nodded and said: “Just one night, I left a resume on a website, and then someone added me, and then we started chatting.” Later, he said that he could introduce me to work here, and he asked me to come here, and I will come…”

“en. ” Chen Ju glanced at Haozi, and then continued to ask: “You Your phone should have chat history, right? Take it out and show me. “

“No… I was deleted by Brother Zhang.” “

Haozi explained to her at this time: “Actually, it is certain that those people have already received rumors. We can only start with that Monster Dao, but he is very tough. So Bureau Chen, hurry up and set up the new department… Then I’ll be able to help you with the investigation in due course. “

Chen Ju glanced at him impatiently, and then suddenly asked, “Can that Zhang Jiachang be pulled in?” “

Haozi was shocked and shook his head quickly: “Impossible Bureau Chen, please don’t hit him…”

Ju Chen didn’t say anything after hearing this, but instead It was one of the few people who came along with Haozi who said dismissively: “Who, such a big name? I’ve never heard of this character. Is he that capable? I’m afraid he’s not a liar. “

Haozi’s face changed on the spot as soon as he said this, and Thunder Dragon ka ka came over with his fingers crossed.

“I advise you to apologize.” . “

Haozi’s tone was serious, and Thunder Dragon’s hands were already flashing lightning, but Chen Ju frowned scolded: “talk nonsense what? If you don’t know anything, please apologize! “

“sorry.” “Although he apologized, the man’s expression was actually somewhat dissatisfied, but because of Chen Ju’s relationship, he could only be softer.

Haozi coldly snorted, waved to Thunder Dragon, and then said Bureau Chen said: “Brother Zhang will not join any camp. “

“Is there no other way? “

“No. “Haozi said still seriously: “Don’t disturb him in any way. But there is no brother Zhang, but that dirty thing can be used against it. “

Everyone followed Haozi’s fingers and looked towards Thunder Dragon in the bar, Thunder Dragon who was chatting with Yang Junfeng felt a lot of eyes swept over him, he instinctively raised his head and pointed at himself. :”I? what? What are you doing? “

Haozi beckoned Thunder Dragon to come over, and then began to introduce, like introducing a car…

“I don’t believe it.” “Or the man who spoke just now: “How come you are so amazing in your mouth?” “

Haozi raised his eyelids and looked at him, with a smile on his face: “Then go to the backyard and try it out.” “

Thunder Dragon made a disdainful expression, and the man folded his arms with a disdainful expression: “Just give it a try, go to the back?” “

“No, here it is.” “

Thunder Dragon finished speaking, one hand formed a tactic, and the electric light flashed and flew straight down. The man didn’t even defend his hand, and he was pressed to the ground and could not get up. Every time the acupuncture point crackled, he would scream in agony.

“I’ve taken it… I’ve taken it…”

He screamed on the ground, and Haozi hurriedly screamed. Let the Thunder Dragon stop, and only then did the Thunder Dragon receive the Divine Ability.

The man got up from the ground, screamed a few times, and then came back to the Thunder Dragon cup one fist in the other hand bowed his hands and saluted: “It’s because I have eyesight and can’t talk about mountains…absolutely didn’t expect it to be Raibu Zhengshen. “

“When you said my boss just now, I saw that you were upset, but seeing that your attitude was good, I would forgive you.” “Thunder Dragon looked proud: “Next time, I have to respect my big brother a little more.” “

“By the way, what about your big brother?” “Haozi looked around: “I haven’t seen him, it’s not time to pick up the child, right?” “

“My big brother went to work, it’s the first day of work today. “

Going to work…Haozi frowned: “Have you really gone to work?” “

“Yes, not only work, but also attend the annual meeting. “

“Annual meeting? “

Yes…it’s the annual meeting.

GD is pretty and cute. Love Culture Media Co., Ltd. got off work at 5:30 in the afternoon. Zhang Jiachang rode an electric donkey with the next table behind him. Xiaoxiao was detained on the way to the annual meeting on the grounds that the electric vehicle would be fined 200 yuan for illegally carrying people.

This fine has to be recognized, what else can I do. So Zhang Jiachang silently He paid the fine and walked with Xiaoxiao to the meeting place.

β€œSorry, I got you fined. “

“It’s okay, I don’t know that it can’t carry people. Zhang Jiachang scratched his head, blaming: “It’s my fault.” “

“You’re a very interesting person, and you cook deliciously.” Are you married? “

“No. Zhang Jiachang shook his head again and again: “I can’t get married. “

“Why? There is no one who can’t get married. Xiaoxiao looked at Zhang Jiachang in surprise: “Are you a monk?” “

“No…” Zhang Jiachang didn’t know how to explain it to her, but he was speechless for a while, and the atmosphere that was good was suddenly embarrassed.

Good Although Xiaoxiao looks small, he is actually a person who has been struggling in society for several years. He immediately knew that he might have committed a taboo, and quickly changed his words: “You may have to work a little harder tonight. “

“Hard work? Why? “

“You’ll know when the time comes. They played so fiercely at the annual meeting. Haven’t you ever attended a party full of women?” Worse than all men. ”

(end of this chapter)

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