What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 220


Chapter 220 Chang’an, Chang’an Lane

“What do you mean?” Chen Shi looked at his friends subconsciously He took a few steps back, and was a little puzzled for a while.

“It’s okay…it’s okay…we’ll go first, but we won’t have any wine if we’re late.”

Chen Shi was unwilling to follow him in again, he rushed to Brother Zhang, He asked, “What kind of magic did you use just now!”

As soon as these words came out, the lively atmosphere in the room suddenly solidified, and everyone looked at this strange and brave guy in front of him. , while Brother Zhang lowered his head and chopped vegetables without any intention of paying any attention to him.

Chen Shi was not happy when he saw it. He also took advantage of his drunken mood. Sword qi lingered on his body and was ready to go.

At this time, Brother Zhang raised his head slightly, glanced at the stranger in front of him, and then silently picked up the shovel for the fried egg.


With a crisp sound, Chen Shi, who was still baring fangs and brandishing claws, fell straight to the ground on the spot. After looking at his fleshy body, he turned pale in fright and went back…

When he got up again, he was honest, because his hundreds of years of skill could not stop a pot Shovel, this is enough to explain the problem. After sitting up again, Chen Shi felt that he had not been so awake for many years. He glanced at Brother Zhang blankly, then lowered his head and went out, even ruthless. Not a word was put out.

The moment he got up and went out, there was a big laughter in the house, and someone teased him: “Xiao Zhang, who is the first time to shovel the dead?”

Brother Zhang made a four gesture, and the laughter in the room became more intense.

In the next few days, Chen Shi came back every day for a walk. He traveled to many places, but he was full of curiosity about this place. Although he was kicked out once, when he went again, the Boss He didn’t say anything, and Chen Shi didn’t make trouble anymore, because he knew there were experts in this place.

It was true that he was drunk that night, and when he came to the restaurant again, he could see at a glance that the direction of the universe was pressing down on this extremely fierce place, and let this hand come. Broken hands and feet, broken heads, broken stinky land, turned into a livable flat.

This is not something that an ordinary person can do, this is obviously done by an expert. There are more demons than people in this ghost place. As soon as I came in, I followed up with the Demon Imprisonment Tower, but the people in this place are different from those in other places, and the demons are also different, and there is something here that can make him intoxicated. of good wine.

In this case, rest your feet and rest your feet.

Chen Shi has been living in Chang’an Lane since that day, but he is very happy. He fell asleep on the branch of the big plane tree. It was rainy in GZ, but he didn’t care at all and leaned there. It was a night of swaying, and in the morning it was still dry.

What puzzled him was that since he was kicked out once, those old acquaintances didn’t seem to know him. Even if he wanted to go to the night party under the big phoenix tree at night, those stinky monsters would leave in anger.

But he, Heaven and Earth, a Sword Immortal, travels all over the country, and doesn’t care about the exclusion, as long as he can drink that kind of wine once every three days, it’s enough, and it doesn’t matter who he loves at other times. .

“Little brother, I’m here again today, the old rules, two taels of dreams of grandeur, a pound of millet wine.” Chen Shi handed over two hundred and seventeen yuan, and then went again I bought a two-dollar grilled sausage from Xu Wei in front of me, and treated it as a drink. I brought it over and took a sip of the grilled sausage, and poured half a catty of wine.

The dreams of grandeur Jin Gui, he has learned to be good now, he won’t drink it all in one go, sit there and savor it slowly, and experience the misty feeling of the blending of dreams and reality, and he can be drunk all night. . That is really a Divine Immortal without changing it.

“Speaking of which, why did you choose this name, it’s called Chen Shi.”

“Because everyone thinks I should be called this name, little monster, if you had been in front of me a few years earlier If you are so arrogant, I will strip you of your skin for wine money.”

Grandfather Pi’s disdainful curl one’s lip: “Bragging.”

“Hahahahaha…you You little demon.”

Chen Shi was drunk and looked like he had several points of embarrassment and he also had several points of funny. Non-stop, after a while the guests were almost gone, but he was still rocking back and forth with his wine, looking lonely and lonely.

“Stinky drunk, Boss gave it to you.” Grandfather Pi threw a plate of broad beans on the table in front of Chen Shi.

Chen Shi glanced down and was overjoyed immediately, cupped the hands towards Brother Zhang from a distance, then sat down and tasted the wine with broad beans.

This guy is the only one who drinks dreams of grandeur awake in Chang’an Lane. Others have tried to imitate him and drink it, but as long as the people who drink it say they can’t hold it, then The feeling of separation between intoxication and sobriety is too strong, so strong that it makes people feel as if their limbs and bones have been removed, stronger than the strongest wine, but only Chen Shi is hard every time. Carrying this pain, and yet looks like he is still enjoying it.

Some people say that this is the alcoholic among the alcoholics, and he will definitely die from drinking in the future, but Chen Shi doesn’t care, he is not sober most of the time, and when he is sober, he also relies on Looking at the sky from the branches of the big plane tree, no one knows where he got the money, and no one knows his past.

I just heard it mentioned a few times through the mouths of a few cultivators who often come to eat and drink, saying that this guy looks like he is in his thirties, but he is actually an old man of nearly three hundred years old. He should He is the only one cultivator who has been through Dharma End Era. No one knows how strong he is. When many people knew him, he was just like this. He was sloppy and sloppy. , he will do the shameless things for the sake of the wine, and he will also do the things that limit the dog and steal chicken.

It was raining today and it was almost closing time. Haozi answered the phone and went out in a hurry without waiting to hear the exorcist’s story. Then he didn’t come back for more than a week. What major event, but no one knows what will happen until he returns.

During this period of time, Brother Zhang has also stabilized here. Although his reputation is getting bigger and bigger, his limited-supply marketing plan has indeed driven away a lot of customers, but he doesn’t care because it is too much. The noise made him feel less comfortable.

Of course, tomorrow’s most important dish will also be on the shelves. After more than ten days of preparation, the Ananda Long Soup is finally here.

“Little monster, how old are you this year?” Chen Shi suddenly looked towards Grandfather Pi who was cleaning next to him: “Why is it still such a lowly cultivation base.”

“Fuck You’s .”

“Little monster, full of foul language.” Chen Shihehe smiled, turned his head away and stopped talking to Grandfather Pi, just picked up a broad bean and put it together with the shell In the mouth chewing with a bang.

After cleaning, Grandfather Pi came to Brother Zhang and threw the guy on the table, pointed at Chen Shi over there and said, “Why did you let him in, that stinky alcoholic? The stinky wine smells, it doesn’t cost much money and it takes up space.”

Brother Zhang didn’t answer Grandfather Pi, just patted her head, and then took out the Qiankun Roast Chicken that Grandfather Pi won tonight , Seeing his favorite chicken, Grandfather Pi’s anger disappeared immediately, and he sat there and began to chew ka ka.

“Have you seen Mengjie recently?”

“No.” Grandfather Pi raised his head and said in his busy schedule, “I heard that she was locked at home and not allowed to go out. It seems that Haozi has sued.”

Brother Zhang nodded: “It should be, her child is a bit willful.”

“What about dead Haozi? I haven’t seen him for a long time.”

Xiao Zhang shrugged said that he didn’t know where Haozi went, and he didn’t contact him in the past few days. If it wasn’t for the fact that the number of steps in his VX exercise was very stable every day, everyone would have to think He has died heroically.

“Yes! Zhang Yao hasn’t appeared for a long time. Did they run away?”

Brother Zhang heard Grandfather Pi’s talk nonsense, smiled and called the head, Then I sat on the stool and turned on the stereo and started playing the song.

The night is already very deep, even the sound of small music can be transmitted very far, mixed with the sound of rain outside, when I hear it, a net is on the spot to suppress the cloud, and at this time a little azure Snake wandered over, climbed to the counter and wrapped it around Brother Zhang’s wrist.

Brother Zhang took it down and put it in a plastic box full of hay. The little azure snake stuck out his tongue and fell asleep.

This is not a rare breed, it’s just an ordinary grass snake. Brother Zhang just keeps it as a small pet, but he still can’t figure out how such a small thing can span several distances. Climbed ten kilometers from the cemetery to get here.

But after it settled down here, it lived a leisurely life and didn’t eat much. Three quail eggs a day were enough, and Brother Zhang also took it to Qingbai Er. I have seen the snake, and the snake spirit said seriously, this is an ordinary little snake without any Monster Qi, and it is still a young snake born this spring. If you want it to become a human, you will have to wait three hundred times. Five hundred years, if you still want it to become a good-looking girl, then there is no such thing as seven hundred years.

Brother Zhang thought it was the reincarnation of a spirit snake before, but now it seems to be just a roadside edge, but Brother Zhang really likes this sticky little snake, not only to give it alone I made a nest out of a box containing bean paste, and made a drawer for it in the house for winter use. It was filled with uran grass bought from the northeast.

“Do you sell this snake?”

While Brother Zhang was sitting there listening to the song and teasing the snake, Chen Shi suddenly stepped forward and said, “You make a price. .”

Brother Zhang shouted the head: “Not for sale.”

“Why not for sale?”

“Why for sale?”

The conversation between the two was very innocuous, but it can be seen that Chen Shi, a dead alcoholic, really likes the little grass snake, but he didn’t insist any longer, just sat there chuckled, rubbing his hands: “Please invite me Drink, and I’ll tell you a story.”

Brother Zhang picked up a jar of Nu’er Hong from the side, Chen Shishook the head, and pointed to the jar of the cheapest millet wine in the far corner: ” That’s a man’s wine.”

After changing the wine again, Chen Shi sat there with his fingers teasing the little azure snake who had been trying to bite him: “The little thing is quite fierce.”

“Yeah, it’s not close to strangers.” Brother Zhang sat there and laughed: “Are you really planning to tell a story or are you planning to cheat and drink?”

“Tell, of course. .” Chen Shi said in full of smiles: “There has to be a beginning.”

Brother Zhang sat there for a while, and then asked, “I heard that you are the three-hundred-year-old Sword Immortal. ?”

“Me? Three hundred years old?” Chen Shi turned his head and thought for a while: “Maybe, there are no years in the mountains. I don’t know how old I am.”

It seems that the rumors should be true. I am afraid that this guy is not too young. It is also a great thing to use a fleshy body to resist Dharma End Era, speaking of which.

“Why did you come out this time.”

“Look for someone.”

“Look for someone?”

The conversation between the two of them Just like in the Ancient Dragon novel, it is brief and straightforward, without so many bewildering things, it looks like two swordsmen are greeting each other.

“I don’t know.”

“I don’t know?”

Chen Shi sat on the stool and said with a smile: “I just know I’m looking for someone , but I don’t know who to look for, so I’ll be lucky.”

“Then you have cultured your brain? I think it’s because of drinking.” Grandfather Pi interjected beside him: “Just Your drinking method must be bad.”

“Little monster, you don’t understand. Wine, it’s a good thing.” Chen Shi picked up a wine cup and slammed a glass : “I went down the mountain at the age of nineteen, and went into the mountains at the age of twenty-seven. I haven’t been out of the mountain gate for more than two hundred years. I have forgotten what I should have forgotten. I have forgotten thoroughly. My name is still when a child called me. It’s like Sword Immortal for me.”

“Then you are looking for who, you are two or three hundred years old, and that person is probably dead a long time ago.” Said: “And you stinky men, eight percent are looking for a lover.”

“No.” Chen Shi shook his head: “It’s the enemy. I only remember this.”

“The enemy? “Brother Zhang curiously asked: “Then how do you know that he is still alive?”

Chen Shi chuckled and drank another glass of wine: “Sword Dao Road, what matters is that you have nothing in your heart, you can’t find it.” I can’t get Perfection until I get to him. Only by killing him can I get the Great Accomplishment.”

“Murder is illegal.” Grandfather Pi sneered: “I called the police.”

Chen Shi ignored this little goblin with a broken mouth, and just took out half a jade pendant from his arms, the jade pendant glowed faintly, and it looked like ripples flowing, but it didn’t look like an ordinary thing: “He is not dead, this jade is still bright. He’s definitely not dead.”

This obsession is really powerful, a person who can’t even remember his own name, seeks revenge but finds so much in his heart, no wonder he can’t do anything about sword dao When he reached the top, he couldn’t put it down. It was estimated that he couldn’t find that enemy one day, and he couldn’t even die.

Brother Zhang chatted with this Chen Shi for a while, and knew that he came down from Wawu Mountain, which is also the legendary realm of Shushan Mountain. As for the person he was looking for, he did not. Can’t remember at all.

When asked why he didn’t have a sword, he said he used the sword as money, and said he no longer needed a sword, but when Grandfather Pi asked him how could someone as awesome as him When he didn’t dare to wu wu cha cha in front of Brother Zhang, Chen Shi’s reaction was a bit funny. It’s not about fighting for the first under the heavens.”

After Chen Shiren finished drinking and left, he put a purple golden bottle gourd on his waist with Brother Zhang, and said that he was going to be here. Stay for a few months, and use this bottle gourd to pay off the wine money for these months.

“What kind of treasure is this?”

Grandfather Pi was clamoring to see it, but Brother Zhang just threw it in the drawer: “The cheap goods sold in the scenic spot are ten yuan in PDD. Money.”

“Fuck! I’ll go find him.”

But Grandfather Pi, who was about to toss, was stopped by Brother Zhang, he said with a smile : “Forget it, Chang’an Alley was originally a place to rest for travelers from the end of the world.”

(End of this chapter)

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