What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 221


Chapter 221 Crystal Prison

“This product is very suitable for detaining superpower criminals, not only with high frequency electromagnetic interference It also integrates the most advanced early warning system. When the probe detects a high-energy response, it will immediately cut off all the entrances and exits to the outside, which will gain valuable time for the follow-up support staff.”

Zhang Yao stood in front of a group of people who looked like leaders and introduced. There is a cage with a peculiar shape. The cage is surrounded by things similar to tempered glass. It needs to be opened from the top. There is also a layer of wire mesh between the two layers of glass. After connecting the power, the wire mesh will form. A layer of reverse shield envelopes the cage.

The cost of a cage is about 3 million, while Zhang Yao’s asking price is about 10 million, and the bottom line is 8 million. This is a relatively reasonable price for the technical content of these things in front of us.

However, the price of a cage is 10 million yuan, which is quite expensive, so people must be reassured.

So Zhang Yao turned his head and said to Zuo Danshuang next to him, “You go to a test.”

Zuo Danshuang jumped to the top of the cage with a high jump, and then pulled away The cover got in, Zhang Yao made an OK gesture at him, and then saw Zuo Danshuang punching the wall of the cage, there were tiny cracks in the wall, but the place trembled violently like an earthquake , the surrounding buyers also took a step back.

Zuo Danshuang continued to take a few steps back, and then charged again and punched the wall. At this time, the glass inside the layer was almost completely shattered, but a miraculous scene happened. That layer of wire mesh began to play a role at this moment. When the third punch was about to hit, Zuo Danshuang’s punching speed decreased significantly, and the closer to the wire mesh, the slower the punching speed.

It can be seen from the outside that he is not releasing water, because the blue veins on his forehead have burst out, and the muscles all over his body are bulging high. This is not a state that can be shown by fake.

“This friend of mine should already be a top power player, and you must have seen the effect.”

There were several people around who looked like big leaders and looked back at Haozi , Haozi is untraceable nodded. At this point, they still believe in Haozi. First, after merit, he is now the main Chief-In-Charge of the entire project. If something really happens, his The responsibility is huge, and he will never be sloppy in this kind of thing.

“This kind of prison is recommended to detain some more important prisoners, so the number of prisoners in one area is about ten to twenty, and the other ones do not use ordinary detention methods at all. It will be very low. I calculated that the cost of one square meter is about 3,000 yuan.” Zhang Yao continued to introduce: “And I will be responsible for maintenance and upgrades after that. Of course, the price will be the lowest. Leaders please Don’t worry.”

To be honest, as long as other people can handle this thing, Zhang Yao will not be able to eat this big list of tens of billions in one breath. This is serious and national level. It’s easy to say that the construction and construction are not bad. The key is the follow-up maintenance, maintenance and upgrade. That is a long-term business.

The people here have also learned about them through many channels, but no matter which channel they hear their request, they can only shake their heads, because their request is very abnormal, the super power side and the secret technique side The double protection must be airtight. Either the super system can’t be protected against the secret technique system, or the secret technique system can’t be protected against the super system. Only Zhang Yao patted his chest to ensure himself. Both can be eaten.

And now it seems, she really did.

The following youngsters who seemed to be a bit aggressive also entered the test, but there was no doubt that they were all returned in low spirits after failing , Haozi looked straight and happy there, just happy in his heart It’s not good to show on the face. After all, how could these stinky fish and rotten shrimps have more formidable power than the Demon God hand-picked by Brother Zhang? Of course, those petty things couldn’t compare to the super prison that Zhang Yao created by combining multiple fields.

“However, leaders, this thing is not omnipotent. There are some particularly powerful ones, and there is no way. So I suggest that you directly pull a space station and put it in low-Earth orbit.”

Hearing Zhang Yao’s half-joking words, the people around also laughed. After all, this thing is really not very realistic, but it is not bad to have this appearance, so this matter is basically That’s how it’s settled.

After that, of course, I visited Zhang Yao’s “police” equipment. She has now played with these low-tech things, and has developed eight categories from simple firearms. 47 There are many types and hundreds of derivatives, which look like a military exhibition, ranging from self-defense weapons to ultra-long-range weapons, from throwing weapons to cold weapons.

“You can’t tell that Young Lady Zhang is so knowledgeable about weapons.”

A leader who looked to be in his fifties picked up a gun and fiddled with it skillfully, looking left and right After reading it, he repeated nodded: “The workmanship is very fine, this thing won’t be sold outside, right?”

When he spoke, Haozi winked frantically at Zhang Yao, Zhang Yao made an OK gesture and said with a smile : “Of course not, this is the equipment I specially designed for the new police force, it’s just a sample.”

“Then Young Lady Zhang doesn’t know that your patents on these weapons can be transferred?”


Zhang Yao rolled her eyes and said with a smile on her face: “Of course you can, but you will need to pay extra for future upgrades.”

Her chopsticks clearly meant that she paid extra. Very, that is to return to the extremely expensive state before, at least until the emergence of competitors, her equipment is still the only one.

I have to say that this woman is really strong, and her probability is not soft and cute, but her vision, ability and grasp of opportunities are all top-notch, although she has more or less in her development. Brother Zhang helped, but she didn’t rely on men like she said before, but she slowly figured it out with a group of newcomers who knew nothing.

Zhang Yao was able to complete the bidding task in such a short period of time, in addition to her own learning ability, there is also the kind of perseverance that she has the cheek to ask for people everywhere, linking the secret technique side and the scientific side The process is not as easy as it seems.

Today’s exhibition can be said to be very successful, and all the bigwigs are very satisfied. If there is no accident, this tens of billions of orders will be firmly on Zhang Yao’s head, but she It didn’t seem to be celebrating, but after everyone left, a person stood alone in the huge exhibition hall, staring blankly ahead.

“Sister, let’s go and celebrate.”

Zuo Danshuang ran over happily, while Zhang Yao just smiled and looked the head, then turned his head and looked towards that Cage: “I heard that other countries are starting to develop their own super prisons. If they invent something more cost-effective, what should I do here.”

“Impossible for the time being. “

At this time, Haozi strode in from the outside, said with a smile: “Because we are now at the forefront, your plan is the cheapest.”

“oh?” Zhang Yao turned his head to look at Haozi: “Do you know other countries’ plans?”

“You know a little bit, because everyone wants to communicate with each other. The Japanese plan is in the volcanic crater An insulated cage is hung from the top, and water and food are supplied through a pipe. The Korean plan is to drive the prisoner to the next door neighbor’s house.”

Zhang Yao almost breathed out when she heard this. Before he came up, he covered his mouth and still laughed: “This is too Korean.”

“Well, that’s it. Then we also communicated with the United States and some European countries before. The plan is to drill down three kilometers and set up an underground prison. Russia plans to tie people to rockets and fly into space.”

“Don’t say it, I actually like Maozi’s plan very much. The death ends all one’s troubles.”

Haozi also laughed heartily: “Yeah, but the problem is that they may still re-enter the atmosphere, I know too much about the attributes of these things. It is really the kind that is harder than the life of a water bear. Once they are returned, it will be a massacre.”

“Well… there is indeed such a risk.” Zhang Yao stretched her waist. : “Okay, I’m very tired today. Let’s go, Brother Zhang, eat roast chicken. I’ll invite you.”

Haozi sneered: “You’re too embarrassed to ask me to invite you after earning such a big order. ?”

The two came out of the secret exhibition hall together and drove back to Chang’an Lane.

After walking into Chang’an Alley, Zhang Yao put out a long breath: “It’s strange to say that I am naturally insecure, but every time I come to Chang’an Alley, I feel special. Peace of mind.”

Haozi patted the mottled walls around him: “Seven hundred years of Chang’an Lane, the original purpose was to make people feel at ease.”

“Oh, it’s so lively today. ”

When the two of them came to Brother Xiao Zhang’s restaurant, they found that there were already more than a dozen people queuing outside. You must know that it was still raining outside and the meal was over. And Haozi came to the small blackboard and looked at it, turned his head sideways and grinned at Zhang Yao: “It’s new today, no wonder.”

“Then we are not very lucky?” Zhang Yao raised his brows: “Let’s go, eat something fresh.”

The new dish Xiao Zhang served today is Ananda Dragon Soup, but it can’t be called that name here, otherwise Dragon Clan will come to protest, so in general Everyone’s opinion, Brother Zhang gave this dragon soup a rather interesting name – Sihai Soup.

Anyway, it is said that people who have tasted it have praised it to the sky. Although a bowl costs 1,000 yuan, everyone who has eaten it thinks that it is worth the money, which is a loss. It turns out that Brother Zhang doesn’t accept Internet celebrities to visit stores, otherwise his place will definitely explode overnight.

Walking into the store, he asked about the strong fresh and sweet smell before reaching the room. Haozi took a deep breath and then gu gu in his stomach: “Is it so fragrant?”

Zhang Yao couldn’t help but wipe a handful of saliva: “I am such a lady, my lazi is dripping.”

(End of this chapter)


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