What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 222


Chapter 222 Cosmopolitan Beauty Soup

“I don’t know if it will help, anyway, let’s just have a mouth addiction today, haha …”

When Zhang Yao and Haozi entered the room and started to chat with Brother Zhang, they heard zombie and Lady Bai sitting there chatting, because Brother Zhang gave it to him today. Greeted and said that the cosmetic product he wanted had arrived.

Although he didn’t believe it somehow, he still came because he was worried about Xiao Zhang’s face, and ordered a set meal for more than 1,000 yuan, and the set meal was just a bowl of soup. The soup is a cold skin and two asparagus that have been briefly fried in oil.

These three items cost more than 1,000 yuan, which is really a bit extravagant for zombies who have been middle and low-end consumption for hundreds of years. But fortunately, his friend, Lady Bai, also came with him, and said that he would like to taste this taste, so the two of them ordered two servings together.

He tasted the taste first, and found that it was as others said, it could really be called the Peerless Grade in the world, and things like Buddha Jumping over the Wall are a grade worse, and that taste is difficult to use in words. To describe it, it is as if a tornado has been blown out of the Pacific Ocean in one mouthful.

First of all, this soup has a very thin taste of salt, but it is not boring at all, because after the umami tastes, the sweetness remains in the mouth. The second is that this soup looks clear and lacks water, but it is actually very thick and sticky. If you eat it for the first time, the taste will be a bit strange, but once you get used to it, you will feel that the mellow feeling is really charming.

Finally… isn’t this stuff better than some tire restaurant stuff? Only more than a thousand, it’s worth it!

Even the dragon jasmine has different reputations, but this bowl of soup is unanimously praised, with zero negative reviews. People who are picky before eating will sit there with a touch of their mouth after eating it. the taste of.

But unfortunately, this item is also limited to purchase, and one person cannot buy more, so many people still have some criticisms about this.

“Is there anything special?”

Lady Bai asked curiously while looking at the zombie who had eaten a portion of the soup, but the zombie shouted the head and then whispered : “It’s useless, I’ve tried all kinds of methods for so many years, and none of them are useful. But people have developed a special dish for me, which is already incredible, and the key is that it’s still so delicious. .”

Zombie was still very open-minded when he spoke, he sat there for a while, then said hello to Brother Zhang and left.

Back to the rented house, turned on the computer and started today’s work. Unconsciously it was dawn. After clicking upload, he got up and went to the bathroom. He planned to take a shower and then go to rest.

There is a mirror in his bathroom, but most of the time this mirror is covered by a piece of cloth, because he really doesn’t like his image, his turquoise skin, There are also festering spots on his body, which are disgusting to look at.

But today, the cloth slipped down, he bent over to pick it up and hung it back on the mirror. Although he avoided looking at the mirror as much as possible, he would inevitably catch sight of it. Two eyes, and he took two quick glances, and then quickly hung up the cloth, but suddenly he realized that something was wrong, so he quickly took off the cloth.

The person who appeared in the mirror at this time was actually a complete person, with normal skin color, no signs of ulceration on his body, and the scalp on his head had recovered, which made zombie think he was dazzled. , quickly took a few steps back, and then looked carefully. After making sure that he was not dazzled, he took out his mobile phone and took a picture of himself with the front camera. After looking at the photo carefully, he suddenly cried out with joy. came out.

Then he rushed out wearing these pants like this. He happened to meet Mr. Liu next door who was going to buy breakfast for his grandson early in the morning. His back shouted: “The comrade in front, put on your pants!”

Zombie realized that he didn’t even wear pants, and quickly turned over and turned in from the outside of the fence, returning home. After getting dressed, he ran out in a hurry, and banged on the door in front of the house where Lady Bai lived.

Lady Bai was sleepy at the moment, and Kuang Python Qing behind him still had the air of getting up. After seeing the person coming at the door, Kuang Python Qing scolded: “I can’t knock on the door properly, who are you looking for! “

Zombie doesn’t care about other people’s tone of voice now, just pointing at himself like a monkey with joy: “I am! It’s me!”

Hear a familiar voice , seeing the stranger outside again, Lady Bai was stunned for a moment, then suddenly reacted: “You recovered?”

“Yes! I recovered!” Zombie jumped with joy , then pointed to his face and said, “Look at my face, I don’t have to wrap it up.”

Lady Bai hurriedly welcomed him into the door, and after a careful inspection Said: “You still have the corpse poison on your body, I guess this is only temporary.”

“It’s okay for the time being, it’s really okay! I’ll see if this can last for a few days, when the time comes to drink a drink. The bowl can’t be done?” Zombie didn’t get frustrated at all because he was only temporarily recovering: “After so many years…I finally became a complete person.”

He is absolutely didn’t expect little What Brother Zhang actually said is true. This can really ease his situation. It can even be said that he has completely restored him to what he was before he became a zombie. Although he is just an ordinary person, he is far from a handsome guy. It was great news for him.

And Lady Bai said that she drank it yesterday, and she didn’t know what would change, so she hurriedly took out the make-up mirror and looked in the mirror carefully.

“I really want to be younger too…” Lady Bai didn’t feel much change in herself, but felt her skin was a little tighter, and the rest was nothing special.

“I think this should have a repairing effect.” Zombie analyzed it seriously: “Not much to say, I’m going out shopping! See you later.”

Seeing him Running away happily, Lady Bai frowned, and then she lifted her sleeves. There was actually a scar on her arm, which was left from the injury she suffered while she was at Water Inundating Golden Mountain. Well, she is also a woman who loves beauty, such a big scar is her eternal pain, even in hot weather, she always wears long sleeves, but now she is shocked to find that her scar is gone.

Suddenly she completely understood the excitement in Zombie’s heart. If she wasn’t two thousand years old, she would now be able to fly in place to make a cobra maneuver and then directly transform into a prototype to jump a water snake in the sky. dance.

“It’s amazing!”

And there are not a few people who have the same experience as them. Anyone who ate that soup last night will have a feeling that their skin is completely new , Some old wounds are automatically recovered completely, and even many skin diseases have been cured directly.

A lot of people came outside of Brother Zhang’s restaurant, most of them were women, and they were sitting there waiting for Brother Zhang to open the shop, and waiting for a bite of the beauty soup he made , this kind of noise finally got Brother Zhang out. He didn’t talk nonsense, and directly wrote “Sold out of the world” on the blackboard.

Thanks to his shop being blessed by a special Formation, Vajra is undefeated. Otherwise, depending on the posture of those people outside, even if the roof of his house is welded firmly, many people even start to beat their chests, and some even call to report it directly.

But no matter what tricks are used, whether it be moral kidnapping, bitter drama, viciousness, coercion, or temptation, Xiao Zhang does not follow these routines. There is no sympathy left.

As for the ones that I haven’t eaten, I can only wait for the notification when the next time I will buy them.

And because of this soup from Xiao Zhang, his small restaurant finally became popular. Yesterday, a famous Gourmet came here anonymously and ate it. This morning, it was in his blog post. A comprehensive description of this cosmopolitan soup appears.

Anyway, it’s just like taking someone’s ticket. Simply is the kind of mindless bragging, which is completely different from his usual very ruthless style. Many people questioned this. Did people collect the money, but some people took action to go to Brother Xiao Zhang to eat, but unfortunately it was still in the morning when they went, and Brother Xiao Zhang’s shop was not open.

But these gluttons are still patient, they just waited there, and as soon as the store opened, they swarmed in, but after knowing that yesterday’s dish was sold out, they Somewhat disappointed, but still ordered some other dishes to try.

Generally speaking, it is above the standard line, but it is definitely not as Legendary as the person wrote on his blog yesterday, and the price/performance ratio is very high. However, this is the case. In a certain book, Brother Xiao Zhang’s milk tea shop was still labeled as a five-point Internet celebrity opening point.

It’s a lot of things to be an internet celebrity these days, but fortunately, Brother Zhang doesn’t care at all, he didn’t say that he would open a branch to make money when he was as popular as other internet celebrity shops, and he still followed As before, no matter who came, it was treated as a neighborhood business, eating, chatting or having a few drinks, and those who made trouble would get out.

“The past few days have been good business.” Haozi came here for lunch as usual. Seeing that Brother Zhang was busy, he leaned over there and said with a smile: “I experienced a good time. It feels like a star, right?”

Brother Zhang just laughed, and kept speeding up the speed of the meal, while most of the guests next to him were taking pictures, and many even directly sneaked the camera. Aimed at Brother Zhang, because many little sisters found that the boss here is much more delicious than the food. The young, handsome, fair-skinned, lanky, abstinent male protagonist, smiling with a halo of gay love, and talking His unhurried tone made him very special.

“Someone will take a picture.”

“Let’s take a picture.” Brother Zhang handed out a piece of fried beef, and then saw the list at hand and began to cut it. Cai: “I don’t have anywhere to hide.”

“Haha, that’s right. It looks pretty good now, and I feel more popular.”

“It should be popular in a few days. Let’s go.” Brother Zhang lightly said, as if he didn’t care: “They are just doing something new.”

“That’s right.” Haozi suddenly pulled away his clothes: “There used to be a row on my chest. Scar, do you remember?”

“Remember, you watched Big Dipper Divine Fist when you were a child, and then let Thunder Dragon poke you on Big Dipper.” Brother Zhang still couldn’t help laughing when he mentioned this. Get up: “Go to the hospital, the doctor said that Divine Immortal will be difficult to save if it is one centimeter deep.”

“Well, Thunder Dragon…The grandson is really cruel.” Haozi speaking of which also laughed. Voice: “The scar is gone.”

(End of this chapter)

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