What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 223


Chapter 223 is not that magical.

After knowing the magical effect of Xiao Zhang’s soup yesterday, there was a lot of votes in Chang’an Lane. It can be said that people are beating their chests, because they are distressed about money and do not eat such magical food. It is said that it is very delicious…

“Empress…Boss, why do you have it.”

In a small corner of the cafe, Jin Mei was swiping her phone while carefully tasting a cup of Ananda Long’s dragon soup, and her portion was obviously different from the others, with some pieces cut like strands of hair. The dragon skin silk that melts in the mouth is very sweet, and the little fairy who didn’t eat it yesterday because she couldn’t bear the money came over and asked a question with aggrieved face.


Jin Mei gave her an ah, and she opened her mouth, and then Jin Mei fed her a mouthful of soup. Immediately I learned what it means to be delicious enough to stomp on JIOJIO, but why can Empress eat such a large portion alone? She heard customers say that there is only a small bowl for 1,000 yuan. not enough.

But the portion in front of Boss is the size of a soup bowl, and there are a lot of ingredients in it. As everyone knows, although the Boss of the hotel next door is young, he has an old-fashioned, serious and serious personality. It is absolutely impossible for him to give the same amount of money to Boss.

“Boss, how much is your share?”

“Money?” Jin Mei raised her head blankly, with a naive expression on her face: “I didn’t give you any money. Oh, he told me to come over in the morning, and then gave me a copy.”

As soon as these words came out, the fairies in the room immediately screamed, just like they were in class back then. Just like the classmates who coaxed the young couple, Jin Mei didn’t care. She just licked the spoon and raised her elegant and slender neck: “Whatever you want to laugh at, if you have the ability, let the men prepare it for you.”

The fairies waved their hands quickly, and started to mystify their own Empress one by one: “How dare we not have this blessing, Tao Tao, what is this called?”

Tao Fairy Maiden Hua’s face is full of spring breeze, and she is now intoxicated with her love-mindedness. She holds her hands in front of her chest and replies: “Preference.”

“Yes, it’s preference.”

They are a group of beautiful girls As she talked, she burst into laughter, but Jin Mei didn’t care. Instead, she continued to drink the soup proudly. She flipped through the photos on her phone and saw the group photo she took with Xiao Zhang in Macau last time. At the same time, she waved to the group of girls: “Help me choose a picture to use as the background of the circle of friends.” , in an instant, seven or eight heads blocked Jin Mei, and then began to provoke photos. The posture was even more serious than their own choice of boyfriend. The whole process was very serious and even had a few disputes. . Finally, a group photo was selected when they saw fluorescent seagrass at the seaside. Behind it was a deep sea. The blue fluorescence appeared in the ocean with the ripples. The two of them looked relaxed and natural in the photo. Jin Mei raised her head and looked at it. Brother Zhang and Brother Zhang looked up at the sky.

The atmosphere of this photo can be said to be full of himself. Brother Zhang wearing glasses has a very strong scholar atmosphere, melancholy and thin, with a youthful look in his eyes, while Jin Mei Lively and happy, as an ageless Goddess, no matter how many years she has passed, she has a charming young girl in her eyes, and the two of them have to stand aside when they go to that station of fashion models.

“Is this an official announcement? Empress.”

“Who cares.” After Jin Mei was sure it was this one, she raised her head and said with a smile: ” After a walk in the world, do I still have to look ahead?”

β€œEmpress is the atmosphere.”

Empress is Empress after all, although it is usually amiable and amiable most of the time, it really wants to When she makes a choice, her high-level decision-making ability of resembles nature itself appears, with a smile on her head, confidence and pride.

“Empress.” Fairy Taotao leaned forward and asked in a low voice, “I think that woman from surnamed Zhang is trying to grab you.”

“Nonsense.” Jin Mei reached out and tapped Taotao’s forehead: “Don’t talk nonsense.”

“But it seems to be true,” Su Ying Fairy said with a worried look: “I’ve seen him on several occasions. The boss over there is acting like a spoiled child.”

Jin Mei thought about it with her spoon in her hand, then shook her head and said with a smile: “I think you shouldn’t look at women, you have to look at men. Some Even if a man has 10,000 women acted coquettishly in front of him, he will turn a blind eye, and some men will look for flowers and ask willows even if they are hated by 10,000 women. So what do you think of the Boss over there?”

β€œ He’s so amazing, it’s like he doesn’t like women.”

“But he looks good when he smiles…”

“Really, I went to pick up food that day, and he When laughing at a guest, my heart skips a beat.”

“Also, when he is really strict, he is very strict, and when he is gentle, he is very gentle. I got off work that day. Going to eat, I happened to have no one, so I told him that I was not feeling well and wanted him to take a look at it for me. He seriously refused, but in the end he helped me warm a cup of ginger soup. No money. ”

Liu Xian’er’s words made everyone present look towards her, even Jin Mei frowned.

“Ah? Did I say something wrong?”

“Sisters, get this slut out!”

The little sisters’ laughter kept going It lasted until noon when they officially started business. Jin Mei sat there drinking a cup of coffee as always. During this time, she had fewer suitors, because men, most of them are not long-term things, and many people retreated in the face of difficulties. Now, the rest are those tenacious, tenacious stalkers.

No, not long after Jin Mei opened the door, a man who looked good in appearance came outside. He was about twenty-seven or eighteen years old. He was said to be an executive of a listed company. Not bad for money and ability, the kind that has been interviewed by TV stations many times at a young age after graduating from a famous school.

He is a frequent visitor here at Jinmei. When he first came here, he was just discussing the development plan of the future area with a few customers. He came to Chang’an Lane by accident, and then saw Jinmei for a moment. fell.

During this time, he has used various methods to try to attract Jin Mei’s idea, but it seems that the effect is not obvious. According to the normal person’s model, it is almost time to give up, but he did not. Any intention of giving up, he still clocks in on time every day, and as long as Jin Mei is there, he will chat with Jin Mei a few times.

It’s okay to chat, but Jin Mei is very indifferent most of the time. First, mortals really can’t get into her eyes, and second, she doesn’t like to be inquired.

“Miss Jin looks very relaxed today.” After sitting down, the man raised his head and said to Jin Mei with a smile while waiting for coffee: “We have known each other for so long, this weekend I want to invite You are going to watch a drama, and I happen to have two tickets in my hand. I don’t know what Miss Jin thinks?”

Jin Mei was about to say no, but suddenly her eyes rolled, said with a smile: “Just watching dramas?”

“Actually not all of them. At night, we will have a party. They are all elites here, and some are boring, but if Miss Jin likes it, go play It’s not impossible to play.”

Jin Mei nodded: “How about I bring a friend with me?”

The face of the man opposite changed a little, but at this time, he couldn’t lose his temper. He laughed nodded and said, “Miss Jin’s friends are my friends.”

“Okay, it’s a deal.”

Although Jin Mei offered to bring friends this time, But he agreed to go out, which was already a great improvement for this man. He smiled and handed the drama ticket to Jin Mei, and then said, “I’ll drive to pick you up tomorrow.”


After the man left, Jin Mei got up and went to Brother Xiao Zhang. As soon as she entered the door, Xu Wei smiled at her hehe, and Jin Mei walked over and pinched it. Look at Xu Wei’s face: “What are you laughing at little girl?”

“It’s nothing, I just saw that someone’s Moments background has changed.”

Jin Mei also giggled. She laughed, and then she clicked on Brother Zhang’s circle of friends, and found that in addition to the solar terms, the food was updated, and the background was only the wood carving of the twelve spirits. The feeling of female love is not reflected.

But, to put it another way, it is precisely because Xiao Zhang is such a little brother that Xiao Zhang is charming. He is like a green pine stuck on a cliff, no matter what the outside world is. In such a rush of wind and snow, he naturally stood still.

Is it boring? It is indeed a bit boring, but the sense of security is really pulled directly to the head.

“Where’s him?”

“He’s cooking for Nian Nian later. It should be here soon.”

“Okay.” Jin Mei sat down Come down: “Bring me a side dish that you are good at, and a bottle of plum wine.”

Actually, Xu Wei’s cooking skills during this period of time have been soaring, especially the cold dishes she mixed. That is really the true biography of Xiao Zhang, and even the blue is better than the blue. If she made it, the three side dishes of plum chicken, mixed alfalfa and tofu rolls are enough to be used to compete with Xiao Zhang, especially The plum wine she brewed, Jin Mei, who was drunk from Yaochi, couldn’t help but crave a cup.

And since her grandmother passed away, Xu Wei has really regarded this place as her own home. She sits there every day thinking about new dishes, and she can even discuss with her chef, Brother Zhang. .

A plate of sliced plum chicken, a small plate of marinated peanuts, a plate of sour and fragrant alfalfa, three small dishes and a pot of sweet and fragrant plum wine, Jin Mei sat there and began to drink . After drinking two sips, she suddenly asked, “How did you do this chicken thigh?”

“This? It’s very simple. It’s just a chicken thigh. First soak it in blood, then peel the skin, remove the bones and cut into pieces. Marinate it with plum sauce and salt, then steam it in a pot, take it out and soak it in water seasoned with lemon juice, soy sauce, ginger, dried plums, and chili for one night, and eat it directly on the second day.”

“It tastes good.” Jin Mei praised: “I can’t cook, and no one eats what I make.”

“Aiya, what are you afraid of, someone will Just make it for you to eat.”

While the two were chatting, Brother Zhang walked in from the backyard with something, Jin Mei looked at it and waved at him with a smile: “Come here. Come.”

Brother Zhang blinked and walked over: “Ah?”

“Accompany me to watch a drama on the weekend and have dinner?” Jin Mei put the drama ticket Hand it to him: “It was given by one of my suitors.”

The old man looked at the phone with the expression of Xiao Zhang immediately: “Then why are you taking me to disgust others.”

“Then you can’t always watch me being accosted by people, okay?” Jin Mei coquettishly said Unparalleled Beneath The Heavens: “The clothes I bought for you last time, remember to wear them tomorrow.”

Brother Zhang was silent for a moment: “Isn’t it necessary…”

“Be obedient! That’s it.” Jin Meichao smiled sweetly at Brother Zhang: “Go ahead, I’ll continue to eat.”

“Then don’t forget to pay the bill, the cashiers on both sides must be reconciled. Otherwise, Da Huang will be scolded.” Brother Zhang looked back at the backyard: “Da Huang is now The accountant here.”

Xu Wei replied, “It’s still your agent.”

(End of this chapter)

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