What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 224


Chapter 224 I can’t tell that you are pretty good

“Where are you going, don’t go! You are a public figure, you know? ?Public figures! How can public figures just go to other people’s dinner parties? You know who is in that dinner party? If there is a criminal, what will happen to your reputation?”

Da When Huang said that he was excited, he even stood up and waved his two front paws back and forth: “You are not allowed to go, you are not allowed to go.” Brother Zhang talked about the black history of those black stars, and some even said goodbye to the acting career after just having a meal with the rich.

“As a public figure, you must keep yourselves clean. Why do I work so hard to be an accountant and a broker for you? It’s not that I’m afraid of tax evasion, or that you’ll be a traitor. You Why don’t you understand my good intentions?”

Brother Zhang was lowering his head to cut the fruit when he suddenly raised his head and asked, “Where’s your old friend.”

“I don’t know, I don’t care about her shit.” Da Huang curled one’s lip, then said: “Now we focus on you! Do you understand? Don’t talk to me about other people, you are not allowed to go tomorrow!”

Just when Da Huang was outraged, it suddenly vacated all four feet. Brother Zhang looked up and saw that Jin Mei was coming, and it was she who picked up Da Huang. Jin Mei was holding Xiao Zhang in his hand. Brother has ironed the clothes, let Da Huang twist and struggle in her hands.

“The clothes are ready for you, you can just put them on and go out tomorrow, remember to hang them up and don’t put them in the drawer.”

“You can’t go. You can’t go! This is a Road of No Return, you mustn’t go!”

Da Huang’s wailing echoed in the room, but Jin Mei picked it up with a smile when she heard it When he got up, he asked curiously: “You said why you can’t go.”

This question is rushing to Da Huang’s gun. Come out, he’s quite competent as an agent.

In the end, it even persuaded Jin Mei to earnest and well-meant advised, saying that Xiao Zhang finally became a star, and it is impossible to justify such a waste of fame now, and you must not waste your hard-won efforts. results.

Jin Mei let out a long oh, then tucked Da Huang into the crack of the sofa, and said to Brother Zhang, “I’ll pick you up tomorrow afternoon.”

This The matter has been basically confirmed, no matter how poor Da Huang appeals, it is useless. He feels like an old minister who is struggling to save the country, but the emperor is helpless and the minister is confused. bubbles.

In the evening, Da Huang even wanted to pull Xu Wei to persuade Brother Zhang. That posture was really like the pillar of the country who was running for the last possibility at the end of the dynasty.

But Xu Wei took out a rope and tied it to the window sill. Seeing that she was a little girl who knew nothing at the time but now dared to disobey herself, Da Huang scolded while struggling. : “Bastard! Are you going to join the enemy too! The sky has no eyes!”

“You don’t add drama to yourself.” Xu Wei sat in the room folding clothes, and laughed and scolded after hearing Da Huang’s call Da Huang said: “Did they go to dinner? They went on a date.”

Da Huang was stunned, then suddenly raised his head: “Date?”

“Are you stupid? Stupid, do you still expect Brother Zhang to take the initiative to make an appointment with Miss Jin?”

“It seems to make sense.” Da Huang seemed to have a little aftertaste: “But how can there be such a date.”


“You don’t understand. The two of them are so strange, neither of them will take the initiative to speak, so there must be a breakthrough.” Xu Wei put the clothes in the cabinet and went outside to take out After the food in the refrigerator was heated in the microwave, it was brought to the room to eat: “Don’t interfere, you have to toss again, and Miss Jin can stuff you into the sewer.”

“Me! Goddess of the dignified war, the Guardian of the dark night, I…” Da Huang said halfway through and couldn’t continue: “Forget it, don’t lower oneself to somebody’s level with her.”

Probably this It’s just helpless, that’s all, just throw it out as a basin of water, anyway, at least now there is no way to take it back.

On the second day, Brother Zhang was ready to go out. Everyone in the room came up to help him get dressed. Brother Zhang, who was wearing a formal suit for the first time, seemed a little unaccustomed to it, but Celestial Court’s craftsmanship is really good. The clothes are really thin and straight when worn on the body, and they are particularly self-cultivating, and the material feels very textured.

“What kind of material is this.” Xu Wei asked when helping Xiao Zhang to tidy the neckline: “It’s so light and so straight, the wind can’t blow it. This doesn’t conform to physics.”

“What material is this?” p>

Da Huang also grabbed his paw and sniffed it, and then said firmly with a face that understood the king’s expression: “This is definitely a shroud for the pharaoh!”

“go !” Xu Wei pushed it: “Shut up if you can’t speak.”

Brother Zhang didn’t mind, just hehe smiled, and then said to Xu Wei, “Thank you, I’m going out. .”

“Your Majesty…demoness is a disaster for the country…Your Majesty…” Da Huang looked at the back of Brother Zhang walking out, and shouted at the window: “Don’t be abandoned because of women. It’s a state affair!”

Brother Zhang turned around and bounced a stone off the window lattice, but Da Huang jumped up again without giving up, and continued to shout through the fence: “Your Majesty… …Your Majesty…”

At this time, Xu Wei took it down: “What TV series have you watched recently?”

“Great Ming Dynasty 1573.”


“No wonder… no, that’s Great Ming Dynasty 1566, your 1573 is National Cellar 1573.”

“Who cares.” Da Huang sighed jumped down: “It’s hard to say good things. Persuade the damned ghost to let him go if he is so determined to do so, just pity that country and mountains.”

“You slandered the emperor so much, enough to punish your nine clans.”

Da Huang coldly snorted: “Heaven and Earth are splendid, the sun and the moon can be seen!”

At this moment, Brother Zhang didn’t have the consciousness to be the king of the subjugated country. He was pulled by Jin Mei into her suitor’s car. , The gentleman who was driving saw that Jin Mei really brought a man, but he didn’t mean to be angry at all, instead he introduced himself enthusiastically.

The various titles of this Foundation and that company came up a lot, and finally said with a very kind attitude: “My surname is Yan, and my name is Yanxuan. You can just call me Axuan. Okay.”

Brother Zhang sighed and pointed to the sign of his restaurant at the entrance of Chang’an Lane: “I am the boss of this restaurant, you can just call me Xiao Zhang.”

While on the road, Yan Xuan kept chatting with Brother Xiao Zhang and the others, mainly with Brother Xiao Zhang. He still speaks quite well, and he didn’t say to belittle Brother Zhang, just a normal chat, while Brother Zhang Brother, this person is also sincere. He can answer whatever they ask. It is not too long a journey, and Yan Xuan has already gotten to know Brother Zhang a little bit.

“So you also like to keep pets? I have a Maine Coon cat at home. When I bought it, I had an eye edge. Later, didn’t expect it to grow so big. Your family’s cat What breed is the cat?”

“Orange cat.” Brother Zhang replied: “Except for a little more nonsense, everything else is fine.”

“Hahahaha, my cat He also likes to come up to me and meow.”

Brother Zhang moved his lips, but he didn’t say it after all, after all, Da Huang is not just meowing, he also scolds the streets, especially When I was playing games, I was very dirty and had a lot of mother-in-law. I was even influenced by him every year, so now I don’t like to talk, and now I will scolded “fuck criticism” after being provoked by my classmates, Old Lin said. Yes, Brother Zhang didn’t even have to think about who she learned the swear words from.

When I watch a drama, it’s actually nothing. The drama is very exciting, and it’s full of famous actors. Everyone is very engaged in watching it. Brother Zhang is no exception. He used to be on the Internet a lot. He has watched dramas from “Tea House” to “Birdman” to “Secret Love in Peach Blossom Land”, so he is also considered a half fancier.

On the other hand, Jin Mei was very bored there. She even leaned on the chair for a while and woke up when she was about to leave.

After that, according to the process, they will go to a party. Yan Xuan said that this party is a group of friends and colleagues gathered to chat on weekends. It is only after the past that I know that this party can be called a party. Now, everyone is dressed formally, but Yan Xuan himself looks a little embarrassed.

He was just wearing ordinary casual clothes, not even better than Brother Zhang’s. He frowned immediately after he came in, while Brother Zhang looked around, then turned his head and whispered: ” Ah Xuan, you seem to be smeared.”

Yan Xuan immediately understood what was going on, it was obviously smeared, that someone wanted to see him embarrassed, a high-profile person like this Quality men must have good face, don’t look at it as just a set of clothes, but if you say it, it will give the petty bourgeoisie a few days to talk about.

“I thought about what they would say about you.” Jin Mei covered her mouth and giggled a few times: “Look at the way Yanxuan looked yesterday, it’s so funny, sisters, he Just standing there with a dazed face, he is such a forceful person, and now it is estimated that he has no face to see anyone.”

Both Yan Xuan and Brother Zhang looked at Jin Mei with stunned expressions at the same time, while Jin Mei just spread out her hands: “My little sister and I always talk about people like this. There are no exceptions for women, right?” It was very ordinary, but Jin Mei came prepared. She glanced at the clothes on her body, and then laughed: “Excuse me.”

After speaking, she went to the bathroom alone, leaving only Yanxuan and Xiao Zhang are here with big eyes staring at small eyes.

And just as they were exhausting, the host of the banquet suddenly came to them with a glass of wine. This man was also in his thirties, looked at Yan Xuan with a smile and said: “Ah Xuan, why are you not so happy today? This is not your style.”

Yan Xuan smiled dryly, and apologized to this man who seemed quite prestigious. The young boss introduced Brother Xiao Zhang, but that person had no interest in a newcomer with little reputation like Brother Xiao Zhang.


Just when Yanxuan was about to introduce the man just now to Brother Zhang, a loud voice suddenly came out from the crowd: “Oh, this is It’s not my brother Yan, I haven’t seen you for a long time.”

When Brother Zhang saw the expression of the man, he immediately realized that today’s game was actually aimed at Yan Xuan, but Yan Xuan didn’t know at all, and he and Jin Mei were actually the ones who were accidentally injured, and looking at it like this, there may be exciting plots in the future.

“Brother Yan, why are you dressed so plainly today? Yo, who is this?”

The youngster looked at Brother Zhang with a smile on his face, it was actually very difficult for him to grow up Brother Zhang’s face and clothes are used to distinguish his social status. After all, the temperament cultivated by the Holy Master and his ascetic face actually fit the setting of the Young Master Aristocratic Family from the famous family. Come on People who don’t dare to make mistakes at once.

“Hello.” Brother Zhang nodded: “Mr. Yanxuan invited me today.”

“Brother Yan invited me? This is a private party, not everyone. I’m qualified to invite outsiders.” When he spoke, his eyes looked towards Yan Xuan: “Brother Yan, are you right? Hu, come and check the invitation.”

In fact, this is already very Excessive behavior, in other words, the meaning of “you are nothing in my eyes, why are you calling people” is written on his face.

Checking the invitations, Yanxuan didn’t have any invitations, he was informed verbally, and even asked him to bring as many friends as possible.

And just when the guy named Ah Hu was about to approach, Brother Zhang just glanced over, and Ah Hu suddenly shivered, and then silently stood aside, while the boy who shouted He continued to remind him, “What are you doing, check the invitation card.”

But the ultimate bodyguard Ah Hu in the venue didn’t seem to hear him the whole time, standing there motionless, looking down The head is like a student who has made a mistake.

Just when I noticed more and more sights here, the person who was talking to Yan Xuan suddenly walked up to the front and said solemnly, “Welcome to today’s protagonist! Ms. Hu Fei is here! “

Then I saw the door of the VIP passage slowly open, and then came out the entire group, headed by Hu Niu.

Brother Zhang took a step back, leaned into the bodyguard A Hu’s ear and said, “Are you from Hu Niu?”

“Yes…Holy Lord.”

“It’s all right.” Brother Zhang said in a low voice, “Go and do your own thing, and tell Hu Niu that you don’t know me.”

“Yes, Holy Master .”

Hu Niu is very good in the world, because in order to make the Holy Lord’s fund stable and profitable, she has a large group of cutting-edge financial tycoons. The only thing is to buy, buy, buy, the Holy Lord Fund is the most mysterious fund in the world and the most profound fund. Wherever the person in power goes, it will be the focus of everyone’s attention. Even if you can know a little about their investment insider, the steady profit of 9% to 15% every year is like picking up money for nothing.

Brother was standing there chatting with a man, she immediately understood everything, and then started to interact with those people on the scene as if she didn’t see it at all.

Hu Niu’s attitude is very high, only the person who came over to call Yanxuan’s brother just now and someone above him are qualified to clink glasses with Hu Niu, and let someone check Xiao Zhang. The person who invited the invitation did not even have the qualifications to come forward, except to look at it from a distance.

“This Hu Fei is the Legendary in the investment world, but it is said that she is just the Little Princess pushed to the surface by their family. The real iceberg is something that our ordinary person cannot see at all. It is said that the person behind this fund is the Financial resources can support a medium-sized country from nothing to complete modernization.” Yan Xuan introduced the tiger girl in front to Brother Zhang in a low voice: “More than half of the people who come today are definitely for this Little Princess, It is said that she is still single.”

“Is that so…”

Brother Zhang muttered twice, but he couldn’t help but laugh in his heart, Hu Niu is of course single, But the problem is that Hu Niu is not married. Each of the twelve spirits has its own characteristics. This characteristic includes shortcomings and advantages. Hu Niu’s disadvantage is that it eats the master. If the characters are not strong enough, she will be killed by her. And the most important reason why she can become a resident player of the Twelve Spirits is that the first selection requirement of the Holy Masters of the past generations is that she cannot be killed by her.

It is impossible to get married, she is single in the world, and she will not even talk about love, but Xiao Zhang knows her, she has no interest in love, because in this There are too many things in the world that are more interesting than love, such as laser pointers, various balls, cat sticks and hunting, but Tigress can’t play.

“Interested to try?”

Yan Xuan looked at Brother Zhang who had been watching Hu Niu, thinking that he was also interested in this Little Princess, so he smiled After asking, he continued: “But she is said to be notoriously difficult to deal with.”

“en. Brother’s people couldn’t take care of the two of them at this time. He had already squeezed his life to the front when Hu Niu appeared, and he couldn’t even take care of making things difficult for people.

“What do you say?” Brother Zhang looked back at Yan Xuan: “Should I go back or stay here?”

“Of course I will stay.” Although Yan Xuan didn’t like Brother Zhang in his heart, he was a stranger in love after all, but he embodied the word upbringing vividly and thoroughly from the beginning to the end, and he was even worried that Brother Zhang would not understand the rules of this kind of occasion and kept going all the way. Very patient to explain to him.

But as time went on, Yan Xuan discovered something very interesting, that is, the boss of this small restaurant didn’t seem to be as ignorant as he thought, and he was surprised that he didn’t see anything. , and not like many people who come to this kind of party for the first time and stare at those self-help delicacies of mountains and seas. On the contrary, Jin Mei’s friend showed calmness, poise and grace, far beyond Yanxuan’s imagination.

“You’re not reconciled?” Brother Zhang asked with a smile, “Because I was put together.”

“Then who can be reconciled, it’s true that he left now. I will be ridiculed half a month.” Yan Xuan smiled and walked to a place with few people by the window, looking at the moonlight in the big yard outside: “Sometimes I really wonder what the point of these people doing this kind of thing is.”

Brother Zhang didn’t have a bad impression of Yanxuan, because from the very beginning, he just learned about the situation and didn’t ask any more questions, let alone run on people. Brother Zhang works in the service industry, and he has never seen any kind of customer. Although he can feel that Yan Xuan doesn’t like him very much, he is so polite even if he doesn’t like it. This person is already very good.

As for Brother Zhang, it’s a little transparent. He sat next to Yanxuan, and whenever the waiter brought a new dish, he would recite the recipe for that dish. Others don’t know, but Yan Xuan immediately felt amused when he heard it, so he asked, “It really is talk shop all the time, why don’t we go eat some?”


Yan Xuan and Brother Xiao Zhang each carried a plate and stood in the self-selected menu to start serving dishes. While serving the dishes, Yan Xuan said to Brother Zhang, “It’s strange, the host here is not right. In the past, if there were important guests, he would invite famous chefs from all over the world to cook here on the spot.”

Brother Zhang took a piece of chicken and took a bite, and tasted it carefully. His brows furrowed immediately. Yanxuan asked curiously after seeing it: “What’s wrong? The taste is not right?”

“No.” Brother Zhang shook his head and said, “It’s my taste.”

Every cook He knows the taste of his own dishes the best, but the chicken just now was clearly his craftsmanship. You must know that he did not come from a professional background in cooking, but unorthodox picked up from outside. It is not so much his taste. Rather, it is the taste of Chang’an Lane. This is the housekeeping craftsmanship of the old neighbors in Chang’an Lane. After he took it back, he added a little innovation.

And now having this taste in this place made him curious.

After hearing his words, Yan Xuan hurriedly took a bite of the chicken. The chicken was tender in the mouth, with a strong aroma of sauce and oil. Although he was not a professional eater, he could eat it. Chickens do require some craftsmanship to make them.

It just so happened that the owner of the place at this time, the man named Brother Yanxuan who didn’t pay much attention to Brother Zhang, led Hu Niu over, and he said to Hu Niu with a look of flattery: “Ms. Hu, this time I specially invited the master who won the first place in this year’s Hong Kong culinary competition from Hong Kong to make dishes for you on the spot.” After swiping, Brother Zhang immediately called the head to indicate that it was not him, and then Hu Niu saw it and said, “Very good, please let him come out.”

The host quickly followed up with him. The person under his hand said something, and then the staff removed the surrounding tables and chairs, and then loaded a whole set of kitchen utensils, and then a young chef walked in.

As soon as he came in, he saw Brother Zhang, and Brother Zhang also saw him. The two of them looked at each other and said in unison: “TV!”

It turns out that this person is not someone else, but the one who lost the cooking competition with Xiao Zhang in Hong Kong. The 100-inch TV is still hanging in Xiao Zhang’s shop, so the two immediately recognized each other as soon as they met. out to the other side.

And then the face of the chef who Xiao Zhang called the TV turned dark, and he stepped forward and questioned the owner here: “Mister Zhou, if you want to humiliate me , wouldn’t use such a method?”

The Mister Zhou was still confused, he hurriedly stepped forward and asked, “What happened?”

“The TV “One finger at Brother Zhang: “Since you have invited this expert, why do you want me to come again?”

Everyone in the room looked towards Brother Zhang, and Brother Zhang blinked. After a few moments, he quickly waved his hand and said, “I was invited by Mr. Yan Xuan, not to cook.”

At this time, “TV”‘s expression softened a little, but he just now Mister Zhou here was very dissatisfied with her impulsive impulse. The frowned was about to have an attack, but at this time Tiger Girl was playful and said to Mister Zhou with a smile: “It seems that there is still a story here, so I still have a chance. Did you see the chef’s live skills?”

At this moment, the kid who was going to be in trouble when he entered the door just now got out of nowhere, and he leaned into Mister Zhou’s ear. Bian whispered: “Brother, that person was brought by Yan Xuan, and neither of them may have an invitation. Yan Xuan came, but he brought people casually, which shows that he didn’t take you seriously. “

Mister Zhou’s brows furrowed, he turned away the expression of the Miss Hu beside him, if he really offended the people of the Holy Lord Fund at this juncture, it would really be fatal Yes, he has lost tens of billions in real estate in the past few years, and if no one raises money, he will go bankrupt.

But fortunately, Miss Hu didn’t seem to blame the slightest bit. Instead, he looked like he wanted to watch the fun. Now he was probably relieved, so he walked up to the “TV” and whispered a few times. Then he said a few words to his younger brother.

Soon the process was smooth, “TV” was in charge of performing and cooking, while his younger brother was in charge of expelling the idlers and the like.

As expected, after a while, several staff members came up to Yan Xuan and Brother Zhang and said, “Sorry, sir, this is a private place. If you don’t have an invitation, please leave.”

Little Brother Zhang nodded, then glanced at Yanxuan with a smile: “Would you like to go to my small restaurant for a meal?”

“Okay.” Yanxuan was also extremely depressed. Qu, but now he didn’t say anything, he just followed Brother Zhang back to the door: “We’ll leave when Miss Jin comes out.”

But those staff didn’t seem to give them time to wait, continuously Hu Niu saw this scene, if Brother Zhang hadn’t waved her hands again and again, she would have already started beating people.

“Yanxuan, don’t be shameless.”

Mister Zhou’s younger brother came over at this time: “I originally wanted to play with you here today, But I can’t bear that my brother is entertaining VIPs today, I don’t have time to clean up you, I’m waiting to turn around, I look good with you.”

Brother Zhang had already retreated to the door at this time, waiting with a smile on his face .

“Get out of here, bring your rude friends and get out of here.”

tone barely fell , this little Zhou Ye was driven out by a big foot and started It was none other than Yan Xuan. He gritted his teeth and took off his jacket. He was only wearing a black elastic vest, and his muscles really looked like something.

“Zhou Huan, you can have any opinion on me, or insult me, we will talk about it later. But if you say my friend, then it will not work. Today I fell for you and I’ll admit it.

, but if you insult people, let’s make a gesture today.”

This sudden scene directly broke the atmosphere in the banquet hall. Everyone looked towards this direction and was sent flying. Zhou Huan, who went out, shouted on the ground, “Security! Where is the security!”

The security guard here has long since been replaced by Hu Niu. They stood in a row behind, but there was no such thing at all People move.

At this time, Yan Xuan had already rushed up and rode on Zhou Huan to start a round of rainstorm-like combos, which were even more exciting than Ye Wen’s. Zhou Huan was beaten with a bloody nose and a swollen face when the small broken fist came down.

And at this moment, a person held a stick and smashed it on the back of Yanxuan’s head, but when the stick fell halfway, he was stopped by an arm, and the person who attacked Yanxuan looked up. , but saw a man with eyes refined in manner smiled and said to him: “hitting that place will kill people.”

At this time, Zhou Boss, who was standing behind, was already turning green with anger Now, he held back his anger and laughed at the tiger girl next to him, then stepped forward and scolded: “Have you had enough fun!”

After finishing speaking, he yelled at Brother Zhang and Yan Xuan: “Please get out! You are not welcome here!”

(end of this chapter)

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