What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 225


Chapter 225 Three-day ultimatum

Fights are actually very cheap in their circle, especially Everyone claims to be a civilized person, and they all say that they are social elites, and they will lose if they do it.

But this Yanxuan still went up and did it. The reason is that the friend he brought over cursed him, saying that he was good face or fighting for his breath. Anyway, he did it and it was very exciting, definitely One of Wing Chun’s best hands, the small broken fist crackled and punched, and there was no chance for him to fight back when he hit the opponent.

And the person who hit Brother Zhang with a stick, Mister Zhou, the owner here, still picked up the stick and continued at Brother Zhang after he finished speaking. Before falling, he was pinched in midair by another hand.

I turned around and saw that it was Miss Hu’s bodyguard. She was a very slim and thin girl, but no one didn’t expect her to be so strong and wanted to hit Xiao Zhang. My brother’s guy has been practicing fitness all the time. His relationship with Zhou Huan is somewhat ambiguous. When he came out of the bathroom, he saw Zhou Huan being beaten on the ground by someone. didn’t expect that the stick was actually blocked from the outside, and the feeling just now was that I lifted the iron stick and smashed it on the very thick steel frame. The force of the shock almost broke his mouth. .

At this time, he was pinched by a little girl’s wrist and hovered in the air. He twitched a few times but found that the other party was standing still. The little girl in front of me.

Mister Zhou’s face was already green to purple at the moment, and he was about to speak when he saw the Crown Princess Miss Hu of the Holy Lord Fund, who was invited by the grandfather to sue her grandmother, walked away with a smile on her face. She went over and grabbed the arm of the person who was brought by Yan Xuan. She was always cold and even said in that little girl’s tone: “Why are you here?”

Xiao Zhang Brother turned his head to look at the tall tigress, and chuckled, “I didn’t know you were so naughty.”

This is actually a dialogue between the owner and the pet, which tigress likes to use Wandering in the world with various names and various identities is actually a kind of fun, and Xiao Zhang’s sentence does not mean to blame, just state the facts.

Even a thousand-year-old tigress is just a pet in the house in front of little brother Zhang, and even she has no objection to this.

But this scene doesn’t mean that in other people’s eyes. Miss Hu is such a big hand. It’s really possible to spend money on Buffett but not her. Everyone knows that this is the Little Princess that the Holy Lord Fund pushed on the surface, but after all, that is also the Princess.

Such a person can really be called Pengpishenghui if he can really invite him, but now he is holding a stranger’s arm affectionately and speaking with a bit of coquettishness. The smell, and the person he was holding still kept a cold face when talking to her, which made people completely confused. The audience looked at them in silence, and many people had big mouths. enough to swallow a light bulb.

And it happened that Jin Mei also came out. He put on a red dress, elegant and poised are already indescribable for her current posture, it is really like blooming Wang Peony in a bunch of morning glory, only she can be seen at a glance from 800 meters away.

She saw the mess at the scene, frowned slightly, and walked up to Brother Zhang, just glanced at Hu Niu with her eyes, Hu Niu immediately let go. He opened his hand and took a step back.

“What’s the matter?”

Jin Mei asked. Brother Zhang pointed to Yan Xuan who had just finished fighting next to him and said, “Someone scolded us, he had a fight with someone.”

Hearing this sentence, Jin Mei’s expression changed at that time. It changed, and the moment her expression changed, dark clouds began to gather in the sky outside, and the air pressure in the room suddenly rose. The difficulty in breathing caused by the high air pressure made everyone feel uncomfortable.

“Who scolded me?”

Sneered carefully selected, glanced at Zhou Huan who had just been supported, Jin Mei sneered walked up to Zhou Huan and raised his hand It’s just a big fight: “To put it in the past, I have to tear up your stinky mouth.”

This slap slapped Zhou Huan so much that he was dazed, and he stood aside at this time. Mister Zhou’s expression became more and more unpleasant. He could not hide his anger when he saw the young brother’s miserable condition, and he stepped forward and asked, “What do you mean? Yanxuan, are you here to make trouble today?”

“Mister Zhou, I’m here to make trouble, you’d better ask Zhou Huan.”

Yan Xuan is no longer cowardly, he got up and picked up his clothes from the ground, He wore it to cover up his tendons, and then sneered said: “Sorry Mister Zhou for disturbing your Yaxing today, but I’m here to say, you will be ruined by your younger brother sooner or later. “

After saying Yanxuan, he went out, but he retreated halfway, and came to Jin Mei and Brother Xiao Zhang: “I’ll wait for you in the car.”

After little brother Zhang nodded, he left, and at this time Jin Mei glanced at Hu Niu, then laughed lightly, looked around at the guests around, and then lightly sat on the chair, pressing one leg against the other. On one leg, one hand supported his head and said softly, “Little Tiger, should you handle this matter or me?”

Hu Niu frowned, glanced at Brother Zhang, and Brother Zhang just smiled and waved his hand: “It’s just a misunderstanding.”

“Is that what I do?” Jin Mei looked towards Hu Niu: “My temper is not as good as his.”

After finishing speaking, Jin Mei stood up again and pointed at Mister Zhou and said, “I’ll give you three days to disappear in this city, or we’ll see.”

Little Brother Zhang shook the head, turned around and walked out, while Hu Niu chased after him without even looking back, and Jin Mei also started to leave with him, saying, “Three days” before going out.

Then Mister Zhou was given an ultimatum before he understood what was going on. When he saw Miss Hu and her security personnel were all evacuated, he sat down on the chair, and then he asked around What happened to the staff at the time, the few people who had been at the door came up everyone talking at once and restored the incident to Mister Zhou.

He is also an old man, how can he not know that this is his young brother doing evil, and he beat the table with the force of hate iron for not becoming steel. This time, it was really trying to gain an advantage only to end up worse off. I didn’t hug my good thighs, and I got an ultimatum.

Although he doesn’t think anyone has the ability to get him out of GZ within three days, the feeling of being pointed at the nose and scolding him is terrible, and it also makes him lose a place in the circle. grown ups.

The more I thought about it, the more angry I became. I went up and kicked my younger brother, and then waved to the other guests: “There is a small accident, you continue to continue.”


This kind of thing has happened, how can anyone still have the intention to continue? The party soon ended, and many of the contents of the termination of the contract with Mister Zhou have been sent to his company. After hearing the news, I almost fainted in front of my eyes.

Most of the people who can come to this place are businessmen, and even many of them are related to the Holy Lord Fund. They don’t want to offend the Lord Father because of the dirty things that Zhou Huan did. After a few years of bad times, I always begged other people’s funds to invest money. I have nothing to offend such a big money owner, and I don’t need to mix in the circle in the future.

However, the most outstanding thing this time was not the beating Yanxuan, nor the red clothed woman in the dress, nor the Little Princess of the Holy Lord Fund. The most outstanding is the youngster who wears glasses and doesn’t know anyone. Many people want to inquire about the identity of that person immediately, and Yanxuan naturally becomes the best person.

Before the show was over, Yanxuan had already received more than a dozen calls, without exception, they were all trying to figure out what happened to his friend, and Yanxuan was confused because today He didn’t understand that situation, why the Holy Lord’s Little Princess had such a close relationship with that man, and he wasn’t with Jin Mei…

The more he thought about it, the more difficult it became for him to understand.

Even because of Brother Zhang, almost no one paid attention to Mister Zhou’s three-day time-limited warning, and even Mister Zhou himself didn’t seem to care much, after all, there was a lot of mess at hand. engage.

The strict selection in the parking lot soon waited for Brother Zhang. He first saw the departure of Grandiose, the team of the Holy Lord Fund, and then saw Brother Zhang and Jin Mei coming to his car. Brother Zhang bent down and took out a lunch box: “I packed some of the dishes just now, will you come and have a meal at my place?”

Yan Xuan was stunned, he absolutely didn’t expect this is the situation, this man is still in the mood to pack meals…

After going to Chang’an Lane, although Yan Xuan was curious about the identity of Brother Zhang, he still held back. I didn’t ask, I just sat there and picked up a bottle of beer and blew half of it on the bottle, then took a few bites of the packaged food and tore off a piece of Brother Zhang’s roast chicken and put it in my mouth to gorge oneself. .

When the food was eaten and the blood sugar rose a little, the depression in his stomach was considered to be improved, and then he simply took off his jacket and sat there drinking his black vest. After drinking: “That Zhou Huan just wanted to cheat me.”

“Why should I cheat you?” Jin Mei said with a smile: “I don’t think you two have any grudges.”


“He likes me and pursues me for a while, but I don’t agree. That’s all he is.” Yan Xuan slapped his thigh: “Work is considered pornographic, but forget it, it’s meaningless.”

“Are you under Mister Zhou?”

“Forget it, I’m a financial real estate company, and he’s a shareholder of our company.”

Jin Mei heard this He laughed: “It’s okay, he can’t make any waves.”

Speaking of this, Yan Xuancai suddenly remembered something, turned his head and said to Jin Mei: “Miss Jin, I heard them say…you let me Did Mister Zhou leave GZ within three days? You…”

Jin Mei covered her mouth and giggled: “When the time comes you will know.”

(End of this chapter)

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