What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 226


Chapter 226 Get the five dollars for you

Mister Zhou’s nightmare officially started that night.

On the night of his return, only one profitable electronics factory under his name was burned down by a fire. Although no one was injured, the precision equipment and workshops worth more than one billion yuan. When everything is gone, this is the only point he can turn around now, and after a phone call, he has nothing left.

But bad luck has not let him go because of this. In the early morning of the second day, when he was still dealing with the follow-up problems of the fire in the factory area, a phone call made him again as if was struck by lightning. His brother-in-law, that is, his protective umbrella has always gone in. Once his official brother-in-law enters, it is basically impossible to come out again. Not to mention that Mister Zhou knows about it, the amount has exceeded 2 billion.

Such a large sum of money is completely enough to meet the death penalty. And when the umbrella was caught, his private transactions were definitely inextricable, so it was only a matter of time before Mister Zhou was investigated.

Mister Zhou, who has been hit hard, realized the meaning contained in the sentence yesterday that the woman told him to get out of GZ within three days. He never took it seriously before, but now he is a little bit panicked.

He didn’t know Jin Mei’s identity, but the two incidents that followed were really too evil, so he found a gentleman who he knew to have a look. He looked extremely flustered, but he refused to speak.

In the end, it was Mister Zhou’s repeated coercion and enticement that the gentleman opened his mouth. Although there was a lot of talk, the core idea was the sentence “big brother, you are not afraid. violated the law.”

If you ask further down, you will say that it is a fleeting year, and everything is unfavorable. The translation is to leave quickly, this place can’t be saved any longer, let alone life, the ashes of the dead may be buried and the ashes will be split by Lei.

Hearing these things, Mister Zhou was really scared, but if he just left now, his family business would really be over, so he still wanted to fight, so he wanted to invite Several Masters came to protect him, but no matter which Master heard his intention, they either refused on the spot or agreed first and then suddenly changed their minds and said that they seemed unwell, and some of them even closed the door and disappeared.

And in this Master circle, it’s going crazy, saying don’t give that surnamed Zhou’s Dharma protector, he messed up something that no one can afford to offend, it’s okay for people to be haunted by demons and ghosts Do it, this thing is a violation of the law…

So it has been dawdling until the afternoon of the second day, Mister Zhou is still trying to find a solution to the problem, but when he stepped into the alley of Chang’an Lane When I was in the mouth, I suddenly felt a sharp pain in my abdomen, and then I didn’t know anything in front of my eyes.

When he woke up, he found himself in the hospital. The doctor said he had acute pancreatitis and said it could be life-threatening. Mister Zhou doesn’t believe in fate either, but he is now lying on the hospital bed too ill to move even a little bit, and this is only the second day.

And even though he was lying on the hospital bed, bad luck still did not let him go. The pets raised by the family bit off the wires and caused a short circuit. After the factory burned down, his mansion was also burned down. There were still no casualties, but the home was gone.

The orchard he contracted in Yunnan suddenly withered overnight, while the other orchard next door was unharmed. The local agricultural department said it was his Fruit Tree. The disease, but what kind of disease is not clear, but as long as anyone with brains knows, what kind of disease will only infect one garden…

After that, the stocks, investments, and bonds in his hands were almost overnight. Cleared, those companies that he held were either exposed to fraudulent data, and the stock fell sharply; or it was revealed that the group president had illegally financed in, and the stock plummeted; or it was revealed that the products used expired raw materials, and the stock plummeted. fall. Even the national debt he bought was turned into waste paper because of the coup in the local country.

He was sitting on the hospital bed thinking about the ridiculous things for the past two days, and then he finally wanted to try the firepower, so he went around three times through his friends and invested the last bit of money in a Ukrainian game company.

But before the second day came back, it was reported that Russia had declared war on Ukraine.

Mister Zhou’s scalp is numb at the moment, he can’t care about “i determine my own fate, not the heavens” anymore, he didn’t even go through the discharge procedures, and he sat with his wife and child that day. The car left GZ and went back to Ganzhou’s hometown…

speaking of which is strange, just after they arrived at their hometown, Mister Zhou, who was sick and dying, suddenly miraculously recovered completely. During the hospital examination, everything was normal except for a little high. But those lost money will never come back, and Mister Zhou’s only source of income now is actually a chicken farm and a pig farm for the revitalization of his hometown many years ago, and his filial piety to his father these years. The interest on the mother’s money left in the bank.

In three days, it really only took him three days, and he went from being a rich man with a net worth of tens of billions of billions of dollars to a township entrepreneur in an instant. He sat in his room for a long time. There was no spirit slowly recovers, and finally the old mother came out to persuade him to let him stay in his hometown and not go out.

And on the morning of the third day, Yan Xuan, who received the news that Mister Zhou’s company had started bankruptcy and liquidation, sat in the office in a daze, because the past few days things were too bizarre for him, maybe for the ordinary person Well, it’s just a normal accident. But for him, he clearly knew that it was just like a fixed-point eradication, simply not accidental, but as if this world was specifically embarrassing Mister Zhou.

“Hey.” My colleague rushed in and threw a newspaper in front of Yanxuan: “Brother Yan, your prediction is too accurate. We made a lot of money with your prediction yesterday. The big boss may have to meet you in person, so be prepared.”

Yan Xuan straightened his tie: “Isn’t it? The big boss is here?”

“Here it is. , just arrived. Just wait for your promotion.”

Yan Xuan couldn’t help but swallow his saliva, he really didn’t do anything, just burned down Mister Zhou’s factory on the first night After that, he began to reduce his holdings or short all the properties Mister Zhou invested in. Although he didn’t know why, it was basically a professional flash of light, but the flash of light in their line of business was very evil. , so Muddleheaded’s strict selection really followed his own instincts. Anyway, even if he did nothing, Mister Zhou would definitely let him go.

But human’s calculation are inferior to the heavens calculation, ah, last night his boss scolded him for three hours of stupid tricks, but now it has brought more than 2 billion profit points to the company and reduced it. At least 1 billion in losses, this time around 3 or 4 billion, this achievement is enough for the big boss to meet in person in any company.

Yan Xuan sat there and rubbed his temples, thinking of how calm Jin Mei was when he spoke, now it seems really amazing… and those things are simply not the content of business wars, they are already detached the realm of human control. The simplest example is a fishing fleet in North America invested by Old Zhou before. Last night’s hurricane directly caused the loss of more than 90% of the fishing fleet parked in the port. There is also a certain aquaculture group he invested in. It was almost the harvest season in October. This morning, a notice was suddenly issued saying that all their oysters had escaped from prison last night…

This is a person Can it work?

But these are nothing to Xiao Zhang, because today is the premiere of Xiao Zhang’s movie. He is now sitting in the cinema watching his own movie, famous director, famous producer. The film, but invited a vegan to play the leading role, which has been discussed by many people before. But now that the film has a surprisingly good reputation after its release, many film critics say that the protagonist seems to be an emperor who really came out of the history books.

Although this film cannot be regarded as a complete commercial film, but because the costumes in it are very elegant, the actors are also selected very cleverly, and even archaeologists have commented that this can be called a masterpiece. A documentary about two thousand years ago, which is very worth watching.

Even after the film appeared, many studios began to want to contact the film’s historical consultant, because even the official media praised the film’s tone, and no one could have imagined that this The props consultant of the film is actually the starring himself…

But out of the protection of Xiao Zhang, when it was released, Wugenshui concealed and covered up Xiao Zhang’s information to a certain extent. The prop consultant that appears in the film is actually an unprecedented one with a screen name – menu update tonight. The starring column uses a pseudonym, Zhang Sheng. It sounds as ordinary as Zhang Sheng.

The protagonist of this mysterious suddenly became the darling of the major short video platforms, no reason, because the emperor he played was noble and abstinent, and he also showed a kind of arbitrary silence, a look in his eyes. A smile perfectly fits the emperor’s identity. It really plays the superior person in the bones. Throughout the years, it is the first time that such a young actor can play a young emperor so deeply that he can even lead him. Come to academic discussions.

“How did you do it?” Jin Mei whispered close to Brother Zhang’s ear: “You acted so well.”

Brother Zhang was disturbed by her breathing because of his ears It was itchy, so I scratched and grabbed her hand and wrote on it: “I have personally seen the life, diet and daily life of thousands of emperors in multiple universes, as long as there are enough samples.”

Jin Mei pu chi laughed, causing the big brother in front to look back in dissatisfaction. She quickly suppressed the smile and leaned into brother Zhang’s ear again and said, “Aren’t you cheating?”

Brother Zhang curl one’s lip and wrote on her palm: “Yes.”

(End of this chapter)

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