What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 227


Chapter 227 The Fog

Brother Zhang is actually a very serious and serious person. Usually, such a person is actually It doesn’t make any sense, he can smoke but doesn’t smoke often, he can drink and doesn’t drink often, he doesn’t go to nightclubs and doesn’t flirt with girls, his daily life is very regular, but everyone says he is pitiful, but he never feels where he is. Poor.

And the fundamental reason why he likes to toss himself is just to experience a different life, because aside from all his identities, he is actually a very poor person, after all, he is like a Wraith has been trapped in this place for many years, isolated from the world despite being in the city.

At this time, his movie was a hit, setting off a retro trend. Although the box office is relatively average, it can only be regarded as just recovering the cost, but such a film that is close to a biographical movie can Recovering the cost is already a very good achievement, and although the box office is not ideal as a commercial film, its reputation is not small, and it is basically certain that it will compete for various awards in the next session.

As for its greatest contribution, it is probably forcibly bringing the service transformation level of film and television dramas to a very high standard, which is undoubtedly a very good effect for a successful director. Now, although it is very likely that the actors in it will limit their future play, Brother Zhang doesn’t care.

And there is another interesting thing here, that is, many people have discovered that the protagonist in this biography of the emperor has nothing to do with the very popular Internet celebrity restaurant Boss during this period. Just the same.

Later, some good people conducted multiple verifications, and finally confirmed that this epic movie is actually starring this Boss, who came to interview Brother Xiao Zhang for a while. There was an endless stream, and some fans also joined the army of exploring the store.

This is not too distressing for Brother Zhang, probably mainly because of his unlimited physical strength, no one can fight him with energy and can beat him, and under normal circumstances he will participate in some Door to door interview.

The silhouette of Brother Zhang can always be seen on major short video platforms for a while. Although most of them are cooking there with an expressionless face, the audience, especially the female audience. Just love this bite.

Coincidence or not, during this period, another star who quickly became popular was Lin Xiaoxiao. He and the boss of this small restaurant were one on the small screen and the other on the big screen, and they became popular almost at the same time. , and they have a lot in common, for example, they are both GZ people and amateurs, and they are the first movie and TV series that they have participated in in the true sense.

However, the law that there are a lot of people’s popularity has gradually begun to appear. When everyone is exaggerating Xiao Zhang’s acting skills and outstanding temperament, there are different voices coming out. Anyway, the general meaning is That is to say, he is pretending to be arrogant, saying that he is fake, that he can be a star but still sticks to a small restaurant and so on.

Da Huang was so angry that he smashed his cup. For two days in a row, he was online with people at a high intensity, but the black part was still out of control, and more and more people did not know the reason. Joined the ranks of disgusting Brother Zhang.

“I’m going to kill people along the network cable!”

Just when Da Huang was about to put his malice in the past few days into action, his tail was caught by Brother Zhang. I was caught: “You go and see Ah Ji’s meagerness.”

“Ah? Why?”

Having said that, Da Huang still clicked on Ji Ge. The meager thing that made it absolutely didn’t expect is the chicken guy who eats leftovers all day and goes out every night to save the souls of the dead. He is also a high-intensity internet surfer, and most of his daily activities are promoting Dharma. Then talk to people.

At first Da Huang didn’t see any problems, until it saw that Brother Ji had blocked twenty-three people, Da Huang raised his head and looked at Brother Zhang: “I mean he Did you block twenty-three people?”

Brother Zhang nodded.

Da Huang was silent for a while, then closed the meager, never mentioning the murder along the internet cable. As for why, who is the chicken? That is the Great Mercy and Great Compassion Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva, cutting flesh to feed eagles and feeding tigers with body is common to him, just such a person who vows not to become a Buddha if hell is not empty, he can block more than 20 times on the Internet Personally, you can imagine what kind of strange things those dangling hairs are.

This is true even for Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva. As an ordinary star, Brother Zhang is criticized and hacked, which is totally normal. In general, we have to thank the country for making life so good that we can freely surf the Internet, which basically demonstrates the world’s species diversity from the side.

However, because of the exposure of Brother Zhang’s identity and address, the business on his side has also improved a lot, which has led to complaints from the neighbors who originally came here to eat, but fortunately Brother Zhang is open for business every day. The time has been adjusted, and after nine o’clock in the evening, guests will no longer be received outside Chang’an Lane, which has calmed down the restless restlessness of Chang’an Lane.

But it is precisely this kind of rush-buying behavior that makes Brother Zhang’s place famous on the Internet, and those who like to follow the trend even come to line up at three or four o’clock in the afternoon. The purpose is to eat a meal made by Brother Zhang himself.

This kind of popularity lasted for about half a month before slowly cooling down. In the end, although it was still a check-in spot for Internet celebrities, it was no longer as waterlogged as before.

But everything doesn’t seem to be important to Brother Zhang, he still opens and closes on time every day, and the only interesting thing during this time is the exorcist who wanted to kill Brother Chicken before. appeared again.

Count the days, it’s been a month since the last time he was taken out by Brother Chicken, and when I see him again a month later, he has become a Little Monk, dressed as tattered as Brother Chicken. , holding a wooden Zen stick in his hand and wearing a broken hat on his head, he followed Brother Ji to eat here.

His story has been told to Brother Zhang long ago. In fact, it is a story of a talented youngster who tried to avenge his parents by practicing assassination techniques for many years and wanted to kill all the demons in the world. It is old-fashioned and common.

As for why he chose to become a monk, according to Brother Ji, it was because Brother Ji would give him three chances to kill himself every day for a whole month. Tell him that if you want to kill yourself, follow your Cultivation, and you won’t be able to kill yourself until the Cultivation is in place.

So this little boy started to follow Brother Ji for Cultivation, and Brother Ji came to say goodbye to Brother Zhang this time, saying that he was going to travel, but his phone number would not be available. Change, if there is anything, let Brother Zhang call him, if the phone can’t get through, send a message, anyway, he will come back immediately.

Of course Brother Zhang would not dissuade him, because it is Ah Ji’s responsibility to respond to his needs, and it is Kṣitigarbha’s responsibility to travel all over the world, so today Brother Zhang is very attentive to Brother Ji. I made a meal with this little discipline, and then watched the two ascetic monks, one big and one small, walk out of Chang’an Lane at twelve o’clock at midnight.

Da Huang licked his hair and said to Brother Zhang after seeing Brother Chicken gone, “Where are they going?”

Brother Zhang didn’t answer, He just asked: “Does that friend of yours have a job now?”

Da Huang was blown away when he heard this, and he walked around Brother Zhang a few times: “You don’t want her Are you here to work?”

Speaking of which Luna is also quite pitiful, after all, it is one of the three Goddess of Mount Olympus, and it is miserable enough to be given away as a gift, Now the big white elephant doesn’t dare to accept it, and her own side is blaming her for breaking the original agreement by making a random complaint, and directly stripping her Divine Spark, and then the secular department of God World directly froze all her possessions. Apart from a property here, she has no money left on her.

And the property will be forcibly taken back before February next year. At that time, this Miss Luna may really want to be a lady, because she can’t know anything… but can hunt. , but now hunting is illegal.

So a few days ago, she ventured to contact Brother Zhang, and asked Lord Guardian to help her with the food and clothing problem, because seeing that the last thing at home was about to be eaten, she could no longer be The elegant woman who lit the fireplace and drank red wine in the moonlight, she needed to find a job to make ends meet after being deprived of Divine Spark, and she also had an extraordinarily outrageous requirement, that is, in addition to food and lodging, also Just to protect yourself from being harassed.

Brother Zhang didn’t agree immediately, but a few days ago, there was news from the Heavenly Fox raccoon that the Qingqiu Fox Race was going to change the High Priest in a few days, and Grandfather Pi was a witch sacrifice. They have to go back to the clan to work, and it takes about a year for them to prepare for various ceremonies at a time. Xiao Zhang thinks that if there is no waiter here, Xu Wei’s workload is a bit too much.

That’s why I called Da Huang to let Miss Luna come here to try it out.

Originally, Brother Zhang could have asked Jin Mei to draw a few fairies. After all, the fairies are also doing these jobs at the top, and they are quite handy, but now I think of that poor month. God’s little elder sister, he felt that this could be considered an opportunity.

After listening to Brother Zhang’s explanation, Da Huang sent a message to his “friend” who was suspicious.

didn’t expect second day Miss Luna with delicate makeup came early in the morning, but when she heard that her job was to bring tea and water here, she was actually a little nervous at the time , but thinking that the balance on her card may not last this month, and the house is due to expire in a few months, so she agreed with bronze oneself.

After she agreed, Brother Zhang asked her to temporarily live in Grandfather Pi’s house, because Grandfather Pi was going back, and it would not appear again at least a year later, and the house Grandfather Pi was in Zhang Yao bought it before after earning money. Since it is empty, it is better to let Miss Luna live there temporarily.

How about work? It’s actually very simple. It’s nothing more than serving food, cashiering and cleaning. The working hours are from 4:00 pm to 12:30 pm every day, including room and board, 3,000 per month Six hundred dollars.

Although this is far from the extravagant life she used to live, at least she won’t have to be a young lady here, and no one will dare to harass her here.

I heard that Brother Zhang has a new beautiful waiter here, and many people came to take a look at it at night. Everyone has a high opinion of Miss Luna. Although she is a bit clumsy compared to Grandfather Pi, she is definitely a hundred times smarter than the black-skinned Diners at the opposite cafe.

A girl with a good figure, beautiful appearance and a scent of laurel, which man can refuse, so that night, the small restaurant that was originally very down-to-earth turned out to be a piece of coffee to drink. The grand occasion, because those stinky men felt that only coffee and fine wine were worthy of the beautiful girl with bright eyes like the bright moon and starry sky in front of her.

This has made the cafe across the street dry, because for a long time they have been snacking in the cafe, but now they have ordered coffee in the snack shop, which is somewhat nondescript.

Of course, Luna can’t be called Luna here, Da Huang kindly named her Xiao Hei, when the first Miss Luna heard this name, she was basically the same. It can be said to be reluctant to obey, but Da Huang is an old employee after all, so he used the identity of senior to bully Miss Luna in the workplace, saying that if she did not agree to be called Xiao Hei, he would ask Brother Zhang to kick her out .

Under such coercion, Miss Luna, who used to have a nice name, is now being called out by a little black.

“Xiaohei, two glasses of beer at table number three, one sausage, one cold pig’s ear and one sauce beef.” Xu Wei put the dishes on the tray and called out to Miss Luna: “Four Add a big bottle of coconut juice to table number 4.”

Miss Luna hurried forward, took a tray and brought the dishes to table number 4, and then under everyone’s have a big laughter, she blushed After repeatedly apologizing, he handed the dish to the second table, but bypassed the third table in the middle.

But everyone doesn’t seem to care much about this kind of mistake. On the contrary, they are very tolerant of this pretty little black who is a bit clumsy and has a shelf.

And just after Xiaohei’s three-day trial period, Grandfather Pi has endured the hardships of a long journey. She was carrying a big bag behind her and cried like a tearful man.

“What’s the matter?” Brother Zhang looked up at Grandfather Pi, who was crying with his chin on his dining table: “Didn’t you already go home?”

“I I don’t want to go back, I can’t bear it…” Grandfather Pi cried with snot and tears, and the snot pulled out: “It will take more than a year to come out…”

Brother Zhang patted Her head: “It’s only one year, don’t worry.”

But Grandfather Pi was still just crying, rubbing her eyes and crying, wiping her snot everywhere, next to the Luna who was a strong clean freak The young lady got goosebumps, and quickly brought the wet wipes and handed them to Grandfather Pi.

“As soon as I leave, there will be at least fifty chapters without my role, and they will all forget about me…”

Brother Zhang laughed, the head of patted Grandfather Pi: ” Don’t worry, I will give you a separate expense line. Thunder Dragon is almost thirty chapters out, and everyone has not forgotten him.”

Of course, Grandfather Pi eventually left, because if he doesn’t leave, The family is about to send a strong male fox to arrest people. Grandfather Pi must not let people see her being taken away in public by the male foxes with beef tenderloin, so she left crying.

When she got on the train, she cried even more than when she found out that she had become a legal loli who would never grow up. The only ones who sent her to the scene were Xiao Zhang and Yang Junfeng. As the train started rumbled, Yang Junfeng suddenly turned his head and asked Brother Zhang: “She’s a fairy, why does she want to take the train?”

Brother Zhang shrugged: “I don’t know, she made the ticket herself.”

“The soft sleeper is still sitting.” Yang Junfeng sneered: “It’s different when you’re rich.”

Brother Zhang just laughed at this, but as expected, they haven’t left the train station yet. , Grandfather Pi’s video call came, and after the call was connected, it was her tearful face. Those who knew it knew that she was returning to her hometown to be a priest.

“I miss you so much…”

Brother Zhang hung up the phone silently, then pointed at Yang Junfeng and said, “I’ll call you again.”

“I picked up a hammer, and she comes home every year, and every year she comes home and annoys me for days and nights.” Yang Junfeng sighed: “I shouldn’t have picked her up at that time.”

“Who made you her host?” Brother Zhang said with a smile: “Although she actually bickers with you, she still trusts you more in her heart.”

And after they left the train station , something happened in that place that night. The news did not say what happened, but it only said that the train station was temporarily closed, and the specific reply date was not clear.

This news made Yang Junfeng sitting in the small restaurant full of curiosity. He pointed to the TV and said to Brother Zhang, “Did we just come out of there this afternoon?”

“en.” Brother Zhang also glanced at him: “Haozi should know about the situation, right?”

Yang Junfeng quickly connected to Haozi who was at the front without saying a word.

Sure enough, when the video was connected, Haozi’s background was at the train station, but before Yang Junfeng could speak, Haozi opened the mouth and said: “Don’t ask me, I’m just now. got the message. The news I got is that since 7:30 in the afternoon, this place has been filled with fog, and after entering, all connections will be cut off, and the people inside will disappear out of thin air. The specific situation will be discussed after I enter. I will ask the audience outside the venue to ask my boss to say hello to Sister Gou, and she may be dispatched at any time. Hang up first, I’m going in. ”

This situation is like a large-scale ghost retaining wall, but it is not 100% similar, more like the situation after a special area has an uncertain intersection with a normal area , Haozi is not sure, so he has to go to see it in person to understand the specific situation.

For this kind of sudden occurance, now they have a relatively complete plan, the first is to ensure The lives and property of the people are safe, and then we will deal with the next series of problems.

After hanging up the phone, Yang Junfeng turned his head and asked Brother Zhang, “By the way, when we come out in the afternoon, You don’t feel anything wrong? “

Brother Zhang shook his head: “I don’t dare to turn on the receiving function. Once that function is turned on, my mind is like a radio, it’s too noisy, so most of the time I feel like you It’s the same, you can’t feel it and I can’t feel it. ”

(end of this chapter)

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