What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 228


Chapter 228 The Cloudy Mist Barrier

Brother Zhang really doesn’t like to open his eyes and ears, this thing is really annoying, he As soon as the range reception function is turned on, all the sounds of the current world will flood into his mind, not only Earth… even the sounds of the entire universe will flood in.

In theory, he can control the range and the content he wants to receive, but he is too lazy to practice and adjust, because he can’t use it, and the annoying sound, he is a second I don’t want to hear more.

Because the incident at the train station has aroused great attention, whether it is on TV or the Internet, there are reports of hiding the sky and covering the earth, and Spiritual Qi has been recovering for almost three years, and the public generally The acceptance of this kind of thing has improved, and they are starting to have a certain degree of contact with supernatural creatures in an orderly manner. Now the people of most countries are not so repulsive of supernatural creatures, so this incident is for them. It is more like a disaster relief operation that the whole people pay attention to.

But this has undoubtedly put a lot of pressure on Haozi and the others. Now, although Haozi’s department has initially taken shape, it is the first time to have contact with such a large-scale event, and this is still in the whole world. Under the people’s attention, it is natural to feel the pressure. The last time there was such exposure, the “hell messenger” was designated as the richest richest man.

Haozi and his crew have changed into combat equipment. The guy Zhang Yao bought is finally going to come in handy today. The three-piece suits are psychic shield and high-frequency light. Spotlights and psionic pistols are also equipped with psionic submachine guns and five cation grenades.

“Our action this time is to save the lives and properties of the people as the main goal. If there is a battle, try to detour as much as possible, and avoid unnecessary conflicts.” Haozi put on a top The gloomy-looking gas mask, with a dim-blue lamp on the mask, looks like a walker struggling to survive in the wasteland in the end of the nuclear bomb: “Finally, I hope you all come back victorious.”

After Haozi finished speaking, he turned around and rushed into the cloud-filled train station, followed by the others in the ninth inning.

And Haozi immediately felt the difference here. First of all, all means of communication are disabled. As long as you step into this range, all signals will automatically return to zero, even in the Amazon forest. The available satellite communication can’t find the signal.

Secondly, after entering, it can be said to be quiet and silent, and when you look back, you can no longer see the outside, and even if you walk in hand in hand with people, as long as you are not careful, you will find that you have already I don’t know when it was ordered.

When I turned around and looked towards the outside, I could only see a misty fog, but it was not as hazy as I imagined. There is almost no difference from usual here, except that there is no one.

Haozi tried to exit the door, but after he exited, he realized that he seemed to be in a strange world. The square outside the station was full of people, but at this moment, no one could be seen. There are only empty streets and lonely street lights.

Haozi probably understood what was going on when he saw the scene in front of him. This place should have been pulled directly into a special space, just like the situation in Silent Hill, and the reason might be It is caused by the powerful ability of a person or an object.

At this time, Haozi knew that he must not panic. He had to crack the root problem to solve the current situation, so the first thing to do now is to measure the boundary of the inner world.

Haozi took the train station as the center and threw more than 20 talisman cranes around the all around. Until they can’t fly, Haozi can then determine the approximate size of this area through their positions, thereby further determining how capable the person or item that produced this inner world is.

Of course, Haozi doesn’t have no other way, that is, he runs to Chang’an Lane and walks to Xiao Zhang’s small restaurant, because that small restaurant can span all the inner worlds, as long as After entering, you can communicate with the outside world with no difficulty.

Look at the distance, it is only seven kilometers. Haozi roughly estimated his physical fitness, and then he started to run to Brother Zhang’s restaurant.

While he was running here, there was a discussion in the restaurant, that is, what happened to the train station and where did the people in it go. At this moment, the people in the restaurant are divided into three factions. One is the faction that was eaten by demons. This faction advocates that an ancient Great Demon entered the city and was disturbed by others and ate everyone in a rage. And cast a very terrifying blindfold.

This faction is basically just brain-opening, because if there is a Great Demon of that level, there is no need for Xiao Zhang to shoot, the Dragon Third Princess will come out immediately, and then there will be The big bosses who are hiding in the city will also take action one after another, because they will not allow the peace they have finally won to be destroyed by some wild country monsters who do not understand the rules.

The second Sect is the parallel space Sect. This Sect is very simple, that is to say, this place has the intersection of time and space, and the missing people are all involved in another world.

But for this conjecture, the little brother Zhang, who was cooking, did not agree, because if two parallel worlds really collided, then he would be the first to feel it, and then he would It needs to be adjusted and repaired according to the degree of damage and danger after the collision of the two worlds.

This time he didn’t get any warnings and hints, either he wasn’t a Guardian anymore, or he wasn’t a parallel world crash. But he tried it just now, and he was still a Guardian, so it must not be the impact of the parallel world.

The third Sect is more reliable. For example, Lady Bai suggested that this may be a Secret Realm. She has seen a similar Secret Realm before, saying that in the late Southern Song Dynasty, there was a secret realm in Sichuan. The woodcutter just walked into a fog, and his family searched for ten years without success. When he came out again, he was already insane. He was obviously frightened by something, but his appearance was still the same as ten years ago, even his body The clothes have not changed.

“Later, I also went to explore, but to no avail. I have also discussed with a few friends in the world. They said that there must be some spiritual object born in the local mountains, which led to this file. The story.” Lady Bai told the story vividly, she became more and more localized in Chang’an Lane, and now she has become one of the members of Xiao Zhang Ge Restaurant’s daily check-in: β€œHowever, it is also said that there is some resentment that condenses into a mythical creature, This may also be a mythical creature.”

A demon over 2,000 years old can do it, and no one can compare with this knowledge alone. If you talk about clear and logical, you can still come up with corresponding things. As evidence, it was a lot higher than those utopians at once.

And when they were discussing extremely fiercely, the door outside was suddenly banged, Xu Wei curiously stretched out his head and glanced, but saw that the door was suddenly opened by himself, and then Haozi Hu Chi rushed in panting, pulling off the gas mask on his head: “Hu… it’s coming out.”

At this time, the people from the two huts came together, because they I only saw Haozi swearing on TV 40 minutes ago, and now he actually appeared in this place, it gave people a kind of amazing feeling.

After Haozi came in, he took three bowls of water from the water dispenser and drank all of them in one go, then sat there and gasped for a full minute before saying, “I know what you want to ask. , let me slow down.”

He slowed down for about five minutes: “This time, I have looked at it, it is similar to the previous Peach Blossom space, but it is not the same, this is basically It’s an inner world, the time in it is constant, and if there are no accidents, it may be caused by a Magical Artifact or someone’s thoughts. Now I just need to find that person, but the place is too big , I need support.”

“Sister Dog!” After saying that, Haozi shouted at the top of his voice: “Get out!”

After a while, he soaked in the hot spring until his eyes filled Hua’s dog sister walked out swaying in jeans and a big T-shirt. She yawned: “Let’s go.”

“Brother Zhang…”

Little Brother Zhang didn’t talk nonsense, just raised his raised hand, and the key of the electric car flew to Haozi. Haozi grabbed the key, thanked him, and then took Sister Gou and rode the electric car away fast as lightning.

Before the two of them came to the train station, Haozi put on his mask again, and got in through the side door that was not noticed by anyone. After entering, as expected, he couldn’t find Sister Gou, but the next second. A hand clapped on his shoulder. He was shivered at first, and when he looked back, he found that it was Mrs. Dog.

“No…how did you find me?”

Sister Gou has always been not very talkative, she just waved to him and motioned him to go with her, but did not explain How did you find Haozi in such layers of fog?

However, after thinking about it, Haozi also understood that Sister Gou is of high rank. Before the Twelve Spirits are not fully returned, Sister Gou belongs to a special sequence, and she is good at tracking and traveling. At this level Finding someone in the fog is really like playing.

Sister Gou took him to and fro in the fog. It was a flat land, but Sister Gou went around like a maze, but because of this, Haozi found his colleagues who were also lost here. , When they saw Haozi appear, they were as excited as they saw their own father, and some of them were about to cry.

In the end, under the leadership of Sister Gou, Haozi successfully retrieved his 28 team members. According to them, this place is very evil, and the two of them are standing opposite each other, but they can’t see it. They couldn’t touch it, and no matter how much they shouted, they couldn’t get a response. They couldn’t even go out the same way, because as soon as the door was opened, it would be this waiting hall again.

Haozi doesn’t know how Sister Gou found them either, but maybe it has something to do with Sister Gou’s twisted route, but now is obviously not the time to ask her, because Sister Gou starts walking again. I took a strange route and walked a labyrinth on the flat ground.

Not to mention, this is just like a greedy snake, every time Sister Gou finds a person, Haozi will call him to the end of the line, and then Sister Gou will continue to look for someone without a pause. One, from Haozi’s team members to the beginning of finding passengers, their queues are getting longer and longer, they are connected one by one, each of them is holding the shoulders of the person in front, and the whole train station is like a centipede. upstairs and downstairs.

When there were 99 people at last, Sister Gou took them out of the gate. At this time, it was bright outside. Those who were waiting anxiously finally saw hope. Haozi also put out at this time. a long breath.

Not only did the scene let out a sigh of relief, even the people in front of the TV let out their breaths, but before they were happy for long, Haozi and Sister Gou entered the fog again. station.

It went back and forth dozens of times like this, and each time the number of people brought out was ninety-nine. Finally, when Haozi was completely exhausted and collapsed on the ground, Sister Gou said: “Everyone is ready, Take a rest, we’ll find the culprit.”

Haozi sat on the ground and took out the water bottle he carried with him, took a sip of water, and then handed it to Sister Gou: “Sister, how can you find it so accurately? Human?”

Sister Gou pointed forward: “Can’t you see the fog barrier?”


“The fog barrier.” Sister Gou said, suddenly took a step forward, and then disappeared in front of Haozi.

Haozi hadn’t reacted yet, but suddenly saw Sister Gou appearing from behind him again. He widened his eyes and asked curiously: “Is this the fog barrier?”

“Well, Each person enters the fog barrier once, and it will change again, so after a person enters once, there is basically no possibility of coming out. This is not a magic method, this should be Spirit Treasure. But I am not afraid to completely. Sure.” Sister Gou looked around, then pointed to the second floor of the waiting hall: “Upstairs.”

Haozi nodded, and after a short rest, stood up again: “Let’s go. , let’s restore this to the original.”

Sister Dog threw a shoelace to Haozi: “I picked it up just now, you tie it to my belt and lead me away.”

Haozi was stunned, chuckled: “Not good…it’s like walking a dog.”

“Don’t talk nonsense.” Sister dog frowned: “If you don’t lead, you’ll get lost. .”

Sister Gou is very fierce, she doesn’t like to play like a tiger girl, and the probability of being beaten is very high if you joke with her, so Haozi didn’t dare to say anything, and quickly put herself with the dog. Sister tied together.

The two of them went upstairs, the short distance of 20 meters, Sister Gou walked for a full hour, and even her forehead showed sweat, until a little child and a child appeared in front of them. When a red woven bag, the dog sister extended the hand and motioned Haozi to stop.

“Don’t come forward.”

“There’s a kid…why didn’t you take him out just now?”

Haozi said I wanted to go forward, but was pulled back by Sister Gou with her hair pulled: “Don’t court death!”

(End of this chapter)

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