What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 229


Chapter 229 Yin-Yang Mirror

Facing the child who was close at hand, Haozi did not dare to step forward, just because Sister Gou said Reminder to give him the whole thing directly.

But think about it, a seven or eight-year-old child, in such a strange environment, sits there neither crying nor making trouble, staring straight at them, no matter how you look at it. It’s not a normal situation, anyway, at least for now, this is really a bit weird.

And if this kid was really human, Sister Gou would have taken him out long ago. With Sister Gou’s tracking ability, she would never miss such a child here.

“What do we do now? What is he?”

Haozi turned his head and asked, and Sister Gou just looked the head: “He’s weird.”

This is nonsense, of course he is strange…

But when Sister Gou tried to approach the child, the child suddenly raised his head and saw He has yin and yang pupils, one eye is completely black and the other is snow white.

Haozi inwardly shouted badly when he saw him like this, but it was too late to stop him. Sister Gou’s figure had begun to twist, and then he was sucked in in an instant, and that The child turned his head slowly and looked towards Haozi after he missed Sister Gou.

“Qing Lingzi, I am your ancestor.”

Haozi scolded in his heart, because he finally recognized what it was, it was nothing else, just Yin-Yang Mirror, one of the three treasures of Qinglingzi, although I don’t know why this Yin-Yang Mirror appeared here, if there is no accident, Sister Gou is now beyond a thousand li.

This thing is very evil. As Qinglingzi’s movement method, it can almost let him avoid all attacks. When he saw Yin-Yang Mirror, the train station disappeared mysteriously. also explained.

In the Yin-Yang Mirror, a mirror space can be presented. No matter if it enters any mirror, it will be randomly projected to another area. If it is not for the tracking ability of Sister Gou Its nemesis, even if the Twelve Spirits arrive today, can’t break this thing.

But the problem is that Mrs. Gou is sucked in now, and she doesn’t know when she will come out, and seeing that Yin-Yang Mirror is about to attack Haozi again.

“Wait a minute.” Haozi squatted down slowly, then moved little by little in the direction of Yin-Yang Mirror: “Calm down, will you listen to Uncle?”

Yin-Yang Mirror grinned, the black light flashed in front of Haozi, and then he fell into the void, and when he reappeared, he found himself in a mirror hell, it was very bright, but there were mirrors all around, every angle, Mirrors in every direction trapped Haozi inside.

He tried to touch it with his hands, but as soon as he touched the mirror, he would enter another completely opposite upside-down world.

“It’s over, I’m going to be a missing person.” Haozi sat cross-legged and looked up at the gray sky: “Qing Lingzi, I’ll meet your ancestors again.”


And while Haozi was desperately waiting for rescue, suddenly there was a sound of Xie Xi Suo Suo next to him. He turned his head quickly, only to see Sister Gou shattered a mirror and fell from the sky with a heavy blow.

But unfortunately, the mirror that was broken by her quickly returned to its original state, and there was no way to break the game at all.

But it’s not without progress, at least from being trapped here alone to being trapped here by two people.

“I tried it, but it doesn’t work.” Sister Gou frowned: “The Twelve Spirits have not returned, and I can’t fight Yin-Yang Mirror at all.”

“At that time, Some people say that Qing Lingzi is a small trash fish, alas…” Haozi sat on the ground with his legs crossed: “He is one of the three Earth Immortals in the world, how could he be a small trash fish.”

dog The elder sister also added: “I also have the Great Desolate Supreme Treasure.”

“What’s the matter now, or let’s call the boss to help, but don’t scream when you’re punished, I’m shameless I’m not calling one or two times for help.” Haozi turned his head and looked towards Sister Gou: “I’m afraid you won’t be able to save face.”

Sister Gou was silent, she didn’t say anything for a while, I don’t even want to be punished.

But it’s not a problem to sit here, Yin-Yang Mirror is no joke, it can really trap people in it, if they don’t think about it, they’ll just be starving here for the first time die.

“So, when the time comes you ate me.” Haozi patted his chest and said, “As a leader, I am not capable, so I should make some contribution at the last minute. Don’t be too much. When you are under pressure, when you eat me, you just recite the name of Thunder Dragon and eat Thunder Dragon.”

Sister Gou stopped his words and pu’ sound laughed: “I would rather eat shit. ”

And at this moment, Yin-Yang Mirror began to move, and the countless mirrors seemed to have great attraction, and began to twitch from the heads of Haozi and Sister Gou. When things come out, all the extracted things will be turned into entities, and then decomposed by the mirror demon, which also means that their memories are gradually lost. After their memories are consumed, even if they are rescued, they will all be You can only start with babbling.

True physical reincarnation.

“It’s over.” Haozi watched his memories gushing out from his seven orifices: “We don’t have a chance.”

Sister Gou didn’t speak at the moment, and then just forcibly resisted Yin -Yang Mirror, but Haozi really can’t do anything about it. There is no way to set up a formation here, and he can’t use spells. He doesn’t have a strong single-body strength like Sister Gou. In this situation, it will be over after death.

But at this moment, suddenly a blue thing was drawn out of his nostrils, but it didn’t disappear but got bigger and bigger, and finally became that A giant whale with its head floating in the sky.

It seems that the Mirror Demon is also the first time to touch such a monster. It desperately wants to decompose the giant whale, but the giant whale is as imposing as a rock, but it is because of the stimulation of the mirror demon. Started rolling.

The giant whale that turned into an entity almost filled the entire space, and its struggle made the mirrors full of the world shatter continuously, although its body was also all split up and cut by the shattered mirrors. in pieces , but it stubbornly resisted the devastation of the mirror demon and completed many favorable counterattacks.

“What is this?”

Sister Gou was surprised by the bizarre sight in front of her and asked Haozi in surprise.

At this time, Haozi looked up at his big whale with tears in his eyes, sobbing and replied: “I was guarded by my childhood dream.”

But No matter how tenacious the whale is, it is only Haozi’s dream. It soon lost the battle against the mirror demon, and its body gradually shattered, and Haozi began to face collapse below.

He didn’t want the Mirror Demon to devour his big whale, so he finally shouted for help, but no one came to save him this time, because this is the Mirror Demon’s world, his mind, body Even memory can only be left to others.

“See you in kindergarten.” Haozi watched Zhan blue’s whale finally vanish, and after taking a deep breath, he said to Sister Gou, “I haven’t seen you when you were a puppy. .”

Sister Gou didn’t expect At this juncture, he still had the mind to joke, but he laughed out loud.

The two of them sat there quietly and waited for the memory to slowly die away, and after a while, the little brother Zhang in Haozi’s memory was pulled out, and the mirror demon seemed to dissolve other things. Start ablation of Brother Zhang.

At this moment, a cut appeared on Brother Zhang’s face who was cooking. Although it healed almost instantly, he still frowned and stopped the work in his hand and served the plate. The Luna Xiaohei said, “Look at the stall for a while.”

After he finished speaking, he took a few steps back and disappeared into the room.

“It’s over, it’s over, this is my memory from three hours ago. When it’s digested, I’ll lose three hours of my life.” Haozi hugged his knees and sat below: “You said ha, This ancient Supreme Treasure is really powerful, no wonder Qing Lingzi was able to clean up us so miserably.”

Before he finished speaking, two little brothers, Haozi, suddenly appeared on top of his head. Rubbed his eyes: “How many hours ago was this?”

But before Sister Gou answered, the little brother Zhang in the sky actually merged into one, but the Mirror Demon didn’t care about that and continued to tear it apart. He was holding on to Brother Zhang’s body, but this time it felt a little powerless and couldn’t tear it at all.

Instead, Brother Zhang from the sky fell to the ground, looked down at Sister Gou and Haozi, frowned didn’t know whether to cry or laugh and asked, “You guys are waiting here to die?”

Haozi was stunned for a moment, stretched out a finger and poked Brother Zhang: “daoist?”

Brother Zhang pulled his finger off and said, “I didn’t think about anything. How to save yourself?”

“I’m calling for help.” Haozi suddenly hugged Brother Zhang’s thigh: “Brother Zhang, you have to take care, this is Qing Lingzi’s Yin-Yang Mirror… …”

After listening, Brother Zhang pursed his lips and thought for a while, then raised his legs and stomped his feet. In an instant, all the mirrors in the entire mirror world were shattered, turning into glare that scattered all over the sky. And the mirror demon couldn’t withstand such an impact, and spit them all out directly.

When it reappeared, the little child with yin and yang eyes looked towards Brother Zhang, and his expressions all were different. He was so frightened that both legs rubbed fire stars on the ground, and he even kept trying to do it again. Suck Brother Zhang into his domain.

But Brother Zhang just walked over and grabbed it by the neck to pick up the Mirror Demon, and then stuffed it into the woven bag like this…

“It’s too violent… “Haozi muttered to himself: “That’s Yin-Yang Mirror.”

Whatever it is, when the zipper is closed, all natural phenomena are disappeared, and Brother Zhang patted the woven bag, Then he threw it in front of Haozi, and he just disappeared.

Hearing that someone had rushed in, Haozi kicked the woven bag with a lingering fear, but found nothing unusual, so he patted with courage, the woven bag just moved, but But there was no other reaction.

Out of curiosity, Haozi opened the zipper of the bag a little, and saw that in addition to a few tattered clothes, there were some tools covered with dirt and a copper mirror, copper mirror It was face down, and I could only see two swimming fish on the back spinning back and forth, and even jumping up from time to time, just like the jumping carp in the pond.

Haozi didn’t dare to look at the front, for fear that something might happen, but after he picked up the woven bag, he suddenly turned to look at Sister Gou: “What are we doing here? What happened? Why is there such a big battle?”

Sister Gou looked at him, at the woven bag, and at the person behind him: “I don’t know.”

Of course, here What happened, naturally someone will supplement him, but Haozi still can’t remember what he did in the past three hours, only know that he seems to be trapped in an unfathomable mystery, and then little brother Zhang appeared, and then Confused, they returned to the bureau.

“It’s weird.” Haozi scratched his head and said, “I just remember I got a phone call in the afternoon saying there was an accident at the train station, and I just stood here. I don’t understand what they said at all. Remember.”

And the dog sister who was assisting him also shook his head and said, “My memory stopped when you went to the restaurant and called me, and then disappeared.”

“It’s weird. .” Haozi continued to scratch his head: “What did Brother Zhang do?”

Sister Gou continued to shake her head: “I don’t know.”

“What is this thing?” Haozi picked up the side copper mirror: “What’s wrong with this thing? I remember he was a child, right? Brother Zhang brought it in.”

After he finished speaking, he studied the mirror carefully, then took a picture and took it to the mountain The king identified it, and soon the king of the mountain gave a reply, saying that this is the treasure of the Great Desolate Era, which has existed since the time of Fengshen, and later became the magic weapon of Qinglingzi, which is called Yin-Yang Mirror. The King of Shan also said that Yin-Yang Mirror has the ability to devour and devour the soul of a person.

“According to the records in various books, his so-called soul essence is memory, it can devour all a person’s memory in a very short period of time, and people will lose their speech when they lose their memory. , and will lose all cognitive abilities. This symptom is almost the same as the demented soul, but it is not exactly the same, because if the demented person can’t learn a second time, but after the memory is swallowed, as long as there is a period of time Learning can be restored, but the erasure of memory will turn people into another person.”

Shan Dawang is indeed a know-it-all, after knowing that this thing is Yin-Yang Mirror, Haozi probably knows that he is Why did I lose those three hours of memory, it was swallowed.

But it’s okay, it’s only three hours. If it’s three years and five years, then the trouble is really big.

Soon, Haozi knew what happened in the past three hours from other people’s accounts, he probably summed it up for himself, that is, someone got the Yin-Yang Mirror from a certain channel and planned to quietly It was transported away as a cultural relic sale, but inadvertently activated the Artifact Spirit at the train station. After the Artifact Spirit suddenly entered an unfamiliar environment, it immediately thought of self-protection, so it turned on the Yin-Yang Mirror’s negative side, letting the People are lost in fantasy.

And later Haozi and Sister Gou cracked its illusion, which made Artifact Spirit feel threatened, so he turned on his sunglasses and planned to kill Haozi and Sister Gou directly, but it didn’t die. When absorbing the memory, Haozi’s memory about Xiao Zhang was pulled out. Yin-Yang Mirror will first visualize the memory and then swallow it. When Xiao Zhang’s memory is visualized, it means that it is decomposing the memory. Brother Zhang’s Avatar.

So the real little brother Zhang felt a sense, and then he was thrown into the woven bag by the neck, and now he dare not come out.

There is one thing to say, this Artifact Spirit of Yin-Yang Mirror really proves what it means to be immortal with strength.

But even though the crisis is over, Haozi has never been happy. He always feels that he has lost more than three hours of memory, and some things that are very important to him have been erased. , but he really couldn’t remember what was erased.

Just looking back, I can feel extremely sad and sour, it feels like an old friend who has been with me for many years suddenly died, but the key point is that Haozi can’t remember which friend he was. died.

“I’ve figured out what’s in that woven bag. It’s for tomb robbery. In addition to this mirror, there are a few bronze statues. I asked an expert to identify them. Things from Qin’s era, if there are no accidents, including this mirror are national treasures in Neidu.”

Haozi heard Chen Ju’s description, and he buckled the mirror on the table in his hand: ” This can’t be turned in.”

“Well, I understand.” Chen Ju nodded and said: “But do you have any good way to deal with it?”

Haozi shook the head, This is Yin-Yang Mirror, then this thing Innate Supreme Treasure, one of the three sets of Qinglingzi, is the magic weapon of the highest, it is too difficult to deal with it. If it is really put in the museum, all the museum staff will disappear within three days. After they come out, don’t say whether it’s raining or not knowing whether to use an umbrella.

The solution to this thing is temporarily unavailable, but Haozi and Sister Gou go back to eat punishment. The last time the person who took punishment was a pony. Come on really times change.

“Chen Bureau, I’m taking seven days off.” Haozi said listlessly: “Go back and deal with some things.”

“Yes, but you have to be on call. “

“OK… Always on call. ”

Haozi put the Yin-Yang Mirror in red cloth like this, with a dead father expression on his face, and went back to Brother Xiao Zhang with Sister Gou. Brother Zhang is still busy at the moment, But Haozi didn’t dare to bother, and sat in Xu Wei’s place and ate a large plate of fried rice with eggs.

“Brother Haozi, it looks like something happened to you? “

“Forget it. “Haozi sighed said: “I have to eat punishment. ”

As expected, their punishment came down soon. They knelt down there for seven days. Except for eating, sleeping, and going to the toilet, they had to face the wall for the rest of the time. Don’t want to play with their mobile phones. Haozi’s situation is special but also I can only put it aside and wait for the call.

The Yin-Yang Mirror was confiscated by Brother Zhang directly. He called out the Artifact Spirit of Yin-Yang Mirror, but this Artifact Spirit was not only for him Besides, he is very fierce to everyone, so Xiao Zhang brought the Artifact Spirit children to Nian Nian. That night, Artifact Spirit cried so badly. In the morning on the second day, it was more honest and polite than anyone else. Make a bow.

As for how Nian Nian cleans it up, no one knows, but the tooth marks on its face look a bit miserable.

But now Yin-Yang Mirror It is no longer suitable as a Magical Artifact, because it has an Artifact Spirit, which can now be called a demon. Before this demon is completely wiped out, the Artifact Spirit needs to maintain a phase for domestication Tune in.

So there is another child in Brother Zhang’s backyard, and this child is still a little follower every year. He follows wherever he goes.

“He, ugly . Every year, pointing to the Artifact Spirit behind him, he complained to Brother Zhang: “I hate it. “

Little Zhang was just laughed and covered Artifact Spirit’s eyes with his hands. After a while, his terrifying black and white eyes became no different from normal children.


“The finishing touch…” Kneeling there, Haozi muttered, “You gave it eyes, doesn’t that mean you created a Divine Item? “

Brother Zhang said with a smile: “There is no more Yin-Yang Mirror in the world. “

Yin-Yang Mirror tried to harass Haozi after getting eyes, but in this piece of land, let alone Yin-Yang Mirror, it is Mountains and Rivers State Chart is useless.

β€œWho are the other two in the Qinglingzi three-piece suit? “Haozi knelt there, raised his head and asked, “I want to say, this Qinglingzi is a damn thing, even his equipment is so annoying.” “

Artifact Spirit heard this, stepped forward, kicked Haozi’s ass, turned his head and ran, while Haozi sat there foul-mouthed for a long time: “What about the pony, the refiner’s Where did it go? Quickly shake it back and clean up this shit. “

“Fuck you…” The pony’s voice came from behind: “Is this something I can pack?” “

Haozi was stunned for a moment, then turned his head to look at him: “Why are you back?” “

“I got a message to see someone being disciplined.” The pony was leaning against the wall, holding a sausage in his hand: “Come by and appraise Artifact Spirit. “

Pony is a weapon master, all kinds of magic weapons and poisons are his specialty, this time Xiao Zhang asked him to come back to see how to deal with Yin-Yang Mirror’s Artifact Spirit, but After reading it, he also said there was nothing he could do.

First of all, the level of this thing is too high, and secondly, it is not essentially the same thing as the Yin-Yang Mirror two thousand years ago, it is more a monster than a weapon , the two thousand years in the earth have already made this Spiritual Qi become a demon after absorbing the earth’s energy, and this thing is no longer controllable.

Even if it is Peak Qing Lingzi. If you say that you are pinched by it, you will be pinched by it, and there is not necessarily a chance to resist, and plus Brother Zhang gave it the finishing touch, who the fuck can get it right? Anyway, the pony is not that capable, who has Who can do it.

But that’s fine. If it’s a demon spirit, it can be raised like an ordinary child. Brother Zhang has a lot of strange and messy things here. One is not too much and one is not too much, just talk about it later.

Who is the happiest who wants to speak of which there is a monster in the backyard, it may be the pony, because this is his first time A close look at Artifact Spirit, because from ancient times to the present, what can be called Divine Item first needs to start from the birth of Artifact Spirit, and then the achievement of Artifact Spirit is the achievement of that weapon. There is an Artifact Spirit thing for running-in cultivation, because once the assimilation is successful, and the synchronization rate reaches 400%, it is the integration of human and machine, which is the dream of those cultivators for a lifetime.

“You make a good transformation and become a human again as soon as possible. After finishing speaking, the colt smiled and patted Haozi’s shoulder: “I didn’t expect you, the Twelve Spirit Heads with strong features, to have today.” “

Haozi said with curled lips: “By the way, is there any news about Thunder Dragon this time?” “

The pony pointed to his nose in surprise and asked, “I have such a tense relationship with him, can he tell me anything?” “

“That too. “Haozi spat: “Thinking of Thunder Dragon makes me angry.” “

“You should worry about the Seven Weapons of the year rather than Thunder Dragon.” The pony shook his head and said: “If Yin-Yang Mirror can be born again, the other six may not be far away. This is just a self-protection thing to toss you like this. If Xuanyuan Xiayu and Great Xia Dragon Sparrow came, what would you do? ”

(end of this chapter)

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