What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 23

Chapter 23 actually has a villain born

The venue of the annual meeting was chosen in a Japanese food store, which is no wonder, after all, they are all young girls, The Japanese food store is the right choice for them.

Zhang Jiachang doesn’t care. For him, eating is just to be able to taste the pleasures of the world. In essence, it doesn’t make sense for him to eat or not to eat, how much, and what to eat. Although he still retains the ability to digest, but In fact, since his awakening at the age of fifteen, he has never felt hungry again.

How to describe it is that everything in the world is energy, and Wind Fire Thunder Lightning and Qiankun Five Elements are replenishing his physical energy all the time. There is no perpetual motion in the world, but he is definitely an exception.

But sometimes he still gets greedy, and it is this kind of greed that makes him feel that he is still a person, and it is something he deliberately keeps, so even if he doesn’t have any idea of what he wants to eat, he can He still insists on feeding himself strange foods every day, and it is this habit that makes him such a great cook.

When I came to this Japanese food store, the small storefront is not big. The two floors are hanging on the corner of an unremarkable alley, but the atmosphere is not bad, it is small and clean Yes, it looks like a mom-and-pop shop. The Boss and his wife are both Japanese, and they receive customers there in poor Mandarin.

Today, Mr. Zhu bought the whole store directly. It can be seen that she is also a frequent customer here. When Zhang Jiachang passed by, she was chatting with Lady Boss, and when she saw her new employee came, she immediately greeted her. Zhang Jiachang beckoned him to go over.

“Mr. Zhu.”

“en.” Zhu Zhenzhen stepped on her feet a little and gestured to Zhang Jiachang’s height: “Not bad, is it 1.85 meters?”

“Yes.” Zhang Jiachangp nodded and said: “It is exactly one meter eighty-five.”

“Well, let’s go up.”


Zhang Jia is right about this The Boss’s strange behavior expressed incomprehension. After all, was it just to show his height? However, it is not easy for him to make comparisons, because except for Bai Mengjie, who is a normal woman, the others can only be described as female animals, and Bai Mengjie does not seem to be a normal person.

So he doesn’t have too many analogy standards for Boss’s behavior, but he just thinks that this person’s behavior…seems…maybe not so normal.

Zhang Jiachang entered the box. At this time, his colleagues in the company were still relatively normal. They sat on the floor in a large room. At this time, he didn’t feel anything special. Everyone was working with each other. Regarding their own affairs, there are people who chat together, play on mobile phones, and sit there in a daze.

Zhang Jiachang was sighed in relief at the moment, because he really didn’t know what to do if his colleagues came over to chat with him.

After a while, Mr. Zhu walked into the door. Zhang Jiachang felt as if she should have changed her clothes for a while, but Brother Zhang didn’t see any changes.

“Let me just say a few words.” Mr. Zhu came to his seat, picked up the water glass on the table, and said, “Today’s annual meeting is to celebrate the establishment of our company. One year, seven months and zero Nine Heavens, everyone has worked hard for more than a year. Come, let me give you a toast.”

Everyone raised their glasses, clinking glasses with Mr. Zhu, and then one by one The mouth said that it was not hard or hard. Only Zhang Jiachang stood there holding a glass and kept mumbling in his heart. He couldn’t figure out whether Mr. Zhu didn’t know the company’s situation or was sarcastic, but judging from the expressions of the people around her, she should know the situation of her company. , after all, the expressions of most of the colleagues around look a little unstoppable.

Yeah, think about it too… Every day at work is to watch dramas, chat, eat he he, practice yoga, and play mahjong, and I can get thousands of salary every month. Where is this? The company is clearly a poverty alleviation organization.

But Mr. Zhu didn’t seem to care. She drank the water from the cup in one gulp, wiped her mouth and continued: “I hope we can carry on the past in the coming year and strive to make the company prosperous.”

Zhang Jiachang frowned and couldn’t figure it out…

After a polite speech, she raised her glass again: “This is the second, today we still want to celebrate the entry of our new colleagues, I hope all the old employees We can help new colleagues a lot, so that our company can develop in a healthy, stable and harmonious way, and strive to become bigger in three years, become stronger in five years, and become the world’s top 500 in ten years!”

Zhang Jiachang felt this The words may be a bit bragging, because today he also asked what the small novel company does, and she has been employed for one year, four months, three days, and she does not know that the company has been like this since the day she joined the company. It’s still the same, I only know that it is a cultural communication company, but I haven’t said what kind of culture it is spreading.

After speaking, I happened to arrive to serve the food. Mr. Zhu gave an order, and everyone started to eat. The originally quiet environment immediately became Buzz~ Buzz~.

Zhang Jiachang just took a small bite, then stopped his chopsticks and watched the girls push the cups and change the cups.

So far, he doesn’t think it’s anything special, and it’s not as exaggerated as the novel.

But as time went on, after the alcohol came into play, the scene started to get a little chaotic. The girls seemed to forget that there was a man here and started to encourage each other to make a noise. Under the leadership of Mr. Zhu, they started to perform the show. It was a half-joking show at first, but then the atmosphere became lively, and they began to dance…

Is it good-looking, I really can’t say it is good-looking, but wave. A group of girls with an average age of twenty-one or two years old is really exciting. And as time goes by, fewer and fewer people are awake, and the scene becomes more and more uncontrollable.

And Zhang Jiachang noticed that this little guy really didn’t drink a sip of wine the whole time, he just swiped ka ka in his mouth when he came up with a dish, and he hasn’t stopped eating since the beginning. The stomach couldn’t take it for a long time, but she never felt like eating there.

“Little.” Zhang Jiachang suddenly called her: “Have you always been able to eat like this?”

“Well, yes. Eating, but eating alone is not enough, and I went to the hospital for an examination, and there is no problem.” Xiaoxiao raised his head and brushed his hair: “It’s hard for me to fill my stomach with my monthly salary.”

Zhang Jiachang frowned, but didn’t speak, just pursed his lips and started to see what was wrong with her, but just when he was about to start scanning Xiaoxiao, Mr. Zhu suddenly covered with alcohol Angrily, he sat beside him, his elbows framing his neck: “new, why don’t you go up and perform a show! Don’t give face!”

Seeing that the colleagues around him were starting to appear drunk, Zhang Jiachang smiled and looked at the head: “I don’t know what to perform…”

“You don’t perform, right?” Mr. Zhu was drunk and nodded : “Then I’ll show you a pantyhose pullover.”

As she spoke, she began to rub down her pantyhose. Zhang Jiachang was about to stop him when he saw Mr. Zhu slam into the back. on the floor.

It was only now that he realized that Mr. Zhu was a model of a technical vegetable addiction. He clearly had an alarmingly small amount of alcohol, but he really liked it.

A little later, more and more people fell drunk, and the scene became more and more chaotic. Zhang Jiachang sat in the middle of it, as if watching the world’s demons dance with a cold eye, or more like It is the wine pond and meat forest of King Zhou.

Black silk and white silk lace, silky and bamboo messy ears…

Xiao Zhang finally laughed. He covered his forehead with one hand and laughed out loud, because this scene really It’s so funny…

It may be too late after that, many colleagues’ family members or boyfriends have come to pick up these drunken guys one after another, leaving three or four drunkards. If you can’t, you can’t walk at all or no one cares. It’s pitiful to lie there in a row.


When Xiaoxiao was dragging Mr. Hu, she fell into a flat sand because her own strength was too small, she looked up towards Zhang Jiachang, showing a helpless smile: “Every time I send them back…it’s not easy.”

“I’ll come this time.” Zhang Jiachang smiled with a hand He carried Mr. Hu from the ground to the mat, and then put several other colleagues on the mat that was not so cold.

This scene made Xiaoxiao look stupid. Although these girls are not heavy, they are also 100 pounds…

Is this a reliable adult man power? Xiao Xiao was both emotional and shocked.

“That’s right.” Zhang Jiachang took out the gel pen attached to his chest, then wrote the names of dozens of Chinese medicines on the paper and handed it to Xiaoxiao: “You can try this medicine, among which A few are tiger-wolf medicine, you may vomit and have diarrhea.”


“It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to take risks…” Zhang Jiachang said with a smile: “I I don’t think you’re eating like this because you’re sick. If you throw up something when you throw up, you’re going to immediately put it in the fire to burn it.”

“You still… heal? “

“I have a friend who is in this line of work, and he knows a little bit.” Zhang Jiachang nods with a smile, “If you don’t worry, you don’t have to worry about it. You’ll be fine.”

Having said that, he looked down at the few colleagues who were guilty of sin: “Do you know where their homes are?”


Zhang Jiachang un’ed: “Then tell me where they live, and I’ll take them back. You can go back and rest first.”

Xiaoxiao hesitated for a moment but didn’t move, Zhang Jiachang looked at her , she also looked at Zhang Jiachang apologetically.

After seeing her expression, Zhang Jiachang realized what kind of stupid things he said… After all, he is a stranger to them, and it is normal to be a little defensive.

So Zhang Jiachang asked Xiaoxiao to call two cars, he took the two in the back car, Xiaoxiao sat in the front car, and Xiaoxiao led him one by one sent back.

And at this moment, on the other side of the city, a young man who hanged himself in a rental house for two days without anyone noticed suddenly opened his eyes.

He grabbed the rope around his neck with one hand, and pulled himself out of the lock. After landing, he touched his neck, and then moved the stiff muscles all over his body. He smiled and said to himself, “It’s a reckless waste of natural resources for such a good body to actually beg for death.”


It’s New Year’s Eve, so I’ll update it earlier and at night Not necessarily available. Here’s wishing everyone a prosperous and prosperous New Year!

(End of this chapter)

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