What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 230


Chapter 230 Thunder Dragon

What the pony said is actually incomplete, because there are fifteen kinds of really top-level things, all of which are The top treasures of the ancient times, in other words, the equipment used by the pirates of the high level civilization.

These equipments are far beyond the upper limit of this world. Once upon a time, as long as you have one, you can be powerful in this world.

And correspondingly, other civilizations also have treasures left by their civilization pirates. For example, Xu Wei’s golden pen, which is said to be an ivory of a great white elephant, contains incomparable Divine Force.

In addition, there are Xuanyuan Sword, Longinus Spear, Divine Thunder Hammer, Blade of the Fallen Angel, etc. In this regard, each civilization pirate is quite good for its civilization, and more or less they all stay Something weird.

Only the Inca civilization is pitiful. The Feathered Serpent God only left sixteen hairs. It is not known whether it was left or accidentally fell off.

Most of these things have been lost or disappeared for a long time, but they will not disappear out of thin air. The biggest possibility is that they have long legs to run. The Artifact Spirit of these Divine Items is usually incomparable. The powerful ability is really not something that anyone can easily grasp.

Simply talking about Yin-Yang Mirror, a mirror armor can make Sister Gou and Haozi close their eyes and wait to die. If you replace them with other offensive ones, they can only be more scary and terrifying.

In fact, I can’t blame Haozi, after all speaking from a certain perspective, what they are facing is the real god, the power that belongs to the Three Realms, it’s not ashamed to beat, after all, after having Artifact Spirit The Divine Item, if it wasn’t for a special chance, I would have a headache for half an hour when I came.

And Artifact Spirit and Artifact Spirit are also different. Artifact Spirits like Yin-Yang Mirror have their own spiritual wisdom, and some Artifact Spirits are really wraith. In the same way, you don’t know Kill Kill Kill, you don’t have any spiritual wisdom at all. There is no huge might without spiritual wisdom, so the pony dreams of an Artifact Spirit with spiritual wisdom to recognize him as the master.

But now it seems that his biggest possibility is to go to Japan to complete an Artifact Spirit with spiritual wisdom but very delicious. After all, the system of Shintoism is different. Fine, but how can the pony not hope that Artifact Spirit, who thinks he is the master, is a pair of chopsticks.

He is a lot more strict here, but it can be seen from the pony that there is no guardian Artifact Spirit, but he always feels that he will be recognized as the master by Xuanyuan Sword in the near future.

Everyone advised him to stop dreaming, but the pony still stubbornly insisted on his insistence.

“So there are rumors about Seven Weapons, Ten Weapons, Ten Saint Artifacts, etc.” Xiaoma sat there and said to Brother Zhang, “The weapons that can be listed are all without exception. Have your own Artifact Spirit, and don’t have a recognizing master.”

“Why can’t you be on the list without a recognizing master?”

“Although we all know that other people’s wives are good, we always have to Think about whether you can beat someone else’s husband.” Xiaoma explained: “That beautiful girl without a master will naturally become the target of the big patriarch.”

Brother Zhang After listening to nodded: “It can be compared like this.”

“It’s not too bad.” Xiaoma leaned on the counter: “Although Yin-Yang Mirror did belong to Qinglingzi back then, it was Now that Artifact Spirit has been awakened, as long as this Artifact Spirit does not recognize it, no one can be said to be its owner. There will also be many people on the road who covet the ability of Artifact Spirit and will use Artifact Refinement Technique to forcibly collect Artifact Spirit, but like Xuanyuan Sword , Yin-Yang Mirror, Pangu Axe, Haotian Great Emperor Exquisite Pagoda, etc., forcibly charged is basically equal to courting death. Therefore, all the cultivators think that they are the chosen person, but most of them have never been in their lives. I have a chance to see Artifact Spirit at this level.”

Xiao Ma is very serious about science, after all, it is his old profession, so he is also very serious, after all, what he studied in Kunlun Mountains was the art of artifact cultivation , but even his master, master’s master, master’s master’s master didn’t have the chance to see Yin-Yang Mirror-level baby.

On the other hand, Martial Uncle once met Xuanyuan Sword’s Artifact Spirit. At that time, Martial Uncle had a crooked mind, but was beaten to the end by Xuanyuan Sword, and all his cultivation techniques were useless. He was 47 years old. It ended depressed.

“I won’t leave in the past few days.”

Xiao Ma’s words made Brother Zhang look up at him and smile.

“Xing Xing Xing, I admit that I am tempted by Yin-Yang Mirror, I will try it, and I will never use violence.”

Xiao Zhang said with a smile : “You’d rather use violence.”


But smugly thinking that he was Child of Destiny’s pony second day, he gave up because Yin- Yang Mirror’s children don’t like him or not at all, but when he gets close, they will swallow him.

After being ripped off a few times, the pony’s self-esteem was severely damaged, and after being mocked by Haozi kneeling there, he never mentioned anything about taming Yin-Yang Mirror again.

After the arrest of the Yin-Yang Mirror, the incident at the train station also came to an end, and the official probably issued a simple notice saying that the incident at the train station was because someone was burning straw around, and the smoke was captured by the train. The ventilation system of the station was inhaled, causing the passengers inside to think it was a fire. All of them waited for rescue at the high level of the platform.

Although the straw has been blamed again, in fact, everyone understands in their hearts, but anyone who knows the inside story knows that the official can never say that this is a supernatural attack case, because now Spiritual Qi has recovered. Under the general environment, supernatural creatures and humans will inevitably have more contact in the future, and if there is a clear directional announcement, people who are hostile to supernatural creatures will be more hostile to supernatural creatures.

And if the hostility is further strengthened, conflicts will definitely break out in the future, and the conflicts between humans and supernatural creatures will not benefit anyone. At this point, Thailand next door has suffered a lot. Thailand’s current situation is probably the worst in the whole world. They list supernatural creatures as dangerous creatures, report or assist the police to capture supernatural creatures and rewards.

This has led to the emergence of a profession called Bounty Hunter in Thailand, and has also led to an increase of 2,000% in cases of paranormal wounding after the enactment of the bill, and has also increased the incidence of supernatural creatures. It was hidden and completely walked into the darkness, and it was impossible to supervise it at all.

Therefore, everyone basically laughed off such announcements, and online discussions were enough. After all, these cases in the future are more or less accidental cases, and no one was injured.

Compared with the tense relations of other countries, in fact, the best deal in this regard is a little-known small country – Romania.

This country itself regards itself as the hometown of vampire. Every year, it can make a lot of money from the vampire industry. After Spiritual Qi’s recovery, many of them are really vampire and werewolves. Out of the water, but they were not despised or expelled by people, but joined the ranks of making money together. The vampire immersion trip in Romania during this period has attracted more than 800,000 tourists, just to experience the feeling of a lifetime of sadomasochism with the handsome, handsome, elegant and charming vampire count.

The price of this set of services is more than 30,000 US dollars, but there are still many people flocking to it. And the rest of the projects include avoiding the werewolves in the dark forest, and embarking on a journey to hunt down creatures of the dark night with “Van Helsing”.

Everyone has the money to make money together and gets along very harmoniously. Even in Constanta, the largest port city in Romania, Mr. Vampire, who ran for mayor for the first time in history, appeared.

But these are all small places, and big places are not so comfortable. The Pacific Rim countries are now struggling with these things, and they all claim to be speeding up the process of building special function forces, but many countries Up to now, only a new folder has been created, and only a few major countries have really taken action.

“Hello readers and friends, I am Thunder Dragon, who has not officially appeared in Chapter Thirty-Seven. I was invited to visit the base camp of Japan’s new police force today.” Thunder Dragon was holding a mobile phone at this time. : “Japan’s new police force is a young department that has only been established for six months. Its main function is to monitor and manage supernatural creatures in Japan. Now let’s interview Ms. Kawai, the spokesperson of the new police force.”

Speaking of which, he pointed the camera at a girl next to her. The girl looked to be in her early twenties. She said to Thunder Dragon with a straight face: “Mr. Lei, we are the secret department…”


“As you have seen, readers, she said that this is the secret department, so let’s go and see its internal composition today.”

After he finished speaking, he turned around and rushed into the house The police building, and the spokesperson little girl quickly followed in: “Mr. Lei…”

Thunder Dragon opened the door of the war room directly after entering. He said hello to everyone, and then continued: “Now what everyone sees is the war room of the new police department. There are about a dozen people in a combat team, which are equipped with some special weapons. Now let’s take a look.”

After he finished speaking, he directly picked up a large-caliber pistol hanging on the weapon rack next to him under the stunned eyes of everyone: “This pistol is an internal model produced by Kawasaki Heavy Industries, with a 9mm caliber. , uses special alloy bullets, which can destroy the physiological structure of supernatural creatures to the greatest extent, and also have considerable lethality to psionic creatures, which is among the best in the world’s special weapons, but I have always had a problem, that is Why don’t you use this metal to make cold weapons? Now let Mr. Kojuro, the commander of the war room, answer us.”

At this time, the girl outside had chased in, but Thunder Dragon was already talking to others at this moment. In the interview, the combat commander here is a man in his thirties. He is from the Onmyouji Aristocratic Family. It is said that their family has followed the most powerful Onmyouji Abe Seimei since the Heian era and participated in the pursuit of demons.

But now Thunder Dragon’s sudden interview, he is also a little confused, he can only say after a long time: “Because the cost of cold weapons is too high… Our cost is limited, so we can only use Cheaper bullets, after all, the frequency of supernatural crimes is not high, and a box of bullets can last a long time.”

“Very good, thank you Mr. Kojuro for your answer.” Thunder Dragon turned his head and looked towards their blackboard. : “Is this a map of the distribution of supernatural creatures in the Tokyo metropolitan area?”

He tone barely fell, and everyone around him swarmed up, directly covering the blackboard with their bodies, for fear of being caught Thunder Dragon this bastard was broadcast live.

Although this guy did help a lot after he came, but if he is so foolish, they also have leaders on them, and when the time comes they are afraid that they will not be able to eat and walk around. …

“Mr. Lei, please stop making trouble…” The girl gasping for breath before said: “We will really be unlucky.”

Thunder Dragon curl one’s lip, then put away the phone, found a chair and sat down: “I didn’t make trouble, it was you who promised to find someone for me, but I’ve been in the hotel for 40 days and waited to die, You let me go shopping and watch movies every day, or just come to chat with you, where are the people you helped me find?”

“Mr. Lei, please don’t be impatient… We haven’t forgotten I promise you, but the population of Japan is also in 100 million units, and it will take time to find one that meets the requirements among so many people.”

Thunder Dragon looked very impatient, his legs twitched, Whoever loves the expression: “I don’t want to delay any longer. I also have a leader above me. Your efficiency makes it difficult for me to keep up with the boss.”

Not to mention, Thunder Dragon’s fluent Japanese is Quite in place, as expected of a man who must have an ex-girlfriend within 800 meters, with his dialect and slang, he is a big assistant at the start.

“Okay, I know it’s hard for you, but please don’t let me down again, okay? This matter means a lot to me, because I also help you a lot. Please give me an answer as soon as possible.”


Thunder Dragon staggered away, and as soon as he walked out the door, he saw a man dressed in an old-fashioned The man in the costume walked in this direction. The man walked with a strong aura, and behind him were four or five younger people wearing the same attire.

They walked past the Thunder Dragon body like this, and after a while, there was a fierce quarrel, and Thunder Dragon realized that this was Kojuro’s father…

He flies into a rage because his son didn’t inherit the family’s shrine and ran here to start a new police force.

After listening to Thunder Dragon for a while, he just saw the little Ni’er coming out of it, and he hurriedly stepped forward: “Why is it so violent inside?”

Xiao Ni The Thunder Dragon said in vain: “Mr. Kojuro’s father rushed over after watching your live broadcast. Their shrine is less than ten minutes away from here.”

” He’s very courageous.”

Thunder Dragon was talking, and suddenly felt that the surrounding light suddenly dimmed, and then an oppression hit from the front, and then the crows wu wu gathered in the sky come over.

“Dig the trench, Uchiha Itachi…” Thunder Dragon shouted, then took a step back: “You back up, there is an attack. Go back to the door!”

At this time, Kojuro and his father also rushed out, seeing the crows in the sky, and Thunder Dragon directly pulled up the electric light: “You all back up, this is still a big guy, you can’t handle it.”

(end of this chapter)

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