What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 231


Chapter 231 Super Kills

Theoretically, this problem now occurs because of Thunder Dragon’s live broadcast, he leaked the information The address of the secret base caused the powerful monster to come looking for trouble.

It seems that this posture is not seeking revenge, but probably to show off strength.

But what may come doesn’t know the Thunder Dragon’s specifications, so it is a thunderbolt that hits the Thunder Dragon.

But that was the Thunder Dragon. It was the Thunder Dragon that used the fleshy body to carry through the Heavenly Tribulation. This thunder struck him, and the whole building was plunged into darkness. But after the firelight dissipated, Thunder Dragon stood in place without any movement, but every blood vessel on his body seemed to be filled with lightning, and those flowing arcs flowed back and forth with the blood vessels on his body, drawing beautiful pictures on his body texture.

“Good guy.”

Thunder Dragon muttered, then turned into electricity and disappeared. At this moment, a man in ancient clothes suddenly appeared in front of where he was standing, squinting and smiling. He looked like a seventeen or eighteen-year-old boy, but when he opened his mouth, his voice sounded like an old man. The old man in his seventies and eighties still carried that deliberate cadence, as if he was listening to an island-style song.

“I want to come and see what kind of power is trying to manage us.” The man walked forward with a smile, and the clogs under his feet made a clicking sound on the ground: “If If you can’t do it, then you will suffer bad luck today.”

The crow beside him turned into the crow Heavenly Dog and landed on the surrounding buildings, as if watching the power of the master Similarly, people in the new police force began to load their weapons.

9mm “large bore” pistol.

When they approached this strange man, they began to shoot at him, but the bullets were like hitting the armor of the tank, only the clinking of the fire was not seen at all. effect.

“Is this a human weapon? It’s so ridiculous. Your legendary…”

Before he could finish his words, he saw the dark clouds in the sky suddenly move from all directions to A large amount of electric light poured into the top of his head, and the electric light circled like a life in the clouds, and finally converged at a point.

At this moment, a huge lightning bolt fell straight down from the sky in the middle, and a person was at the forefront of the lightning.

Thunder Dragon came from beyond Nine Firmaments like this by lightning, and when the man below was pretending to be crazy, he stepped on his head at the speed of lightning.

The moment Thunder Dragon landed, a large pit with a diameter of 40 meters appeared in the parking lot in front of the new police force building as if it had been hit by a meteorite. The bottom layer of the pit was a winner. The Thunder Dragon standing there, under the Thunder Dragon’s feet is the strange monster from the Japanese mainland who was still babbling and beeping just now. And then, the irritable lightning took the form of a spider web and burned the ground with the same lines as the thunder dragon’s body.

And after he posed for more than ten seconds, a thunder suddenly exploded in the sky, and the surrounding crow Heavenly Dog was frightened by the thunder and fled. In an instant, the scene of the end of the world was disappeared, and only the layers of thunderclouds in the sky were still accumulating energy.

“This is the first time I see someone who dares to strike me with a thunderbolt.” Thunder Dragon bent down and picked up the monster he stepped on into a coma: “You are the first one.”

After Thunder Dragon finished speaking, the electrical patterns on his body gradually dissipated, his eyes recovered from the charged state, and he spat to the side and said, “Wait until all the twelve spirits of Lao Tzu return. I’ll give you a railgun when I raise my hand.”

Then Thunder Dragon jumped out of the deep pit with the monster, and threw it like a rabbit. At the door of the new police force, everyone in the new police hall burst into warm applause when they saw the monster who was trampled into a rag by Thunder Dragon.

“So-so, Aiya.” Thunder Dragon waved to them modestly.

But just before that, the little Nier suddenly covered her mouth and criticized out in surprise: “Mr. Lei… Be careful!”

Thunder Dragon turned around and found the piece The rag actually stood up again and ran towards him with a grinning smile, which made Lei dragon’s mouth show a smile, and then he bowed, made a high jump, paused in mid-air for a second, and then made a change. With a three-stage strike, he reached up to the sky and clenched his fists hard when he knocked the attacker into the air.

A mad thunder struck the Great Demon straight, and half of his body was almost carbonized when he fell to the ground. Thunder Dragon shook his hand: “I’m a melee mage.”

But even if that’s the case, the monster on the ground still hasn’t died. His body began to wriggle abnormally, and then slowly melted away. Made a strange creature with one eye, four hands, and blue-gray skin. Anyway, I couldn’t tell what it was, but it was ugly.

Thunder Dragon looked at his indomitable appearance, and really admired him, and decided to give him a treat.

Speaking of Thunder Dragon, I watched the guy run towards him with a hoo-ha-hoo-ha sound, but Thunder Dragon didn’t make any movement, just for the short two seconds when the strange thing approached. Forty-one handprints overlapped inside.

And at the moment when this little monster hit Thunder Dragon, Thunder Dragon’s hands also clasped his head.

The next second, Thunder Dragon’s body smashed into the wall, but the monster didn’t mean to stop, but it saw Thunder Dragon’s smiling face in its one eye.

Thunder Dragon’s smile brightened as they crashed straight through the new police force building, and he even freed a hand to stroke the one-eyed rare beast’s head: “Okay, follow along. This world is separate.”

tone barely fell , the little monster suddenly felt his body light, and then he could not restrain himself and vacated, and the four arms that it clasped on Thunder Dragon also turned into a momentary With the coke, the Thunder Dragon free-falls to the ground.

After reaching the ground, Thunder Dragon just snapped its fingers lightly, and then a small sun suddenly lit up in the sky, and forty-one spells erupted at the same time, if it was in the game then You have to burn all the graphics cards, so it’s not too much to burn a monster in reality, right?

It’s just like the final bossgreat decisive battle in the anime, everyone in Japan’s new police force is stunned, upstairs and downstairs are paying attention to Thunder Dragon, who really didn’t t expect a person can be so handsome and cool. The Japanese girl in the whole building looks at Thunder Dragon now, so she really almost didn’t call her husband directly.

“You still need to strengthen the training of personnel and the update of weapons.” Thunder Dragon patted Chief-In-Charge Kojuro’s shoulder: “At this level, you will almost be wiped out, this strength is not enough. .”


Now who can talk back in front of Thunder Dragon, just now he was a man who played an enhanced brigade effect, just the last one One hit is really a movie-level visual enjoyment. No wonder people who know him say that his ex-girlfriend is all over the world. What woman doesn’t like such a man, after all, he is so handsome.

Thunder Dragon, I’m happy today, and finally there is a little monster that makes him proud. He’s been really unhappy these past few years, and he encounters all kinds of strange things, either the top Formation or the A top-level monster, so that foreigners see it and think he can’t fight.

Today, this little rare beast is suitable and the intensity is moderate. It will neither fight very hard nor make people feel like he is bullying. This effect is perfect, both muscles and bones are active and completed. One time Epic Grade forced these stupid foreigners to be stunned for a while.

But to be honest, Japan really doesn’t have any top-level experts now, and the collectives are rotten. Those Shinto Sect Lord gods are either going to fall in love, or they are obsessed with making money, it seems that the number of people There are many more batches, and there is really no one who can fight.

The top is rotten, and the bottom one can be imagined. There are many shrines here, but most of them are hollow shrines. One or two of them are garbage. The most powerful Inari god is still a super big one. The fox spirit, but it is only the cousin of Grandfather Pi, or the kind of cousin who is not allowed to recognize ancestors and return to the fold, the kind that Qingqiu Fox Race does not look down on.

Thunder Dragon is quite familiar with this situation, so he has no pressure to pretend to be here, but he is relatively low-key in Europe, because Europe is still very strong, and experts can also I caught a few, not to mention how much better than Thunder Dragon, but there are still quite a few.

However, Japan is not without advantages at all, that is, the average level of monsters here is also poor, and the powerful monsters are either sealed up by their seniors, or they go to the other side of the sea to seek life Now, the rest are some small trash fish and some dirty things that are not allowed to enter.

So Thunder Dragon can be an expert among experts, and enjoy the adoring eyes of those little trash.

But he heard that it seems that Xu Fuxian and Jiang Shangxie have also come here, but he has been here for some time, but there is no news about these two organizations, Thunder Dragon estimates, They must not be too good, and dare not show up in public.

While Thunder Dragon was pretending to be here, Qing Lingzi received a mission. The person in the photo was Thunder Dragon. Qing Lingzi had never seen Thunder Dragon. I don’t know if this is Thunder Dragon, and the mission location is still in Japan, so Qing Lingzi naturally took it as an ordinary mission.

“You go and catch him, this is the person above.” Qing Lingzi threw the Thunder Dragon’s photo in front of Hei Guanyin: “In Tokyo.”

” Very handsome!” Hei Guanyin looked back and forth with Thunder Dragon’s photo: “Can I fall in love with him and then catch him?”

Hei Guanyin who saw his love brain from watching idol dramas , Qing Lingzi has always been too lazy to take care of him, he just coldly snorted: “Don’t do anything for me.”

Hei Guanyin sighed and put away the photo: “Guaranteed to complete the task.”

As for why the above is catching Thunder Dragon, they don’t know, anyway, they only need to complete the task given by the above, and every time they complete a task, they will have a lot of income, and these income will be used as Qinglingzi in the future. The basic funds used by Jiangshan, so Qing Lingzi is very interested in the task now, and his company was officially listed last month. It is an ordinary technology company, but behind the scenes is a research and dealing with supernatural creatures. Companies, they have now been in contact with officials in many places. As long as they complete a large order, they will no longer have to be controlled by others.

And the unique visual transmission ability of Hei Guanyin is really super convenient, so Hei Guanyin can basically be regarded as a gold medalist of Qinglingzi now, although she often has abnormal brains, but no matter what she says. Much better than those guys who are either out of their minds or cheating.

It’s just the thoughts move, and the black Guanyin appears at the location in the Thunder Dragon photo, which is Tokyo, Japan. The first thing she did when she arrived was to eat at one of the recommended spots in Season 3 of Lonely Gourmet.

Now Qing Lingzi is also rich and generous to the people below him, so Hei Guanyin eats so well, the food gets stuck in her throat at the end, and even she can only rely on it. It was wheezing.

It’s a coincidence that Thunder Dragon also came in at this moment. He lives around here. This place is basically where he eats every day, and he is sitting at the black Guanyin at the moment. The back of the two people, back to back, only separated by the distance of two chairs.

“One paella, one fried meatball, one wasabi octopus.” Thunder Dragon raised his hand to the clerk and said, “One more Tamagoyaki.”

Because Just now, the consumption was quite large, and Thunder Dragon ate a lot, but when I looked back, I found that a little girl’s house was eating a large table by herself, which made him startled, and then the scumbag nature immediately activated, he He even sat directly opposite Hei Guanyin.

“Miss, do you eat so much by yourself?”

Hei Guanyin was still swallowing, when she saw that her target suddenly appeared in front of her, she The pu’ sound was all spit out: “Fuck, the devil is courting death.”

“Ah? My own?” Thunder Dragon switched languages, said with a smile: “I’m not a devil , I’m here on a business trip.”

Hei Guanyin frowned tilted his head and looked at Thunder Dragon: “It’s really handsome.”

Thunder Dragon couldn’t react: “Ah?”

“I said, you’re quite handsome.” After speaking, Hei Guanyin suddenly grabbed Thunder Dragon’s hand: “Okay, don’t leave.”

The moment he was caught by the Black Guanyin, Thunder Dragon felt an unbearable coldness seeping into his skin. The experienced Thunder Dragon immediately knew that the girl opposite was a dark creature, and he frowned. Wrinkled up, he lowered his voice and said, “Sister, I don’t care what you are, but if you do something illegal in the city, you will attract people from the upper realm. Why don’t you say what you want to do?”

” What are you doing?” Hei Guanyin stretched out his hand and pushed: “Of course it’s you!”

Thunder Dragon suddenly felt saw a blur, and then he came to an open space, and the oncoming person was black. Guanyin’s fist. Thunder Dragon reacted instantly, but it was too late. The punch seemed to distort space and hit Thunder Dragon directly in the face.

This is Thunder Dragon, the body of Heavenly Dragon, hard against Heavenly Tribulation. However, he was hit by this fist and flipped several times in the air before he landed heavily. He couldn’t get up any strength, not even the strength to shout.

“Black Spiritual Mountain…” Thunder Dragon raised his head to look at her: “You…”

It wasn’t Hei Guanyin’s answer but a slap in the face, Every time a fist hits Thunder Dragon’s body, it dissolves the strength of Thunder on him, and Thunder Dragon is beaten to the point of being powerless.

This is inevitable. No matter what, the Black Guanyin is still the battle strength of the main Divine Grade, the top three of the Black Spiritual Mountain, and Thunder Dragon, a ground force, is really not enough to see compared to them, and even he even Can’t resist.

“Ah, such a handsome face, what a pity.”

Black Guanyin dragged Thunder Dragon’s hair on the ground, while Thunder Dragon with bloody nose and swollen face lay down There, I didn’t forget to tease: “Old girl, do you know that there is someone above me.”

“Ha, is there someone above you? I have it too, but I can’t help it. Originally I wanted to be with you. I’m going to arrest you after you’re in a relationship, but my boss doesn’t agree. But don’t worry, you’ll be alive.”

Before he could wait for the Thunder Dragon to detonate the dying helper, his eyes were darkened. , and then completely lost consciousness.

Hei Guanyin happily carried Thunder Dragon to Qing Lingzi, and the whole process took less than twenty minutes.

Ten minutes later, Sai Dongfeng came back in a hurry. He and Qing Lingzi sat on both ends of the sofa and looked at Thunder Dragon, who was sleeping on the coffee table. Sai Dongfeng lit a cigarette, then rubbed his face with both hands.

Qing Lingzi closed his eyes and his chest rose and fell, but the two of them didn’t say a word.

In the end, Sai Dongfeng said, “Do you know who this is?”

“Now that I know, I also remember that electric burnt smell that turned into ashes.” Qing Lingzi leaned on the sofa: “thunder technique Heavenly Dragon.”

“Well, congratulations, Qing Lingzi.”

“You’re welcome.” Qing Lingzi also The one who didn’t know whether to cry or laugh glanced at Sai Dongfeng.

“Don’t look at me, it’s up to you if you want to kill or slash, the thunder technique Heavenly Dragon died in your hands, the Lord won’t blame you.”

“I kill him It doesn’t make sense, on the contrary, all the twelve spirits will be dispatched to trouble me.” Qing Lingzi shook his head and said, “I can’t beat the twelve spirits now.”

“Isn’t there a black Guanyin?”


“Do you think the Lord will allow me to use her power to deal with the Twelve Spirits?” Qing Lingzi pointed to the dazed Black Avatar and asked, “Do you think that if I use her, Will the Holy Master intervene?”

Sai Dongfeng was silent again, and after a long time he opened the mouth and said: “But you have to hand over the thunder technique Heavenly Dragon over there, if he gives a setback, you Guess how you will be dealt with?”

Qing Lingzi leaned there, curled up into a small ball, even when he was at his worst, he was not as sad as he is now. The war of immortals lasted for many years, but everyone always had a tacit understanding that they would not use other forces to win. Why did Xu Fu run away, not because after he sold Qinglingzi, the twelve spirits turned around and chased after him. kill him.

If Qing Lingzi sells the thunder technique Heavenly Dragon today, his good days will come to an end.


Qing Lingzi took out the knife, aimed it at the Thunder Dragon’s heart and inserted it, and the Thunder Dragon on the coffee table lost his life immediately. Then Qing Lingzi gritted his teeth and took a deep breath, intending to clean up Thunder Dragon’s soul as well, but Sai Dongfeng lightly held his hand and rushed him to the head.

Watching Thunder Dragon’s soul turn into a pop and gallop towards his hometown, Qing Lingzi sighed: “It’s better to let the twelve spirits come to me than to be punished by the Holy Lord.”


At the same time, the twelve spirits scattered in every corner of the world suddenly raised their heads and looked towards the sky, and Haozi covered his face and started crying. He stood up from the futon, going crazy It seemed that he rushed in front of Brother Zhang.

“Thunder Dragon sacrifice…”

Little Brother Zhang frowned, the atmosphere in the room suddenly became dignified, and the air became thick like mud.

And the Azure Dragon wood carving on the background behind him was also burning at this moment.

Brother Zhang turned his head to look at the statue, took a deep breath and said, “Check.”


But I haven’t waited. Haozi went out, and a light suddenly shot into the small restaurant, and then Thunder Dragon stood there, he looked down at his hands, and then patted his body: “Fuck it, fucking Qinglingzi!”

Seeing the Thunder Dragon that has become a soul, Haozi and Brother Zhang are both sighed in relief.

About ten minutes later, Thunder Dragon, who was sitting cross-legged in the air, finally finished talking about his experience, and then he changed his position and started to swim in the mid-air of the tavern: “My Heavenly Dragon’s body is gone, and it may be taken by Qing Lingzi’s old bastard to refine the corpse.”

Seeing his appearance, Brother Zhang laughed: “What are you going to do now?”


“I plan, I’m already like this, what else can I plan to reshape the golden body.” Thunder Dragon helplessly said: “Fortunately, Qing Lingzi doesn’t hold my soul. Damn, who can explain it to me? Now, why did the person who hacked Spiritual Mountain become Old Dog’s subordinate.”

Brother Zhang curl one’s lip: “Fortunately, it’s like Ah Ji.”

And at this time , Hu Niu suddenly rushed into the restaurant. After she saw the appearance of Thunder Dragon, her hair exploded and her eyes became a vertical bar, which looked quite scary.

“Don’t worry, don’t worry.” Thunder Dragon waved his hand: “Sister, don’t worry… Qing Lingzi didn’t hold my soul, I will recover after a while.”

Soon, the twelve spirits that had already appeared gathered at Brother Xiao Zhang, and they surrounded the Thunder Dragon in the state of soul, some drinking beer and some melon seeds.

“I said, you guys are a bit human, okay, I was killed by Qing Lingzi, and I still drink beer?”

The pony laughed heartily, raised his hand: “Boss, Let’s have some clams, more spicy.”

Little Brother Zhang nodded, and then started to process the clams. The King of Shan next to him was flipping through the books and muttering about something, Ah Ji came over at the latest, and as soon as he entered the door with his little disc, he started shaking hands with Thunder Dragon.

“Drawing Mom, you have to overtake me! Get out!” Thunder Dragon shook off Ah Ji’s hand, and his right arm was already smoking: “Please be human…”

Thunder Dragon hid behind Haozi and said, “It may be that Qing Lingzi has been out of our sight for too long. This time I suffered a big loss, and I hope you will take precautions.”

Haozi looked up at the burnt-out Azure Dragon statue with his arms crossed, and said, “But it’s going to be difficult to deal with him until we’re all set.”

“I’m responsible for finding out where he is.” Tiger Girl’s voice was low: “I can’t let him go this time.”

“Agreed.” Thunder Dragon raised his hand: “But there is a black man beside him. Those of us from Spiritual Mountain are probably not our opponents.”

At this moment, Ah Ji suddenly got up and patted his chest loudly: β€œI am also from Spiritual Mountain.”

“You’re a jerk.” Thunder Dragon scolded.

In the next second, Ah Ji’s treasure statue almost overwhelmed Thunder Dragon, and he hurriedly hid behind Haozi: “Turn it off… turn it off!”

Ah Ji said with a smile after taking back the treasure statue: “He didn’t meet me. When he met me, I ka ka smashed the bridge of his nose.”

And this The most calm person at the time was Shan Dawang. He took off his glasses and said slowly in a deep tone: “I want to ask, who can reshape the golden body without Jade Rabbit?”

When Thunder Dragon heard this, he suddenly slapped his thigh: “Ah, I’m fucking… it’s over.”

(End of this chapter)

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