What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 232


Chapter 232 Sitting up from a dying illness

“You mind him! He swims around the store every day, Customers have complained to me many times, saying that he peeked at the screen of other people’s mobile phones, he interrupted when people chatted, and accosted female customers.”

Xu Wei finally endured Thunder Dragon for three days. I couldn’t go on and started complaining to Brother Zhang, the past few days her life was really a nightmare, Thunder Dragon the past few days really messed up Xu Wei’s side, he relied on himself as a Spirit Physique’s state is there, he does all sorts of outrageous shameless things, and without the physical restraint, he can play a hundred times more tricks than before.

What is the spoΓ­ls of war that just sticks his head out of the wall to act as a hunter, or hangs upside down on an electric fan on the ceiling and says welcome to the guests who come in circles, what else secretly emerges from the ground He played the land father-in-law half-length, and even possessed a wild dog passing by the door and ran over to call him Big Brother.

He really…it’s not too much of a fucking word to describe that.

In the past few days, Brother Zhang’s small restaurant is about to become a ghost browsing training ground, but Thunder Dragon seems to be addicted to playing, and he will be pitiful as soon as someone says it. I have become a lonely soul, do I have to deprive me of even this little bit of happiness?

But under his unrestrained mischief, Xu Wei’s business really couldn’t do it, so early in the morning Xu Wei found Brother Zhang to complain.

The result of the final complaint was that Thunder Dragon was bottled up by Haozi with mineral water, and he saw two holes in the top so that he could watch TV and kneel with Haozi through the two holes.

“Change the station, change the station, the ten o’clock cartoon is about to start.” Thunder Dragon shouted in the mineral water bottle: “Wait after watching the cartoon, remember to change it at half past eleven. Go to the movie channel, today is the golden age of classic old movies and there is a big talk about Journey to the West.”

“You’re almost a little better.” Haozi looked at the Thunder Dragon on the stage: “It’s all like this. Stop.”

Thunder Dragon sat cross-legged at the bottom of the water bottle, and suddenly scratched his face and asked curiously: “You said that Qing Lingzi’s Old Dog will molest my corpse, so damn disgusting. “

“Yesterday, it’s more disgusting to call me Big Brother when you were possessed by a stray dog!” Haozi scolded: “Why don’t you, I’ll be called Big Brother this afternoon!” Ah Ji will take you to choose the delivery room, you can see who will be reincarnated as a son, I can still wait ten years or so.”

Thunder Dragon shut up at that time, because he was truly unimaginable and had complete integrity. Thinking adults feel like they are being pulled out of that place with forceps, and then they have to go through life being unable to take care of themselves and singing with a group of scumbags who drank Mengpo soup on June 1. time.

Now everyone is waiting for the King of the Mountain to figure out how to reshape his golden body without Jade Rabbit, Thunder Dragon’s best place to hang out these days is to hang around Chang’an Lane, and his annoying The extent is really no less than an eight-year-old spoiled little bastard, and it can even be said that it is even worse, so now his range of activities is now set in this mineral water bottle.

But even in this small bottle, he was not honest, he made all kinds of requests all morning, he wanted to watch cartoons, he wanted to surf the Internet, and then he was thinking about the girl he liked. The host has already started.

On the fifth day Thunder Dragon waited, a package arrived at Chang’an Lane from Treasure Island. There was also a letter to Brother Zhang, and the contents of the package were Thunder Dragon’s personal items. Including wallet, mobile phone and a jar of ashes.

“Lao Tzu’s Heavenly Dragon body!!!” Thunder Dragon madly shouted at his ashes in the mineral water bottle: “Qing Lingzi, Lao Tzu is irreconcilable with you!”

“Come on you, with your current virtue, it’s irreconcilable. People didn’t use your corpse to make a puppet, it’s enough to give you face.” Haozi sighed: “But the Heavenly Dragon body is indeed a pity, if I were a Qinglingzi, I can’t help it. After all, Heavenly Dragon’s body refining is a rare thing.”

“Where are you? How can you side with the outsiders instead of one’s own people.”

“Okay.” Haozi waved his hand: “Qing Lingzi deserves to be damned, but he did keep his hand on this matter. If you can let your soul come back safely, you should be thankful, otherwise In his hands, you can’t be a ghost. Now it’s up to him to explain to Brother Zhang about the black Spirit Mountain, if the explanation is not right, he will be extremely unlucky.”

Sure enough, Qing Lingzi’s letter to Brother Zhang was explaining the matter of Hei Guanyin, and he didn’t do it on purpose, but because he didn’t know Thunder Dragon and made an oolong, he didn’t kill Thunder Dragon either. The original intention is that because Thunder Dragon was captured by Black Guanyin, the spiritual wisdom of its body has been eroded. If it is not decisive, Thunder Dragon may be completely blackened due to the invasion of darkness, but it is not easy to explain to the Lord.

After that, Qing Lingzi also gave a complete set of methods for reshaping the golden body, which is an apology for this accidental injury, and he also said in the letter that the Holy Master does not need to bother, he will personally solve the problem that he wants to capture. Thunder Dragon’s people, to deter the little ones.

“Should I say it or not, although Qing Lingzi is a villain, he is actually a good person.” Haozi took the letter and read it to Thunder Dragon and said, “He said in the letter that he doesn’t care. Whether it is the Twelve Spirits or the Corpse Immortals, even if they die, they can only die in each other’s hands. If others dare to interfere, it is an unpardonable sin. Don’t say it, his handwriting is really beautiful. “

Thunder Dragon shook wildly in the water bottle: “You stay awake, then B is talk nonsense, he just stabbed me because he didn’t want to take responsibility!”

” Nonsense.” Haozi slapped the letter on the desk: “Who doesn’t know, but at least on the surface people have admitted their mistakes, and to be honest, this time the matter is not big or small, he estimates the past I haven’t slept well for a few days. But the problem is that if it’s Qing Lingzi, Xiao Zhang won’t show his side. You have to know that we are loyal to the Holy Lord, and Qing Lingzi is also loyal to the Holy Lord. Killing the opponent is not one or two times. If he doesn’t let you back this time, we will definitely not finish, but he let you back, we can’t go to his home to fight, we can only remember the revenge first. Let’s go.”

Thunder Dragon folded his arms: “After so many years, what are you trying to figure out.”

“What are you doing? You can’t let people mention that the world’s magic is pure and spiritual.”

Thunder Dragon almost burned the spirit ring when he heard it: “I fought with him!”

“Okay, I’m deflated. Qing Lingzi also gave you a way to reshape your golden body, do you want it?”

“Let’s see.” Divine Dragon from the bottle I extended the hand and took a look: “What is this!? Where can I find this thing?”

According to Qing Lingzi’s description, his recipe comes from Supreme Unity immortal, the guy who reshaped Nezha with a lotus flower. And Thunder Dragon is different from Nezha. Thunder Dragon belongs to the phase of shock and sun. Heavy thunder overlaps and the wind revives. It is different from Nezha’s ridge and distance, so the things required for shaping are also different.

Zhenxun belongs to wood, aquatic wood. So the reconstruction of Thunder Dragon is as follows: the eyes are made of water jade Bodhi Seed, the skin is made of scales in the abdomen of Candle Dragon, and the internal organs are made of Chang’e Osmanthus Bark, Lingfeng Caiyu, Immortal Blood Peach, Earth Dragon gallbladder, flying yellow, Heavenly Dog teeth, etc., and the skeleton meridian is made of dragon-subduing wood and red spider silk, respectively, and then put into Spirit Pond to soak for three days, and then refining for forty-nine days, and then Bringing the soul into the body, this is the Great Accomplishment.

“These things are a little troublesome.” Haozi looked at the items on the list and muttered: “What is Bodhi Seed? I can’t find it, can we use grapes with more water? To use Candle Dragon’s scales…Torch Dragon’s scales, it’s too difficult. I’ll buy you a big grass carp. As for the cinnamon bark, isn’t it cinnamon bark? It’s in the kitchen. Lingfeng Caiyu doesn’t have it. But I saw that there are people selling peacock feathers, and Immortal Blood Peach, right? Is the yellow peach ok? Earth Dragon gall… What is this, just use the pig gall. I know it’s flying in the sky. Large locusts, and Heavenly Dog teeth…”

Haozi silently turned his head and looked towards Sister Gou next to him, and Sister Gou also looked up at him silently. After a while of silence, Haozi suddenly asked: ” Sister Gou, do you have any plans to change your teeth recently?”

Sister Gou was too lazy to pay attention to this person, and Thunder Dragon was also shaking the bottle frantically: “I want to be like Heaven and Nezha like Nezha. Earth Treasure, I’m not asking you to make a set for Lao Tzu in the vegetable market, you bastard.”

“If you stop talking nonsense with me, I’ll buy 20 catties of small tomatoes to reshape the gold for you. body.”

Thunder Dragon doesn’t dare to talk nonsense now, he has no ability now, just a pair of Remnant Soul, it’s really too easy for Haozi to toss him, so in such a situation Thunder Dragon is not a retard, he gave in easily.

After that, Haozi went to use DD to buy vegetables in the spirit of exploration and bought substitutes for all the materials just now. When he couldn’t find Spirit Pond, he bought a plastic pot and put the favorite of the dog in the yard. The warm water made a basin, and then put all the food into it.

It didn’t even say that it took three days to soak in, and on the afternoon of the second day, the thing smelled so bad that I couldn’t even ask for a pot, which made Haozi’s replacement plan completely aborted.

Under such desperation, he finally shook the King of the Mountain. After reading the recipe given by Qing Lingzi, King Shan looked thoughtful and said: “I’ll prepare things, but you have to prepare Spirit Pond. The best Spirit Pond is the Yaochi of the Queen Mother of the West, and below it is the Spirit of Empress. Pond, the lotus pond on Yunmiao Heavenly Palace is also fine.”

“Where can I fix this thing.” Haozi spread his hands and said, “I can’t help it.”

“Let’s try it.”

But what should I say, the King of the Mountain can only be regarded as a cobbler when he comes, and of course he can’t find the original stuff. After all, those things are just picked up. Both are Heaven and Earth Treasure, so he is also a replacement product, but his product is much better than Haozi’s market monopoly, at least people bought it in a Chinese medicine store, and some are even a bit high in price.

Haozi finally got the Spirit Pond. He borrowed it directly from Jin Mei. It was a top-level Yaochi. Jin Mei readily agreed to them for Xiao Zhang’s sake.

But within two days, Jin Mei angrily found Haozi and reprimanded him, because the things Shan Dawang had prepared hadn’t been soaked in the Jade Pond for two days. It stinks in the evening, not only the medicinal ingredients stink, but even half of the Jade Pond is full of weird medicinal soup sub-smell.

Seeing that the replacement would not work, they began to think about using other things, but this time it was going to be real. First of all, Haozi bought more than 100 kilograms of small food from the vegetable market. The tomato was spread on the ground, and it was specially made to look like a human figure. However, the king of the mountainside gave a supplement. He even brought a very precious tortoise shell over. This tortoise shell is matched with a small tomato. Just like when the ninja Divine Tortoise went to the scene of a murder, he couldn’t bear to watch it every year.

Finally, the year-round complaints finally alarmed Brother Zhang. After he came over and inquired about the situation carefully, he realized that they had been messing around here for more than a week.

“I’m going to find someone to help you, so don’t worry about it.”

Brother Xiao Zhang really can’t help this group of people to make a fool of themselves without Jade Rabbit For messing around, he can only betray it himself to solve this matter, and he first sent a message in the group, and then started the road to pay for pickup.

The things that those people sent were not things that Haozi could understand, let alone the fruits and vegetables they could get by ordering food at the vegetable market, but they were really given to him according to what was written on the list. The materials that came, and even some of them were obtained by myself.

But after they saw these super treasures, they started to worry one by one, because it also said that they were activated by magic, so what kind of magic is this magic and how to activate it? became the top priority of the problem.

This time, Brother Zhang is helpless. He can indeed ask someone to help, but he doesn’t know anything about magic. Seeing that Thunder Dragon is about to close down in the mineral water bottle, he is depressed. The good news finally came.

That’s the Supreme Unity immortal himself.

He came here soon after seeing Brother Zhang’s request for help in the group. After all, he finally got a chance to take a flattery for Guardian. Divided spirit.

But when and the others came over and saw the recipe, Supreme Unity immortal was dumbfounded.

“Where is the remodeling of the body. This is clearly the creation of the heavens. If this is created, then the birth is the body of the Golden Immortal, but you know that the more it is, the more dangerous it is. “Supreme Unity immortal is now a kind Little Old Man. There is no Immortal Qi fluttering on his body, but because he has gained a lot of weight over the years, standing there with a shy belly is somewhat greasy: “Once you take half a step, If there is a mistake, there will be no chance for a second remodel, are you sure you will still use these materials?”

“Gamble and gamble!” The little person Thunder Dragon in the bottle is in the The plastic bottle screamed wildly: “I’ll bet on this Heavenly Immortal body! If I can’t make it, I’ll find a wild dog reincarnated in someone else’s body, and I’ll have to call Haozi a Big Brother for the rest of my life.”

(End of this chapter)

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