What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 233


Chapter 233 Untitled

Huang Die’er came back from a business trip, and after learning about Thunder Dragon, she almost copied it The guy went to fight Qing Lingzi desperately, and everyone tried to persuade her to keep her anger down. Although everyone maintained a certain amount of anger at this matter, clear reason is still needed. If you fight alone, there is no such thing as A person is Qing Lingzi’s opponent, not only because he is one of the three Earth Immortals, but also because he has a black Spiritual Mountain bigwig around him.

Ah Ji can’t be counted on, Ah Ji has no attack power, so two black Spiritual Mountain can’t play with each other on their respective buffs, and how do you say this kind of thing… There are black Spiritual Mountain people on both sides , then it is not actually a violation, and the Holy Master is not easy to intervene on the premise of not breaking the rules. Since everyone is on the same starting line, it is actually reasonable and reasonable for Thunder Dragon to be slaughtered.

And isn’t this still showing him a whole new body? The material Supreme Unity daoist has been taken back for research, and he will come directly to say hello when it is finished, but he also said, because these things The overall level of the research has greatly exceeded his expectations. As a rigorous high-end scientific researcher, he needs a certain amount of time to digest it. He even took away the method given by Qing Lingzi, and before leaving, he told the National People’s Congress who proposed this method. Appreciate it, saying that there are no more than five people in the world who can achieve this level, and he still knows all five people, so he even wants to meet this genius in person and discuss it together.

“Why aren’t you angry? Are you still men?”

Huang Die’er was still angrily scolding Haozi and the others. Although she did not dare to scold Brother Zhang, she dared to scold Haozi . First, Haozi is the first seat of the Twelve Spirits, and secondly, Haozi is the junior brother of Thunder Dragon. Now that this kind of thing happens, can Haozi be able to sit still?

“Aiya, stop scolding.” Haozi leaned against the mineral water bottle with Thunder Dragon dangling there: “The Twelve Spirits failed to return to their positions, we still have a bit of an advantage in the home game, and we will have an away game. He was hanged and beaten.”

In fact, Haozi is somewhat sorry, but it is not that they have not discussed how difficult it is to take revenge, not to mention that a few useless things can If you can’t beat Hei Guanyin, even without Thunder Dragon, whether you can beat Qing Lingzi is a big problem.

Haozi played against Qing Lingzi. He made a big battle in advance and made a message difference, which caused Qing Lingzi to be completely unprepared, but even then he was almost turned against by Qing Lingzi. After fighting, in the end, under the premise of taking advantage of the right time and place, I could only fight with Qing Lingzi five to five times.

This battle strength is still under the premise that Brother Qinglingzi’s skill is less than 60%, and there was no Hei Guanyin at that time.

Now Haozi conservatively estimates that Qing Lingzi’s skill has recovered to at least 80% or even higher, and there is a black Spiritual Mountain tycoon beside him, so to calculate the battle strength, one Thunder Dragon is missing, plus one can If you can’t fight Ah Ji, then the top battle strength is left with Hu Niu, and if you die, you will add another pony. The Twelve Spirits can’t stand up, and they are still playing away from home.

The Twelve Spirits are not cowards or fake, but they don’t want to give away their heads. Haozi doesn’t want to see Thunder Dragon locked in a mineral water bottle. He watches cartoons every day, but it’s not for nothing. What is the way.

“If the spirit snake is still there, we can fight. The spirit snake is not there… We don’t have the efficient commanding ability of Qing Lingzi. When the time comes, it really goes, here we fight that. The head still has to take care of the King of the Mountain and me, these rubbish with insufficient battle strength, don’t you think that Qing Lingzi will press it for this game? You also know how the twelve spirits were destroyed back then.”

After Haozi’s explanation, Huang Die’er’s anger disappeared. In that battle, ten of the twelve spirits entered the reincarnation, and only Heavenly Dog and Hu Niu escaped. It came out because Qing Lingzi used the arrogance and arrogance of Thunder Dragon at that time to break their battle and killed the snake, causing the battle line of the twelve spirits to collapse.

Think of Thunder Dragon so much.

Thunder Dragon sat in the bottle and looked at the angry sister dog, he scratched his head and said: “Look at me like this, I’m already a little person in the bottle.”

The current situation is here too. Qing Lingzi also explained the situation to the Holy Master and left Thunder Dragon with a chance to reshape. What does this mean? It means that he doesn’t want to provoke the Twelve Spirits either. Both sides are jealous of each other. The best way for everyone to deal with it is to walk back and forth like an expert trick, find the opponent’s weak spot and then kill it with one hit.

“Holy Lord…you have to decide for our Thunder Dragon!”

Seeing that Haozi’s lobbying was fruitless, Huang Die’er jumped directly in front of Brother Zhang’s counter. , began to complain with tears in his eyes: “My family Alei is loyal… loyal to his duties, how can you bear to see him like this…”

“Aiya Aiya…” The villain in the bottle is in Holding his forehead in the bottle: “Haozi, you fucking pull her! It’s embarrassing for me.”

“I don’t pull it.” Haozi curl one’s lip: “Your mother-in-law You don’t know what her character is? I pull her, and she can scold me when she turns around.”

Little Brother Zhang didn’t say anything, just watched Huang Die’er crying there, holding the After wiping a glass, it rattled zhi zhi, and after wiping a set, Huang Die’er hadn’t stopped. Brother Zhang said with a smile: “Thunder Dragon’s private money is in the Chinese dictionary in his room. .”

“Really?” Huang Dier raised his head suddenly: “He still has private money?”

“en. ”

Huang Dier Turning his head and walking away, he didn’t stop when he came to Thunder Dragon. He just pointed to the Thunder Dragon in the bottle and said, “Let me find out that you are dead.”

And Thunder Dragon looked stunned: ” Boss! You sell me!!!”

Brother Zhang just laughed and didn’t answer, but took out a Spirit Sword stone he was in charge of selling from under the counter and threw it to Haozi: “This is enough. Is it?”

Thunder Dragon saw it, crazy nodded: “Enough is enough, this thing is very valuable now, many people in Japan want to get one for several million Yen, always pestering me to ask if I have any goods.”

And Huang Die’er found out the 10,000 yuan that Thunder Dragon had in the dictionary, and when she came back, she didn’t ask Thunder Dragon to ask for her guilt. I just said that I went out for a walk, and then left…

“嘁, woman.” Thunder Dragon leaned against the inner wall of the bottle and crossed Erlang’s legs: “A little money is like this, alas…”

“Don’t come to a conclusion before the end.” Brother Zhang took two bottles of wine and put them in front of Haozi: “I’ll let you out now, don’t make trouble.”

“Good good…” Thunder Dragon was busy nodded: “I must be obediently and honestly.”

Finally, after the fifth day of being locked in the bottle, Thunder Dragon regained his freedom, but this time he really let Xiao Zhang worry about him, he didn’t do those crazy things anymore, just sat there quietly. watch TV. Because he was in Spirit Physique state, he couldn’t eat he he. He could only see Haozi, Xiao Zhang and Xu Wei sitting there and having a late-night snack. Although he was dissatisfied, he just complained on his lips. a few words.

“Ai, speaking of which I don’t know what’s going on with my new body, is Supreme Unity daoist reliable?”

Haozi took a swig of beer and hiccupped. He said, “It’s someone who resurrected Nezha, so you can’t figure it out?”

“That’s not what I meant, I just wondered why there is no news for so many days?”

“Isn’t it just taken yesterday? It will take a few days for the results to come out, right?” Haozi spat: “I just wanted to say when your mother-in-law was crying to Brother Zhang, if It’s not Brother Zhang’s help, a scum like you can only use tomatoes as your body.”

“Aiya, okay, okay, I’ve persuaded me too, but I can’t.” Thunder Dragon rubbed his hands together. The face laughed lowly and said: “I’m looking forward to a new body now.”

“Guess how the Supreme Unity daoist complained.” Haozi put the dish in his mouth and said with a smile: ” People said, I thought it was coming to embroider lotus flowers, didn’t expect you to let him build a tank.”

“hehehehe…” Thunder Dragon laughed very slyly: “If it does happen, I Is it possible to sanctify the fleshy body directly?”

“Go dreaming, the Supreme Unity immortal also said that your mortal soul can only exert your body’s ability at most. 30% of the formidable power can be mastered gradually as your Soul Power and Essence improve.”

Though speaking of which, Thunder Dragon probably understands that although the new body is very powerful, But it is not ready to use, you still have to keep Cultivation yourself to break through the original limitations.

But of course there are more benefits. The new body is obviously stronger than the Heavenly Dragon body. After all, the upper limit is placed there. Heavenly Dragon body and Cultivation are nothing more than a monster Peak. Monster Race Peak is now who is it? Dragon Third Princess, Qingqiu Fox King, Sky Snake King, Peacock Ming Wang, Golden-Winged Great Peng, right? Three of these five are pets on Three Realms. Qingqiu Fox Race is amazing, but they It is also too particular about bloodline, and a pure golden fox was born in tens of thousands of years. Most of the remaining fox kings are white foxes.

The white fox, you know it, even the Nine-tailed Heavenly Fox is just like that.

But the new body is different. Putting on the new body means that Thunder Dragon has stepped on the threshold of Three Realms with one foot. As long as there are no major accidents, he will definitely be To become an immortal physique, at least it can’t be worse than that Earth Immortal of Qing Lingzi, right?

When the time comes immortal physique, Thunder Dragon will have to make an appointment with Qing Lingzi for a one-on-one match, so that he can see what is the real first place in human magic.

From this point of view, Qing Lingzi is worthy of the name of a hero. Although he is not a person, his mind is indeed unmatched by an ordinary person. He clearly knows that Thunder Dragon will get a new one. The body, but still can throw out such a top-level design, although it has the meaning of apology to the Lord, but with his ability to give that kind of ordinary body, the Lord will not say anything.

Thunder Dragon thought for a moment and then seriously nodded: “When the time comes I will fight against Qing Lingzi at the top of the Forbidden City.”

“You are sick, you suddenly jump like this. Just one sentence.”


I went out today for something, and I came home very late, and people were about to collapse from the heat, so I’ll have less today. .

(End of this chapter)

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