What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 234


Chapter 234 Winter Festival

The climate in the past two years has been quite abnormal. According to normal conditions, GZ can almost be said to be a building without It is a winter city, but this year, GZ City has just started to snow. Meteorologists have tried to explain it in many ways, but people don’t really care, because snow is not unusual for such a southern city. It’s a gift, especially this snow is neither small nor big, just right to the position of the ankle.

The school was closed due to safety concerns. The children in Chang’an Lane played together outside before dawn. They couldn’t resist this kind of happiness every year. The boys went out to eat snow.

Although the adults in every household will tell the children that the snow is dirty and uneatable, who cares about the little bastards, after all, the children in the south are like the children of the grassland to the sea, full of snow. Daydream, longing and anticipation.

In the early morning, the snow was still blowing, and Chang’an Alley was gradually becoming lively. The little bastards were all wet and shivering and were called home for dinner. A sharp voice, shouting “XXX go back to eat” means that the bastards’ happiness has come to an end temporarily.

There are also a few breakfast shops in Chang’an Alley, selling some things like steamed dumplings with rice rolls. How much money you can expect to earn is mainly due to being idle.

So the steam and the snow in the early morning blended together like this. The commuters bought some when they passed by, and complained about the ghost weather to the Boss by the way, and then continued to turn around and merge into the city behind. .

Brother Zhang is standing in front of the window, with a big jar of pickled plums in front of him. Today is the beginning of winter. According to the rules, we have to prepare pork ribs with plums to reward the hard work in the past year. neighborhood.

This is the rule of Chang’an Lane for 700 years. Although things will change due to different times, there is such a procedure after all. And this generation is in the hands of Xiao Zhang.

He put the pitted plums aside, then took out the sweet and sour tangerine peel, and after washing the dust off the top, he was about to start processing the ribs.

The pork ribs delivered this morning are very fresh. The big brother who delivered the meat also said with a smile that he knew that Chang’an Lane was going to treat him today, so he specially picked the best pork ribs for the little brother, two fat and eight thin. Brittle bones attached.

The ribs are also easy to handle. Soak them in cold water for a while, then add the onion, ginger, star anise and cinnamon cooking wine to blanch. Put oil in a large iron pot, add sugar when the oil is hot, add the pork ribs and start to fry when the color is red, then add soy sauce and stir-fry until fragrant, add boiling water to cover the pork ribs, wait for the water to boil, add the plum and dried tangerine peel , you can add a small fire to goo.

To be honest, if it weren’t for Brother Zhang, it would have killed people to get over 100 pounds of pork ribs, but when the sour smell came out, the hard work this morning would be worth it. .

Thunder Dragon is sitting in front of the cauldron watching the fire, he can’t do anything now, the only thing he can do is sit there, either watching TV or watching the fire. Brother Zhang went to the side and started preparing other side dishes. After all, there are a lot of things to do today. Although ribs are the main dish, they can’t be just ribs.

“Potato brisket, salt and pepper chicken nuggets, crispy tenderloin, crab roe and tofu soup, the main dishes are shrimp tortillas, rice and pickled pepper noodles.” Brother Zhang squatted there to count the other ingredients: “You If you’re really bored, just watch TV by yourself.”

“It’s fine, I’ll just sit here.”

Thunder Dragon sat there with his chin up and stared at the fire in the hearth in a daze, He whispered in his mouth, “Unconsciously this year is the 700th anniversary of Chang’an Lane. Boss, you said that in another 700 years, Chang’an Lane will still be there.”

Little Brother Zhang He didn’t speak, just sat in front of a large iron basin cleaning beef, only glanced up at Thunder Dragon when he heard the question, and then continued to lower his head and go about his own business.

Thunder Dragon didn’t ask any further questions, because he knew that Brother Zhang never made any predictions. Whether he was there or not, it was a fate for him. Brother Zhang can know.

“I can’t talk nonsense, right? After I had the word spirit, I was more careful when I said it. To be honest, when I was beaten by the hacker Spiritual Mountain, I didn’t think about it. Spirit, otherwise it will never be like this.” Thunder Dragon sat there with a sad face: “I feel aggrieved when I think about it.”

Brother Zhang has already started to cut beef now, and he heard Thunder Dragon’s words. He also laughed out loud: “Some things are probably life, but I think instead of thinking about why it fell into Qing Lingzi’s hands, you might as well think about why there are people other than Qing Lingzi. A reward is to be offered.”

Thunder Dragon suddenly raised his head and slapped his thigh when he said this: “Yeah, whoever offers me a reward is the key. And the people of Qinglingzi also think that I am a Devil, then it’s obvious that the people who offered me a reward only targeted me after I went to Japan.”

“You are too high-profile.”

What Brother Zhang said That’s right, Thunder Dragon is as arrogant as it is on Xiao Baga’s side. Basically, it is the attitude of the boss of the sky and the second child. Not only does he not pay attention to his own concealment, but he even broadcasts other people’s secret places. It would be strange to offer a reward to him.

Once I figured this out, Thunder Dragon’s grievances disappeared. After all, it was replaced by any party, and suddenly it was discovered that a person like Thunder Dragon was born out of thin air. Lingzi tied him up, just to intimidate Gary and induce him to join the enemy.

It’s just that Qing Lingzi didn’t expect Qing Lingzi to hand him over according to the rules. Instead, he gave him the result with one knife. This is a relatively good way to deal with it. As for why he couldn’t let Thunder Dragon go, even Thunder Dragon didn’t dare to hope, because if Qing Lingzi fell into his hands, he would definitely not let Qing Lingzi go.

So many times, the complexity of this world is really far beyond what Thunder Dragon’s underdeveloped brain can understand. It’s no wonder that he suffers many losses. It’s no wonder that Haozi, whose battle strength is not outstanding, came to be the leader of the Twelve Spirits from beginning to end.

A lack of battle strength is not necessarily a defect, but a lack of brains must be a defect.

“Damn it, offer a bounty to me! Fuck, I’ll tell my eldest sister to offer a bounty to them.” Although Thunder Dragon is no longer concerned about what he has done, the law of conservation of anger tells us that a person’s Anger Value will not be created out of thin air nor will it disappear out of thin air, it must be transformed from one way to another.

In the past, Thunder Dragon was angry with himself and Qing Lingzi, but now his anger is directly aimed at the organization that offered him a reward.

It wasn’t until after eleven o’clock that Brother Zhang’s dishes were almost ready. At this time, Haozi came to the restaurant sleepily and heard Thunder Dragon foul-mouthed there. , scolding very dirty, the kind that serious people have no ears to listen to.

β€œWho stepped on your tail again?”

Haozi straddled the chair, lifted the lid of the pot, picked a piece of beef brisket with his fingernails, and put it in his mouth, after tossing it back and forth. , continued: “Can’t you be safe one day?”

Thunder Dragon sat there angrily: “There’s a fucking reward for Lao Tzu.”

“What’s the matter? A reward is offered to you? Didn’t Qing Lingzi say that someone asked him to arrest you. He didn’t recognize you either, so it’s not a problem. Why are you still angry here in a circle?”

Thunder Dragon waved his hand: “No, you listen to me.”

After sitting there and listening to Thunder Dragon’s description, Haozi probably understood the meaning, and he also understood Thunder Dragon Why is he angry? It’s just because his dignity has been ruined. Before talking about Qing Lingzi, he actually has nothing to complain about. It is normal for him to die. But now a shit organization that didn’t know where to pull it out dared to provoke him. His most powerful spear of the Twelve Spirits is shameless?

But he is angry, but the problem is that getting angry now can’t solve the problem. They are weak now. Before the twelve spirits formed eight online, there were only a few stragglers, really It’s not enough to see, and if it is really going to be dispatched in a group, what if it is destroyed by a group, you must know that according to the regulations, their revenge is not protected by the multi-civilization boundary treaty, and they can’t encounter anything. Come forward to the Holy Master, then their twelve spirits really have no dignity at all.

“I know that too, but I can’t take this breath.”

“Okay.” Haozi wiped his hands on his clothes: “This matter is not over, Just wait for your new body.”

At this time, Brother Zhang had already started to make soup. He put the processed salted egg yolk paste into a large pot and scattered it, and then only added salt to it. and sugar, then add water to it, and when the water boils, put in the tofu and some Chinese cabbage leaves, and finally put the minced meat and diced ham in it, and then slowly simmer the tofu inside. .

The classic four dishes and one soup will be ready soon, and Xu Wei also began to move the table out at this time.

At about twelve o’clock, the heavy snow finally stopped, and Chang’an Alley soon returned to its previous bustling, and the neighbors here also began to work hard, and every household was busy. Start moving the table out.

The table circled the big phoenix tree three times, and the little bastards who were released again happily dug between the tables until Brother Zhang took the food out, and then a gong sounded. After that, this is a serious meal.

Because of the years, Chang’an Lane has not spared the cannon battle for many years, but the sound of the impact of the tables, chairs and benches is not much smaller than the cannon battle. Every household began to serve dishes and meals from their own homes, and the head of each household had already brought the rice bowl and came to Brother Zhang to prepare for the meal.

This tradition, which has lasted for seven hundred years, at first only stemmed from a small shop that gave away porridge and rice, and it was the bowl of millet porridge and a yam stick that made Chang’an Lane become Chang’an Lane. , On this day of the beginning of winter every year, for Chang’an Lane, it is not a New Year but a New Year.

Brother Zhang has put on Pikachu’s apron at this moment, holding a large rice spoon in his hand, and two golden flowers, Tiger Niu and Sister Gou, are wearing beautiful clothes that are seldom worn, holding a large rice spoon in his hand. There is a thick stack of red envelopes, and they will hand over a red envelope to whoever Xiao Zhang feeds.

No matter how big or high the status is outside, at this moment, you have to shout “many thanks” with a smile on your face, and when they bring the Lord’s food back, the first The second project has also started. The meals on everyone’s table will start to be delivered. Everyone present has to turn over the plate three times. No one knows what will be eaten in front of them, and this is also the most interesting part. , children will even run around chasing the dishes they like to eat, and they will sit wherever the dishes stop.

There are three groups of newcomers in Chang’an Lane this year, zombie, Qingbai Ershe and Jinmei. They didn’t know these rules before, but as the first year people, these three groups were placed. in the guest seat.

Jin Mei felt that she couldn’t hold on to her face, so she simply called the little fairy to get her treasured wine. Although she didn’t know the rules and didn’t cook this year, she could manage enough wine.

The two green and white snakes were also flattered. They never imagined that there would be such a celebration in Chang’an Lane, and the atmosphere would be so good, they didn’t know what to say while sitting there.

On the other hand, the zombie was crying because she was too emotional.

Just as the wine was fragrant in Chang’an Alley, the sound of motorcycles rang outside, and then Zhang Yao took off his helmet and stood there blankly. Now, he went up curiously and asked, “What’s this for?”

“Winter festival.” Haozi, who was squatting beside him, raised his head and said, “I won’t talk about work today, I’ll find a place by myself. Let’s eat in the open space.”


Zhang Yao sat in the crowd with a bewildered face, she was a little shocked to see such a scene. , Fortunately, she was not a stranger in Chang’an Lane, so she asked curiously.

“Every year, every year in the beginning of winter, it’s been like this for hundreds of years.”

Zhang Yao took a piece of spareribs in a bowl, but was stunned by the people at the same table. At a glance, she didn’t know why, but the little girl next to her who just went to college explained to her: “This is the meal made by the Holy Master… Every family is reluctant to eat it, and they want to take it back and eat it at night, you can eat this when you come up. , people will definitely stare at you. It’s a tradition, you get used to it.”

“Oh…I see.”

Sure enough, she raised her head and looked around. There were really people eating all the dishes on the tables around the table, except for the dish in the middle that was served in a bowl, which looked like a tribute to Divine Immortal.

Zhang Yao is not greedy, she just thinks that she has known Brother Zhang for three years, and he has never asked her to participate in this kind of activity, and Jin Mei has been treated like this for the first time this year, Just thinking about it makes me feel aggrieved…

At this moment, Jin Mei has come over with a glass of wine, she toasts one by one like a hostess, and when she arrives at Zhang Yao’s table, she even Holding Zhang Yao’s hand with full of smiles, he said, “It’s better to be in time than to be in time. You can come just in time. If you arrive later, the food will be cold.”

Zhang Yao looked up. Jin Mei, she didn’t know what to say all of a sudden, she laughed dryly, and then she wanted to say something, but found that she couldn’t come up with a word, and her proud aura just lost in a mess.

The Twelve Spirits came back one after another except Ah Ji. From the blizzard that covered Xiaoma’s body, it could be seen that he must have come back from a motorcycle. The one who is alone can be free and roam the world.

Not only Twelve Spirits, but even many people who had left Chang’an Lane came back one after another around 12:30. The old neighbors greeted and laughed loudly. Rotate back and forth around the big sycamore.

At this time, everyone has no manners or rudeness. As long as you don’t eat the middle plate, you can do whatever you want. The old neighbors also understand the rules, so the atmosphere is cheerful and hot, even this one. The weird weather couldn’t counteract their enthusiasm at the moment.

Brother Zhang was sitting on a stool, eating with Erlang’s legs crossed, but his Erlang’s legs were so elegant that he even felt like Ye Wen was sitting there smoking a cigarette.

And right here in a frenzy, a group of people suddenly walked in outside, headed by a man who looked less than 30 years old, he stepped forward and looked back and forth at Chang’an Lane, He puffed out his cigarette butts and said to the people around him, “I want to develop this place into a tourist spot, and the houses will be rebuilt and turned into homestays.”

“Mr. Wei, this street is not for bidding. It’s a protected area, so it won’t be approved.”

“That’s your business, and I don’t want to destroy or rebuild it. Make it modern and more dynamic. “When he spoke, he raised his finger and pointed to Brother Zhang’s restaurant: “Look at that, isn’t that also changed? Why is it that the monk can’t touch me?” He entered, but a partner beside him quickly blocked his way: “Let’s not go in, they are holding a celebration… It’s not good to be disturbed. “

“What are you afraid of, I’m not a bad person.” “

He pushed away the person blocking him, and walked slowly into Chang’an Lane like a tourist. After walking in a few steps, he came to Brother Zhang, and he picked up the After stirring the spoon twice, he said to Brother Zhang with a smile, “Brother, this fast food is alright, how much does it cost. “

Brother Zhang put down the bowl and said with a smile: “This is not fast food, it is not for sale.” “

Brother Zhang is kind, but the twelve spirits around him can be fierce and vicious. Although they are eating, their eyes never leave this strange man. It’s a little disrespectful, he can’t get away from Chang’an Lane’s eyes alive today.

“Is this your shop? Mr. Wei pointed to Brother Zhang’s restaurant: “It looks okay. “

“Well, thank you.” “

“Make a bid, I’m going to take it.” “

Brother Zhang smiled and looked at the head: “You can’t buy or sell here.” “

“Well, I see.” “He nodded: “I’ll find a way to do this, and I’ll take a fancy to your store.” “

After he finished speaking, he turned around and left with his hands in his pockets, and the atmosphere in Chang’an Lane gradually eased after he left. Just now, just now… at least fifteen demon spirits over two thousand years old. , Seventeen between fifteen hundred and two thousand years old, twenty-nine monsters between five hundred and fifteen hundred years old are staring at him, the oldest Jinmei is 190,000 years old, and the youngest zombie is three hundred and seventy-seven. Fifteen years old. In addition to Ah Ji and Thunder Dragon, there are five twelve spirits in total, one Nian beast, one side of Yin-Yang Mirror, and one magician, a beautiful girl holding a white elephant and a gold pen.

“It’s alright. Brother Zhang raised his chopsticks towards them: “Have fun eating.” ”

After these words, the atmosphere in Chang’an Lane became active again.

(End of this chapter)

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