What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 235


Chapter 235 The moon is so beautiful tonight

The snow stopped suddenly, the full moon was like a plate, and the whole city was covered with A piece of snow and moonlight shrouded it, and Heaven and Earth were indistinguishable.

The moonlight shines on the snow, making it brighter than ever. There is a sound of snow falling on the ground from time to time under the big phoenix tree. Chang’an Alley is quiet. Every family closes their doors and beds early because of the cold. The sound of coughing and the voice of the woman scolding the child came, and there was more than that, the super loud volume that was too late to adjust when the honest TV changed channels.

Brother Zhang sat under the big phoenix tree and told Jin Mei about the seven hundred years of Chang’an Lane.

Seven hundred years is just a brief moment for the Holy Mother of Yaochi, but for any ordinary person, this is a story that must be told from a long, long, long time ago.

“Chang’an Lane existed more than 700 years ago, after the Battle of Yashan and the Sea. At the beginning, the Holy Master of that generation saw that many people were hungry and cold on the way from the north to the south, so they began to This place gives them porridge and rice, and this habit started from the beginning of winter. After that, everyone will live here, there are ordinary person, demon spirit and cultivator. Chang’an Chang’an is their homeland of Chang’an. Nostalgia is also the expectation of long-term well-being, and it has been generation after generation, until today. Chang’an Alley is still Chang’an Alley, and Chang’an Alley is always Chang’an Alley.”

Brother Zhang held a cup of hot water in his hand. Tea, with my eyes on the moon in the night sky: “For seven hundred years, many people have come and gone here. This phoenix tree was also planted here, and it is the same age as Chang’an Lane.”

With his voice, the sycamore leaves behind him rattled, as if responding to his introduction.

Jin Mei got up and patted the big phoenix tree behind her: “So it’s always been like this here?”

“Almost, there will be noises in Chang’an Lane, but there are probably a few here. One of the few places where you can stay closed at night.” Brother Zhang gently folded one of his legs on his knees: “I also grew up here. When I was a child, the summer was hot, and the children in the alley would sleep under the big phoenix tree. Sometimes there is a bamboo bed for one person, sometimes two or three people squeeze a bamboo bed. During the Chinese New Year, this family eats two and the other eats two. The children here basically come here. So everyone has a good relationship. But speaking of which is very strange, although boys and girls all grew up together, there are very few successful pairs in Chang’an Lane, almost none.”

“Maybe because they are too familiar.” Jin Mei’s tone In fact, she is envious. She has never experienced such a way of life. She has long been accustomed to getting along with people in a way of a superior person, and she has long forgotten when she was naked with people. It’s time to run around.

Brother Zhang took a sip of tea and continued to look up at the moon in the sky. Jin Mei had nothing to talk about, so she sat there quietly. Although she didn’t speak, she put her arms on the With his chin on his knees, he turned his head and looked at Brother Zhang’s profile.

The sky that had snowed was very clean, the meteor streaked across the sky for a short time, and two people who were not afraid of the cold sat there and chatted until late at night.

Chang’an Lane is indeed a bit outdated in this era, because no matter how it is, it is only a microcosm of the village elder system. In other words, Xiao Zhang is the owner of Chang’an Lane, and he Anything said here has more utility than the law. This is actually wrong, but everyone has a tacit understanding not to mention this matter, and silently continues to operate according to the rules many years ago.

Brother Zhang knows that maybe one day Chang’an Alley may also fall apart, because if he has no descendants, then this connection that has lasted for many years will suddenly break, and then this alley will be broken. It will gradually melt into the vast Great Thousand Worlds with the ever-changing world changes.

But who cares, even stars have lifespans don’t they?

“The moon is so beautiful tonight.” Jin Mei raised her head and looked at Brother Zhang’s profile: “I haven’t seen the moon for a long time.”

Brother Zhang un ‘ed , then took out a hard-boiled egg from his pocket: “Do you eat eggs?”

“Where did you take it out… no, why did you take out this thing? It spoils the atmosphere Alas.”

Brother Zhang looked down at the egg in his hand and recalled a little: “I cooked it for Nian Nian in the afternoon, but she refused to eat it, so I put it away.”

“It’s not good for little children to be picky eaters.” Jin Mei took the eggs and started peeling them: “Actually, I don’t like eggs very much, it smells like chicken cakes.”

Brother Zhang said Oh, extend the hand: “Then give it back to me.”


Eating eggs, watching the moon and watching the snow, this is probably a sexy bearing and charming temperament in the world One of them, even in return to house, Jin Mei laughed out loud thinking about the egg just now.

second day Early in the morning, everything was business as usual, but the ticking of the melting snow was a little annoying. Brother Zhang got up early, cleaned the yard, and then started the cycle of day after day. middle.

In the morning, Wugenshui came to Brother Zhang with a few scripts and asked him what kind of roles he wanted to play, saying that these roles were basically tailored for him. But Brother Zhang still politely refused in the end, because he had a hunch that if he continued to act, he would become a first-line actor, and the life of first-line idols would not be so leisurely, you can see it by watching Xiaoxiao.

During this time, Xiao Xiao will still chat with Xiao Zhang and share her current life. She said that she is really busy now, so busy that she may have to go back and forth between two or three studios every day. Sometimes I even have to work until two or three in the morning, and on the second day I have to go to work again before seven in order to catch a scene.

Although her income was indeed more than she could imagine before, Xiao Xiao inevitably began to complain about life.

Xiao Xiao’s cheerful personality is already like this. Brother Zhang feels that if he really reaches that point, he may not be able to persevere for a day. After all, perseverance is difficult, and it is too simple to give up halfway.

But to be honest, because of Wugenshui’s promotion, Xiaoxiao’s popularity is really high now. She may not be the most beautiful, and she may not even be outstanding among female stars. But her smiling brows and eyes, the intimacy brought by a small stature, and the vitality that belongs to a vitality girl suddenly made her the most recent hottest female star, and she can even be seen in May next year. She starred in the famous director’s movie. This is watching the pheasant become Phoenix, but her attitude is very low every time she goes on camera and interviews, which directly causes people all over the country to have a very good impression of this unearthly girl.

Of course, this is also the reason why Xiao Zhang is now resisting making movies, because whether it is an internet celebrity or a star, there are too many things to face after becoming a public figure. This is not what Brother Zhang wants to see, so it is enough to play the ticket once, and it is not what he wants to go further.

Wugenshui didn’t get a positive response, so he was not disappointed. After all, the Lord’s hope was his goal. If he didn’t want to shoot, he wouldn’t shoot it, and it wasn’t a major event. It was only a surprise when he saw Thunder Dragon in Spirit Physique state.

“To be honest, when I first saw you, I was actually moved. You are such a perfect soul body. If you can become a ghost, it must be the Peerless Grade in the world.”

That’s what Rootless Water says to Thunder Dragon.

Thunder Dragon made him roll, as far as possible. But Wugenshui didn’t care too much, just studied Thunder Dragon back and forth and said: “Generally speaking, Remnant Soul is within seven days, if there is no special situation, even if it is a huge grievance, it will be dispersed. , but your soul has been condensed for such a long time that it can even be seen by an ordinary person, which shows that your soul is strong, or you simply don’t need a body and become a spirit cultivator. I just have the method of a spirit cultivator. It’s just that my soul is far inferior to yours, and I don’t need it at all. If you get rid of the shackles of your body, you will soon be able to see the Dao.”

“You can die as far as I can.” Thunder Dragon said angrily: “It’s disgusting to be a ghost cultivator, and to be a spirit cultivator. Then I can only be Court Eunuch in my life?”

“That’s not what I said… Court Eunuch had this feature before and then didn’t, spirit cultivator simply doesn’t have this feature.”

Thunder Dragon interrupted WuRootshui impatiently, and then told him to get out again.

Brother Zhang didn’t pay any attention to them, he just sat behind the counter with his head lowered and fiddled with a piece of the puzzle. Don’t look at him as a serious person, but in fact he couldn’t stop because of his hands. People, no matter if it’s poker or something, as long as it’s in his hands, he can play for a whole day, this time he’s playing a puzzle, the white hell known as Epic Grade difficulty, a mini version of a thousand pieces, ordinary person After playing for a while, he was basically blind, but Brother Zhang had been playing all morning.

While they were enjoying the most peaceful morning in Chang’an Lane, yesterday Mr. Wei came again. Today there are not many people around him, only two or three entourages, he pushed open the door. After entering, I carefully looked at the decoration and furnishings in the house, and then said to the entourage: “This place needs to be completely changed when the time comes. The current decoration is too old-fashioned and not high-end. Then it is better to have Can you make up a story for me to talk about the history here.”

He came to Brother Xiao Zhang after talking like this. After seeing Brother Zhang, he was not polite and direct. Sitting on the opposite chair, he smiled at Brother Zhang nodded: “We met yesterday.”

“en.” Brother Zhang raised his head and glanced at him, then asked: “Sorry, It’s not open yet.”

“It’s okay, I basically don’t eat at roadside stalls.” Mr. Wei said with a smile: “I’m here this time, just to talk to you about your store. Regarding the transfer, the price is easy to negotiate. I see that everything in your area is good, so I can relax the price a bit.”

Brother Zhang paused for a while and said, “This place cannot be bought or sold. “

“OK, I know. But don’t worry, the people under me have already started to do it. You can rest assured that the price I give you is absolutely the price you will work here for the rest of your life.” You can’t even make any money.” Mr. Wei said and patted his head: “By the way, my surname is Wei, Wei from Lu Buwei, Wei Shenhao. You can call me Mr. Wei.”

Little Brother Zhang nodded with a smile: “Mr. Wei, let me tell you, this place is not only not for sale, but also not for sale, so I can only apologize.”

“Aiya, Little Brother, think about it, I really liked your place, so you should treat it as the beauty of an adult.” Wei Shenhao waved his hand: “Don’t worry, I will not demolish the house, and it will basically remain the same here. I plan to build a new one here. The brand new tourist street, I think this place is really suitable and antique.”

Little Brother Zhang pursed his lips and laughed but did not speak, and continued to lower his head to play the puzzle, while Wei Shenhao was Gradually losing his patience, frowned said: “brother, I came to talk to you about this matter in person, and I came here with sincerity. You can’t let me down, can you?”

After listening to this sentence Brother Zhang slowly raised his head and said in a calm tone: “But you should also understand that there is no reason for everything to go smoothly in this world.” The rootless water was amused, he turned his body to hold back his smile, but Wei Shenhao was a little annoyed: “Just make an offer, I’m going to make a reservation for this place.”

Brother Zhang, hook the head, Then at this moment, the confused Sword Immortal Chen Shi came swayingly. He came to Brother Zhang, and regardless of Wei Shenhao sitting next to him, he put the jug he carried with him in front of Brother Zhang: “Boss, full. “

“Okay. “

Laughing and taking the dirty bottle gourd, Brother Zhang started pouring wine for Chen Shi, and while waiting, Chen Shi found Wei Shenhao beside him, he got up and down. After taking a look around the impatient man, he burped and patted Wei Shenhao’s shoulder: “Boy, did you go to the grave to dance? There was a dead air on him. “

“What does it have to do with you. Wei Shenhao seemed very taboo to mention this, and immediately said angrily: “I’m welcome to talk nonsense again. “

“Hey, you’re still welcome to me, I can’t see through this world, and I can’t see through your little baby?” “Chen Shi is not only a scumbag, but he is also a super boss who has carried Dharma End Era with his fleshy body. After hearing Wei Shenhao’s words, he immediately laughed: “I said that you are dancing on the grave, that’s all polite. . As far as you are concerned, either you have learned from other people to raise little devils at home, or you have robbed tombs, or you have caused something unclean. Otherwise, even if a normal person goes to sleep in a coffin for three years, there will be no strange smell like yours. ”

Chen Shi gradually became less sympathetic when he spoke, and Brother Zhang also prepared the wine for him at this time. Chen Shi, who got the wine, raised his head and poured more than half of the can. Paul has several points of sober him, he was completely confused at the moment, he didn’t pay any attention to Wei Shenhao anymore, swayed away with the bottle gourd, and sang that There are little songs that can only be found in the rivers and lakes. They are obscene and greasy, and there is no way to look like an expert.

At this moment, Wei Shenhao was upset by what Chen Shi said, so he simply put it directly. The agreement was photographed in front of Brother Zhang: “You look at the agreement first, I will come back in two days, if possible, we will sign the contract directly. You don’t need to worry about the land of the house. If there is no accident, the right to develop will come within a few days. “

After he finished speaking, he left here with his hands behind his back, and when Brother Zhang saw him leave, he raised his hand and threw the agreement in front of him into the trash can, and then continued to start the puzzle, but at this time Wugenshui came up and asked, “What is the origin of that person? “

“He?” I don’t know, maybe it’s a rookie. “Brother Zhang replied nonchalantly, “Maybe he likes my family, so I want to get along with him.” “

“No, I mean the sloppy man who drinks.” Wugenshui took a deep breath and said, “I didn’t feel it before he said it. After he said it, I checked carefully and found out that it was really like what he said. This upstart is really dead. , but he hides it well. My ghost cultivator almost missed it, but that drunk…”

“Oh, the wine Sword Immortal. “Brother Zhang still has the same flat expression and tone:” He is a person who has carried Dharma End Era with his fleshy body. “

“No wonder, there really are such people in the world. “Wugenshui suddenly laughed: “Holy Lord, what kind of upstart do you think the nouveau riche will be?” “

“Not interested to know.” “Brother Zhang put down a piece of the puzzle and compared it for a long time, and then took it out: “Anyway, it will definitely not be sold here. “

The rootless water is nodded. Since the Holy Master doesn’t care, he is naturally not too interested. After all, he is just an ordinary cultivator. Although his ability to hide is very good, after careful observation, he finds that his ability That’s it, they don’t deserve to be called an opponent, but the alcoholic Interesting. Before Wugenshui got close to him, he already felt a murderous aura. This murderous aura doesn’t quite match his sloppy appearance.

After Wei Shenhao went back, he immediately flies into a rage for his subordinates, then pointed at the entourage beside him and said, “You, go and throw that drunken lunatic into the river for me, you have seen him before. , do things beautifully, don’t let me down. “

After he finished speaking, the door behind him suddenly rang, and then came out a Little Old Man. This Little Old Man was wearing a Tang suit, with cloth shoes on his feet and a bracelet on his wrist. He looks like an outsider.

After he came out, he sat on the throne with a piece of tortoiseshell in his hand. The thin Little Old Man raised his eyelids and asked in a tone of voice. Said: “What happened? See you in such a hurry. ”

β€œHoly Lord… I took a fancy to a place, which is exactly what you said about the symphony of gold and gold. I was thinking of negotiating the terms with the boss there, but suddenly a drunken lunatic came out and said that I would either rob a tomb or raise a kid, if it wasn’t for my reaction It’s fast, this transaction will be yellow, so can I not be in a hurry? I disturbed the Holy Master, please Holy Master Haihan…”

“Is there such a thing? “The Little Old Man raised his brows: “Where is that place, take me to see it.” “

“It’s in the Northern Part of City. If the Lord wants to go, I’ll show you.” But that drunken lunatic…”

“Ai, I don’t like killing people, so let him go. “

“Yes… the Lord is merciful.” ”

This Wei Shenhao shouted affectionately one after another, and the Little Old Man agreed naturally, and it seemed that it was really the case. After the two chatted for a while, Wei Shenhao suddenly said flatteringly with a smile: “Holy Lord, you can see that I have tried my best in the past few years, when will you give me my spiritual vision? “

“Look at the chance, this kind of thing can’t be rushed. Little Old Man opened his eyes slightly. “

“Understood, many thanks Lord.” ”

At this time, Brother Zhang was also getting guests one after another. Today, the snow on the tree was wet, and I couldn’t sleep, so Brother Zhang asked Xu Wei to take Chen Chen. Shi that Old Drunkard was called to the store and asked him to take a shower at the back and change his clothes. Although Brother Zhang suggested that he can shave his beard, Chen Shidi refused to do so… Brother Zhang had no choice but to give up.

Chen Shi, who changed his clothes and took a bath, seemed to be in good spirits. He came to the store and leaned against the window as always, and did not take the seat of other customers. He had a handful of peanuts in it, which was his appetizer. After drinking, he sat on the ground, leaned against the wall, took out cold and hard white steamed buns, and treated it with the tap water in the mineral water bottle.

It looks like a harmless to humans and animals, but sometimes when Xu Wei sees him pitiful, he always packs up the unstained things left by the guests and packs them up for him. Chen Shi doesn’t mind. , and drunkenly praised Xu Wei for being beautiful and kind, and she will definitely marry a good family in the future.

However, Chen Shi was a little unusual today. Half an hour later, he covered his stomach and looked pale. Luna Xiaohei was the first to notice something was wrong, so he went up to check, but at this time he found that Chen Shi had fainted.

Brother Zhang quickly called 120 , sent this Legendary Grade Sword Immortal to the hospital. After an examination at the hospital, it was discovered that this guy… is healthy all over the body, but he developed gallstones due to irregular work and rest all year round. Today, the gallstones just blocked the bile duct. He passed out in pain.

“This is ruthless. “Haozi rushed over to help Chen Shi go through the formalities, handed the bill to Brother Zhang and said with a smile: “Look at the picture, the stone is about to catch up with the size of an egg, and he can actually resist it. “

“Still silent.” “Brother Zhang shook his head and said, “Will this kind of person also get stones?” “

“Everyone who eats whole grains will not get sick, and Divine Immortal is no exception.” Except like you, just eat out of interest. “Haozi said with a smile: “Let’s go, he should be in the operating room. “

No matter what Sword Immortal hero, should he pretend to be dead or pretend to be dead when he is ill, after Chen Shi was put under anesthesia and pushed into the operating room, he woke up once in the middle, but he seemed to know that he was treating himself. I snorted twice and didn’t say anything. Until the surgery was done, Chen Shicai, who was lying on the hospital bed, said to Brother Zhang who was waiting outside: “I can actually use Inner Strength to shatter… “

“Come on.” Haozi said with a smile next to him: “What are you shocked, let’s enjoy modern science obediently and honestly.” Brother Zhang, the hospitalization fee and so on, will give you a cushion, so you can recuperate in peace. “

Brother Zhang also said with a smile: “This Sword Immortal, you don’t want Fellow Daoist to know about your gallstone pain and fainting, right?” “

Chen Shi immediately complexion greatly changed and then shook his head hurriedly: “Please be sure to…”

“Then stay here for a few days in peace.” “Brother Zhang said with a chuckle, “Don’t be cool and run around. “


(end of this chapter)

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