What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 236


Chapter 236 This place is good

“Speaking of which, this technique is divided into two schools, north and south. Since ancient times, the Qinling Mountains have been used as the boundary, the north and the south. There is a very obvious difference between the spells on the two sides. For example, the southern style is more inclined to magic attack, and the northern style is more inclined to physical attack. The southern side is good at equipment, and the northern side is good at enchanting. We saw the content in the Romance of the Gods, this Baby, that baby, in fact, most of them are things from the Southern School, and the Northern School doesnโ€™t talk nonsense, and they will slap your tendons and peel your skin when they come up.โ€

Brother Zhangโ€™s restaurant just opened in the morning, and then came A few drinking cultivators, they all came here because of their wanderings. After sitting down, they would inevitably chat with Xu Wei. After all, if they want to show their power in front of a young and beautiful girl, it can be said that it is instinctive and natural, so They sat there, ordered a few side dishes, added two pots of wine and began to blow the Southern Sea north.

Letโ€™s talk about Xiao Zhanggeโ€™s shop. Although it is a popular Internet celebrity shop now, it is still very famous on the side of secret technique. Travelers and cultivators who come and go will come here to settle down. Have a meal and a drink, especially if you catch up with the sale of dreams of grandeur every three days, they will come here in groups of three or four.

As the reputation of Xiao Zhang’s shop in each Great Sect gradually increased, Chang’an Lane also gradually became famous. Everyone knows that this place is full of demons and ghosts, and many people even Thousands of miles have come to take a look, after all, there are not so many strange monsters in other places.

As for removing demons, don’t even think about it. Even the most old-fashioned Ancient One, an old monster who swears and is absolutely irreconcilable, will not rush to Chang’an Lane to kill demons, at The worst is to stay away from this place, don’t touch it and don’t understand it and it’s over, use idealistic self-soothing that doesn’t exist out of sight, after all, they’re just hawks and not mentally retarded.

You have to know that Chang’an Lane is a place where every thousand-year-old old monster is caught. Heavenly demons, bloodfiends, and old monsters in Montenegro have to be nodded and say “don’t, don’t”. , don’t, just call me Xiaotian, Xiaoxue, or Xiaohei”, if you can’t concentrate the forces of the world Sect in this kind of place, it’s the same as the Six Great Sects besieging the Bright Summit, the rest can only be a bottle gourd baby to save the grandfather, come One to send one.

And if the Six Great Sects are really tidy, they may be surrounded by the police Uncle as soon as they get off the airport train station before they reach Chang’an Lane. Anyway, it’s still the same sentence. Now times are different. No matter how awesome Sect is, there is no way to fight with the state machine. It is far better to be a falcon in the Imperial Court than to be a moth in society.

So now Chang’an Lane has become a legend in the Great Sects, a few happy and some sad.

“How many households are there?” A cultivator suddenly asked Xu Wei curiously: “It doesn’t look like there are many people.”

“One hundred and thirty-one households, no Let’s get to five hundred people.” Xu Wei replied with a smile: “This Daoist, is he planning to subdue monsters and defeat demons, or is he planning to punish evil and promote good?”

“no no no…you misunderstood. Now, I’m just asking.” The Daoist waved his hands again and again: “Looking at the fact that there are not many people here, didn’t expect to have more than 100 households.”

“Well.” Xu Wei nodded and said: “It may have been a little more in the past. Later, it was not a market economy, and many people moved out to make a living.”

“Yes, for a living.”

The Taoist priest sighed, took the wine and drank it, and the two people next to him could not help but sigh a few times. At this time, the sun was shining brightly outside, the shadows of the plane trees were swaying, and the snow that had not yet completely melted away The water dripped on the ground along the eaves.

Brother Zhang came out of the backyard with a basket of steaming potatoes at this time. The few guests greeted the boss, and Brother Zhang smiled at them. Nodding, then he went to the other side and started to deal with the potatoes in his hand.

At this time, the outside gradually became lively. The primary school students started to go home after school, and the sound of cooking from every household began to come and go. You can smell the aroma of various dishes when you pass by any window. The smell mixed with the cold air permeates the quaint old alley.

“Holy Lord, please this way.”

At the entrance of Chang’an Alley, yesterday’s Wei Shenhao and the Little Old Man he called the Holy Lord appeared there , Because there was a water horse at the door, the car could not come in, and the two of them could only enter Chang’an Lane on foot.

“Don’t call me the Lord after entering, keep a low profile outside.”

“Understand, the Lord’s mind is meticulous. I understand.”

The two of them, one after the other, walked slowly to the front of Brother Xiao Zhang’s shop. Little Old Man dressed up like a pure old man today, with a necklace of dzi beads hanging around his neck and still coiled on his hands. That tortoiseshell, still wearing cloth shoes, still looks like it has several points of expert.

The two of them came to the door and looked around all around the environment and layout, but they were nodded: “This place is so good, so good! It’s just like the place in my dream.”


At this time, Da Huang was squatting on the street lamp shade at the door and licking his hair, and he didn’t even look up at them, but this Little Old Man saw Da Huang and even admired it back and forth: “Okay, okay, This cat is also very good, Spiritual Qi is full, it can be said to be Peerless Grade when I buy it back to town.”

After finishing speaking, they walked in, and Da Huang, who had finished licking his hair, turned his head to look. Following their footsteps, he sneered, “Old idiot.”

The two of them came to the store, Wei Shenhao wanted to talk to him, but was stopped by Little Old Man. The person found a place to sit down, and Xu Wei stepped forward reluctantly and asked, “What do you two want to drink?”

“Come on a pot of tea, jasmine tea.”

“Wait a minute.” Xu Wei said with a stern face: “Nothing else but tea?”

“What? We can’t order it?”

“Tea is free .”

After saying a sentence, the other customers in the store looked towards the two of them. You must know that this is the peak meal period. During the peak period, you can go to the restaurant to order free meals. Where should you put it? It’s a bit unreasonable, right…

Xu Wei’s words made Wei Shenhao lose face very much. With a peaceful face, he still forcibly suppressed his temper.

“little girl, we only need tea. But we have all the consumption at noon today.” The “Holy Lord” said laughter, then made a look at Wei Shenhao and continued to Xu Wei Said: “little girl, what do you think?”

Xu Wei was happy, turned around and put the tray in front of her: “Today, the whole audience will pay for Wei Young Master!”

The room suddenly became lively, and then various voices of adding orders came one after another, and with such an announcement, Xu Wei’s face also became better. After she asked Luna Xiaohei to remember the consumption of each table , holding a pot of good jasmine tea and the bill in front of Wei Shenhao, standing there smiling and not speaking or leaving.

Wei Shenhao didn’t know what she meant, so he took out his mobile phone and scanned the code angrily. After hearing the account information, Xu Wei bowed full of smiles and said, “Please take your time. .”

I haven’t done anything yet, a few thousand dollars have gone out, Wei Shenhao is rich but he is not stupid, isn’t this a hoax, so He asked in a puzzled way: “Mr. St., this is obviously deceiving.”

“The pattern.” Little Old Man poured himself a pot of tea and sipped it: ” Calm down.”


But it’s hard to die. At this time, Little Old Man’s stomach suddenly grunted, and the voice was so loud that everyone next to him could hear it. Really, this made him have to drink tea to cover up his embarrassment.

At this time, Xu Wei brought two plates of beef fried rice, two hash browns and two mint lemons in front of them, said with a smile: “Boss said it was to thank the two of you for the gift. .”

Xu Wei left before Wei Shenhao could speak. And the two of them looked at the food in front of them whether they were eating or not, and finally felt that the atmosphere was really embarrassing, so they simply took a bite.

I don’t know that I can’t stop eating this. Although Wei Shenhao is a nouveau riche, he has eaten it before, but this is the first time he has eaten such a delicious meal. It’s amazing to say, but I just can’t stop my mouth, dry it up one sip, and then drink it down one sip, very satisfied.

At this time, he looked at the “Holy Lord” opposite him and he was eating happily, and seeing such immortal eating so happily, the burden in his heart was immediately relieved.

They just sat like this until more than two o’clock in the afternoon. All the customers in the store had left. When Xu Wei and Xiao Hei had already started to clean up, they got up and came to shovel with a shovel. In front of Brother Zhang on the stovetop.

“Boss, this is our husband, he has something to tell you.”

Wei Shenhao introduced the Little Old Man beside him very seriously, and the Little Old Man Man cleared his throat at this time, indicating that Wei Shenhao didn’t say enough. Xiao Wei is also a smart person, he immediately handed Little Old Man’s business card from his arms, and said proudly: “Boss, I told you, it’s not me who wants to buy your store. It’s Mr. Mr. is an amazing person. He knows yin and yang, and the family has been passed down for thousands of years. Do you know the zodiac signs? Those are all from the family of Mr., and our husband is the saint of this generation. Lord, he is willing to come to see you in person, which shows that our husband has the common people in his heart.”

Brother Zhang took the business card and looked up at Wei Shenhao, then at Little Old Man, and then Scratched his head: “Ah…”

Seeing his appearance, Wei Shenhao thought he was shocked by the identity of Little Old Man, so he continued: “Although Mr. The spirits have gone to Samsara Reincarnation, but they will come back one day, when the time comes you will know how powerful our husband is.”

Brother Zhang pursed his lips and was silent for a while. : “This person is a bit familiar.”

“You may feel uneasy now, but our husband is the holy master of authentic, and he saw that the location of your shop is a serious one. This alley is the Great Ominous Land. Boss, you have to be careful, it’s fatal.”

At this time, Xiao Lao asked Wei Shenhao to step aside, and he walked up to the front and said full of smiles. : “This little brother, stretch out your left hand to show me.”

Brother Zhang was very obedient, he immediately stretched out his left hand and handed it over, Little Old Man began to take a closer look at Brother Zhang His palmistry, but looking at him felt a little strange, and couldn’t help but mutter: “Little brother, your fate is rough, and there will be a catastrophe in the near future. Let me ask you, since you lived here since , often can’t sleep at night?”

“Well, I often don’t sleep.” Brother Zhang nodded: “What’s the problem?”

“Aiya! It’s haunted by ghosts! โ€

While he was talking, Thunder Dragon swam out of Brother Zhang’s wall as if he was negotiating with him, and began to recline and watch the fun. And to talk about this Little Old Man, it is also somewhat capable. Although Thunder Dragon has been harmless treated by Haozi, the ordinary person can’t see him, but this Little Old Man immediately felt his When he appeared, his face changed greatly: “This place is where Monster Qi is soaring…Monster Qi is soaring…”

As soon as he finished speaking, he saw the two blue-white snakes swaying away with their big hips twisted. Came in, and then said listlessly: “Brother Zhang, here are two bowls of refreshing soup. We will be so sleepy this winter. It’s like we can’t wake up all day, and we can’t do business.”

“That’s what you call hibernation.” Brother Zhang said with a smile: “Why fight with physiological reactions.”

“You have to work.” Lady Bai yawned and said: “Involuntarily, we recently invited a TV station to promote our herbal tea, which is a good time for business.”

Their conversation did not attract Little Old Man’s attention, and his heart is now When tรบ tรบ jumped, he only felt that there were some giant objects wandering around him, and a terrifying feeling penetrated into his limbs and bones from his heart. It was obviously a warm room, but he felt an indescribable coldness. .

At this moment, Haozi came to eat in uniform. He sat down and took off his hat. He saw Little Old Man next to Brother Zhang and grinned, “What? Teacher Ma Weidu?”

Brother Zhang turned his head and said, “The Holy Master is here.”

Haozi was taken aback: “Huh?”

He stepped forward and looked back and forth Little Old Man and Wei Shenhao next to him, then simply sat down and said with interest: “Holy Lord? I also know a little about the Holy Lord. Are you really the Holy Lord?”

At this time, there was sweat on Little Old Man’s forehead. His face was not very good-looking, but he was able to force a smile and say: “This… ah… comrade, I don’t I know what you’re talking about.”

His eyes swept across Haozi’s uniform, his expression was obviously a little flustered, and the coldness on his body made him unspeakably uncomfortable now.

“Hey, don’t look at my uniform, I’m actually a reader of ghosts blowing lamps.” Haozi said seriously: “And I’m also very interested in the legend of the Lord, saying that the Lord was born in the Shang Dynasty. Zhou Shi, right, what’s the family name?”

“The last name…surnamed Zhang.”

Seeing his stumbling answer, Haozi raised his brows, so he quickly stared wide- Eyed, he took Little Old Man’s hand as if he was very interested and said, “It seems to say that all the magic in the world comes from you, right? Are you really the Holy Master?”

Also Before Little Old Man could answer, Wei Shenhao, who was beside him, straightened his chest and said very proudly, “That’s still fake, I’ll follow the Holy Master Cultivation now, the Holy Master said, if I do well, I will Let me be a dragon spirit.”

Haozi’s eyes looked towards the thunder dragon body that floated in the air and revolved around Little Old Man, while Thunder Dragon’s face was full of a thief smile, extending the hand Touching Little Old Man back and forth.

With this touch, the chilly air came out directly from Little Old Man’s spine, Little Old Man’s hands began to tremble, and his face became blue and purple. Thanks to this, Brother Zhang hit Thunder Dragon on the forehead with a soybean, which made him stop this life-threatening prank.

“What is Dragon Spirit?” Haozi held his cheeks and said seriously, “Can you tell me?”

Wei Shenhao looked very proud, that kind of Pride cannot be faked. He saw that Haozi was so serious and devoted, he naturally didn’t hide it, he patted his chest and said, “There are twelve Spiritual Gods under the Throne! They are Undying and Inextinguishable, they will only keep reincarnating, I am The dragon spirit of this generation! Itโ€™s just that the Lord said that the awakening of the dragon spirit needs to be tempered, and I havenโ€™t experienced the ordeal yet.โ€

Brother Zhang lowered his head and held back his laughter, he now felt embarrassed He was about to use his toes to dig out three bedrooms and one living room. Now it seems that Wei Shenhao is still so cute. Does he really not know that he has been deceived?

But it’s no wonder, for an ordinary person, this kind of thing is really easy to be deceived. After all, he looks like a large leek, and he is the same as the person who bought the 8848 mobile phone. A type, also a victim of “I, Qin Shihuang, make money”.

But I have to say that this Little Old Man is still a bit capable, he can feel the existence of Thunder Dragon and can also be disturbed by Lady Bai and the Great Demon aura of the python, this is the ordinary person No, it is too easy for such a person to deceive an ordinary person.

“Then how many Holy Spirits are there around the Holy Lord now?” Haozi frowned asked, “Isn’t it just you?”

“This…” Wei Shenhao turned his head and looked towards Little Old Man: “Holy Lord… can this be said?”

Because he was no longer harassed by Thunder Dragon And Little Old Man, who was gradually recovering, waved his hand: “Let’s talk about it… Sigh… This shouldn’t be known by mortals.” He ran into the counter and thumped the table with his mouth open, and the pony also came at this time. Seeing Xu Wei smiling like this, he asked curiously: “Why? Someone is willing to marry you?”

Xu Wei picked up a cucumber and threw it: “Go away! Someone is pretending to be the Holy Lord.”

“Hold the grass?” The pony took the cucumber: “I have to go and see .”

As soon as he entered, he heard Wei Shenhao sitting there and saying, “There is also Ma Ling, Ma Ling has also come, and there are snakes…”

This sentence Before he could finish speaking, his hair was suddenly grabbed by the pony: “Snake, your mother is so big!” Looking at it, a dagger appeared in his hand, pressing it against Wei Shenhao’s Adam’s apple: “I hear you say snake again, I will drain your blood for you.”

Wei Shenhao He wanted to struggle, but how could he fight against the pony, so he could only keep shouting, and when the Little Old Man saw the irritability of the pony, he even took out a rateless Magical Artifact in his hand, the pony He nailed his Magical Artifact to the ceiling with a dart, and then slammed into Little Old Man’s chest with one dart. Little Old Man was kicked out and almost hit Lady Bai who was drinking soup. She just flicked her sleeve to the ground.

Brother Zhang looked at the dagger on the ceiling at the moment and pointed to it: “I just renovated it.” He rushed up and stepped on Little Old Man’s chest: “Go, call me all the horse spirits and snake spirits you said! Otherwise, I’ll kill you!”

The Little Old Man who was beaten up was unable to speak at the moment, so he could only extend the hand to Haozi, but Haozi just wiped his mouth: “Brother Zhang, I’m going to work.”

And Xiao Zhang Brother nodded, said to Thunder Dragon: “Go and calm down the pony.”

“Calm down, calm down, Haozi is full of blue veins. If he wasn’t wearing leather, he would have to play doubles with the pony.” Thunder Dragon coldly snorted: “If he didn’t say a snake spirit, he wouldn’t be beaten.”

At this time Wei Shenhao took out the phone, but before he could call out, he See Xiaoma a nine-section whip threw away his phone and shattered his phone, and then the whip head tied Wei Shenhao like a spirituality.

The pony continued to shout: “go! Call your various spirits to Lao Tzu!”

The Little Old Man was so frightened at the moment that he didn’t dare to speak for a long time. At this time, Brother Zhang took out a soybean and hit the back of the pony’s head: “Do it yourself, don’t stay in the store.”

The pony has a very bad temper, but he still knows who He couldn’t resist the words, so he stretched out his hand and carried Little Old Man out like he was carrying pork, and when he walked to Wei Shenhao, he mentioned this by the way…

Wait for this The farce ended, Brother Zhang helplessly hooked the head, stretched out his hand and hooked his finger at the dart on the ceiling, the dart fell automatically, and then he just wiped it in the air, and the hole made by the dart healed by itself.

“Pony’s temper is really unpleasant.” Thunder Dragon sighed: “Too impulsive.”

Brother Zhang glanced at him sideways: ” Where do you think your arrogant and conceited problems can get any better.”

“Yes yes, when I didn’t say…”

Thunder Dragon slowly swam to the wall Then I heard the dog next door roaring: “Get out of the way.”

Then came the screams of Thunder Dragon, and finally Xu Wei ran over and smiled and bowed: ” Brother…my master was knocked out by Sister Gou.”


At this time, three Thunder Dragons floated over, and three of his movements were quite good. Unity: “hehe, I forgot Sister Gou was taking a bath… Boss, do me a favor and recover.”

Brother Zhang rolled his eyes, picked up his chopsticks and slammed it against Thunder Dragon’s legs. With a knock, the Thunder Dragon jumped up with a squeak, but after the jump, he had recovered to a full Spirit Physique.

At this moment, the pony had already tied Wei Shenhao and the “Holy Lord” in his small warehouse, he squatted in front of them and said, “They are with you, hehe haha, I don’t know what to do. That interest, call me your Twelve Spirits now, hurry up!”

At this time, Little Old Man’s hands began to keep kneading, and the pony didn’t even look at it, copying A whip is a whip past, Little Old Man screamed. And Wei Shenhao was still scolding: “You’re breaking the law like this, you know! I’m going to call the police, I’m going to sue you all! You wait!”

“Haha, okay.” The pony laughed heartily: “Then you have to go out alive, hurry up and shake people, or I will have some fun for you.”

(End of this chapter)

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