What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 237


Chapter 237 There is no lack of strange things

According to the confession of the “Holy Lord”, he I received a total of eight disciplines, and the eight disciplines are the eight spiritual signs respectively. Originally, this hanging Mao Wei Shenhao was the ninth one, but the old man felt that he was not smart enough and wanted to test it again.

Took out the phone and called the eight disciplines, seven of them said they were unavailable and couldn’t come. Another said that he had no money to buy a ticket. There are even three or four of them that clearly stated that they were just following the old man to cheat some money, and they didn’t have to follow him to suffer.

“Just like that old man, he is still the Lord. Why doesn’t he say that he is Jesus Christ…dudududu…”

The other end of the phone said After that, he hung up the phone, which blinded the pony, and threw the phone back to the old man: “Is this your goddamn spirit?”

Little Old Man hangs His head didn’t speak, but Wei Shenhao next to him shouted regardless: “What do you know! The Holy Master is now Longhun Shoal. When all my senior brothers come, I’ll see how you died.”

To be honest, Xiaoma thinks that this person’s brain is somewhat wrong. He always has a beauty that lacks brain stem when he hears his words, so naturally he doesn’t care about him, and simply takes a steamed bun to him. He stuffed it in his mouth, and then tied his mouth with a belt to let him stay on the side.

After taking it, the pony stepped on the Little Old Man’s leg, and said with a gangster temperament: “If I ask you anything, you can answer it, if I know. You talk nonsense to Lao Tzu, Lao Tzu has a way to get you.”

Little Old Man nodded with horror, he now knows that he may be planted here, and he has used all the tricks he can. , but it has no effect on the person in front of him. Those tricks that are good for others can’t be used here at all. Even the ecstasy incense hidden in his ring has no effect on this monster. After seeing through, he was beaten.

The pony moved a chair and sat on the other side, then leaned on the back of the chair and asked, “I asked you, when did you start playing the Holy Lord.”

“A year and a half… only a year and a half.” Little Old Man said honestly: “I was a fortune teller walking around the rivers and lakes, and then I accidentally flipped through the old books at home and saw such a paragraph above. According to the records, I went to inquire about it, and found that many people knew about this rumor, so I thought about cheating money by this… I really did nothing bad…”

The pony sat there Watched for a while, then laughed. What this person said is not wrong, because as long as anyone with a little bit of inheritance, as long as it is not a demon, a witch, or a corpse, they can basically chase the Holy Master.

So the rumors that there is a Holy Master on the rivers and lakes is normal, and the Holy Master is generally hidden from the world and will not be easily born, so most people know there is but don’t know who it is, and there may even be some Sect. I believe in the Lord all my life, but I can’t reach the level of touching the threshold of the Lord at all.

Interesting, Xiaoma has heard of someone who played Qin Shihuang to cheat money, someone who played Jade Emperor to cheat, and another who played Huanzhugege. This is really the first time I heard about it. Pretending to be the Lord to cheat money.

Although the status of the Holy Master is very high, the problem is that he is hidden from the world. Since the Shang and Zhou dynasties, the Holy Master has been hidden from the world. Using a hidden name to cheat money, this Little Old Man’s brain is somewhat stained.

But don’t say it, there are people who have been fooled. The next to him, Wei Shenhao, who still insists that this Little Old Man is the Holy Master and that he is the Dragon Spirit, is still tied beside him.

According to Little Old Man, this Wei Shenhao is a typical idiot with a bad brain. But the family is still very rich. In the early years, the father opened a coal mine and became the boss of the mine. Later, after the father died of illness, the mother took him to remarry to his stepfather, and the stepfather dumped containers in Tianjin. A few years later, my stepfather also passed away from lung cancer, and he could not inherit his stepfather’s family property, because the stepfather also has a son, but who would have thought that his son would have an accident on the way back from the United States to inherit the inheritance. Now, his cheap big brother has no children, no daughters, no relatives and no reason, and he is considered to be an elite of Wall Street in the United States. Instead of inheriting his father’s legacy, he made the cheap younger brother inherit his legacy.

After this succession, Wei Shenhao, who is not very smart, has become the number one rich man under the age of 30 in China with a net worth of more than 10 billion. In addition, this guy’s luck is not ordinary. Well, in just a few years, his IQ can actually double his assets several times.

When I asked him how he did it, he couldn’t explain it himself. Anyway, he just played whatever he saw. When someone copied the digital currency, he followed up to fry it, and the capital of 30 cents went in. More than 700 yuan out. I was fascinated by watching a TV series and felt that there was going to be a stock market crash, and then I threw all the stocks in my hands without saying a word, and then the stock market crash happened in less than three days. The most outrageous thing is that the original real estate agency here lost to the local rich Mister Zhou, but who would have thought that Mister Zhou would go bankrupt just a few days ago. The bank will not have bad debts, and even directly deal with all the undeveloped and about-to-be-developed properties in Mister Zhou’s hands at almost cost price. This child’s brain is not easy to use. This time he is finished, but the next day, the top policy encourages the purchase of houses, resulting in a direct wave of property prices recovering…

This is really the kind of person who comes to give money to the top God, but Say he’s smart, he’s just like that, everyone sees it. He’s not bad, he’s quite simple and he’s not involved in gangs or anything. He’s just an ordinary rich second-generation, but this luck is really impossible to say.

Just such a person, he is not deceived, who is deceived? Little Old Man took a fancy to this and began to approach this Wei Shenhao. Little Old Man himself is a somewhat capable person. In addition to the good packaging, this Wei Shenhao was confused. It’s like a cultivation deviation. He believes that he is one of the Twelve Spirits. Every day he thinks of ways to torture Little Old Man so that he can arrange tasks for himself so that he can become a positive person as soon as possible.

Little Old Man’s character is originally a peaceful type, so it’s not good to ask for money directly, so I arranged those brothers, basically Wei Shenhao’s money was spent on those From the seniors, and then from those seniors to Little Old Man, the ratio is about 37.00.

Business, making money, not shabby.


The pony walked over and hit Wei Shenhao on the head: “Did you hear that, you were deceived.”

Wei Shen Hao wu wu for a long time but didn’t say a word, the pony snorted and untied the belt on his mouth, he spat out the steamed bun, but the first sentence was: “Don’t try to lie to me, this is the It’s just a test given to me by the Holy Lord.”

These words made Xiaoma happy, and now he wondered if he should take this idiot to a drug rehab center for a while.

“Speaking of which, don’t you worship the Lord very much?” Xiaoma turned around and looked towards Wei Shenhao: “How about I take you to see the real Lord?”

Wei Shenhao sneered: “You want to cheat me for money, don’t you? There is no door!”

“You?” The pony patted his head: “Little boy, with your little water, the Holy Master will still I really don’t see it in my eyes.”

But speaking of which pony also felt a little helpless, because the fake Lord has a set of things, but the real Lord doesn’t even have anything to prove his identity. , Although it is true gold fears no fire, there is no need to prove anything to the fools, but if you can’t prove it when you encounter such a thing, it is really a bit uncomfortable. Xiaoma thinks that people have to fight for a face in this life…

After thinking about it again and again, he finally got Wei Shenhao directly in front of Brother Zhang, and pressed him on the stool. Brother Zhang said, “Boss, think of a way to prove your identity. I’m so mad at this idiot.” Raised his head: “Isn’t it necessary?”

“Yes, there are too many. I really can’t allow someone to be a thief as a father.”

The pony is anxious and excited, with a northeastern accent They were all forced out, and for the sake of his persistence, Brother Zhang turned around and started rummaging in a small box, and then found a ring in it.

This is a very ordinary looking bronze ring, covered with ugly patina, it looks like it’s a few years old, and it looks like it was picked up by the roadside. I don’t know which transformer is on it. Like a falling copper ring.

“That’s it?”

Wei Shenhao didn’t need Wei Shenhao to question the pony first. He didn’t know that this thing could be used as a token of the Holy Lord. , this is too sloppy, even this… even the pull tab of the can is more delicate than it.

Brother Zhang laughed, didn’t say anything, just put the copper ring on his hand, and then the ring that looked unremarkable at all covered Brother Zhang’s entire hand instantly, Fresh bronze, with gems and gold inlaid on top of the twelve spirits, the eyes of all the twelve spirits are inlaid with rubies, and the eyes of the twelve spirits that have appeared are bright, and the ten that have not appeared. The second spirit is bleak.

The pony screamed when he saw this scene, and Wei Shenhao next to him even said that he would not speak.

But soon Brother Zhang took off the ring and put it on the table, the pony immediately took it and put it on his hand, but no matter which finger he put it on , Although this ring will produce transformation, it can only appear in the pattern of a horse, it can’t extend all the way to the arm like Brother Zhang, and it is also full of twelve spirits.

“How come I’ve never seen you wear something so beautiful?”

Brother Zhang was actually very helpless in the face of such a mentally handicapped problem, so he put it on again. The ring, and then tapped on the table with his bronze-covered hand, it collided with the steel countertop and made a clanging sound, and the movement of his five fingers was now restrained by this thing, cool although cool, but quite inconvenient.

Taking off the ring again, Xiaoma took the ring and looked at it carefully, then held it and shook it in front of Wei Shenhao: “See? This is the true Holy Master, take it to that Little Old Man, take a look.”

Little Old Man continued to work with a smile and let them toss, after all, he didn’t care about this thing, or he wouldn’t just throw it in the broken tin box After all, it doesn’t matter here that wearing a crown is the emperor. This thing is simply a product built by ancestors who didn’t know what age to avoid the bloodline of the Holy Master being cut off during the war and the need to select a new Holy Master.

And as long as the title of Holy Master continues normally, this thing is purely a good-looking object, that’s all.

The pony brought the ring to Little Old Man and put it around him on ten fingers, but the ring did not change at all.

It was only here that Wei Shenhao finally realized that he might have been deceived and not the test of the Holy Master. Although he is not very smart, right? not come out.

And now not only is this old man not the Holy Master, the real Holy Master can basically be sure that it is the person he has harassed several times before. He stood there and thought for a while before he realized, Then he gave himself a slap in the face.

“Boy, it’s still polite for the two of you to lose.” The pony lit a cigarette next to him: “As long as you are a little rude to the Holy Master, now both of your ashes have been raised. Do you really think that the Holy Master can be touched by people like you?”

Wei Shenhao took a deep breath, then turned his head and ran away, and then got into Brother Zhang’s shop with a puff. Kneeled down to him.

But of course he wasn’t begging for forgiveness, he was begging in vain to let Brother Zhang accept him as a spiritual sign… If he knocked on the other end, it would be a thump, thump. In the end, it was Xu Wei who came over and dragged him up to stop him and pray devoutly.

After the pony came over, Aiya snorted and dragged Wei Shenhao away as soon as he slapped his thigh, but Wei Shenhao didn’t leave, he really cried and shouted to let the Holy Master go. I took him…

“Where did this person come from so obsessed?”

Xu Wei was frightened by him, and whispered beside Brother Zhang. : “Has he fallen for evil?”

Brother Zhang pursed his lips and did not speak. At this time, Haozi got off work in the afternoon. When he walked in and saw this scene, he was stunned for a while and then said: “several Brothers, what are you playing?”

Pony put the matter so simply, Haozi snorted: “I will contact the anti-cult, and take him to criticize and educate for a few days. Obviously brainwashed.”

But of course Wei Shenhao refused to leave, his forehead was still swollen, and the pony couldn’t move rough in front of everyone’s eyes, so he leaned down and said to him: ” If you want to be a spirit sign, you can’t be a spirit sign if you want to, this thing has a great chance, if you really are a spirit sign, you will come to report on the day you wake up.”

While he was talking, Haozi saw the bronze ring in the pony’s hand and said, “Wouldn’t it be better if you put that on him, if it doesn’t change, wouldn’t it be better for him to die? This heart?”

The pony sighed: “Yeah, I’m so upset by this guy, such a simple thing.”

Finished speaking He said to Wei Shenhao: “You stretch out your hand.”

(End of this chapter)

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