What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 238


Chapter 238 Strange attribute added

The ring was put in Wei Shenhao’s hand, and he erased it Tears, holding both hands in his hands, first looked up at Brother Zhang, then looked around, then took a deep breath and put the ring on his finger.

“Look, there is no reaction.”

Xiaoma spread out his hands, looked at the unchanged bronze ring, smiled and said to Wei Shenhao, “If you don’t have that life, don’t force it. “

After he finished speaking, he was about to take off the ring, but he pulled it down, only to find that the ring could not be pulled, and the harder it was, Wei Shenhao screamed in pain. , Xiaoma frowned: “Xiao Hei, go get some washing powder.”

Luna Xiao Hei ran over to get the washing powder, but everyone thought it was When he calmed down, he suddenly saw that the ring began to spread out in Wei Shenhao’s hand, gradually covering half of his palm, and then slowly wrapping his entire hand.

On the back of his hand, a cow looking back at the moon gradually appeared, but unlike the pony’s horse, his cow didn’t open its eyes and couldn’t see the ruby on top.

This time Wei Shenhao was silent for a while, and then he went crazy like Fan Jinzhongju. He first jumped around, making strange noises, and then his head slammed into the air. At the corner of the counter, he foamed at the mouth and lost consciousness.

“Is he all right?”

Xu Wei came to check after hearing the news, but found a room full of people standing there with strange expressions, even Brother Zhang’s expression was different. It became very strange, so Xu Wei asked again: “What’s wrong with you?”

Haozi returned to his soul at this time, raised his head and said: “speaking of which, the twelve spirits of this generation, There are very few people with normal brains, and it’s all about me and the King of the Mountain, this cow…”

“You MB speak well.” Xiaoma stared and scolded, and then stretched out after scolding. He shouted from his neck: “Sister Gou, Haozi said you have a disease in your brain!”

Haozi rushed up to cover the pony’s mouth, but it was too late, and Sister Gou suddenly appeared with a thunderbolt running upside down. , and pressed Haozi to the ground with one palm.

While Haozi was begging for mercy while slapping the ground, Thunder Dragon slowly swam over: “I think the Twelve Spirits have a big problem, and there are really too few with normal brains. From Haozi Get up, there is each one, maybe there is really nothing serious except for the king of the mountain.”

Thunder Dragon’s words are very pertinent, and from his demeanor, he reveals his worries about the future of the twelve spirits, after all From the current situation, it seems that the Twelve Spirits who had expected fresh blood to be normal IQ may not be able to count on it.

Although each of the Twelve Spirits has its own shortcomings, the shortcomings of this generation are too obvious.

Haozi is cautious and timid, the cow is stupid and stubborn, the tiger girl is playful, the Thunder Dragon is arrogant, the pony is impulsive, the chicken is aggressive, the dog sister is taciturn, the king of the mountain is withdrawn, and the whole problem children are sheltered In the center, although this is somewhat of a historical legacy, no one didn’t expect this generation to highlight the shortcomings so thoroughly.

“What does it mean that the cow doesn’t have its eyes open?” the pony asked curiously, “Do you want me to give him a knife?”

“If he doesn’t open his eyes, he is one of the twelve spirits. But he has not yet encountered the opportunity to awaken him.” Thunder Dragon hovered and swam around and said: “Just like my chicken brother, who has been a Kแนฃitigarbha for half my life, suddenly remembered one night that he was still a chicken.”

Anyway, no one knows what the awakening of the Twelve Spirits will be. They each have their own disasters. For example, Haozi awakened because his father died, and Thunder Dragon awakened because of hemorrhoids from eating hot pot that year. I found out that the doctor who treated me was an ex-girlfriend. King Shan was swept away by a flood in their hometown one year. Xiaoma was in a vegetative state for four months after hitting the railing with a football in his early years. The reasons for awakening are very outrageous, but after all, it needs a chance.

However, the question now is not when the brave bully can return to his place, but why the brave bully is like this.

The position of the cow in the Twelve Spirits is actually equivalent to an auxiliary position. It can apply various buffs to other Twelve Spirits and dispel various negative effects. It has the ability to restore blood to the whole group. Twelve Spirits have always had the nickname of cows, together with Jade Rabbit and Spirit Snake as the three major assistants, and in terms of milk volume alone, the milk volume of cows tops the list.

As for the specific direction, he is the energy supply route, and the trinity of Jade Rabbit’s battle damage repair and Spirit Snake’s battlefield scheduling can bring the comprehensive combat capability of the Twelve Spirits to a higher level.

But here’s the problem. Most of the brave cows in the past were girls. They were meticulous and perfectly suited to the attributes of cows. Even if they did nothing, they would tremble at that stop. It’s pleasing to the eye, but this time, the motherfucker has a bull, and it’s a stupid, stupid, and very stubborn thing. It’s easy to be brainwashed if you don’t talk about it. Lingdu felt a little instinctive physical discomfort, and even thought that he might be poisoned by his milk.

“I said, he’s alright.” The pony then realized that this brave ox had been lying on the ground foaming at the mouth for so long, so he pressed his foot against him and said. : “We have two ways to go now, one is for me to find a rope, let him soar rapidly, and then quickly reincarnate with his soul. The other way is to hold his nose and recognize him, he is really twelve In view of the fact of the spirit, in the future, everyone should be mentally prepared to accept such a foolish criticism.”

At this time, Thunder Dragon came over and said, “Smile, do you say that people are stupid when they criticize them? Have you ever thought about what we thought when you joined the organization? Ask yourself, how many people in the world are more stupid than you.”

The pony was furious and pointed at Thunder Dragon and said: “Evil creature, no one will think you are dumb if you don’t speak.”

“Yo, hurry, hurry.”

Thunder Dragon’s tone and expression are really true The top is down, but this is only for ponies. After all, the two have not dealt with each other for some years. They all talk about the spirit of Dragon Horse.

But they are noisy, and now the problem still needs to find a solution. First of all, it can be confirmed that rapid super-promotion is not suitable. Second, this brave bull is indeed not very smart. The third point is when he will wake up, but it is still a big question. If he can’t wake up, he may live forever. Such a small piece of trash.

“Come here.” Xu Wei ran over with her mobile phone: “I checked this guy, he is so rich!”

Although the Holy Lord Fund is very Rich, but after all, it is the result of many years of operation, and when everyone sees Brave Niuniu’s record in just two years, everyone is stunned. This guy… Birth points are not added to intelligence, full points On to luck. When looking back at his biography, he was even more shocked by his bloody and cruel primordial accumulation.

“The rise of the Americans is the inheritance of the resources of the Indians. This good guy is really sacrificing his father’s mana.” Haozi, who got up from the ground, couldn’t help sighing when he looked at Niuniu’s information A voice came out: “I’m thinking about it, it’s not enough to milk people, but it seems to be poisonous milk. All the buffs of this person will have the opposite effect.” Brother Zhang, suddenly raised his head and said in a slow voice, “Why don’t we — let’s do a test.” These unscrupulous Twelve Spirits first woke Niu Niu up and didn’t give him a second chance to go crazy. They directly pressed him there, took out his mobile phone and said, “Unlock, buy stocks!”

Brave Niu Niu was stunned for a while, and he didn’t react for a long time. He was still immersed in the joy of being a Twelve Spirit, and he didn’t know what kind of crazy sluts he was about to face.

But since he was so happy today, the brothers told him to buy stocks, so let’s buy stocks, so he opened the stock investment interface and sat there in confusion and asked, “Which one to buy.”


After discussing for a long time, the brothers who don’t know much about stocks, they just found a smart car company that has been drawing cakes for seven years. The company’s stock has been falling below the issuance level in recent years. The edge of the price is swaying back and forth, everyone is saying that they are the classic leek, and then there is an aquaculture company, which is the one invested by Mister Zhou before. After jailbreaking, the reputation will bottom out, and in a few days, it should be declared bankrupt. The third is a real estate company. The capital chain is broken, the boss is running away, the construction of various buildings has been suspended, and the owners are defending their rights everywhere. It is also a company that is about to end.

“You buy these three.”

Niu Niu doesn’t understand. He doesn’t even read the news, but since the brothers said that he bought three, then he bought it. . And his purchase is not a retail operation. The APP in his hand is directly connected to the server of his investment team. His purchase immediately followed up, and billions of dollars were invested in an instant.

And just fifteen minutes after the successful transaction was displayed, a window popped up on the XX news in Xu Wei’s hand, and it showed: XXX car, the latest self-driving car released today, has been Through multi-department joint testing, the road-to-road standard is officially implemented, and the open road test is entered.

There is also a huge title at the back: “Seven years of sharpening a sword, and today’s sharp edge.”

This group of hanging hairs really watched the company’s stock from almost bottoming out, and suddenly a tsunami-like rebound was pulled directly to the daily limit of the day.

Before they were shocked, the news of XX Finance and Economics jumped out again: XX Island announced that the scallops that ran last year and the oysters that ran this year are back! And not only came back by himself, but also dragged his children and daughters, and brought his family with him.

“It’s just your mother!”

The pony threw the phone forward, pointed to the news, and said to the person next to him: “There’s nothing better than a fucking oyster. It’s outrageous to run back with the family and mouth?”

But before he could finish his excitement, he heard the news scroll bar on Brother Zhang’s 100-inch TV read: “According to XXX According to reports, the state has decided to fully take over the real estate business of XX Group. With the joint investment of XXX Group, XX Group and XXX Group, the real estate business of XX Group has now been fully nationalized, and the follow-up construction will be completed in a short period of time. It will be completed according to the quality and quantity and the house will be handed over after paying the compensation.”

“I lost…”

Everyone in the room was shocked. , everyone turned their attention to Xiao Zhang after being shocked, Xiao Zhang waved his hands repeatedly: “I didn’t do anything.”

be that as it may, but this Niu Niu’s ability is really good It’s hard not to think of a word – causality.

And in this world, the only person who can activate the law of causality is Zhang Juzuo, except for Brother Zhang, and now this Niu Niu…isn’t it a bit outrageous?

But they are not easy people to be subdued, so they started to continue the test when they caught Niu Niu. At this time, even Brother Zhang began to wonder what happened to this guy, so he also came over to watch. up.

Fortunately, Brave Niu Niu is not the so-called causal law, because he can’t control random probability events, such as he can’t control the number of dice, he can’t bet on the lottery that is being drawn, and he can’t predict Future .

Even their tests alarmed Shan Da Wang, and after repeated tests by Shan Da Wang, a person with a relatively normal mind, and after going through various records and the contents of the classics, Shan Da Wang made a judged as follows.

First: Niuniu’s ability is not the law of causality, but a pure auspicious attribute. Although he has not awakened to become the real twelve spirits, the passive attributes of the twelve spirits will also affect him.

This is like Haozi’s psychic medium, Thunder Dragon’s immortality, pony’s high speed, chicken brother’s recovery, dog sister’s agility, tiger girl’s tenacity and mountain king’s memory, which are all passive attribute . It is important to talk about Haozi’s spiritual medium here. The medium here does not mean that he can invite God’s upper body or the like, but that he can form a medium with Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi through himself, and the Formation attribute is enhanced by 200%. Formation failure rate decreased by 70%. On the other hand, King Shan’s super memory is truly unforgettable. He can completely memorize 30 million words in one day, and he can even read and memorize while sleeping.

The two attributes at the head and the tail can be said to be the two most perverted attributes in the Twelve Spirits, far more perverted than the abilities of all the other Twelve Spirits.

According to this clue, Niuniu’s passive attribute should be auspicious. This is a purple-quality passive attribute, and luck is very good, because apart from the two of them, there are only Hu Niu’s toughness and Thunder. Dragon’s immortality is a passive attribute of purple quality, and Brother Ji’s recovery is only of blue quality, but it is only dipped in the light of the Kแนฃitigarbha attribute, which makes it seem abnormal.

Haozi and Pig are orange quality, but they are not lucky enough to be born with red quality, because their red quality passive should be called Spirit Lord and Star Gazing. Needless to say, the spirit master is only a simple increase in magnitude. At the level of Immortal Beheading Sword Formation with one hand, stargazing can automatically grasp all the knowledge that can appear on the world and become a living human flesh encyclopedia.

And Niuniu’s purple passive is auspicious, orange is Lucky Star, and red is Bai Ze.

But this is also the same as saying in vain, because the red passive attribute has never appeared, even if some twelve spirits have been reincarnated more than ten times, the probability is too low. A blue quality is enough The Smiling, Proud Wanderer.

Niu Niu Wei Shenhao has been listening attentively by the side, and he seems to know that his brain is not very useful, so he listens while memorizing.

“Ai, kid.” The pony patted Wei Shenhao’s shoulder with a smile: “No, what do you mean by the true twelve spirits fleeing to the false Lord?”

Wei Shenhao didn’t know what to say, he just laughed. On the contrary, King Shan came out and explained: “Because he has not awakened, but is on the verge of awakening, he will have a strong sense of belonging, but because he has not awakened, the key word that triggers his behavior is the Holy Lord. , the fake Lord said that his Lord also said a lot about the twelve spirits, which triggered his memory valve. Although he could not clearly feel who was real and who was fake, the strong feeling would make him He automatically recognizes the Master.”

“That means he came to Chang’an Alley by accident?”

Haozi’s question made King Shan laugh, after King Shan finished laughing Nomination: “Half and half, he came here for various reasons, and then he will follow a strong feeling to Chang’an Lane. Did he say that this is the place that the false saint wants? But in fact, he doesn’t know that false saint at all. What is the content of the Lord’s description, but there is a subconscious feeling that it is here, and this feeling will affect his judgment of reality, so even if the false Lord himself admits that he is a liar, he still feels very uncomfortable. Persistence, this is a kind of self-brainwashing, because of the influence of the aura here.”

This is not to mention that none of the twelve spirits are missing, or there is no king of the mountain, they really do a lot of things. It is not clear, and these gangs are always used to summarizing things that they are not clear from strange angles, such as one word – fate.

After going through the explanation of King Shanda, they understood why Brave Niu Niu insisted that he would be the Twelve Spirits, because in the depth of one’s soul there was always a voice telling him that he himself The twelve spirits. Being brainwashed by such voices every day, it is impossible not to insist.

But unfortunately, this master has not awakened yet. As for how to awaken and what process is required, it is still a mystery.

“How about I swipe his ass with a knife and give him a Heavenly Eye.”

“Don’t make trouble.” Haozi slapped the pony: “This is Don’t be in a hurry, so let’s try the Heinkem stress method?”

“What is that?” Thunder Dragon curiously asked, “Why haven’t I heard of it.”

King Shan coughed: “It was a method of extorting confessions during the Second World War. It was to hang people upside down, and then slowly intrude into the ice water to master the suffocation time, about four About 15 seconds, back and forth about 50 times, under normal circumstances, the interrogator will recall the information that was forgotten due to tension and fear.”

Hearing the introduction of King Shan, the brave man next to him Niu Niu’s hands began to tremble, and the original joy was fading from little by little at the moment… because he seemed to have discovered the horror of these brothers.

“Ai, can you see him?” Haozi pointed at Thunder Dragon curiously and asked, “Can you see this dog thing? It’s like a maggot in the pupa of the dirty thing.”

(End of this chapter)

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