What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 239


Chapter 239 is almost done

Brave Niu Niu can’t see any creatures with special channels at all, in other words, he does not There is no special ability at all, and even in spiritual sense, it is not as good as that old fogey, the false holy master.

But there is no way to do it. Who made Brave Niu Niu wake up? He is no different from an ordinary person now. Apart from being called a financial prodigy by the outside world, he doesn’t seem to have any special abilities.

But this does not affect Niu Niu’s high mood. For him, it means finding an organization. He dreams that he can become a spirit sign, and finally finds out that it is true. There’s more to it than making money.

During this period, he even offered to transfer all his property to Brother Zhang, but he was politely rejected, and then he began to think of ways to make some contribution in dilly-dallying. I will do some renovations for Brother Zhang’s store, and I will renovate Chang’an Lane later.

Anyway, the kind of likable personality displayed in him is vividly and thoroughly. Finally, the renovation of Chang’an Lane was mentioned on the agenda, and he said that he would invest 20 billion, and this The numbers really surprised Haozi and the others.

“Are you going to turn this into a Guangkanda?” the pony asked curiously.

Wei Shenhao scratched his head: “Isn’t this Guangkanda?”

Haozi kicked his ass, then sat there and said, “You really renovate Chang’an. Lane is not impossible, but it depends on the situation, don’t exaggerate, keep the original appearance as much as possible.”


Brother Zhang did not speak from the beginning to the end, because this This kind of thing doesn’t matter to him. Chang’an Lane is here to be renovated or not, but if it is refurbished, it can indeed make it look more comfortable.

Niu Niu is not very smart, but his work efficiency is indeed high. After all, he is also a financial prodigy. He has a whole team under him. He only needs to make a phone call and someone will handle this thing.

Chang’an Lane is essentially a complex of ancient buildings and a protected area. Buying and selling and private modification are not allowed, but repairs and renovations are not within the scope of restrictions, so the above approval will come down soon, after all, the manager of any place will not mind someone investing money in their own jurisdiction, even more how This is an almost non-profit activity.

After they started running, a group of experts and designers came in that night to start an overall assessment of Chang’an Lane. First of all, the ground must be renovated. Seven hundred years of wind and rain, even if It has been renovated several times earlier, but those bluestone slabs have been eroded by the years, and there are public health problems in the alleys. The sewer system is relatively old and prone to blockage. They are all things from the 1970s and 1980s. In summer, whenever an air conditioner is plugged in, a place will trip and power off.

There is also the overall landscaping. Exposed wires and damaged public walls have become the focus of renovation.

And people said that this renovation is just right to spend money at the risk of death. In a residential area with a radius of about 200 meters, there are more than 100 households, and the average renovation cost per household is almost one 100 million, this can really be transformed into Wakanda in one step, as Xiaoma said.

Designers and experts quickly came up with a plan after a night of evaluation and measurement, but they have used luxury to the limit, but the average household average is less than 20 million, The average household is 100 million… They really don’t know how to operate.

If it is said that all the building is leveled and rebuilt, the money can be easily spent. After all, there are still compensation and resettlement fees, but now the problem is not to move the main part, but to renovate the public facilities and install them. Some new facilities, I really don’t know how to spend this money.

And by coincidence, Zhang Yao, who had just signed a contract for the construction of a special prison with the super contractor, didn’t know where she smelled it. She followed the fragrance of the banknotes and found it. Chang’an Lane.

When I heard that Hanhan, who was sitting next to Xiaoma and was learning strange knowledge, was the funder this time, Zhang Yao was chuckled.

“Hold the grass… run! Run!” The pony started reminding Niuniu when he saw Zhang Yao coming.

But the problem was that Niu Niu couldn’t react at all, until Zhang Yao pressed his shoulders, and Xiao Ma couldn’t help but sighed: “It’s over.”

“It’s over. What’s the end? I’m a serious businessman.” Of course Zhang Yao knew what Xiaoma’s nonsense sentence meant, she gave Xiaoma a blank look and continued, “You guys are new here again?”

“Well, newcomer.”

After Xiaoma finished speaking, Niu Niu got up immediately, held Zhang Yao’s hand, bowed and said, “Sister-in-law is good… sister-in-law is good. I’m new here, just call me Xiaowei.”

Zhang Yao slapped her hand: “Who is your sister-in-law, don’t talk nonsense.”

Niu Niu pointed at the pony and said, “I saw you two flirting with each other just now.”

As soon as these words came out, the pony patted his thigh laughed heartily, but Zhang Yao didn’t know Whether to cry or laugh: “If you talk nonsense again, your mouth will be torn off. If you really want to scream, you can treat me as his girlfriend.”

Zhang Yao He turned his head and pointed at Brother Zhang who was reading the villain book: “Here.”

“No, you are not worthy of the Holy Master.”

Zhang Yao was so angry that her face turned pale. Bai Bai, and the pony sat there laughed heartily, laughing until he was out of breath, Brave Niu Niu Guo really is the existence of Unparalleled Beneath The Heavens, such honesty may even be beyond the reach of Haozi.

But the anger returns to the qi, Zhang Yao has a particularly big advantage, that is, he is not hypocritical, and he will not be hypocritical with God of Wealth, she turned back to the little brother Zhang: “You Why is the newcomer so poor, is it really so lacking in emotional intelligence?”

Brother Zhang silently raised his head to look at Zhang Yao, and then silently lowered his head: “Go and see his resume. Just know, he doesn’t need emotional intelligence at all.”

Don’t say it, Zhang Yao really opened his mobile phone to check Wei Shenhao’s record because of this sentence. That was really startling. Although the two of them had different fields, Zhang Yao worked so hard to earn that kind of money, and this Wei Shenhao could double her earnings with just the touch of a finger.

“No wonder everyone is reluctant to engage in industry now. The financial industry is too profitable, right?” Zhang Yao felt aggrieved after reading it: “Why am I working so hard?”

Brother Zhang chuckled lightly: “Probably to keep a name in the history books.”

This person is actually very strange sometimes, although he has been repeatedly shouting and saying that as long as If you have money, you can have nothing else. But it really comes to a certain point, a sentence that will leave a name in the history, help the building to fall, or seal the wolf’s residence, it is really a dash on bravely with no thought of personal safety.

That’s why it’s such a light-hearted remark, all the grievances Zhang Yao accumulated just now are disappeared. It is extremely difficult for them to be in the history of finance, but it is extremely difficult for them to be named in history. Efforts are still hopeful.

Thinking about this, Zhang Yao is balanced. Anyway, her own life is not luxurious at all. She has no interest in luxury cars, famous watches, bags, and perfumes that ordinary girls like. Her biggest passion is to tinker with wrenches, hammers and explosion welding. When her future products are enough to change the pattern, It really doesn’t matter if it’s money or not.

The reorganized Zhang Yao came to Xiaoma’s side again, and then started to chat about the renovation plan of Chang’an Lane. She boldly laid out her own ideas on the master who spends money without blinking an eye. In front of you, the other party doesn’t understand anyway, so you can fool around and come up with new concepts.

“Chang’an Lane, we want to make it a place that is ordinary on the outside but infinite on the inside. There is nothing on the surface that can be improved, so we will go underground and build a place here. Doomsday bunker, what do you think of this plan?”

Which man can resist the plan of a doomsday bunker, even Niuniu, who is not very smart at all, when he hears this plan proposed, his eyes are blown away Empty. Come on, although I don’t need it, there really is a high-tech Underground City Fort. Isn’t this every man’s dream?

“We have to make it so solid that, whether it’s a nuclear disaster, a biological disaster, a climate disaster or a supernatural disaster, there can be enough inside for a thousand people to live in peace for two hundred years, isn’t that very? Is it a cool thing?”

Zhang Yao’s purpose is to cheat money, which Xiaoma and everyone else are aware of, but only Niu Niu doesn’t care, one is that his money came too much It’s easy, secondly, he’s not very smart, and thirdly, he really wants to do something for the Holy Master.

These three points together have become the source of this dude being deceived.

“You hand over the project to me, and I will give you a satisfactory answer within a year. By the way, I can introduce a girlfriend to you.”

“Ah, girlfriend. !”

“Wait a moment.”

Zhang Yao called the Ice Queen Zhu Zhenzhen over a phone call. Zhu Zhenzhen has been working hard on Cultivation all this time, but now she is actually already It is very strong, after all, it is the top Power of the Demon God blessed by Yan Ling, so even the previous Thunder Dragon encountered her very hard, and even accidentally killed her.

After Zhu Zhenzhen came here, Zhang Yao pushed her shoulders and pushed her to Niuniu: “It’s her, my good sister Zhu Zhenzhen, are you interested?”

Niu Niu has never been in a relationship in his life, although in terms of his worth and background, theoretically there is no shortage of women around him, but this person… is somewhat abnormal. His favorite thing to do in his early years was Reading cultivation novels, my favorite thing to do in recent years is to find the cultivation of the Holy Master.

Basically, it can be said that she is not close to women, but when she saw Zhu Zhenzhen with a dazed face, the stupid son of this classic landlord’s family actually blushed, and Xiao Zhang didn’t even collapse in the back. Live out laughing.

“What are you laughing at?” Zhang Yao frowned and said, “This is a business.”

At this moment, Zhu Zhenzhen, who was stunned the whole time, seemed to be stunned, she turned her head to face Zhang Yao whispered, “Did you sell me for money?”

“Talk nonsense, who am I?” Zhang Yao pressed her on the stool: “I just think this Little Handsome Brother is a good match for you.”

It’s really good, what should I say. Although he’s not that smart, his appearance is actually quite good. At the age of 30, he is four or five years younger than Zhu Zhenzhen. There is no problem in terms of age, plus the family conditions… Not to mention that Zhu Zhenzhen is a small real estate business. ‘s daughter, even if she is the Crown Princess of Mouda, this uncle is not bad for her.

In terms of identity, one of the twelve spirits. Who do you look down on? This status condition, if you put it on the outside, you can eat it in the watch world, and you can eat it in the inner world. Black, white, and gray are all good-looking.

“Brother Zhang!” Zhu Zhenzhen turned back and asked for help: “Zhang Yao sold me!”

Brother Zhang covered his mouth and laughed for a long time, then said: “Look everywhere. .”

As soon as these three words came out, it was equivalent to the legendary “Sacred Lord’s affirmation”. Naturally, Zhu Zhenzhen had nothing to say. After sitting there and sighing a few times, she exchanged with Niu Niu. phone number.

“She’s the general manager of our company. As long as you give me this project, you can meet every day.”

After finishing speaking, Zhang Yao took out the bag A three-centimeter-wide strip of A4 paper width was placed on the table, and then a few A4 paper sheets were taken out from the inside, and the two contracts were placed on top in a few clicks.

“The contract is ready, you sign it, and we will start work tomorrow. I am very efficient, and the construction period is only ahead of schedule and not delayed.” The contract was signed, and as soon as the contract was signed, Zhang Yao made a plan in the afternoon, and the funds were in place in the evening. On the second day, she really started work.

Zhang Yao is really good at construction. A large number of unmanned engineering machines have replaced the traditional labor force, which makes her work very easy and pleasant, but suddenly she was pulled away by two people. The tens of billions of cattle didn’t respond until the second day, which link went wrong.

“You are really dark.”

In the early morning of the second day, when Zhang Yao was wearing a helmet and started to scan the whole view of Chang’an Alley with a spider robot, little brother Zhang stood with a bowl of wontons. In front of her: “Are you deceiving people of 20 billion for a decoration project?”

Although it is said that the Holy Master Fund is very rich, Brother Zhang would never use it. Although he can mobilize a lot of money, his daily contact is at the 100,000-level at most. Now, it is a transaction of 10 to 20 billion yuan, which makes him feel a little unreal. The world of the rich is really unimaginable.

“What is cheating?” Zhang Yao said to Brother Zhang while staring at the scanning image of Chang’an Lane that was gradually taking shape on the screen, “Is this an ordinary decoration? This is the last of human civilization. Fortress, after the world annihilation, there will still be one or two thousand people coming out of Chang’an Lane, tell me, isn’t this what you, the Holy Master, do.”

Brother Zhang laughed. , anyway, Zhang Yao can tell the truth, but Xiao Zhang doesn’t know where she is, she just wants to verify her whimsical new technologies here, but she is reluctant to pay for it by herself, and now she is finally caught. It’s a big deal, isn’t it a matter of course?

“How about the special prison?” Brother Zhang curiously asked: “What are you still doing?”

Zhang Yao un’ed: “Sixty percent completed. , and now they are all modular, once the final payment arrives, the remaining 40% can be completed within 30 days.”

“These two orders are enough for you to spend a long time, right? “

Hearing Brother Zhang’s question, Zhang Yao sneered: “I think so too, but it’s really not enough. You may be unimaginable for the expenses at our base, just aviation aluminum.” The purchase of titanium and titanium is astronomical, and I also want to get 16 satellites to the sky.”

Brother Zhang was taken aback: “Huh?”

“My own satellites? .” Zhang Yao said, frowned suddenly, pointed to the screen and said to Brother Zhang, “Why is there a person here?”

Brother Zhang came over and saw that in Zhang Yao’s scan In the picture, there is another person in a room who was tied to a chair and fell to the ground, whose life and death are unknown. And this person is the fake Lord from before…

He called Xiaoma quickly, and when Xiaoma heard it, he slapped his thigh and said that he had forgotten the fake Lord, but he has now Going out to Zhoushan, I have to ask Haozi to help…

Soon, Haozi broke into the door. At this moment, the Little Old Man was out of breath and out of air. It seemed that it was getting cold. He didn’t care so much, he was sent to the hospital directly. And then Haozi didn’t know whether to cry or laugh on the phone with Xiao Zhang and said: “I really took Ma Tahua, the sloppy degree of this person is unimaginable, the doctor said that this liar has electrolytes. It’s messed up, and if you come late for even a morning, the people will definitely be gone.”

Brother Zhang sighed: “The matter of the pony, you can deal with him, you can’t stay like this.”


After hanging up the phone, Zhang Yao said with a smile on her face: “You have to thank me many, or someone will kill you.”

Little Brother Zhang cupped the hands at Zhang Yao with a smile, and Zhang Yao giggled: “It’s useless to say thank you, I want to eat braised pork ribs.”

“Okay.” Brother Zhang nodded and said: “Let’s stay and have dinner together at noon.”


After a morning’s measurement, Zhang Yao put her sixty-four spider robots All were recovered, and all the details of Chang’an Lane had been stored in the computer, including the direction of the circuit, the pipe network, the direction of the sewers, and even the direction of the roots of the parasol tree. She scanned it.

Although Zhang Yao is a person who sees money and is very utilitarian, she does a really good job. When he is eating at noon, Brother Zhang is playing with her. In the computer, the internal structure of all the houses in Chang’an Lane can be retrieved at will, and if you double-click on any corner, you can see the structural strength score and material composition of this area.

In other words, even if Chang’an Alley is now burned down by a fire, as long as the data on Zhang Yao’s side is still there, an identical alley can be replicated in a short period of time.

And this total workload is only the workload of 64 robots in one morning.

“Nian Nian, I haven’t come to see you recently, do you miss me?”

During the meal, Zhang Yao sat there chatting with Nian Nian, because brother Zhang When traveling outside, Zhang Yao is responsible for taking care of Nian Nian. The two have a good relationship, and Nian Nian also likes this little elder sister very much, so Nian Nian, who has always disliked strangers, is only full of goodwill towards Zhang Yao.

“I’ll be done in a few days and I’ll take you to the amusement park.”

Yan Nian looked at Xiao Zhang, and Xiao Zhang agreed with the nodded expression on his face. A smile appeared immediately, and she raised her head and said to Zhang Yao, “Okay!”

While they were eating, Xu Wei suddenly made a loud noise, and then saw a big centipede He landed at Brother Zhang’s door, then gradually transformed into a human form, and cried out in pain: “Help…”

(End of this chapter)

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