What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 24

Chapter 24 You are so courageous

After sending a lap, Xiaoxiao is exhausted from exhaustion. Although she can eat, her physical fitness is so distressing , Gasping for breath after walking a few steps, the last Zhu Zhenzhen was unable to walk no matter what.

So she could only raise her head and looked towards Zhang Jiachang who seemed to be fine. Although she was still somewhat worried, she was really weak.

“You go back first, I’ll send her back.” Zhang Jiachang looked at Xiaoxiao, who was about to collapse, and found it a little funny: “If you don’t worry, you can take her there with me. .”

Xiaoxiao glanced at the door of the house that was close at hand, and felt sore and weak all over, and stomped her feet: “Then…then you sent me a video and asked for it. A photo of you and Mr. Zhu, if something happens to Mr. Zhu, you will definitely not run away!”


Zhang Jiachang nods with a smile, his voice Gentle and hearty as always, seeing his smile, his little guard was much less, while Zhang Jiachang watched her all the way home, and then saw her extending the hand on the window of her home to say hello before turning around and getting into the taxi.

Looking at Mr. Zhu who was sitting next to him with his head up and unconscious, Zhang Jiachang couldn’t help thinking of the scene where she was going to perform a pantyhose pullover just now, and he couldn’t help laughing out loud.

However, he always put a finger on Zhu Zhenzhen’s shoulder throughout the whole process, preventing her from having other physical contact with him.

It’s not a complete upright gentleman, but when she was carrying her into the car just now, Zhu Zhenzhen vomited, resulting in a lot of stains on her body, Zhang Jiachang felt disgusting.

She lives in a classic wealthy area. It is the kind of super community with a one-square-meter house in the early 100,000s and a 20% public area. The property fee is enough for Zhang Jiachang milk tea shop’s annual revenue.

Actually, Zhang Jiachang didn’t want to give it away either. He was so tired before, mainly because Zhang Jiachang basically didn’t have any physical contact with other colleagues during the whole process, and Xiaoxiao bore most of the weight. That made the weak little girl so tired and panting.

But now it’s easier if Xiaoxiao isn’t there. Zhang Jiachang made her hang up. It looked like he was supporting Zhu Zhenzhen, but in fact she was suspended in mid-air, her feet always separated from each other. The distance of about one millimeter from the ground looks normal, but in fact, the power relies on a stick that Zhang Jiachang picked up on the ground. When she got downstairs to her house, Zhang Jiachang didn’t even bother to ask Zhu Zhenzhen what the password was on which floor and which floor she was in. He just lightly touched her forehead with his finger, and all the relevant information had already been printed on it. into his mind.

Just at this moment, Zhu Zhenzhen’s cell phone rang. The unconscious Zhu Zhenzhen naturally couldn’t answer the phone, and Zhang Jiachang couldn’t answer the phone for her, so she let the phone ring all the way.

Just as he was about to enter the elevator with Zhu Zhenzhen, someone suddenly rushed out from behind, grabbed Zhang Jiachang’s arm, and tried to grab Zhu Zhenzhen.

But Zhang Jiachang just flicked it lightly, and the man was almost thrown away, but after standing up a little, he rushed up again and questioned: “who you are! What do you want to do to Zhenzhen?”

“I’m her colleague, she’s drunk, and I’ll take her home.”

The man looked Zhang Jiachang up and down, and then took a closer look Looking at Zhu Zhenzhen, although she looked a little sloppy, she was dressed neatly, and this person was relieved.

After calming down, he tidied up his clothes and said in a condescending manner: “Okay, leave the rest to me, I’ll just take him up.”


“No.” Zhang Jiachang shook his head: “I have to deliver it myself.”

The man paused and stared at the stunned man in front of him: “I’m her boyfriend!”

“No.” Zhang Jiachang still insisted: “She lives alone and has no boyfriend.”

“Are you fucking wanting to die!”

Zhang Jiachang pinched out a jasmine flower from the metal frame of the trash can next to him with one hand, and swept his eyes around him.

“Okay, I admit that my voice was a little loud just now and it’s not polite. But I’m really her boyfriend.” The man’s voice gradually became smaller: “It’s just that I haven’t determined the relationship… I’ll send She will just go up.”


“You don’t trust me, and I don’t trust you either!”

Zhang Jiachang watched Look at him: “Send it together.”

Seriously, the ability to spend money with empty hands is really scary. It’s a stainless steel cover. He just squeezed it when he said it. Can ordinary people do it? And since they are sent together, isn’t this an opportunity to get close to Zhu Zhenzhen.

So now the best way is to send Zhu Zhenzhen together, but when he came to her door, the man was in trouble, because he didn’t know Zhu Zhenzhen’s password, so he tried to wake up Zhu Zhenzhen who was supported by him. , Zhang Jiachang, who didn’t expect him, has already pressed the password di di di dilily.

The door opened, and the smart lights in the room also turned on. Zhang Jiachang stood at the door and didn’t go in. The man glanced at him and helped Zhu Zhenzhen in, and then set out to help Zhu Zhenzhen clean up. stains.

But didn’t expect him to clean up a towel in the bathroom, Zhang Jiachang had already walked into the room and was standing there motionless.

“Strong man, go back first, just leave it to me.”

“No, let’s go together.”

“You are Not stupid! Drunk people are very dangerous. If the vomit is refluxed, it is easy to suffocate. Someone must watch.”

Zhang Jiachang took out his mobile phone and searched, “Are drunk people? Suffocating”, after discovering that it was true, he nodded and said: “Then take care of you, I’ll be waiting here.”


This is really a There is no such ignorant and stubborn person in the world, but it is not rational to have a conflict with him now, and his original intention is for Zhu Zhenzhen’s good.

But after thinking about it for a long time, the man always felt that something was wrong. While he was wiping Zhu Zhenzhen’s face and neck, suddenly the dive light flashed, he raised his head and asked, “How do you know the password of her house? .”

“Well, this question is difficult to explain.” Zhang Jiachang spread his hands: “I won’t tell you.”

After he finished speaking, he took out his mobile phone and went to the bed. I started to send a video to Xiaoxiao. Xiaoxiao was eating a big bowl of instant noodles just after taking a shower. When she saw Zhang Jiachang’s video with another man besides him, Xiaoxiao asked in surprise: ” Who is that person?”

“He claims to be Mr. Zhu’s boyfriend, but I don’t believe it. I’m in trouble with him now. If he doesn’t leave, I won’t leave.”

“Okay…Thank you for your hard work.”

“You’re busy.” Zhang Jiachang hung up the phone and moved a stool to sit there, Motionless As Mountains.

Seeing such a stick, the man who claimed to be Zhu Zhenzhen’s boyfriend felt helpless in every possible way. He couldn’t get in touch with Zhu Zhenzhen all night. He didn’t know how anxious he was. Drunk, I can take this opportunity to show the hard power of a gentle and warm man, but how did I meet such a fool?

It’s really not beautiful.

After helping Zhu Zhenzhen to adjust to a position where she could breathe smoothly, helping her to simply clean up the dirt on her body, and helping her to pull her coat off, the man was exhausted.

According to the normal plot, he should now look at Zhu Zhenzhen on the bed with a gentle face, and while helping her brush the hair on her face, he said with a smile, “Fool, how can you drink yourself like this? Woolen cloth”.

But now, there is a tough guy who can break stainless steel with his bare hands sitting on a chair with his arms folded, defending himself like a thief, and the atmosphere instantly wipes out all the warmth he should have. A bright.

But he definitely can’t leave. The brawny man in front of him knows the password of Zhu Zhenzhen’s house. Who knows if he will come back halfway and do bad things.

Wait for it!

It took a while, and the two started chatting.

“I’m really Zhenzhen’s boyfriend, my name is Neng Wentao, and I live in this community. I’m really not a bad person.”

“Even if you are tenth generation. I will not leave the good people.” Zhang Jiachang replied: “As long as there are other people here except her, I will not leave.”

“You are the most dangerous if you have the password of her house. It’s the person who is the one who was there!”

“You can say the same thing, so let’s waste it.” Zhang Jiachang didn’t explain much, and in the eyes of others, he is indeed a dangerous factor, so it seems that waste is the most important factor. Good result.

One hour, two hours…

It’s been almost three hours, it’s already 1:40 in the morning, Thunder Dragon has been roasting chicken all night, Zhang Jiachang But he was still wasting himself with a man who was dying of sleepiness.

There was no trace of fatigue on his face, but Neng Wentao had already slept on the carpet.

After he woke up, he slowly sat up from the carpet, rubbed his eyes and said, “You were like this before I slept, and you can stay like this when I slept, who the hell are you. Ah…”

Zhang Jiachang raised his eyelids slightly: “No, I just played with my phone for a while, and then it ran out of battery.”

“Okay, let’s start the second round, Whoever goes to bed first is the dog.”

Neng Wentao took out his mobile phone and started yawning and playing, and finally at this moment, Zhu Zhenzhen on the bed sat up with a carp.

It was really a carp slamming, so even Zhang Jiachang was shocked, he didn’t expect a long-legged girl in black silk to actually slap a carp…

She rubbed her sleepy eyes, jumped out of bed in a daze, squinted her eyes and went to the kitchen, holding the kettle and started drinking tons of tons.

When she finally quenched her thirst, she put the water bottle aside and threw herself on the bed, and when she glanced over there for the last time, she found that there was a head on the head of his bed… …

Zhu Zhenzhen lay on the bed for five seconds, then suddenly jumped up, her eyes widened, and she looked at the two people on the chair and the carpet: “Why are you two here! What have you done to me!?”

(End of this chapter)

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