What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 240


Chapter 240 Thursday Madness

โ€œIโ€™m scared to death.โ€

This big centipede is before One of the iron juices that helped Xiao Zhang to decorate here, he is now sitting on Xu Wei’s side with a cup of hot tea in his hand, trembling all over, the cry for help just now was also very miserable, but fortunately he was not injured , that is, he was a little frightened, and his hands are still shaking so much.

“You’re right.” Xu Wei has been in Chang’an Lane for a long time, and she has gotten to know them very well, so she is no longer so polite when she speaks: “But with your courage, A dog barking in the middle of the night can scare you into wetting the bed, so it’s probably not a major event.”

The centipede slapped the table: “Nonsense! When did I wet the bed!”

But after he finished speaking, he took a sip of tea and continued: “Just now, didn’t I get off work in the afternoon, and then went to buy vegetables. Oh, you know, the ribs are very cheap today, usually twenty three-four pieces. One catty, sixteen one catty today, I just found out that the past few days a batch of live pigs has been released, and the price of meat has dropped a lot, but beef is still quite expensive. The beef brisket has risen to forty-eight, and I can’t eat it anymore.”

“Hey!” Xu Wei tapped the table with her fingers: “Would you like to hear what you said?”

centipede snorted, and then continued: “I went shopping for vegetables and bought three catties of pork ribs. I plan to make stewed pork ribs at night. I just came out of the market, and suddenly I felt murderous aura behind me. As soon as I turned around, I found that three strange people were following me, and then I rode an electric bike and ran quickly, but it took seven or eight kilometers to get here from the vegetable market, and those people followed me, and they followed me very closely. I speed up, and they speed up…”

“Isn’t it normal to accelerate?”

“They use two legs… just to walk, not to run. Have you seen Can you walk 40 miles with just two legs?”

While they were talking, the people from Brother Zhang’s side came one after another, seeing so many people coming, centipede The mood also eased a lot, and he even started shaking his feet: “Then when I was passing the bridge hole, I saw a flash, and those people appeared in front of me, they reached out to drag me, and I turned over as a harrier. I jumped up and ran without looking back. When I got out of the tunnel, I turned into a prototype and burrowed back. I threw my spare ribs and my electric car there.”

centipede said at this point , slammed his thighs heavily: “Hey, so angry!”

“I’m not talking about you, you are also a Great Demon with more than 1,800 years of cultivation. Looking at Monster Realm, you are also Above average, it is better than the big centipede in A Chinese Ghost Story, what are you afraid of?” Haozi asked curiously, “Are you not clear enough about yourself.”

“People are just afraid of it. Well!”

centipede twisted her body, and she actually put on a bit of charm: “How can I tell you so fierce, people will fight for the rest of my life. The biggest prey I’ve ever had is a sheep… Besides, aren’t the novels all about punching us little monsters to death and dragging them back to pill concocting? Say what to do. “

Haozi raised hand : “Lost… your dangling hair is really annoying.” “

But there is one thing to say, the monsters in Chang’an Lane are more or less abnormal, because those with ambition and ability will endanger the society and be eradicated, and those who can stay in Chang’an Lane will be killed. The monsters that are sheltered by the Holy Lord can use their butts to know what kind of state they are in. Anyway, it is impossible to go out. Chang’an Alley is full of talented people who speak nicely. They all like it very much.

“Have you written down the faces of those people? Haozi asked.

centipede thought for a while, then began to dance: “I remember three people, two are not tall, one is tall, the tall one has a long face, small eyes, Still a goatee! I remember, it’s a goatee! “

While he was describing, Xu Wei suddenly raised her head, and then patted centipede: “Is that so? “

Looking in the direction of Xu Wei’s finger, the centipede screamed and hid behind Haozi, while the three people he described were standing at the door of the small restaurant, walking towards him like ghosts. They looked inside.

Soon, they pushed the door and walked in. As soon as they came in, they went straight to the centipede. One of the shorter mouths muttered: “Kunlun Ling Xiao catches the demon, Idle people, etc. retreat. “

Haozi tilted his head at this moment, stretched out his feet to block their three people’s way, Faintly smiled and said: “Ling Xiao’s people, caught the demon and caught here? You didn’t inquire about this place before you came. “

“hmph, what a good place to be mixed with an inferior demon. Don’t stop, otherwise don’t blame our brother for tearing you down. “

What a big tone.

What this dwarf said really shocked everyone present. What’s going on, Spiritual Qi’s resuscitation gave Su stupid all his brains? This is Chang’an Lane, an exorcist restricted area! It’s been a rule for hundreds of years, and I don’t know if they don’t know it or just don’t take it seriously.

He also said that it was torn down, my god…

There are several Tianwang Laozi, Xiwangmu, Jade Emperor, Zeus, Odin, etc., and so on, ask them if they dare to put them together Saying ruthlessly here, don’t say what Kunlun Lingxiao, that is, the whole West Kunlun gathered here, just ask them if they dare to fart.

“Okay, you tear it down. โ€

Haozi took a step back with a smile on his face, and everyone in the room took a few steps back with laughter, leaving enough space for a few people in front of him, and Xu Wei even greeted him. With a smile, he made a gesture of invitation.

At this time, a little bastard came to buy milk tea. As soon as he came in and saw this picture, he turned around and shouted: “Someone is making trouble! โ€

As soon as I went down, I saw people in Changโ€™an Alley shouting shuaa~ and they came out. They didnโ€™t do anything, they just came to watch the fun. When there were more people, the atmosphere would rise. , hushuaa~ There are dozens of people, and there are Great Demons and cultivators in them. The aura arose at that time, and the three people were even overwhelmed.

They even saw the Demon God alive in the crowd, and there was no one to mess with, and in this atmosphere, no matter how arrogant people were, they would inevitably be counseled, but these self-proclaimed Upright Sects, after all It is to let go of some harsh words.

โ€œShelter evil people and accept wrongdoing should not be rampant, it will be cleaned up one day! โ€

After they finished speaking, a happy atmosphere reverberated in the air again, and after they left with great vigilance, it was a blossoming smile, and many people were laughing at the timidity of centipede. , and some are laughing at the overestimate one’s capabilities of the three old men.

But some people still start to discuss the topic, that is, “Is Chang’an Lane not so famous now? “, you must know that in the early years, those sects mountain gate did not say come to worship the handle, at least it was polite, and when passing by, you had to come to the door with gifts, but now it has openly started to come to this place subdue monsters and defeat Demons are gone.

Dharma End Era for more than 300 years has changed the pattern, and it has also made Chang’an Lane a human world in the true sense. Although this is good and bad, if it comes every three or five years This time, who can afford it.

โ€œKunlun system, right? “Haozi picked up the phone: “I’ll call the pony.” “

He picked up the phone and dialed the pony, and when he said what happened just now, the pony fretted over the phone: “What the hell is this kind of thing? This is the opposite of God. “

“Originally, I wanted you to come back quickly and be punished, but in this situation, you should go back to Kunlun.” At this time, Haozi really brought a bit of the majesty of the first place when he spoke: “Let’s deal with this matter.” “

“You let them run away?” The pony demanded: “The people are detaining them. I took Kunlun to ask for an explanation, and I beat them to pieces.” โ€

Haozi didnโ€™t bother to explain to the irritable pony, so he hung up the phone, turned around and went back to Brother Zhang, who seemed to have no idea what happened to him at the moment, and was sitting there. Embroidery, because I have to hand in handwork every year tomorrow, so Brother Zhang has to quickly embroider the peony in his hand.

Haozi explained everything, and Brother Zhang raised his head slowly and said: “Few people can survive the long Dharma End Era, there is always a change of old and new, and now Spiritual Qi has recovered, they are up and moving, and they must find something to prove themselves. There are not many demons, so this kind of thing is inevitable in the future. Aren’t you just dealing with these issues? “

Haozi saw Brother Zhang’s eyes, and hurriedly lowered his head and replied, “Yes!” “

At this time, the crowd watching the lively outside had almost dispersed, but Zhang Yao had been sitting there thinking, not knowing what she was thinking, and then turned around and walked out after thinking for a while. No one knew what he was going for.

After such a small episode, Chang’an Alley soon returned to its former calm, but just outside the alley, the three people who had left before were sitting Waiting for an opportunity in the small park.

This time they have to catch some monster to go back to the business, at least let the people in the Sect take a high look, and this Chang’an Lane is their best choice. Although there are many monsters and most of them are very strong, they thought that with their three abilities, it would not be a big problem to catch one together.

Just as they were waiting for their prey, they suddenly saw a few children coming. Playing in this small park, and among them is the Crown Princess Nian Nian of Chang’an Lane. These few people felt that Monster Qi, who seemed to have no appearance in Nian Nian, became excited all of a sudden.

“Hey , if you can’t catch an old one, you can catch a small one. “The tallest of the three said: “Take this little monster back, maybe you can train a mount.” “

“When will you start?” “

“Now! “

After finishing speaking, the three of them rushed out of the grass and came to the group of children, looking down at Nian Nian who was digging a hole in the sand, and Nian Nian also looked up towards They.

โ€œGo! “

After they finished speaking, they copied out a large net and put it down for each year, and when the little children around saw this scene, they all ran away crying, just before the three people. Full of joy, when they wanted to pretend to leave Nian Nian, they suddenly found that no matter how much they pulled the little girl, they couldn’t pull the little girl.

When they looked back, Nian Nian’s pupils had changed from their normal shape. It was full of black, and the nostrils were still spewing white mist, and then her body began to change, almost instantly transformed into a giant beast with long tentacles, sharp teeth, and the eye shows the ominous light, It is about five meters tall, with a big head and a small body, and a length of about nine meters. It has a tail of aura of fire.

The net covering Nian Nian’s body has long since been broken. The clouds were all reflected as red. Every year, I sat there looking at the three people on the ground, and then stretched out their paws and pulled them like this.

The three people were like hydrangea in a lion rolling hydrangea. It was hit and flew out, hitting the isolation pier next to it, and even the isolation pier that was several hundred kilograms was smashed by them, and at a moderate pace every year, when I stepped forward, I raised my paws and touched it. The head of the person in the lead stepped on it. If he stepped on it, there was basically no possibility of surviving.

But at this moment, Jin Mei appeared, and she extended the hand to block the year. Nian’s paw, looked up and said: “You just watch the children trample people to death? “

Following the direction she was looking, Brother Zhang was sitting on the building sign in Chang’an Lane. If there was no accident, he would have been sitting there a long time ago. It was there when it shot.

“It’s up to adults to do things on their own. Brother Zhang jumped down, looked down at the three people on the ground who had been slapped unconscious by Nian Nian, and said with a smile: “Nian Nian, go.” “

Walking forward every year, turning into a child again, and walking behind Brother Zhang, clutching the corner of his clothes, he walked into the deep Chang’an Alley, and Jin Mei sighed chased after him: “Every year is still a child, why don’t you handle it yourself. “

“Isn’t she handling it well?” “Brother Zhang patted the head every year:” I rarely intervene actively. “

Jin Mei sighed: “No, let me be here every year from now on, he can’t grow up among men.” “

Brother Zhang laughed: “Then ask her if she is willing. โ€

Jin Mei looked towards Nian Nian, Nian Nianโ€™s head shook like a rattle.

And outside Changโ€™an Lane, the three comatose members of the Monster Hunting Squad had been captured by Haozi It was tightly bound, and Haozi squeezed Sister Gou’s mouth tightly while tying it up: “Okay, I’ll deal with these people, if you don’t come up, you’ll be bitten to death. I have to go to Kunlun Mountains with Xiaoma to discuss this matter. I am Little Princess in Chang’an Lane and they dare to move. They really eaten a bear’s heart and a leopard’s gallbladder. “

Haozi later found Brother Zhang and said that Hu Niu couldn’t know about this for the time being, or she might do something stupid.

But while they were still discussing Suddenly, Brother Zhang and Haozi both felt the illusory realm behind them moving. The two of them came to the backyard. As soon as Haozi entered the bamboo forest, they saw a huge cannon that was thicker than others and fired out. , and then saw the huge cannonball disappear into the illusory realm with a swish.

“Slotting, what is this? “Haozi covered his ears and shouted.

But what he waited for was not a response, but the second reloading and firing of the automatic reloading device. He hurriedly exited the illusory realm, only feeling the buzzing in his ears. With a bang, Nao Ren’er was about to pop out.

After he came out, he saw Brother Zhang making a video with Zhang Yao, who was sitting in the room drinking coffee, casually said : “It’s okay for me to teach that Kunlun Soaring Sky Sect a little lesson, I can see from the surveillance that they want to arrest me every year. “

Brother Zhang laughed: “How many cameras did you put in my place? “

“Forget it.” Zhang Yao pointed the video at his computer, and on the screen was a huge 406mm caliber two battleship gun: “Did you see this, this is the global strike system in our base, which is used in conjunction with our spirit world.” . I spent a lot of money to buy it, and the bomb inside is a spirit bomb, just like EMP destroys electrical appliances, this kind of bomb with Spirit Sword stone as the main medium can directly disperse the overwhelming majority of cultivators. cultivation base. “

Brother Zhang laughed: “Can that also shoot at me? ”

“No, because Illusory Realm can’t locate Chang’an Lane, but it’s more than enough to hit the Kunlun Mountains.”

In the gap between their chats, in the distance In the depths of the Kunlun Mountains, a shocking explosion suddenly came from an unremarkable mountain col Two cannonballs came one after another, and stabbed directly into the square in front of their palace. The people inside didn’t even respond, and were blown to the ground by the Spiritual Qi wave set off by the spiritual bomb. Sect In an instant, the chickens flew and dogs jumped, and the cultivation base profound was a little bit of people resisting in time, but it was inevitable to vomit blood.

But just when they were going to form a defensive formation, the third spiritual bomb exploded about fifty meters above their heads. This time Mountain Protecting Great Formation collapsed, and the entire Sect All of his treasures were turned into pieces because of the spiritual explosion. Except for a few big guys with very high cultivation bases, all the others were spared and all became ordinary persons in the blink of an eye.

But before they were lucky, the fourth spiritual bomb exploded in the air. The cultivators who had been able to support them a few times before, this time really couldn’t stand it anymore. They all fell to the ground, clutching their dantian positions and wailing in pain.

“Speaking of which, how do you know their Sect location?” Brother Zhang asked Zhang Yao curiously: “I don’t even know.”

“It’s very simple, Just ask, donโ€™t underestimate me, I have a lot of friends on the road now, and they tell me the approximate location, I will send the drone over with the phantom realm, as long as I find an abnormal psionic response I’m done.”

“You’re not afraid of accidental injury?”

“Why, don’t underestimate me. My drone has a probe on it, which can be seen through Their camouflage barrier, they say Ling Xiao on the great hall.” Zhang Yao giggled: “How about it, is my global strike system very difficult to deal with, I won’t tell you, I’m still here. I have a bit of work, next time I will be more optimistic about the year, if something goes wrong, I will not forgive you!”

Brother Zhang smiled and hung up the video, while Haozi scratched his chin and said, “I can still Is there such a way of hitting? It’s amazing.”

“Probably this is the real era.” Brother Zhang said with a smile: “Let’s go and see what’s going on with the Soaring Sky Sect. โ€

(end of this chapter)

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