What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 241


Chapter 241 The End of the World Style

Haozi came to the legendary Soaring Sky Sect, with the three damned bastards, But what I saw was a broken wall. The Mountain Protecting Great Formation was completely collapsed. The people inside were dead and wounded. Even the strongest Elder was dying now, and the magic weapon of the mountain gate, the Spirit Stone, was already in the explosion. In front of the house, there are no non-cultivators, such as the children who are responsible for cleaning, cooking, and handyman, but those with a high cultivation base will have blood mold.

Haozi, who was completely stunned by the scene in front of him, was speechless for a long time. He couldn’t help but sigh that this flesh and blood body is indeed unable to mention on equal terms with that cannonball. If Spiritual Qi’s recovery has been over a hundred years, I can’t say for sure. It’s okay, but in the current situation, Zhang Yao’s cannonballs can really hit the soul in one shot.

And the three dogs that indirectly caused the Soaring Sky Sect to be blown up saw their mountain gate look like this, they rushed over desperately, knelt in front of a person in front of the great hall and started Weeping loudly, but in the perennial freezing temperature of the Kunlun Mountains, the person in front of them was already too dead to die.

Haozi brows frowned, but didn’t say anything, after all, this is their own fault, this is still the case that the dog sister tiger niu and the others have not shot, if they all shot, I am afraid Soaring Sky Sect is really just a piece of rubbish now.

After a long sigh, Haozi left silently, turned around and entered the illusory realm and came to a flat ground at the foot of the Kunlun Mountains at the side of Gongger Peak through the illusion. Reaching out in the snowstorm, his hand quickly touched an invisible barrier. He forced his eyes to feel it for a while, then suddenly twisted his wrist, and then a door appeared in front of him. thing.

Walking through this door, you will be greeted by a hidden land of peace and prosperity. The green grass is full of green grass, the landscape is picturesque, and the peach forests are continuous. There was a small stream passing through, some women were washing yarn in the stream, and many Dao Child dressed in plain clothes were chasing and making trouble in the open space, and there was absolutely no atmosphere of minus 20 to 30 degrees outside. On the contrary, it is full of spring and vitality.

Haozi took a step forward, but saw the huge Five Elements Eight Trigrams array light up on the ground. Haozi knew that if he made a wrong move, he would trigger the Mountain Protecting Great Formation, but at the moment he was in this densely. The packed Formation is on the ground, and it has gone through the last identity check in three or two.

Going further, someone found Haozi, they looked at this strangely dressed man with amazement and curiosity, and then a few urchins rushed in front of him and circled around him, as if It’s monkeys watching at the zoo.

Haozi waved to the little children, and the little bastards dispersed in a hurry, but after a while, seven or eight people came from a place like a small town not far ahead, not flying. He didn’t walk, he just jumped forward, like a big flea, and jumped in front of Haozi after a few back and forth.

The leader was a white-bearded old man with a white robe on his body, like an Oriental Gandalf. The few people behind him were not so tall, but they actually looked strange and nondescript.

“Twelve Spirits, routine.” Haozi threw the certificate in front of the passers-by: “Take me to see your Sect Master.”

The spectrum of the twelve spirits is very large. , and only Haozi has a wast token. After these people verified the wast token in amazement, they soon invited Haozi to the core of their small town.

Then the Sect Master personally received.

“Female Sect Master?” Haozi laughed: “This generation Yuxu’s Sect Master is actually a beautiful girl.”

Yuxu’s female Sect Master was just laughed, and then He took Haozi in and entered the side hall next to the main hall. After Haozi went in, he found a few elder-looking people sitting inside.

Haozi was greeted as the guest of honor. As soon as he sat down, the tea was brought to him. He picked up the teacup and took a sip. He was satisfied and nodded: “Kunlun needles are still the same human world as before. Excellent product.”

Although Haozi is said to be a reincarnated twelve spirits, he actually carries a part of his memory, which is the case in all twelve spirits, except for vanished fragrance and crumbled jade, which can only be re-selected Except for the snake, the other twelve spirits all have memories of that year.

“I still remember that when I transplanted Bashu Qingfeng to Kunlun, I never thought that you could cultivate it so well.”

It’s not Haozi to be a veteran. habit, but it is still necessary for this group of people, because they recognize this. Why is the cultivation world declining year by year? In addition to the biggest influencing factor, Dharma End Era, the most important thing is that this habit of judging seniority has become a common practice. Can only obliterate the crowd.

And Haozi, as one of the three founders of Kunlun Mountains, it is not exaggerated to call them Ancestral Master. However, Haozi doesn’t expect them to be so respectful. After all, Kunlun and Twelve Spirits have been separated for more than a thousand years. During this period, they have iterated more than ten times, and their relatives have all released five servers.

Sure enough, Haozi’s words didn’t stir up any big waves, and these people are not fools. Naturally, at this time, they can’t recognize this ancestor. Anyway, now they have nothing to do with the Twelve Spirits. Everyone talks about it separately, and there is no need to bring those Old Huang calendars into it.

Besides, even if Kunlun was created by Twelve Spirits, Kunlun is much stronger than Twelve Spirits. Of course, this thing is based on powerhouse, right? It is qualified for the inner row and the outer row. battle strength, the old double standard played quite smoothly.

“This time I’m here, but it’s nothing to do. First, I’m here to inform you that Ling Xiao has been destroyed because he offended the Holy Master. Second, you have to give them to you. A reminder, when you step into the world again, you must follow the rules of the world, and don’t use the mistakes you made more than a hundred years ago to walk the rivers and lakes, or one day you will get into a killing disaster, don’t blame me for not reminding you.”

If Xu Wei and the others could see and hear it, they would definitely not have imagined that Haozi, who has always been timid and cautious, could say such domineering words. In this moment, Haozi felt like he was going to explode! do do xi do xi so…

But when Haozi’s heart was throbbing, the opposite side was not in the same panic, Ling Xiao was destroyed… There was no reaction at all for such a big event , it was completed silently, they were more panicked than anyone else, and they couldn’t even wait for Haozi to leave, and a Fu Zhihe flew out of the window silently, probably to check Ling Xiao’s situation of.

You must know that Yuxu sits at the head of the Kunlun Ten Six Sect, which can be said to be the face of the Kunlun Sect, but now their little brother was destroyed under his own eyes, and then he was still another twelve Ling informed them that the incident was as outrageous as the North Korean bombing of the U.S. aircraft carrier parked in New York, and then the North Korean Foreign Ministry personally sent a note to the U.S. Department of Defense, and the U.S. Department of Defense only knew the news.

The normal first reaction at this time should be to declare war, right? But in fact, if you think about it carefully, you don’t dare to declare it, because since people can kill the aircraft carrier silently, what else can they do? 、

even more how Kunlun does not have the strength to pull the whole world to be buried together like the United States, Kunlun does not have a hydrogen bomb.

“I don’t want to say more. Anyway, I’m here to let you know. You Yuxu are the main body of Kunlun. I still hope to send a few people to the Holy Master to explain and apologize. Then take a good look at the rules of the world.” Haozi could feel his heart beating wildly now: “And I will give you fifteen days to inform all the Sects up and down Kunlun about this matter, I don’t want similar incidents to happen again.”

Haozi got up and walked out, then turned around and said, “Don’t forget, you Kunlun is also a branch of Holy Lord Lineage, don’t forget your ancestors, if you want , possible fight. By the way, my name is Qing Lingzi, you can go check me.”

After speaking, Haozi hurriedly activated the illusory realm and disappeared in place with a swish. After entering the bamboo forest, he sat down on the ground and gasped heavily.

It’s not that Haozi is weak, it’s that Kunlun is really scary. Don’t think that Zhang Yao can beat Ling Xiao with a cannon and think she is amazing. After all, it’s just Ling Xiao, Yu Xu is not joking, the other Sects are younger brothers. If Yu Xu is called the United States, then Ling Xiao is Panama, what kind of ability is it to bully and bully Panama? You have the ability to bombard the United States.

As for Zhang Yao’s cannon, it may not even break Yuxu’s First Layer defense, because Ling Xiao used Formation, and Yuxu used the top magic weapon directly, known as the ancient Ten Great Divine Artifacts Ranked First’s Mountains and Rivers State Chart, although it is the same as Qinglingzi’s Yin-Yang Mirror is a top magic weapon, but Yin-Yang Mirror is a scum in front of Mountains and Rivers State Chart.

As for why Haozi can enter, isn’t it a coincidence, his first life happened to be the first wife’s eldest son of Nuwa’s first wife of the Ancient Race department, and the Mountains and Rivers State Chart was once his baby. It was only later that for some reason he belonged to the Holy Master and became the Twelve Spirits, and he was sorry to hold the Nuwa series, so he created the Kunlun system in the name of the Nuwa series and the identity of the Twelve Spirits.

This is why he said that Kunlun is also a branch of the Holy Master, but in fact, Kunlun strictly speaking is the Nuwa system of the Ancient Race department, but the complicated relationship here makes them more similar to the Holy Master.

But it’s still the same sentence. Five servers have been released. They really want to do Haozi. Haozi’s heads are already hanging in their woods and fluttering in the wind.

Haozi finally calmed down his pounding heart. Haozi went back to Brother Zhang, and by the way, he picked up a handful of water in the yard and wiped his hair shiny before walking in. Haozi, who walked in, sat upright in front of Brother Zhang.

“I have solemnly warned those people, asking them to measure their abilities, and if they dare to offend the Holy Lord, they will not do it.”

“Your face So yellow.” Da Huang squatted on the shelf behind Brother Zhang: “Why is it so yellow?”

“You motherfucker, the anti-cold wax.” Haozi cursed, took a deep breath and said: “Bring me a glass of wine with a higher degree of alcohol.”

Brother Zhang didn’t say anything, let alone expose Haozi’s stubbornness, but just handed him a glass of self-brewed sorghum wine, and Haozi sighed. Going down, his facial features were distorted, but this just happened to cover up his sallow and white complexion.

And then Thunder Dragon came erratically, like a wandering soul: “Look at Haozi, he will definitely change his pants when he goes back, let me tell you, Haozi wets the bed. He urinated until the third year of junior high school, and every time we watched a horror movie in the video hall, he had to pee his pants when he went back.”

Haozi didn’t say a word, just dipped his fingers in the spirits of fish farming and quickly arranged on the table Formation, and then slapped with his hand: “The flames burn!”

Then saw the Thunder Dragon burst into flames, he rolled back and forth, cursing Haozi and trying to destroy the body Fire, but Yin Fire is so easy to put out, and finally it rushed into Brother Zhang’s infinite ice storage to put out the fire.

“Haozi, you fucking killed your father!” When Thunder Dragon got out again, it was foul-mouthed but Haozi’s silhouette could no longer be seen: “Where is the grandson!”

Brother Zhang pointed to the door. It just so happened that Haozi only showed his back. Thunder Dragon scolded a few angrily, but did not chase after him. After all, Haozi was really annoyed. Thunder Dragon’s means are endless.

After a while, Thunder Dragon suddenly swam back to Brother Zhang: “speaking of which, there seems to be a saying that Kunlun comes from the world, I’m not happy about that.”

Brother Zhang was rolling out the chicken breast with a rolling pin. After hearing Thunder Dragon’s words, he raised his head and glanced at him: “Why are you not happy.”

“Just skip us, Obviously we are their ancestors.”

Little Brother Zhang laughed, but didn’t say anything. Several major systems were in contention back then, from the Nuwa Fuxi system to the Daoxuan Jiang Shang system to the Xu Fu system. Although the Holy Master system here is not the earliest, it has the longest duration and the most stable personnel structure. It can be said that 89 out of 10 of the techniques come out of this, either the twelve spirits or the corpse deciphering immortals. But because the Twelve Spirits were killed by Xie Xian Xian, and Xie Xie Xian was overcast by Xu Fu, the inheritance was messed up in the end.

Coupled with years of on and offs, and experienced a Dharma End Era in the middle, it finally became the ghost it is now. Speaking of which, the main department of the Twelve Spirits is the biggest holder of the copyright of the spell.

But Brother Zhang thinks this is not a problem, because his duty is not to fight for the world, his duty as the Holy Master is to protect the lineage inheritance when it is about to be cut off, as long as there is inheritance, who is It doesn’t really matter who it is. In the end, no matter who it is, it will be a life-and-death fight. The dispute over the academics has never stopped since Mythological Era.

“You can find a way to revive yourself.”

“By the way, let’s guess who Haozi left for Kunlun.”

Brother Zhang laughed: “Qing Lingzi, who else is there? Haozi is who, you don’t know?”

(End of this chapter)

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