What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 242


Chapter 242 Out of Control

A meeting was held in the Kunlun Mountains, and all the attendees were furious , it should be clear that the “Qing Lingzi” is here to bully people, and Ling Xiao is their brother Sect of the same qi, connected branch, but now the mountain gate has been destroyed overnight, and so many people have been injured, although In the end, because of Yuxu’s rescue, the lives of those people were saved, but they were all detonated without exception. Qi Sea dantian, the hard-earned cultivation base is gone, and there are only three remaining brains in Lingxiao. The waste is still intact.

This makes Kunlun’s lips and teeth cold. After all, this kind of thing has two sides. If it is really so obedient, wouldn’t it be a pinch? This was a hard-to-come recovery of Spiritual Qi. They waited for hundreds of years for this opportunity. Isn’t it completely impossible to turn over?

β€œThey even sent people to study, which is a fool’s dream.”

The Elder of the Lihuo Sect was the most excited: β€œA group of trifling mortals dared to issue orders to the Immortal Sect, let me see, They just think they live too long.”

The people next to him looked at him as if they were mentally retarded. Among them, the elder of the Qionghua faction had a bad relationship with the Lihuo faction. Immediately found the opportunity, mystifying said: “Elder Xue is so angry, and Immortal Sect faction. But it’s no wonder, it’s not surprising that some small Sect have never seen the world.”

” Old chick! How dare you be so arrogant!”

“Enough!” The Yuxu Sect Master headed by Haozi, who Haozi called the beautiful elder sister, frowned tightly: “Elder Xue, An Elder, the two of you should stop quarreling with children. But this time An Elder is right. This is not a mortal, but the head of the twelve spirits under the door of the Holy Master. I also checked it out. That Qing Lingzi, who has been in power for more than two thousand thousand years, the real Earth Immortal, is definitely not a mortal in the mouth of Elder Xue. Besides, he can break the great formation of mountains and rivers when he enters the door. Such skills should not be underestimated. Look.”

After these words came out, Elder Xue did not speak with a dark face. Although people are in Human World Cultivation, but don’t take Earth Immortal as immortal, it is really going to fight, except for Three Realms shot, usually cultivator in front of Earth Immortal is the takeaway little brother who delivers food.

“What should I do? I can’t really study.” Mysterious Moon Sect Elder sighed, “Then what’s the face of my Kunlun.”

Ningshuang She pursed her lips. She has only been in charge of Yuxu for two years. After the master’s military release, this is the first time she has handled such a big matter independently. Even though she is exceptionally intelligent, to put it bluntly, she is still a melon egg. She has strength but real experience. Insufficient, it is difficult for her to imagine the consequences of going or not going to separate.

“Now the mysterious door is weak, and it is not suitable for arguing with the Sect of the human world. Even more how is the sect of the Holy Master. They are the magic clan, and their strength is extraordinary. Maybe you don’t recognize it clearly. Lingzi, but in fact Qing Lingzi was also a person of Kunlun.” At this time, the suzerain of Kunlun Pure Land Sect suddenly opened the mouth and said: “Once upon a time, he was one of the founders of the thirty-six sects on Kunlun, and he left after that. Kunlun went to seek the way, and after he left, he became an enemy of Kunlun, and killed the seventy two sects of the two Kunluns until only ten Nine Sects remained, and now the remaining Sects of Kunlun are all slowly evolved from those ten Nine Sects. , you can imagine how terrifying this person is. It is rumored that he has three Divine Items on his body, namely Yin-Yang Mirror, also known as Kunlun Mirror, Qianyuexing and Zhanlujian. He is extremely powerful and is the most powerful Holy Lord Lineage in the world.”

After listening to the description of Pure Land Sect, everyone present was sucked in a breath of cold air, because they didn’t need to hear any specific content, just the combination of these three Divine Items is enough to be powerful enough. It is shocking, not to mention that they are controlled, I am afraid that everyone here will not be able to subdue even one of them, let alone holding three Divine Items.

And he is so arrogant, but he is still only a gold medalist under the sect of the Holy Master on earth. One can imagine how terrifying the sect of the Holy Master is.

“Are you really going to study? My breath…”

“I will.” Ningshuang took a deep breath: “Everyone here is senior, and you are not willing to live here if you think about it. I will take care of this matter. My teacher once said that those who call a major event should be tolerated by ordinary people, and tolerated by ordinary people. Nowadays, Xuanmen is weak and cannot easily become an enemy of others. Today’s matter of Lingxiao, this I have written down the account, and when he re-emerges in Rixuanmen, this revenge is not a gentleman!”

The people around sighed, and they actually felt ashamed in their hearts, but they couldn’t open their mouths at all. And in the end, I have to see a little girl bear the burden of humiliation.

“Where are you going, of course I’m going.”

At this moment, a young man appeared at the door. He was a slender figure with fair skin and a jade Young Master He looks like he is holding a flute in his hand. He looks like the ascetic male protagonist in the Xianxia film and television drama, with a handsome face and a cold identity.


“Okay, if you say I’ll go, I’ll go, you stay at the door to manage affairs, I’ll go with these things. is it possible that My Kunlun is gone? Let you, a woman, suffer that kind of humiliation?”

As soon as these words came out, all the Old Seniors in the room felt even more ashamed, and this young man named Yuheng felt even more ashamed. With a sneer on his face: “Anyway, I’m just a piece of trash waiting to die on Kunlun, and I can’t cultivate. If that’s the case, then let me do something meaningful. This matter is settled, I Let’s go.”

No one said a word from the full audience, only Yuheng raised his hand: “Senior Sister, I’m leaving.”

Ningshuang couldn’t care less at this moment. The others rushed up and came to Junior Brother: “You can’t go, you are Master’s only flesh and blood…you…”

“Okay.” Yuheng put his finger on Ningshuang’s lips Pressed: “Suffering and suffering, of course, it’s a waste like me, but Sister Senior wants to revitalize Sect.”

After finishing speaking, he pushed Ningfrost World’s shoulders and sent her back. Inside the room: “You guys are busy, I’ll pack up now.”

It’s all like this, no one has the heart to go to a meeting, and soon the Kunlun conference will end, and Ningshuang also seems to be sending Just like the young wife who went to the front line, the husband sent Junior Brother to the gate of the mountain. At the gate, the girl who controlled Kunlun’s Greatest Sect couldn’t help crying.

“Don’t cry, your tears are about to freeze.” In the wind and snow, Yuheng stood on the teleportation place on Kunlun leading to the outside world: “I’m leaving, if I don’t die, I will I’ll marry you when I come back.”

Ningshuang cried while nodding, but the spirit formation had already activated, and then Yuheng only felt that he was spinning, and then he was thrown into the ground by Formation fiercely. On the side of the road, because he had no mana at all, he fainted at that time.

When Yuheng woke up again, he was already lying in the hospital, and the salute and entanglement he carried with him had long since disappeared. Only one set of clothes was intact on his body, even the pair of clothes. All the leather shoes that I went to the Nether to buy were stolen.

These are not the most uncomfortable things for him. The most uncomfortable thing is that the sound transmission talisman that communicates with the Sect has disappeared. This is a good thing… He is equivalent to abandoned in the world.

Now he wants to walk back to the Kunlun Mountains…don’t think about it anymore, he is a person who has no cultivation base at all, he will be eaten by wolves on the way back to the Kunlun Mountains, and if he wants to If you walk by, you may not be able to reach the deserted place for several months. Even if you are not eaten by wolves, you will freeze to death and starve to death on the mountain.

Suddenly Yuheng became insane, but he was still the young master of the Kunlun Great Sect. He still had some concentration, although he was not so familiar with Human World, but according to the age of ten. Judging from the experience that father brought him down several times, he definitely couldn’t stay in the hospital any longer.

So he took advantage of the night and slipped out wearing the slippers of the patient in the next hospital bed without everyone noticing.

From the cold and lonely Kunlun Mountains to the metropolis of bizarre and motley, Yuheng is very confused now, and his sense of insecurity is getting stronger.

“Excuse me, this traveler, how can I get to this address?”

Yuheng opened his mouth, he would ask people. And fortunately, the address on the business card given by Haozi was still on him, so he ran to a big brother who was waiting for the bus and asked.

big brother saw his strange attire, and then looked at the address on the business card: “GZ Siyinmin Road South, one hundred and eighty meters, Zang’an Lane. Hiss… brother Ah, brother, I have to tell you something. No, brother, can you print?”


The big brother pointed to the sign behind him: “Can you print?”

Yuheng looked at the sign above it carefully: “Tieling County Civil Affairs Bureau.”

“Ai, are you printing?”

“This walker , if you have something to say, please tell me directly?”

The big brother slapped his leg: “It’s the other way around!”

Not to mention the enthusiasm of the people in the Northeast, encountering such a The gadget can actually guide patiently, and under the patient guidance of the big brother, Yuheng knows that his current position is about 2848.6 kilometers away from the destination, which is 56918 li, which has to go. High speed, if you want to pass, start from the starting point and drive 90 meters in the due west direction, and then…

moved towards the south direction and look far away, that is a distance that you can’t see from the top of Kunlun, And now the biggest Young Master in Kunlun has been thrown to the end of the universe due to an unknown teleportation accident.

He has no ID card, no money, no mobile phone, no hukou, or even a home address. The only thing police Uncle can do is to write the Yuxu faction at the top of West Kunlun on his home address. That stuff is something that you can’t even get a Google map.

Yuheng was sent to the shelter that night, saying that on the second day, he would find a way to help him contact the civil affairs department and the higher-level department to compare the missing persons.

But Yuheng knew that he would definitely not be able to find out, so he ran out of the shelter overnight. This Young Master, who has been on the Kunlun Mountains almost all his life, was in the foggy rainy night in the northeast. , I cried a lot because a kebab big brother gave him three steamed buns and a bottle of mineral water. The whole kebab big brother was a little sorry and gave him a chicken rack.

(End of this chapter)

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