What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 243


Chapter 243 Kunlun Yuheng

“Put this here.”

Because I know that the Holy Master likes to spell things , To collect postcards, Niuniu Wei Shenhao, who is still a non-staff for the time being, spent 12 million yuan to get all the postcards that appeared in the world, out-of-print, non-out-of-print, treasured and non-collectible. There are 127,140 of them, many of which might even be called valuable, such as the 1960 Marilyn Monroe autographed Met postcards and the 1937 Hindenburg. One of the last airship postcards issued before the USS crossed the Atlantic.

the past few days, Brother Zhang did nothing else. Whenever he had free time, he squatted in the house and sorted out the vast number of star films. He arranged these things according to people, natural landscapes, animals, artificial landscapes, etc. The order of classification, because there are too many things, and many of them are very precious out-of-print postcards, Xiao Zhang only dares to ask the careful Haozi to help, other people can’t touch it, for fear of breaking it.

“If you want to speak of which, this is really generous. I heard that it was just this one. It sold for more than 8,000 US dollars at the auction.” Haozi put the postcard signed by Marilyn Monroe. Put it in the character’s grid, and then continue to start sorting: “There are many out-of-print collections that are no longer impossible.”

“Well, this set of Sikkim Kingdom is impossible again. Brother Zhang took out twelve postcards from the Holy Mountain series issued by the Kingdom of Sikkim in 1974: “They merged to India in 1975.”

It’s up to others to do this. It seems that it is bland and tasteless, but for Xiao Zhang, it is extraordinary and refined fun. He can even describe it as love, and he can even toss about these things for months without sleep.

“Is India close to the Kunlun Mountains?”

“It seems to be.” Brother Zhang thought for a while: “There is a section over there.”

“Well, do you think Kunlun Mountains will send people to study with us?”

Faced with such a question, Brother Zhang was not quite clear, after all, what Haozi said at the time was purely Thinking of what it is, it is no different from farting, and in order to show his heroism, he also said a lot of inappropriate things, including letting the Kunlun Sect people come down to study, and Haozi even gave Brother Xiao Zhang’s business card to others. Yes, the address is clearly on the top.

“Well, that’s right. If they really come, they will be very embarrassed.” Haozi said and laughed: “I really come to learn, what can I learn?”


Thinking that it has been more than half a month since the last time I went to Kunlun, there is no news on Kunlun, except that there are rumors on the road that the Holy Master killed the Kunlun, and this thing is not The way to refute the rumors, Brother Zhang doesn’t care that much. After all, there are hundreds of thousands of star films, which is a grand festival for him.

The two were arranging and chatting, but they didn’t distinguish between the twelve spirits of the Holy Lord, and they didn’t come to an end until Xu Wei called from outside.

“Brother, come down here, there is a strange person looking for you.”

“A strange person?”

Brother Zhang slightly tidied up I went to the front with Haozi. Sure enough, as Xu Wei said, there was a strange person standing there. He was in rags and smelled bad. Although it could be seen that he looked delicious and pretty, but the outside looked It really doesn’t look good, like a beggar.

And after this person came up, he didn’t talk nonsense and asked directly: “You are the Holy Master?”

Brother Zhang turned his head to look at this person, and this The dude raised his hand to cup one fist in the other hand perfunctorily: “Kunlun Yuheng, I have seen the Holy Master.”

A person from Kunlun? Brother Zhang looked back at Haozi, and Haozi just spread his hands and said he didn’t know anything.

But at this time Yuheng continued to speak, he said: “Last time Your sect Qing Lingzi went to Kunlun and said that I would send people from Kunlun Sect to study at your place, so I came here. .”

Huh… Good guy, Kunlun has really come down, but what makes everyone bewildered is that this guy is also a Kunlun person, how can he be like this.

But before Brother Zhang could ask, he heard the gu gu from Yuheng’s stomach. He might also feel embarrassed, so he turned his head to the side, but Brother Zhang laughed. He got up and whispered to Xu Wei: “Get him something to eat.”

“en.” Xu Wei complied: “What grade?”

“Give it better. .”

Xu Wei didn’t talk nonsense, she took out the ingredients and started to cook ka ka, while Brother Zhang looked around Yuheng up and down and said, “How did you become like this?”

As soon as Yuheng heard this, tears began to swirl in his eyes, and he hurriedly raised his head forty-five degrees to prevent the tears from flowing out. And Haozi, who saw his virtue, leaned in front of Brother Zhang and said, “I think he may like to pretend to be a little bit.”

Brother Zhang laughed but didn’t say anything, just sat there Quietly waiting for Xu Wei to finish the meal.

In order to make the picture faster, Xu Wei did not make any big dishes. A Yangzhou fried rice with more diced meat, a boneless chicken feet and a pot of hawthorn water, this can be considered quite good meal. But seeing this guy’s embarrassed appearance, this Yangzhou fried rice is eight times the amount of normal fried rice, and half of the rice in the rice cooker is fried in it.

I filled him with a large bowl of fried rice with a soup plate, and then made him a bowl of soup with thick soup and compressed vegetables, a delicious meal is ready, that jade Heng Duan passed the rice bowl, looked up at Brother Zhang, and then started to eat frantically.

This bowl of rice was just watching little by little go down. He choked and rolled his eyes, so he hurriedly took a sip of vegetable soup, and finally put the vegetable soup directly into the rice, Siri snorted. Just go down and eat it, it really feels like eating a pig.

“The people of Kunlun are like this.”

Brother Zhang smiled and waved Haozi to stop talking, and then continued to wait quietly for Yuheng to finish the meal.

After eating this big pot of rice, Yuheng’s stomach swelled significantly. He leaned back on the chair and rubbed his stomach while screaming. It looked like a typical Ning Zuo A hungry ghost should not be a starving ghost.

And Brother Zhang didn’t wait for him any more, he just told Haozi to wait for him to slow down and let him take a shower and change his clothes, and then he went back and sorted out the postcards.

Brother Zhang didn’t receive a text message from Haozi until after four o’clock in the afternoon to five o’clock in the afternoon. He went down to take a look and found that the young man of Kunlun had been groomed and changed into a suit.

He was clean, and the rich and noble people all over his body appeared, and Ah Ji was also good-looking, but Ah Ji’s good-looking already resembled that kind of saucy monk in folklore, and this one. Young Master looks like the Aristocratic Family Young Master who came out of the martial arts fairy tale novel.

However, this rich young master has a problem, that is, his eyes glow green when he sees what he eats, and he sees hair on people’s bodies.

And when Brother Zhang asked him what happened after he got down from Kunlun, Yuheng finally opened his mouth, but he didn’t speak, but he was already sad, and again appeared at the forty diagonally above.

The scream of the fifth angle.

But in the end, he still fully described his experience. After listening to it, the listener was really sad and the listener shed tears.

How miserable it is, let’s start with the fact that he was mistakenly spread to the Northeast. He was a black householder who wandered in the Northeast for three days, and at night he went to various food stalls and barbecue restaurants to pick up mineral water bottles. Son, and then by the way to find out how to get to GZ.

When he finally saved enough train tickets, he found that an ID card was needed to buy a ticket, which he did not have. At this time, a middle-age person who was wandering with him gave him advice, telling him to go to the freight station, find those trucks going south, get up when people are not paying attention, and get off when they arrive at the station.

So he ran from Tieling to Dalian, from Dalian to Baoding, from Baoding to Wuhan, from Wuhan to Nanchang, from Nanchang to Yingtan, from Yingtan to Fuzhou, from Fuzhou to Shantou, from Shantou Arrived in Shaoguan, from Shaoguan to Shunde, and finally came here in a pig transporting car. The whole process took 12 days, and in these 12 days, he only ate three mice. His evaluation was that the mice in the north were thinner than those in the south, and the leopards ate them.

Of course, the ups and downs of his journey in the past ten days are far more than that. Every time he turns around, he has to face the problems of being chased by people, being chased by dogs, being investigated by the police, and so on. In the face of extremely dirty environment, because the cars coming down from the north are loaded with coal or iron, and those going south are loaded with chickens or pigs, or they are stinking, or it is pitch black, the shock absorber of the freight car can be very good. There is no passenger car, and the night is sultry and humid, and there are many mosquitoes. To a certain extent, he is able to get here alive in this ghost weather, thanks to the super physique given to him by the vast Kunlun Mountains.

“By the way, you are so miserable, why don’t you say hello to Sect.”

“I fainted, and I woke up with salute, money and sound transmission talisman. No more.”

“It’s a little miserable.” Haozi turned his head to Xiao Zhang and said, “I rarely see such a miserable person in the world.”

Xiao Zhang Brother shook his head silently: “I’m still very persistent.”

But Yuheng expressed a different opinion at this time, that is, he had no way not to be persistent, because the only destination he knew about this trip was this place, And he didn’t have an identity badge or a cultivation base, so he couldn’t tell who was a cultivator and who didn’t know, so if he didn’t brave oneself all the way south, he might have to pick up junk in the northeast for the rest of his life.

β€œYou don’t have a cultivation base? You Kunlun Young Master, you don’t have a cultivation base?”

Haozi doesn’t believe even a single punctuation mark in what he said. He is a Kunlun young master anyway. , is it ok without a cultivation base?

“It’s true, and I don’t want to say more. I’m a meridian by nature, and I can’t cultivate. Otherwise, my father wouldn’t let Senior Sister succeed her. What kind of Young Master am I? I’m just a piece of trash.”

Xu Wei next to him laughed and interjected: “Then you’ve come down like this, you’re a little bit abandoned.”

“Kunlun Transmission Formation I know, that I’m too familiar with it.” Haozi said with a smile: “That Transmission Formation is the best among the surviving acquired Formation, and the probability of error is 0.02 in ten thousand, which is two in ten thousand. I think It could be either a teleportation glitch or someone trying to kill you, and Kunlun Formation has never heard of a fainting thing, it just means someone did it on purpose to take your stuff and get you out of the Kunlun Mountains. “

“You’re lying!!!” Yu Heng’s eyes widened angrily: “You don’t even know how good my relationship with Senior Sister is. You can insult me, but you are not allowed to insult Senior Sister!” “

Haozi has seen his Senior Sister, in his mouth his world, that is, Ningshuang, feels like a little white pigeon that is harmless to humans and animals, but Haozi doesn’t think so, Want to know what Haozi is from? Fortune teller! That’s his job, and Formation is just a second day assignment. Although he does not say that he can really see the future, he also has a considerable ability to know people.

Yuxuzong’s current Sect Master Congealing Cream is definitely not someone who is easy to deal with! You don’t even have to look at her behavior, just her face is enough to explain a lot of problems. I don’t know the specific character of this woman, but she must be very utilitarian, have a strong desire to win and lose, and is particularly good at acting and has an excellent brain. make a person.

Otherwise, it would be so easy for her to be the leader of Kunlun as a woman. I don’t even talk about whether her ability is up to the standard. The key point is that after a youngster with a dead parent takes power, the old man in the sect and the senior outside will bully people.

But when Haozi went to see it last time, who wasn’t looking forward to the Ningfrost Sect Master? Is this what a normal girl can do?

Don’t need to talk about conspiracy theories, just say who above Kunlun is the most threatening to her Sect Lord’s Position, that is of course the first wife’s eldest son of the former suzerain, although the first wife’s eldest son has no life But the question is, can’t they be a puppet if they can’t do it themselves? The name of orthodoxy is no joke. If you really want to talk about seniority in the past, given the traditional level of Kunlun, even if it is the illegitimate child who takes office as the sect master outside, it will not be the turn of the unrelated Eldest Senior Sister.

The stuff here is so interesting.

But it seems that the other end underestimated the tenacious level of this master. He really answered that sentence and climbed to the destination with crawling.

“It’s interesting.” Haozi told Brother Zhang about his analysis: “There are too many tricks here, why don’t we keep him?”

” haha.” Brother Zhang laughed: “As you arrange, this is the place of the twelve spirits.”

“Big brother, you are the Holy Master… You can’t really have no idea. Let’s do it.”

Brother Zhang didn’t answer Haozi at all, he just walked outside and said to Yuheng: “You can stay here temporarily to help during this time, adapt to the rules of the world, and you can stay here. Let’s live in the backyard first, there are a few rooms left, you can sweep out one.”

“many thanks Lord of the Human Realm.”

Brother Zhang shouted the head: “Just call me Xiao Zhang here.”

“You have to add a brother.” Xu Wei coaxed from the side: “Everyone calls me that.”

That’s it, Kunlun The first exchange student stayed here. At night, he became Xu Wei’s apprentice, learning how to cook and prepare drinks. Why not do it.

At this point, Brother Zhang has two waiters here, one is Luna Xiaohei and the other is Kunlun Yuheng. Although Kunlun Yuheng is clumsy and sometimes likes to throw literary and artistic accents and disgusting people, but in general Said he was able to bear hardships and stand hard work.

“Brother Zhang! I heard you are a handsome guy here!”

One evening, Zhu Zhenzhen suddenly rushed in and shouted excitedly: “Quick, quick, introduce me to me! .”

Brother Zhang raised his head and glanced at Yuheng who was leaning against the window playing with his mobile phone, then said: “What? Niuniu is not suitable?”

“Please, he Three poles can’t make a fart, and I have been added to now, I just send good morning and good evening every morning, and I don’t say a word, just talk about hammer.” Zhu Zhenzhen sighed: “Just like him. , if I hadn’t known that his character was like this, I would have doubted my personal charm, let’s not talk about it, brother, I’m going to tease the handsome guy!”

Brother Zhang smiled and looked the head, seeing Zhu Zhenzhen, who is in love with the brain, greets the man again, and he finds it funny.

At this time, Thunder Dragon appeared again, leaning next to Brother Zhang and said, “I was originally the top card here!”

“Congratulations, you have left the Sea of Bitterness.”


“Alas… a heavy heart.” Thunder Dragon sighed: “By the way, guess what Zhang Yao asked me secretly yesterday?”

“Ask what?”

“She may be crazy. She asked me if it was possible for you to have a relationship with other women, and then asked around the corner, what about Xu Wei, Zhu Zhenzhen, Xiaoxiao, and finally asked Jin Mei.”

“What do you say?”

“I’ll just say it straight, I said Jin Mei, I don’t know, but other people are not at all impossible, either because their identities do not match, or their status does not match. But she seems to care about Jin Mei’s elder sister.” Thunder Dragon sneered: “How can I not see that I have been in the battlefield for so many years, Zhang Yao only regards Jin Mei as an opponent.”

Xiao Brother Zhang smiled and hooked the head, holding down Thunder Dragon’s head and stuffing him back into the wall, because Zhang Yao was walking in with his helmet outside.

(End of this chapter)

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