What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 244


Chapter 244 ah ha ha ha, chicken soup is coming

Yuheng has been out of Kunlun for more than a month now, he feels This place is okay, except that the work is a bit boring every day, everything else is good, eat well, sleep well, and there is no humiliating part of the imagined humiliation, and there is a snack every night after work, although the snack The grilled sausages, crispy chicken bones, and chicken fillets that were not sold that day were not eaten overnight, but it was good to have something to eat.

Apart from this, Yuheng also learned to use a smartphone, even addicted to it and unable to extricate himself. The phone was Xu Wei’s old phone, but it was enough for him, and when he first received a call, he was surprised that it seemed to be better than Kunlun sound transmission talisman.

“Kunlun wants the phone to be useless, there is no signal over there.” Xiaoma said to Brother Zhang with Erlang’s legs crossed: “You may not know, this man is really Kunlun’s apple of one’s eye. , the status is actually equivalent to our Holy Master.”

When he spoke, his voice was very low, and he pointed to Yuheng, who was leaning against the wall and giggling in the funny video dubbing animals: ” Letting him down this time, I guess I didn’t plan to let him go back at all, just to kill him. But they did everything, didn’t expect this is not the evil star of Qinglingzi, but my Haozi Little brother.”

Haozi took a sip of the beer and put a bunch of treasures in his mouth with a smile: “Listen to this Yuheng, he has already made an appointment with his Senior Sister Shuang. , and get married when he goes back.”

“How is it possible!” The pony stared wide-eyed: “You don’t know?”

Haozi was taken aback: “What do you know?”

“Ningshuang has already betrothed to the young master of Qingcheng Mountain, the greatest Sect in Qingcheng, Qingcheng. As for what happened a few days ago, it is said to be a powerful alliance. The young master of Qingcheng has no face, and wants to join Kunlun. What.”

The pony wanders in these sects Aristocratic Family all day long, and is considered a diplomat of the Twelve Spirits plus two dealers, and he himself is a person from the Kunlun, although the ancient Kunlun and the present Kunlun is not the same thing, but he can easily find the insider on many things on the Sect.

Having said this, even Brother Zhang pricked up his ears and listened carefully, the Holy Master also gossips, and the Holy Master could not resist the temptation of such peach-colored news, after all, this is too interesting.

But it’s better not to let Yuheng hear these words. After all, the only Senior Sister he loves in his heart, he is willing to go through water and tread on fire for her Senior Sister, he can’t tell at this moment. In that “Don’t Don’t” or “Strength”, he is here “your sausage”, and the Young Master of Qingcheng Sect “Ah hahahaha, chicken soup is coming”.

Saying this may break your mentality. Just imagine what an ordinary person with no features would do when faced with such a heavy blow? He had no choice but to hurt himself.

“Prime Minister, I have a plan.” Xiaoma said, and suddenly narrowed his eyes and said, “Should we try?”

Haozi looked back and said. Yuheng, who was immersed in the short animal video, turned his head and whispered: “You said.”

“Can’t you reverse the Kunwu formation? Let’s find Zhang Yao, and put the entire spider drone in Kunlun. Go, and then secretly record the living habits of cousin Ningshuang with brows, how could the newly married Yaner not be that ahhhh? Ma made a murderous gesture on his hand: “Let him catch the adulterer!”

“You are too vicious? That’s it. He will definitely go up to the theory. Let me tell you that the little Prince from Qingcheng Mountain is not a good person. He has a hot temper and is very powerful. In such a situation, he will definitely do it.” Xiaoma chuckled lightly. : “No, isn’t the plot of the 30 years of Hedong and the 30 years of Hexi coming. Then when he is beaten to the point where he can’t be beaten, the Holy Master of Human World will appear, and the Holy Master will strike a fatal blow in the crotch and say’ Give me some thin noodles’, then take him down. Then… just the few of us who want to cultivate a first-class expert, can that be difficult? Let’s do it quickly.”

Haozi looked at the pony. His expression was like an old man looking at his cell phone in the subway: “What a rude trick you are, and you’ve even made a scene of a son-in-law catching an adulterer.”

“Hey, you really don’t know about this, you know him Why is he still alive to this day, because even if he dies, he can’t die on the Kunlun Mountains, or they wouldn’t make such a stupid trick and send him to the world to experience.” The pony said, “My lord, everything. With an air of “knowing”, he crossed Erlang’s legs and said, “He can die, and he is very suitable to die, but he can die anywhere, that is, Kunlun can’t. Why? The face of this Kunlun is not left at all. Now they are wearing a pair of trousers to persecute their own Young Master. This rape was caught and beaten in the face of Kunlun Mountains. At this time, I only need my brother Zhang to come forward. Don’t you despise the Holy Master in the world, let’s let them see what the lustful power of the Holy Master is.”

“The lustful power!” Brother Zhang’s chopsticks knocked on the pony’s head without warning.

“So Rui, So Rui, I’m not very educated, please be considerate.”

“The Master of Philosophy said that his education level is not high, you really will.” Haozi sneered, Then he turned back and glanced at Yu Heng secretly behind him: “Isn’t this too cruel to him? I think his temperament is also a 17- or 18-year-old Maotou child.”

“Huh? , always have to grow up. You can’t let him be toyed with in the palm of your life, what are we? This is helping others, and being a hero out of interest.” Pony argue with the courage of one’s Convictions said: “Don’t be cruel now, but it will be more cruel in the future, not only cruel, but maybe even his dog’s life can’t be saved.” I also think that this is really not a wicked thing. If the situation is really as Xiaoma said, it is better to spread the problem than to hide it. If this matter is true, Yuheng will have to face it sooner or later.

“Just do what you say, I’ll go find Zhang Yao.” The pony slapped his thigh and left.

Zhang Yao didn’t run around in the past few days. Isn’t Chang’an Lane being refurbished and maintained? The father of Party A has paid 20 billion yuan, and there is only one requirement, that is, the designer himself to be there, so this is For a while, regardless of Niuniu’s presence or not, Zhang Yao had to run here every day, with her small subordinates, Zhu Zhenzhen, Huang Dier, and Zuo Danshuang, who regarded Brother Zhang as a construction site canteen.

Zhang Yao, who was wearing a safety helmet and was working as a supervisor, took out her spider robot without saying a word when she heard what Xiaoma had described, and she also took out an unused spider robot. The military version is higher-end, more precise, quieter, more concealed, longer battery life, smaller in size, and has the function of simultaneous audio and video recording, and even multi-point backup function. What was photographed by a spider robot, the signal range All robots have a full set of content on their memory cards.

For this wicked and smoking spider robot, Zhang Yao directly gave a whole set, thirty-six pieces. In her words, this high-definition is that the two of them can be recorded clearly with a few hairs, without blurring at all.

“She’s really gossiping.” Brother Zhang looked at the little finger-sized spider robots in the box, and laughed helplessly: “This is a bloodbath.”


“No.” Pony carefully pinched a spider robot: “It is said that a set of this stuff costs millions more. It’s still a civilian version, this is a military version, and you can’t buy it at all. No. This is Zhang Yao’s core patented technology.”

Brother Zhang nodded, Zhang Yao had sold everything that could be sold for money, and there were only less than three patents left in his hands , are all core patents, one of which is this robot technology, the most advanced small unmanned reconnaissance technology in the world, suitable for all weather and all terrain, and it is one of the technologies that the beautiful country deliberately wants to get. And for this gossip, Sister Yao’er’s mother’s confidentiality regulations are ignored.

“How to do it?”

While Haozi was asking a question, the little spiders suddenly came to life, and Zhang Yao’s voice came from above: “Don’t worry about it. , I’ll take care of the rest.”

Then I saw this group of numb metal spiders quietly crawling out of the box with long legs like real living creatures. Then he crawled along the wall to the illusory realm in the backyard, and Zhang Yao’s voice suddenly rang in the backyard: “Don’t shoot! Damn, don’t shoot!”

The pony hurried over, I found that Da Huang was squatting on the window sill with his claws to shoot the robot, and there were already two shots in front of him.

“It’s over.” The pony pointed to the wreckage of the robot on the ground: “You pay, more than 300,000 yuan.”

Da Huang froze on the spot and let out a meow Jumping on the roof and running away without a shadow, Xiaoma pointed at the roof and cursed: “You the monk can run away, but the temple won’t run with him, I advise you to surrender as soon as possible and strive for leniency.”

“Forget it, it’s my fault. I knew it owed money, so I should have said hello in advance.” Zhang Yao’s voice came from one of the little spiders: “I’m going to pass now, you all stay out of the way, I’m going to start the fantasy world.”

The fantasy world scene switched, and the little spider came to the top of Kunlun after passing through. Because Haozi had been there, Zhang Yao could easily locate the direction there, plus With the help of Haozi, this group of small spiders easily penetrated the barrier and entered the Jade Void Realm, and used the characteristics of the illusory realm to transmit signals

After entering, the spider robots quickly dispersed, and then Zhang Yao began to operate them one by one into different rooms, and finally found the bedroom of the elder sister Ningshuang after a lot of exploration.

Then the remaining robots soon entered the room in batches, and then lurked in all unexpected corners, some in the gaps of the furniture, some on the tiles, some In the woodcarving texture of the headboard, even the metal decoration of the bed has a robot crawling.

To be honest, at this level of concealment, it is really hard to see what it is when you walk in front of it. Although this thing is very fragile, because it is a glass fiber material, it can increase itself through mimetic technology. The concealment is directly switched to the concealed state, it is not reflective and the refractive index of the light is very small, and the Kunlun is not powered on, what is the concept of no power, that is, it is invisible at night!

“My God, this angle is too clear.”

Through the linked display screen, Haozi and the others in the small restaurant clearly saw the frost. All the details in the little elder sister’s boudoir, even whether the hair under the bed is straight or curly, can be adjusted clearly…

“You are too nasty robot.”

“Dirty robot?” Zhang Yao, who was sitting in the operating room outside, became anxious when she heard it: “This is a masterpiece of ergonomics, now it’s just being used by you to do dirty things, hurry up Yes, don’t look at it. The illusory realm has been open for too long to be discovered.”

After finishing speaking, all the screens turned into snowflakes. Switched the location. The few people who found that they had nothing to look at all chatted there with obscene smiles on their faces. Only Brother Zhang didn’t care about this. What he is most concerned about now is why the beef he bought on the Internet two days ago still doesn’t have a tracking number. can check.

Just after dinner time, Xiaoma hurried to find Zhang Yao.

“Are you sick? If you want to see yourself, go to a website to see it, no one starts work after eating, and there is a time difference there. Whose Sect Sect have you seen? Master works before it gets dark?” Zhang Yao said to Xiaoma.

“Can’t watch the live broadcast that night?”

“You ask your Haozi to open the door for you and send it to their house, don’t say anything when you hide in the cabinet Look, you can take pictures with your mobile phone, okay?” Zhang Yao waved his hand impatiently: “Don’t delay me from get off work, besides, the battery and capacity inside are enough to shoot continuously for 40 days, and there is also face recognition. And motion capture, the real battery life is definitely more than 100 days, what are you worried about?”

Although he was scolded, Xiaoma thought about it and thought it was quite reasonable, and it is indeed not time yet. , and also seems to be unhurried for a while.

But how can I say it, this matter is like an itchy flesh hanging in my heart, I feel uncomfortable if I don’t think about it every day, although it’s just other people’s gossip, but in this uninterrupted fantasy , The pony is about to empathize with Yuheng, and feels that his hair has turned green.

And of course Yuheng doesn’t know anything, and no one tells him now, he just goes to get off work every day, and then learns to cook with Xu Wei, and then occasionally thinks of his proton status and suddenly becomes emo , leaning against the wall and muttering words such as “Time does not make people forget to cry, but gets used to the pain” and “The north wind rises, the yellow leaves fall, and the pain in a foreign land is only for the person in my dream”, because this he He was beaten eight times by Da Huang, but he didn’t change it, and it got worse. Now Da Huang looks at him and walks around, for fear that he will come up with some online middle age person emo quotes after provoking him.

But the past few days he was better, because he didn’t know how to read poetry can be more emotional, so when he was okay, he would stand at the window and look out, whispering softly What about the poems “A ship full of clear dreams presses the Star River” and “The bright moon is born on the sea, and the world is at this time”.

Chen Shi has been discharged from the hospital at this time, and he has returned to the attitude of drinking a little wine every day before. It just so happens that the place where Yuheng reads poetry is less than two places away from Chen Shi’s favorite place. Ten centimeters, Chen Shi would curse every time he heard him talk, then raised his head and asked the people around him if he could kill him.

However, Chen Shi is an Old Senior, so it’s hard to lower oneself to somebody’s level with this person. In the end, the first person to let Chen Shi move his position without using violence appeared in Chang’an Lane. He asked Chen Shi to move from his favorite window to the bench in the far left corner, and came to what the eye doesn’t see, the heart doesn’t grieve over .

“He’s also quite pitiful.”

One day Xu Wei was lying on the counter and watching Yuheng leaning against the window with a broom and watching the pattering rain outside, the weather forecast It says there will be snow tomorrow, and it looks like his condition will get worse on a snowy day.

“Poor the hammer, he did it. I understand now that his Senior Sister would rather play with him than marry him in politics. Isn’t that sick.” Haozi held a hammer in his hand. The sign, there is still half a sausage on the sign: “By the way, why hasn’t Thunder Dragon’s body arrived yet, has someone absconded with the money?”

“No, Supreme Unity daoist also Sent a message to me, he is currently refining, and has to wait 9 by 9, 81 days, I wonder if it will be spring.” Thunder Dragon chuckled: “I think when the time comes change the name to Chunlong, do you think How’s it going?”

“You can call yourself a spring bag, you’re a fool.” Haozi cursed turned around and pushed the door and walked out: “Go home and sleep.”

(End of this chapter)

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