What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 245


Chapter 245 The world is rare and truly stunning

More than a month has passed in the blink of an eye, this month has been calm and tranquil, nothing has happened . There were two snowfalls in Baa City, and some tourists were stranded during the Spring Festival, and everything else was business as usual.

About one-tenth of the construction progress of Chang’an Lane has been completed, and the basic pipeline reconstruction has been completed. The rest is to start digging holes to make doomsday bunkers. After all, 20 billion dollars cannot be spent. If so, it is an insult to the father of Party A.

It’s just that now the Spring Festival is approaching, and work has been suspended outside. Those children who have families have all gone back to celebrate the New Year, while the children who have no homes have all hid in Brother Zhang’s restaurant, and today there is a restaurant in the restaurant. A very special guest, he is fat and ugly, but Brother Zhang invited him over. He likes this place very much, and he can communicate with anyone without opening his mouth.

When he came, he brought gifts to everyone, a small statue made of pure gold, a hollow sculpture carved out of a fishbone with a length of two meters, and this world is not at all. Existing crystal coral, and all kinds of strange food.

Brother Zhang didn’t say who he was, but he seemed to have a fishy smell on his body, but it wasn’t strange in a restaurant. He is very talkative and knowledgeable, and can even be called a philosopher, but he knows nothing about this world, not even a smartphone, which makes Yuheng show off in front of him.

The two chefs are still together for the New Year’s Eve dinner. Zhang Yao and Xiao Zhang each cook different dishes. Today’s main dish is actually Longpi Soup, which has not been seen for a long time. It’s a pity that the fly in the ointment is Jin Mei is going back to host the gala on the other side today, so there is no way to come here for dinner, but she still repeatedly explained in the video that Brother Zhang wants to keep something delicious for her.

There are not too many people eating here today. Haozi, Hu Niu, Xiao Ma, Ji Ge and his assassin little disc, King of the Mountain, these twelve spirits are all here, because after today it is It’s the Year of the Tiger, so Hu Niu is the protagonist tonight, and she still has a small cake to eat.

As for Niu Niu Wei Shenhao, he still has to go home for the holidays because he has not returned to his post yet. Even if he is reluctant, after all, his only relative is his mother. It was a bit unreasonable, so he was almost ordered back by Brother Zhang.

And the others, Wugenshui and Huang Dieer, are also there, and even Qing Lingzi sent a New Year’s message to Brother Zhang.

The house is very lively at this time. Xu Wei’s Red Braised Pork, Dried Pork, Jiuzhuan Large Intestine, Sweet and Sour Tenderloin, Braised Pig Tail, Pickled Pork Belly, Spicy Pork Blood, The sauce pork trotters and a plate of smoked pig heads are considered to have neatly lived a pig from top to bottom, while the hibiscus shrimp, steamed grouper, white-seared snails, soy sauce chicken, beef brisket, Arhat Zhai, Braised foie gras, mandarin duck cream crab, lettuce lobster are also vivid and thorough local dishes, not to mention the main dish is the delicious dragon skin soup.

I couldn’t help stealing a few bites every year, and Zhang Yao sat next to her to cover her up, and even couldn’t help but eat a piece, while the others sat next to her. Mahjong, the noise turned upside down, mainly because the chicken brother lost money and refused to admit it.

“This is the Peak duel between Shandong cuisine and Cantonese cuisine.” Wugenshui took pictures around the table, and then muttered to himself: “It is true that I can eat such a group dinner in my life. It’s not worth the hard work of this life.”

Huang Die’er is now slaughtering all sides at the mahjong table, because Brother Ji didn’t give money, so she asked Brother Ji to roll off the table and replace him with King Shan. After being scolded pitifully, Brother Ji was driven to the table and circled around the table.

“What are you doing?” Zhang Yao looked at Ah Ji curiously: “What are you doing wandering around the table?”

“Excessive.” Brother Ji pointed at the table and served dishes: “The people are plunged into an abyss of misery!”

“Every year, if he beeps again, you will eat him.”

Seriously every year Really nodded, then watching Ah Ji’s eye shows the ominous light.

After the last dish was on the table, the New Year’s Eve dinner finally kicked off. Although it was New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Eve, I sat there eating chicken legs, but it did not affect everyone’s warm atmosphere.

In addition to the Chinese New Year this evening, there are still important things to do…

After drinking and eating, everyone was divided into three groups, and the people who cleaned the house drew lots. Order, it was the third group’s turn tonight, so the first group hid in the room inside, Zhang Yao adjusted the monitoring, and Haozi was ready to welcome the spider robot home.

The two cooperated tacitly and at the same pace, and soon welcomed a spider that had been lying in ambush on the edge of the field from Yu Xu. Zhang Yao saw the spider crawling back, smiling all over his face. put it into the reader.

After putting it in, more than 3,000 G of video data immediately appeared in the folder. This is the data shared by all robots, and now they just need to click on it.

“Oh yo…yoyoyoyo…come here.”

Seeing the passionate clips appearing on the screen, the pony’s voice trembled: ” It’s time to start, it’s alright… this figure.”

“Shut up! Are you here to watch the movie?” Haozi frowned, “We’re here to find evidence.”

Zhang Yao rolled the eyes: “Would you like to find a girlfriend? It’s really noisy.”

But unfortunately, in the first few days, most of the The video data are all Ningshuang changing clothes from all angles, but it was not until three days after the robot was installed that the silhouette of the male protagonist appeared here. On the first day, he came in to chat with Ningshuang, and he was very respectful and did not dare to do anything out of the ordinary. matter.

But things started to get out of hand gradually, and what made people didn’t expect was Kunlun Yuxu’s Sect Master, which looked like Immortal Qi’s fluttering frost Fairy, but he was so active people.

“Who can stand this…she’s so proactive.” The pony pointed to the screen and said, “Look, it’s twisted.”

Haozi didn’t speak. , just counting silently, Thunder Dragon, who was in a state of soul next to him, suddenly said: “At most 30 seconds, that man is obviously a young child, who can resist playing like this.”

As expected , as Thunder Dragon said, everything calm and tranquil after thirty seconds. This useless performance made Ningshuang Fairy look very angry. She raised her slap and slapped it in the past. Then she just went crazy, punching and kicking at the man, and then kicked her out of the house.

I thought it was over here, didn’t expect this fierce battle in the middle of the night was just the beginning, when Fairy Ningshuang appeared again, there were three people behind him, and then the picture was just a little bit Stream of consciousness, too flamboyant to describe.

“My darling.” Thunder Dragon pinched his nostrils and said, “This bitch looks so pure, didn’t expect to be so good.”

“Amazing… …Three shots.” The pony sighed, “The Cultivation’s physical strength is so good, it’s almost giving him a fire star.”

Zhang Yao was beaten by this gang. He laughed out loud: “Would you guys stop talking nonsense? Quietly read it.”

“Try it from another angle.” Haozi was also holding a bowl of boiled eggs with wine, he saw that One can’t take his eyes off: “Didn’t you say there are several angles?”

Zhang Yao ka ka once pressed, the picture can be switched to different perspectives for viewing, the nearest place… that is really called bloodline spray Zhang, it really is a felony if you don’t put the code on Xiao Baga’s side.

“This is too exaggerated.” The pony waved his hand: “Change the angle to look good, there is no sense of beauty at all, is there a straight-up angle?”

“You guys Do you want to be the director?” Zhang Yao turned off the screen: “We are here to find the rules, not for you to watch the plot.”

The pony slapped his forehead: “Yes. That’s right… what Sister Yao’er taught me.”

Zhang Yao then turned on the screen again, but this time she didn’t play it again, but counted the time of all the clips, and even Made a model.

Judging from the time period in which she appeared in the video, there were only three times during the period from 10:00 pm to 12:00 pm, and there were more times during the period from 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm, and she seemed to be fully There is no end to the month, and even in special times, people will come over to sing the backyard flowers across the river, which is simply a model of addiction.

From the personnel point of view, the number of times that belonged to her real husband, the boy from Qingcheng Mountain, was only six times, and each time he played very stable, the battle was over in about 30 seconds, and the rest was left. The time is for all kinds of people.

“I feel sorry for the idiot outside.”

Thinking of Yuheng having dinner, he sat there with tears in his eyes and sang a new Canadian folk song he learned. Red River Valley”, as a way to miss the Senior Sister in the distance. Xiaoma felt that this young official was so pitiful, it was really a collection of human misery in one body…

“If I were him, I might not be able to withstand this blow.” Haozi leaned on that and shook his head. Said: “This is cruel.”

“Maybe he will be transformed into being reborn?”

“Dreaming, just like his beloved Senior Sister, he doesn’t Taking poison is already a firm resolve.” Haozi laughed: “All month long, right? Why did it break before then?”

Zhang Yao tapped the statistics on the top of her head: “Look at her Are you in the house?”

Haozi slapped his head: “I understand, I went to someone else’s house. Later, my husband came to Kunlun, and it’s not good to run to another house, so I just do things here. It’s over.”

Zhang Yao raised Erlang’s legs: “This kind of thing is so comfortable, I don’t dare to open my voice, for fear of hearing it every year.”

“I can’t hear it every year. I understand, I’m afraid those old girls will hear it.” Xiaoma’s full of smiles raised his fingers and counted: “Eldest sister, dog sister, Xu Wei is also one, if these old girls heard it, they will not be able to burn it tonight. Now? You can’t sleep with this quilt all night, and the mattresses have to be smashed for them.”

When the pony was talking, the atmosphere in the room was solemn and silent. And the pony who was halfway through suddenly stopped, and then the smile on his face gradually subsided, and then pointed to his chest and asked, “Is it behind?”

The people in the room all nodded. .

Then his jaw swayed suddenly, and Tigress was dragging him down by his hair, like a tiger catching a deer. Then there was a tragic cry for help from the yard.

“Leave him alone,” Thunder Dragon said. “Let him come and float with me.”

(End of this chapter)


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