What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 25

Chapter 25 Diehard

“If he doesn’t go, I won’t go.”

“If he doesn’t go, I won’t go either.”

Zhang Jiachang and Neng Wentao used a “do whatever you want” idiom solitaire format when explaining why the two of them confronted each other in Zhu Zhenzhen’s room, and they fought each other with a dynamic game of thinking.

But this made Zhu Zhenzhen understand the reason why the two of them were here. She was curious why Zhang Jiachang knew the password of her house, but this might have been told to him by herself, after all, she was in her own brain at the time. It’s so confusing, I don’t remember what I said or did.

On Neng Wentao’s side, she felt that this person was somewhat ill. She and him were just ordinary friends, but he always said that he was his boyfriend when he met people.

“I’m going to bed, you guys go back.” Zhu Zhenzhen yawned and said, “Zhang Jiachang, thank you today.”

“You’re welcome.”

Zhang Jiachang got up and walked out, and at this moment Neng Wentao had no reason to stay. He turned around and said to Zhu Zhenzhen, “Zhenzhen…”

“Please!” Zhu Zhenzhen didn’t have a good face towards him: “Next time, please don’t go around saying it’s my boyfriend, thank you.”

“I see…”

Nengwen Tao walked out the door in a dejected manner, but found that Zhang Jiachang was disappeared after just a few words, the elevator was still on the first floor, and there was no sign of anyone walking in the corridor.

Neng Wentao was scared and shivered. He hurried to the elevator and pressed ka ka. When the elevator came up, and walked in, he found that there was actually a person standing in the elevator.

This man was standing in the elevator with his back to him. This scene made Neng Wentao retreat back and forth in fright, but before he took two steps back, he found that his feet were shaking and he couldn’t walk, but that The person didn’t seem to move, just stood there quietly.

Finally, before the elevator door closed, Neng Wentao ran out with all his strength, rushed to Zhu Zhenzhen’s door and started slamming the door hard.

“Zhenzhen…Open the door…Hurry up and open the door…”

Zhu Zhenzhen frowned, who was resetting the password, opened the door and asked impatiently: “You again? What are you doing back here?”

Neng Wentao slipped into the room and closed the door forcefully: “There’s a ghost…”

Zhu Zhenzhen knew that Neng Wentao was very cowardly After all, the two of them have known each other for many years, and she is not afraid of what he will do, but seeing that his face is full of horror, his face is still sallow, and the beads of sweat on his forehead are dripping down, she thinks he must have seen it Something strange, so I stepped forward and was about to open the door, but suddenly a hand got stuck in the crack of the door.

At that time, Zhu Zhenzhen couldn’t help shivering, and next moment Zhang Jiachang’s head stuck out: “I forgot to take my phone.”

After finishing speaking, Zhang Jiachang also glanced at Neng Wentao, who was sitting in the corner trembling, and asked curiously, “What’s wrong with him?”

“He said there was a ghost.”

Zhang Jiachang laughed: “Then let him stop running.”

After Zhu Zhenzhen handed him the phone, Zhang Jiachang stood at the door and waited for two seconds, then took one out of his pocket Coin and blew at it, then pressed it against the door.

This time he really left, and Neng Wentao got his wish and stayed at Zhu Zhenzhen’s house for one night.

But of course I sleep on the sofa, but at least I can sleep peacefully, and there is nothing special for one night.

On the second day early in the morning, Neng Wentao and Zhu Zhenzhen were awakened by a noise, and soon there was a knock at the door.

Zhu Zhenzhen opened the door and saw a man in casual clothes looking at her door.

“You know Zhang Jiachang?” The man asked as soon as he opened his mouth.

Zhu Zhenzhen was stunned for a moment: “He…is my employee.”

“It’s really good luck.” To Zhu Zhenzhen: “There was a murder in this building, and now I would like to ask you to cooperate with the investigation.”

Haozi was on the job for the first day today, just because there was a strange and bizarre incident in this building. The murder case, the deceased was forty-eight years old, the Boss of an electronics factory. The cause of death was initially determined to be from pain shock after burns.

However, judging from the on-site exploration, there was no trace of fire in the house, which became a bizarre case, so Bureau Chen asked Haozi to come over and take charge of the investigation.

He came to check around and found a one-yuan coin on Zhu Zhenzhen’s door, and as far as he knows in this world, if anyone can use a one-yuan coin to arrange the Formation technique, it must be Brother Zhang.

Judging from the breath at the door, there is indeed a seemingly non-existent evil spirit rippling here. It should be the person who the murderer wants to silence in this room.

But because Brother Zhang’s Formation is here, that guy is probably hiding somewhere to heal.

However, even if Brother Zhang knew, he would not take the initiative or inform the situation. He would only remind him in disguised form or provide a kind of conventional protection, so since there is his coin here, it can be explained here. There will be people in the know.

Entering Zhu Zhenzhen’s house, Haozi looked up and down, there was nothing different here, it was a normal women’s house, but the man sitting on the sofa surprised him.

Because this man is full of life, according to the truth, he should not be sitting here, but lying somewhere and it is already cold, but he is still alive, then it means Xiao Zhang Brother’s Formation Formation is to protect this person.

Haozi went straight to Neng Wentao and sat down, patted his shoulder: “Did you see anything special yesterday?”

Neng Wentao one Thinking of what happened last night, I am still a little frightened, so I said what happened last night in its entirety.

“The man was standing inside with his back to the elevator door. I didn’t see his face.”

Haozi raised his eyes and picked up his sketchbook: “Could that provide some features? For me?”

“Can…he wears a work jacket, about 1.75 meters, and has short hair.” Neng Wentao recalled hard: “And then…I seem to see There are black things around his neck on both sides.”

“Black things?” Haozi curiously asked: “Can you describe it in detail?”

Neng Wentao Station He got up and turned his back to Haozi, then pointed his finger to the position under his cheeks: “There is a black mark all the way to the back of the ear, like… like the mark left when hanging.”

“How can you be sure that it was hanging?”

Neng Wentao took a deep breath and pursed his lips: “My father hanged himself…the mark is the same.”

Haozi>nominated: “Working clothes, one meter seventy-five, short hair, with a print on the neck, is there any more?”

“I don’t remember anything after that. “

Haozi got up and said, “many thanks for your cooperation.”

He walked out the door and went to the crime scene on the first floor upstairs, because the body is still there. Without forensic dissection, he would not be able to access the original appearance of the corpse for the time being.

But from the description of Neng Wentao, this should be a special case.

But what about motivation?

At this moment, in a rental house far away on the outskirts of the city, a young man is lying on a tattered wooden bed and rolling over in pain. The souls are all scattered yellow.

The horror of this Formation, let alone the now-crippled one, was difficult to resist even when he encountered such a terrifying spell at its peak two thousand years ago.

Searching all the memories of this young man who has been reincarnated in someone else’s body, he believes that this era has been over for many years.

Since it is Dharma End Era, why can there be such a terrifying Formation? And what kind of group is behind that person?

In this regard, the warlock, who had reached the peak two thousand years ago, couldn’t help but begin to doubt himself, but now the physical pain made him have no strength to learn more.

But this is not a bad thing, because the appearance of this Formation is enough to show that this era is far from being as simple as he thought, and it will definitely not be taken lightly in the future.

And at this moment, he heard the sound of the door opening next door, he knew that the prostitute next door only went out at night came back, he gritted his teeth, wiped the black blood oozing from his nostrils, slowly. Slowly walked to the place where the sound was made.

Zhang Jiachang went to work after sending Nian Nian to school as usual today. He hardly slept last night, and he looked the same as usual, still in high spirits.

When he came to the company, he was the only one in the company, and the others were late.

Zhang Jiachang, who had nothing to do, began to boil water, wipe the table, and then made some simple breakfast in the kitchen with the leftover ingredients from yesterday.

After he was all busy, Zhu Zhenzhen came to the company. After she saw Zhang Jiachang, she rushed up immediately and said nervously, “There was a murder in my building last night. , it’s about the same time as you left. Did you see anything?”

“I…” Zhang Jiachang hesitated for a moment, then shook his head and said, “No.”

“No, then Well, the police came to ask me in the morning, and he asked me if I knew you.”

“Maybe it’s my friend.” Zhang Jiachang simply replied: “Mr. Zhu had breakfast. No?”

“Not yet…”

“Eat.” Zhang Jiachang pointed to something on the table: “I’ve prepared some breakfast.”

Zhu Zhenzhen, who seldom eats breakfast, absolutely didn’t expect to be able to eat a delicious fresh breakfast at work. Although she now thinks that Zhang Jiachang is eccentric everywhere, this eccentricity is not annoying. It just feels like he has such an inhumane sense of abstinence.

But this is a good thing, after all, Zhu Zhenzhen was the focus of men all through childhood, and now it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t see her as a woman, which is a good feeling.

“What’s the matter with these women?” Zhu Zhenzhen, who was eating pancakes, glanced at her watch: “Why haven’t you come yet?”

And Zhang Jiachang was also curious, he took out his phone to look I glanced at my phone, and there were three big characters written on it: Saturday.

(End of this chapter)

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