What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 27

Chapter 27 The lonely sun is not born and the yin is not long

In the afternoon, Zhang Jiachang took Nian Nianzhen to play in the playground for an afternoon, watching Nian Nian Nian laughed loudly, Zhang Jiachang suddenly felt that he really owed her all these years, and let her a little child follow him to block the connection with the outside world, and even when he grew up, this was the first time he came to the playground.

Every afternoon is really happy, and because Zhu Zhenzhen seems to be very patient with the little child, so every year will get close to her unconsciously, and the most embarrassing thing is here, because every year is in the playground Holding Zhang Jiachang in one hand and Zhu Zhenzhen in the other.

Isn’t this a family of three…

“Sorry, I’ve caused you a lot of trouble every year.”

After going out in the afternoon, Zhang Jiachang was right. Zhu Zhenzhen apologized and said, “It’s just a pleasure to play every year, and many thanks to you.”

Nodded every year, looking at Zhu Zhenzhen: “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome You’re welcome.” Zhu Zhenzhen squatted down and put the souvenirs from the amusement park away from Nian Nian’s chest: “Nian Nian is so cute, I like to play with Nian Nian.”

Nian Nian smiled and hugged her. Zhu Zhenzhen’s neck laughed, and Zhang Jiachang laughed when he saw them interacting there, but didn’t say anything.

“It’s getting late, it’s my turn to invite you to dinner.” Zhang Jiachang said to Zhu Zhenzhen: “Do you know Chang’an Lane? My shop is there.”

“Of course I know, I’m really hungry, let’s go!” Zhu Zhenzhen was also having a good time: “I can eat two chickens now!”

speaking of which Zhu Zhenzhen is indeed like Zhang As Jiachang said, she really doesn’t have any friends, and the few have either become families or have boyfriends. Anyway, it’s a bit like the Lone Star, the rest of the people are either greedy for her or just to please her father.

The afternoon that Zhu Zhenzhen and Nian Nian played together today was also a long-lost relaxation for her.

“Put a little more on Nian Nian.”

Zhu Zhenzhen glanced at Nian Nian, who fell asleep because of exhaustion, and asked Zhang Jiachang.

“Okay.” Zhang Jiachang took off his coat and covered Nian Nian’s body: “She doesn’t actually get sick.”

“Why? How can a child not get sick? What.”

“She…” Zhang Jiachang smiled bitterly: “Nothing, Nian Beast won’t get sick.”

“What?” Zhu Zhenzhen didn’t hear Zhang Jiachang’s words clearly. Muttered: “I didn’t hear clearly.”

“It’s fine, I said that I won’t get sick every year.”

Chang’an Lane is a pedestrian street, and cars cannot go in, so they are the last section. of the road can only be accessed on foot.

Twilight, old alleys and bluestone slabs, the ancient atmosphere around them is especially precious in a modern city. The old lady guards a small stove and steams a small bowl of meat, which is full of fragrance. The little child who left school early chased and played in the alley, teasing cats and dogs.

The fragrance of rice wafts out of people’s windows. It may not be as delicate as foie gras, but when it smells, it is already stomach rumbling with hunger.

Brother Zhang was walking on the bluestone road with each year in his arms, and Zhu Zhenzhen’s leather shoes next to him made a thudding sound. The setting sun happened to stretch the shadow of the person diagonally. The sound of music came from the radio, and the smell of food mixed with the long, old alley, like a symphony woven by time.

“This is really a good place.” Zhu Zhenzhen walked along the mottled wall and said with emotion: “It is full of people, no matter how high-end the community is, there is no such smell. .”

Zhang Jiachang said with a smile: “This is probably the taste of time.”

“It’s a lively time.” Zhu Zhenzhen corrected.

The two of them came to Zhang Jiachang’s milk tea shop together. Zhu Zhenzhen looked at the door for a while, and then nodded: “Your shop is good.”

“It’s okay, the decoration is all right. The big guy helped, and it didn’t cost much.”

Zhang Jiachang opened the door, and Thunder Dragon, who was busy, shouted without looking back: “Welcome.”

But when he looked up and took a look, he went crazy and rushed out of the door to howl: “Come on, the boss has brought the woman back!!!”

That’s it In his voice, he called out Haozi, Yang Junfeng, Grandfather Pi, Xu Wei, Da Huang, and Sister Gou, as well as a group of neighbors who came to watch the lively, so I was afraid that I missed this shocking information.

“Ouch…you people.”

Zhang Jiachang put Nian Nian in his room to rest and then came out, only to find that the milk tea shop, which was calm at the beginning, was full of piles. People…

“It’s okay. Let me see, you must have never talked to a girl for so many years, right?” Zhu Zhenzhen was introduced to herself: “Hello everyone, I’m Zhang Jiachang. Colleague, come over to have a meal today.”

“Good, good meal.” Yang Junfeng repeatedly nodded, and then the sexy bearing and charming temperament sat next to Zhu Zhenzhen: “The beauty is a local?”

“Yes, locals.”

Zhu Zhenzhen replied with a smile, but Yang Junfeng was thrown aside by Grandfather Pi’s arm: “go go go, don’t be disgusting, you Look at your greasy look.”

“Why am I greasy? My name is sexy bearing and charming temperament. Well, Yang Clan sexy bearing and charming temperament.”

Zhang Jiachang has already taken the apron and walked to the counter to start washing his hands: “What are you busy doing? It’s all here to delay my business.”

Xu Wei will be by the side. Watching Zhu Zhenzhen while frothing the cream, she is a girl and naturally knows the price level of the other girl’s things.

She found that the woman who came back with Zhang Jiachang had 50,000 bags, 38,000 shoes, 75,000 clothes, 1.4 million watches, 350,000 necklaces, and 140,000 earrings. , even the manicures are masterpieces…the same kind of art should be five-six thousand at least once.

Is this human? Isn’t this a living ATM?

It turns out that Brother Zhang will also be with rich women? And she’s still such a young rich woman…

Watching Zhang Jiachang skillfully crack open a chicken and stuff it with various spices, and then start to smoke it with something like a strange tree branch The skin of the chicken was smeared with various seasonings when the skin began to collapse. Finally, the chicken was completely wrapped with lotus leaf, tinfoil and yellow mud. Grandfather Pi’s saliva has flowed to the bar.

“You’re so disgusting…don’t be ashamed.” Yang Junfeng pulled the Grandfather Pi away: “Can you look a little bit like that.”

“I’m greedy.” The Grandfather Pi swallowed it. He spit, and then looked at Zhang Jiachang pitifully with his small eyes.

“Alright, alright…you’re greedy.” Zhang Jiachang immediately began to do the same for the second and third chickens.

At this time, Haozi, who was forced to buy 15 cups of trial milk tea because of weaving today, sipped the milk tea and walked forward to look at Zhu Zhenzhen carefully, and then asked in surprise. : “You’re not the one in the morning…”

“I remember you!” Zhu Zhenzhen pointed at Haozi excitedly and said to Zhang Jiachang: “He was the policeman who knocked on the door in the morning!”

“Don’t say it, keep it confidential.” Haozi reminded: “You can’t talk nonsense.”

Zhu Zhenzhen quickly covered her mouth: “Got it…then will I encounter anything when I go home at night? …”

Haozi waved his hand: “Don’t worry, did you hug Nian Nian?”

“en? What happened to Nian Nian?”

Haozi shook the head: “Then it’s all right.”

Zhu Zhenzhen heard what he said was mysterious, but it was not easy to ask further, but sighed said: “But it’s still very difficult to think about it. It’s terrifying.”

“It’s alright, don’t worry.”

After chatting for a while, Zhu Zhenzhen drank two cups of milk tea made by Zhang Jiachang, and the roast chicken was finally ready. .

Old Zhang’s roast chicken, which was originally a hidden recipe in Chang’an Lane, can be called a local unique.

Knock on the yellow mud outside, then open the tin foil and lotus leaves, a strange fragrance instantly permeates the entire room, and the fragrance can’t be dispersed.

The chicken was charred yellow, juicy and rich in flavor, and what was even more amazing was the stuffing in the chicken belly, which was wrapped in lamb belly with shrimp, diced meat, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, and ham. Ding, absorbs the juice of chicken and the fragrance of lamb tripe, and everything with a knife is a Divine Item for a meal.

“Give it to me, give it to me, give it to me!” Grandfather Pi hurriedly jumped beside him: “I want, I want, I want, I want…”

And Zhu Zhenzhen Although she is not as anxious as her, she is still gu gu in her stomach, drooling with greed.

Zhang Jiachang put on the gloves to tear the chicken into strips and put it on the plate, and prepared a dipping sauce next to it, plus a bowl of crystal clear and near-transparent rice, and finally mixed the chicken. The oily soup was poured over the rice, and the aroma was instantly lifted.

At first, Zhu Zhenzhen just ate a small mouthful of rice, and she was instantly shocked. Then she ate the stuffing in the belly of the chicken. It was really hard to stop after one mouthful. The chicken that has cooled down can really eat a large bowl of rice with three or two chopsticks.

And what’s even more amazing is the mint tea from Old Zhang’s house. It’s really a Divine Item to relieve oil and get rid of greasy. Zhu Zhenzhen, who was already full after one sip, ate another bowl of rice…

“How’s the progress today?” Zhang Jiachang asked Zhu Zhenzhen’s meal in a low voice, “Don’t be lazy.”

“Well… I know.” Xu Wei nodded and said: “I have already been beaten by Master.”

“I can’t beat it.” Thunder Dragon gnashing teeth said: “Let her recite the scriptures, she will put that funny cat, Da Huang has eaten eight cans today!”

Zhang Jiachang lifted his eyelids, and Da Huang, who was sitting on the ceiling fan, was covered in fur, and ran away with a meow.

“Don’t be lazy, I’ve seen the body possessor.” Zhang Jiachang said to Thunder Dragon: “Things are developing faster than you think.”

“Huh?” Thunder Dragon was taken aback: “So soon?”

“en. ”

Haozi also looked bad next to him. He looked at Zhu Zhenzhen who was eating with Grandfather Pi at the table next to him. , whispered to Zhang Jiachang: “The murder case upstairs of your Boss may be related to this matter, and I will continue to follow up the investigation.”

“Don’t tell me.” Zhang Jiachang shrugged. Shrugged: I don’t care.”

Haozi “nods” and said: “I know), I understand the truth that a lonely yang does not give birth to a lone yin and does not grow.”

(this chapter is over


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