What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 29

Chapter 29 There must be a major event

The biggest obstacle to the intermarriage of shemales is really not the human side. I can’t tell whether my wife is a chicken or not, so how can I tell whether someone is a demon or not.

And it is the Monster Race that really hinders the intermarriage of shemales and monsters, because before Dharma End Era, human beings regarded monsters as haters, and they persecuted how many delicate goblins on the grounds of benevolence, righteousness, morality, etiquette and law. The other end of the demon simply issued an injunction saying that shemales and demons are not allowed to intermarry, and they are responsible for disobeying them.

After this, shemale love has become sneaky completely, because once caught, it will be double-killed.

And this time Monster Race suddenly lifted the ban on intermarriage, which is somewhat interesting.

The news of Grandfather Pi is reliable. Although this vixen is not very brainy and not very capable, she has rounded up the 720-year cultivation base to a thousand years. Zhengmiaohong’s Qingqiu Fox Race member.

How to describe this ethnic group? If we use human groups as a benchmark, the fox clan on the Qingqiu Plain is the top aristocrat. The fox kings usually appear in this clan, and they are the only ones who are allowed to The fox who serves Nuwa, the thief is noble. Compared with them, the foxes in other places are the pawns of the dealer, not worth mentioning. The lowest fox is the Japanese fox. The place is basically the descendants of the criminals in the Fox Race in Qingqiuyuan and other places. It is similar to the situation in Australia. Qingqiu Fox would rather find an ordinary person who works in an electronics factory. Not a stinky fox in Japan.

And the reason why Grandfather Pi is so happy is that there is a high probability that a letter has come from the family, saying that Monster Race will completely lift the ban on shemale intermarriage.

As for the fact that she started to pimp her own fox sisters, I am afraid that the family absolutely did not think of it.

“Five hundred packs?”

“Packages? What do you think we are?” Grandfather Pi stared at Thunder Dragon: “You have to know, it’s all me Brothers and sisters, dear friends and relatives! You have to add money!”

“How much?” Thunder Dragon turned on the phone: “I scan you, you scan me?”

“Eighty-eight 10,000, no discount!”

Thunder Dragon stared wide-eyed: “Fuck is too expensive.”

“There are cheap ones.” Grandfather Pi opened the address book and turned it over to Thunder Dragon Looking at it: “Look, how about this one with a cub? She’s cheaper, she can win it within 200,000 yuan, and she has a suite in the urban area, and she will marry a BMW 3 series.”

“This looks good.” Thunder Dragon took it and flipped through the vixen’s circle of friends that Grandfather Pi showed him: “Why does she still sell face masks?”

“You want to live. “Grandfather Pi grabbed the phone: “200,000, packaged. The introduction fee is 500.”

Thunder Dragon thought about it: “I’ll transfer you 500 first, when will we meet?”

“Tomorrow? I’ll let her come over tomorrow, and you will dress me up.” Grandfather Pi showed the QR code at Thunder Dragon: “Make money!”

Thunder Dragon beeped After turning five hundred, the Grandfather Pi looked towards Zhang Jiachang after receiving the money, smiling and rubbing his hands together: “Brother Zhang, do you have any ideas?”

Zhang Jiachang lowered his head from the oven She took out a piece of roast chicken and put it in front of Grandfather Pi: “I’ll keep it for you.”

After she finished speaking, she patted her head, Grandfather Pi was just like the puppy praised by the owner. stand up.

At this time, Thunder Dragon looked up and asked Zhang Jiachang: “I think this may be a major event to happen, otherwise Monster Race’s impossible will easily lift the ban. And what they say is right. Humans have always had a bad attitude, so the sudden lifting of the ban must be tricky.”

“Who knows.” Brother Zhang sat on the chair and played with his mobile phone silently, rather absent-minded. .

“You’re distracted, boss.”

Hearing Thunder Dragon’s words, Zhang Jiachang came back to his senses, looked up at him, and then frowned, He took out a booklet and turned it over: “Who is the current Monster King?”

“Dragon Girl Biqing.” Thunder Dragon coughed: “What’s wrong?”

” Is your ex-girlfriend right?” Zhang Jiachang glanced at him: “I understand why the current Monster King has a bad attitude towards human beings.”

“Aiya…it’s nothing to do with me, I didn’t do anything sorry. About her, we broke up peacefully.”

“You fart, who doesn’t know that you are a big scumbag and disgusting.” Grandfather Pi raised his head and spat Thunder Dragon in his busy schedule: “This way Talking to Qingqing, the other side also hooked up with Yu Qilin, Xiu Mu, and they didn’t deal with it in the first place, you deserve it!”

“How can you contaminate people’s innocence out of thin air? Xiu Mu and I are ordinary Okay, friends, nothing happened to us.”

“Scumbag! Disgusting!”

“Alas…the fuck…”

Thunder Dragon quarreled with Grandfather Pi when he disagreed, but this is not to blame for Grandfather Pi, Thunder Dragon is a boy who is born with a romantic personality and is the kind of person who does not refuse to come, whether it is Dragon Girl Biqing or Jade Qilin rests her husband, even if it is placed in Monster Realm, she is a first-class peerless beauty. It’s really hard to say the little thing between them.

However, Old Zhang doesn’t understand these things. Brother Zhang’s concept of love is still at the stage where a man and a woman fall in love at first sight at a temple fair, and he doesn’t know the end. What kind of emotion is considered to be like, so when I listen to them talking about love, I am particularly at a loss.

About two hours later, the time came to around twelve o’clock. At this time, Zhu Zhenzhen, who had been pouring and drinking for nearly three hours, got up and wanted to leave, but was given by Xu Wei. Holding on, she helped Zhu Zhenzhen to come to Brother Xiao Zhang, and said with an embarrassed expression: “She is clamoring to go home, but she is so drunk, what should I do?”

” I’ll come.” Zhang Jiachang glanced at her and said, “I have experience.”

After finishing speaking, he carried Zhu Zhenzhen to the backyard, launched his signature electric car and put Zhu Zhenzhen in the in the car.

Because of the last lesson, this time he didn’t ride a bike with people, but sat on the bike with his two feet on the pads, just like he was on a skateboard.

But that’s okay, this time Zhu Zhenzhen wasn’t so drunk, at least she still had the ability to speak. She was sitting behind the car seat with her head on Brother Zhang’s back, whispering didn’t know. What are you talking about.

This is the second time I came to Zhu Zhenzhen’s community, but this time he didn’t rush upstairs, because Zhu Zhenzhen was almost sober after being blown by the wind on the road, and she also said that she didn’t want to go home so soon , I invited Brother Zhang to sit in the pavilion in the community.

Brother Zhang will not refuse this kind of trivial matter, even more how the request is still his own Boss.

The two sat in the small pavilion and didn’t communicate with each other for a long time. After all, Zhu Zhenzhen couldn’t hold back. She raised her head and asked, “Aren’t you curious? Are you really not curious?”

Brother Zhang raised his head blankly and looked at Zhu Zhenzhen with a subtle expression. The two stared at each other with big eyes staring at small eyes for a long time.

“You really are not normal.” Zhu Zhenzhen couldn’t hold it anymore, her head tilted: “Everyone said that a man who can look at a girl for more than two minutes is either crooked or abnormal. But Looking at you, I think I’m the pervert. Zhang Jiachang, are you from Earth!”


“Aiya…” Zhu Zhenzhen covered her hands Head: “I’m so ugly today, don’t you gossip about it? Just gossip about it, and I can say it, I’m dying of suffocation!”

“You really have nothing else. Are you a friend?” Brother Zhang said again, “It’s useless to tell me.”

There is nothing wrong with this sentence, but it made Zhu Zhenzhen’s anger arouse. He stumbled to his feet, sat down next to Brother Zhang, and held his leg: “Don’t go anywhere, you must listen to me today!”

“You have to start being so domineering, why? Are you going to let that person go? Oh, I see.” Brother Zhang slapped his forehead: “Killed, right?”

“Zhang Jiachang!”

Xiao Zhang Brother snorted: “You said.”

“I met him when I was studying in France. He was so handsome at that time, and he was the organizer of the Hometown Association and I was Senior. Good, good at learning, enthusiastic, I was his fangirl at the time.”

Zhang Jiachang started playing with his mobile phone, the past few days he was addicted to the “help Matchstick People not get rolled down the mountain” The “Stone to Death” mini-game has been played to more than 1,300 levels.

“We got acquainted later, and I began to pursue him. For his sake, I rejected many, many people…”

“The pentagram of indecision.” Xiao Zhang Brother muttered: “Draw a five-pointed star to see… it’s really over.”

“After we returned to China together, I learned that he is the Young Master of Dingxing Group, and their family is amazing. Now, it’s an old family with hundreds of years, the kind of family heirloom… But my family is just a nouveau riche, my father is Zhu Chengjun, the nouveau riche who made a fortune in real estate.” Zhu Zhenzhen stared straight at the greenery in front of her. Take: “He also listens to his family very much. His family doesn’t look down on a nouveau riche like me.”

“After playing Legendary for so many years, you have never played the real Legendary! Xianglong Legendary, perfect recovery. Engraved 1.76 classic version, comes with small Top Grade synthesis, ingot recycling, registration will give you an 888novice gift pack, what are you waiting for, the brother will come and cut me!”

Brother Zhang’s mobile phone suddenly exploded The loud advertising sound made Zhu Zhenzhen shivered, she looked towards Brother Zhang in amazement, but found that there was a villain with a stick in his mobile phone facing a white wild boar “Ha…ha ” call.

“Sorry…it’s playing an ad.” Zhang Jiachang smiled apologetically: “I’ll turn it off.”

“You turn it off!”


“Wait 20 seconds… After 20 seconds, you will be able to renew your physical strength.”

Zhu Zhenzhen is numb, she is unimaginable, how can there be such a puzzled style in the world The man, people are sad oh! He is there “brother come to chop me”? What kind of thinking mode is this to create such a treasure in the world!

“Bring it here, don’t play.” Zhu Zhenzhen snatched Brother Zhang’s cell phone: “I’m going to a party tomorrow, and I originally said I would take my boyfriend to show them. “

“Well, it’s quite troublesome.” Zhang Jiachang squinted his eyes at the phone he put aside, and absently replied: “Are you sleepy?”

“I’m not sleepy.” Can’t you not miss your cell phone? We are not friends anymore?”

When Brother Zhang heard this, he immediately stood up: “Friend? Do you mean you treat me as a friend? ”

(end of this chapter)

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