What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Mysterious Netizens

“Brother Zhang, come with a hidden food.”

In front of this small Taoist temple is a shop selling milk tea and herbal tea in a mess , This place is Zhang Jiachang’s main source of income. After all, the old house behind him is a cultural relic unit, which cannot be bought or rented. He also makes a sideline business life of milk tea and herbal tea in this place.

The money is not much or not much every month, which is considered to be able to live a stable life and have a little savings.

If it weren’t for the talking cat in the backyard, he would look like an ordinary person in a big city.

But of course it’s much more than just a talking cat. He has to bring a little girl who doesn’t talk, and a man who has never been in a relationship to be a master and a father. It’s actually quite hard work.

As for why it’s Master, he actually doesn’t know, but Dad asked him to do it, so he did it. And although he is young and does not speak every year, the little fellow is very sensible, so he took Brother Zhang with him, and he also has feelings after so many years.

β€œHidden food.” Zhang Jiachang shook the head, bent down and took out a plate of chicken wrapped in tinfoil from the cabinet and put it into the tandoor behind him: β€œForty minutes.”

Most of the people who come to eat here are from the neighborhood. Zhang Jiachang has lived in this place since he was a child. Although he is young, he is an old-fashioned resident. There are fewer and fewer youngsters around. He has always fought to the death with this old district.

“Brother Sausage, two sausages, pearl milk and half sugar.”

There is an endless stream of business during the evening rush hour, and he is a little busy at the counter by himself.

At this time, the man at the bar who had been sitting in the store since he got off work looked up at Zhang Jiachang and said, “If I tell you to stop fighting, just find a clerk.”


“You said it lightly.” Zhang Jiachang looked at the head helplessly: “Please ask someone for at least 3,000 yuan a month, where will this money come from?”

“I I’ll give it to you, it’s boring for us brothers to talk about birth.”

The person who spoke was one of Zhang Jiachang through childhood, named Yang Junfeng. As for his life, he belongs to the kind of classic rich second generation who would go home and inherit the 100,000-mu forest farm in the northeast and thirteen import and export companies over Hu Jian if he didn’t work hard to make a career.

He formed a “very unreliable square” with the other two guys. Today the other guy doesn’t know where to go. Originally, they would spend their time in this place basically every day, playing cats and dogs and not doing their jobs properly. .

He has a lot of money. When his grandfather passed away, it was said that his family property was directly divided into three shares, his father one share, he and his brother a cash estate, and his big brother also passed away a few years ago. , the property of the two belonged to his name.

He didn’t say how much, but the monthly bank interest could make him spend it in bed.

And he just doesn’t have the kind of profligate character. The biggest consumption every day is to drink milk tea in Zhang Jiachang’s store.

“What are you talking about nonsense?”

“Oh, you can make me feel a little involved, can I be considered a shareholder? This person is considered as my invitation, and I will be in the future. What do you think?” Yang Junfeng sighed: β€œApart from Nian Nian and my dog sister, even the Haozi in your house are males. I really can’t stand it anymore. Girl, I know how much it costs.”

“Oh, you’ve been doing it for a long time just to find a girl?” Zhang Jiachang asked with a smile: “Why don’t you just buy a Ferrari and drive it? Shaking around the entrance of the university?”

“You don’t understand, the pure love I want! Slowly accumulating mutual affection, this pot is love.” After Yang Junfeng finished speaking, he walked to the side. Pick up the small blackboard that will light up: “Recruitment, due to business needs, our store has specially recruited a clerk, aged 18 to 25 years old, requires good facial features, hard work, enjoys five insurances, one housing fund and three times the salary for holidays, and the salary is 5K -9K.”

“You’ve given too much.” Zhang Jiachang gasped: “This is more than what I earn in a month.”

” It’s also… breaking the rules.” Yang Junfeng pondered for a moment after erasing the number on the top: “3K to 4K5, this should be fine. After all, there are five insurances, one housing fund and three times the salary.”

Zhang Jiachang couldn’t be more stubborn than him, this guy himself just remembered that he would do something impulsive.

After Yang Junfeng put the sign on the door, he posted this job posting on his mobile phone. He took the milk tea and walked back: “I’ll go see the girl you hid.”

“Be careful of Da Huang.”

“Is Da Huang there?” Yang Junfeng shuddered: “I won’t go, I won’t go…”

Actually Even Zhang Jiachang doesn’t know why Da Huang can be so disgusting. In fact, apart from being able to speak and being a little wordy, there is actually nothing that can be criticized. As a family Guardian God , it is actually very responsible.

At this moment, Xu Wei had walked into the milk tea shop along the door. She looked around the environment and felt that there was a kind of space-time travel feeling behind her. Taoist Temple, just separated by a wall, is a milk tea shop with no special features.

This time, from the metaphysical world composed of talking cats, weird Taoist temples, gloomy little girls and mottled brick walls, it was pulled into the materialism of prosperity, democracy, civilization and harmony in the world.

“Hey, hey!” Yang Junfeng saw Xu Wei who suddenly got out, and was a little incoherent with excitement: “A girl appeared in your backyard!”

Zhang Jiachang looked back. At a glance, facing Xu Wei nodded with a smile, Xu Wei also nodded.

“Hello…my friend keeps urging me, can I really not go?” Xu Wei’s phone rang again at this time, she picked up the phone and took a look, but saw that The netizens who have made an appointment have already started to swipe her screen at this moment.

Seeing the words “Where are you, why haven’t you come yet” on the screen, Xu Wei was also taken aback.

She put her phone on the table, but the message kept buzzing.

Seeing that her face was not very good, Yang Junfeng leaned over and asked, “Have you quarreled with your boyfriend?”

Xu Wei hurriedly shook her head and told Yang Junfeng about the matter. Fan: “Then that fortune-teller asked me to come here, and then… I fell and passed out, but it’s all right now.”

“Haozi asked you to come here.” Yang Junfeng pinched his chin After pondering for a long time: “Did Da Huang ask you to buy canned food for him?”

“I bought it…”

“What about after I bought it?”

Xu Wei was silent for a few seconds, then said: “Da Huang told me not to go…”

“en. “Yang Junfeng nodded and said: “It’s right to listen to Da Huang.”

Yang Junfeng and Zhang Jiachang grew up together, of course he knew how amazing this small courtyard is, and although Da Huang’s dead cat likes to brag, pretend, and talk nonsense, but if it takes the initiative to ask for tribute and give it to it Tribute, then it is best to listen to its words, and those who do not listen are unlucky.

And when Xu Wei was full of doubts, his phone vibrated like an electric wand again. She picked up the phone and her expression became even more weird, and her face became worse.

“Guang, has she encountered something unclean?” Yang Junfeng asked curiously, “Otherwise Da Huang wouldn’t have asked her for anything.”

Seeing that Zhang Jiachang was busy and didn’t respond, Yang Junfeng Aiya said: “You say something, really, it’s a fate for a little girl to meet every now and then, what’s wrong with you helping them?”

Zhang Jiachang brought out a cup of milk tea and put it on the table, but when he came back, he pulled the phone out of Xu Wei’s hand with a smile on his face.

Looking at the message above, it has changed from “where are you, why haven’t you come yet” to “I see you”.

Zhang Jiachang watched for a while, and then directly blocked this person and deleted his friends.

But didn’t expect that even after the blacklist was deleted, in less than two seconds, the person’s avatar popped up a message again.

“Who did you see?” Yang Junfeng leaned over and glanced at the door, then ran to the door to take a look around. When he came back, his face was full of suspicion: “There’s no one outside.”

Zhang Jiachang didn’t answer, just clicked on the video function, and soon a dark picture appeared inside.

“Who are you!”

The voice of a person came from the screen of black, a little hoarse, but much better than Da Huang’s voice.

“I found a mobile phone and was going to hand it over to the police Uncle.” Zhang Jiachang said with a smile: “Do you know the owner of the mobile phone?”

“Boy, I advise Don’t meddle in your own business.”

Zhang Jiachang didn’t say anything, just posted a location and hung up the video.

Xu Wei, who witnessed the whole process, is actually very scared now, because just now, Zhang Jiachang deleted the friend she wanted to see for the whole process, but…

β€œ Don’t mess with netizens next time.” Zhang Jiachang returned the phone to her: “Have you downloaded the National Anti-Fraud Center APP? If you haven’t downloaded the next one, it’s really easy to use.”

Xu Wei Trembling with fear took over the phone and looked at Zhang Jiachang nervously: “Did you send him the address?”

“en.” Zhang Jiachang nominated.

He was just nodded but did not explain, which made Xu Wei very confused, but Yang Junfeng next to him explained for him: “Don’t worry, this place is not a place that everyone can come to.”

A few people were speaking, and a message popped up on Yang Junfeng’s cell phone. He glanced at it, and said tsk tsk in his mouth: “Intestines, the city seems to be not very peaceful recently, and a few have already left.”

“en. ”

Xu Wei curiously asked: “What happened?”

“The news in our group is that there is a serial murder case in the city. , several out-of-town girls have died, and now even the task force from the provincial capital is here, don’t spread the word, it’s just gossip.”

Yang Junfeng said this, and suddenly raised his head and looked towards Xu Wei , and then looked at Zhang Jiachang again, his face changed suddenly.

β€œYou’re not a local, are you?” Zhang Jiachang asked casually.

“Well, I’m from Linshi, I’m here to meet a friend, but…”

Speaking of this, Xu Wei seemed to have reacted, her heart rate instantly Soaring, there was an inexplicable panic in his eyes.

(End of this chapter)

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