What To Do With Max-Level Life? Chapter 30

Chapter 30 The Way of Humanity

Everyone actually has their own sensitive points, and Brother Zhang is no exception. In his heart lives a lonely and gentle child. Sometimes an inadvertent sentence can touch his nerves.

His understanding of the word friend is actually very simple and popular, but it is this simple and popular that very few people can agree with in the current world.

Because for him, the word is not contaminated with interests, it is holy and noble, but in fact, the meaning of “a friend of mine” in the current society has become less clear and clear. Now, he has too many meanings beyond words in it.

This is also the place where Xiao Zhang is clean. He has a pure land in his heart, and this pure land is not invaded by evil.

“Why do you react so much?”

“Because I don’t have many friends.”

Brother Zhang’s words directly hit Zhu Zhenzhen’s heart, His answer was crisp and direct, with a childlike innocence, and from the look in his eyes, it could be seen that this sentence was true, and it was so simple that it made people feel distressed.

In this way, Zhu Zhenzhen stopped mentioning that word easily, and even became cautiously like Xiao Zhang.

“I’ll go back first.” Zhu Zhenzhen hesitated for a moment and then got up to say goodbye: “You also go back early, see you tomorrow.”

“Okay, see you tomorrow.”

Watching Zhu Zhenzhen enter the door of the unit, Zhang Jiachang rode his motorcycle away slowly, and when he walked out of the door of the community, he could feel that Zhu Zhenzhen was standing at the window on the 19th floor looking at him, and he also I didn’t think much of turning back and waved to Zhu Zhenzhen as a goodbye.

This wave of hands made Zhu Zhenzhen stare blankly, because she had just returned to the house and came to the window. If it was placed in the game, it would be taken away with a single shot…

But maybe it’s just a coincidence, after all, who can have that ability.

She stood at the window for a long time, not to send Zhang Jiachang, but just to be in a daze. After all, she was rejected in person by the person she liked for many years yesterday, and she directly deleted her friend. Any girl is cruel.

But she doesn’t seem to be so sad anymore, it seems that it is because of the stupid big boy who left on the electric bike just now. down.

This guy…is really irritating and funny.

And Zhang Jiachang was about to close the stall when he returned to the shop. All the diners in the shop had left, leaving Thunder Dragon sitting there, playing on his phone and watching TV.

Thunder Dragon saw Brother Zhang coming back, but only nodded: “I…seem to say something wrong.”


” I said there must be a major event…” Thunder Dragon pursed his lips and was silent for a moment: “Haozi went to the hospital.”

“en?” Zhang Jiachang frowned: “Is he all right?”

“He’s fine, but something happened to the Monster Dao he caught earlier.” Thunder Dragon explained: “He just confessed, and at night his tongue was gone, not even a root.”


As soon as Brother Zhang waved his hand, a book appeared in front of him and started to flip automatically. There were no words on it, but when it stopped, there were clear pictures and texts.

“Wow… One of the three treasures of Brother Zhang, the Symbolless Heavenly Book has appeared.”

Zhang Jiachang laughed and nodded his words: “One of the five prisons, pull out Tongue hell. All the people in the world who provoke alienation, slander and harm others, glib tongue, argue with each other, lie and deceive people, enter the tongue-pulling hell. And the sage Gaozhen can’t bear the suffering of all beings, and it is passed down that the five directions of hell can be broken. To save the dead and leave hell. Tongue pulling is the first prison, they chose their own people.”

“Damn it, if I really don’t exist, this is sending a challenge letter.” Thunder Dragon’s palm flickered with lightning : “I let them see what Nine Heavens is, Ying Yuan, the God of Thunder, and Heavenly Venerable.”

Brother Xiao Zhang waved his fingers, and the Symbolless Heavenly Book disappeared out of thin air, and then he walked to the stage , took out a bottle of wine and two glasses from the cabinet, poured a little for Thunder Dragon, filled a couple of taels for himself, sat there and took a sip, looked up and said to Thunder Dragon: “I can’t help you much. , be careful yourself, if you really can’t, use your words and I will give you the bottom line.”

“Understood, we all know your situation and won’t blame you.”

Thunder Dragon knows best about Brother Zhang’s situation. In fact, after he suddenly became what he is now, the danger level is much more terrifying than that of a nuclear bomb. Fortunately, Brother Zhang’s father was a person of cultivation base profound when he was alive. Now, he used the technique of mind to suppress Brother Zhang’s demon embryo. After ten years of Cultivation, Brother Zhang also cut off three corpses gradually. His body is compatible with Heaven and Earth, and his heart and nature are in harmony. Baina intercommunication, this is the end of the prosperous Evil Thought, maintaining the true origin.

Otherwise, Brother Zhang can’t be said to be a native of the motherland, so he should be an ancestor.

And the price of this is that Brother Zhang’s father suffered Heavenly Retribution for disturbing him and passed away early. And Xiao Zhang gradually began to lose the Seven Emotions and Six Desires, love and hatred, joys and sorrows that human beings should have.

So Xiao Zhang also noticed this. After the death of father, he basically never used any rule-level power. It was a kind of insistence on his heart, and he is now returning to the real world On the key point, no one can delay his progress. Otherwise, after he completely lost his humanity and turned into a divinity, there would be no one to give Thunder Dragon their bottom line.

What is divinity? Heaven and Earth Heaven and Earth have no kindness, and they do not respond.

So they not only can’t stop Brother Zhang from finding his humanity, but they even have to help him. The sooner the better and the more real the better, it’s best if Seven Emotions and Six Desires are fully taken care of. Addicted to gambling. Whether he likes the second dimension or being a Furui control, he has to be filthy quickly, and only when he gets filthy can he be human. And with a human touch, it is a person.

Brother Zhang doesn’t want to be the purest and most pure Saint, and they don’t want him to be the purest and most pure Saint.

After that, Brother Zhang closed the booth, and Thunder Dragon rushed over to meet Haozi. After all, a challenge letter has been sent from the opposite side. If this thing doesn’t fight, it’s a bit unreasonable.

Second day early in the morning, Brother Zhang sent Nian Nian to school, and then he went to the work unit to start preparing breakfast. He was probably really not used to the company’s slack and slack state, and he always wanted to give it to himself. Find something to do.

In the blink of an eye, he has been here for half a month. During this half a month, he has gotten to know most of his colleagues in the company, but the girls seem to like it very much. To tease this clean big boy, he also likes to eat his cooking.

In the words of the eldest sister Shi here, no one can leave Zhang Jiachang when the company leaves, and life would be too hard without him.


The little girl at the front desk has now changed from being the first to join the company to the second. Brother Zhang had already prepared breakfast before he came. it is done.

She was standing in the kitchen holding the beef patty that Brother Zhang just made in her hand, and her hands were full of juice: “Brother Zhang, whoever will marry you will be blessed in the future.”

“There’s still sauerkraut over there.” Brother Zhang pointed to the steamer and said, “It should be fine.”

While the girl at the front desk was having breakfast, colleagues from outside came one after another. Now, they have developed a habit of going to the kitchen first thing at work, because there will definitely be delicious food waiting for them here.

A group of girls got together, and the place became lively immediately. The steam in the morning, the chatter of girls, and the tuk-tuk of Brother Zhang cutting green onion were intertwined here, making it extremely lively and fireworks. Fill directly.

“That’s right, Brother Zhang. Tomorrow my family will plan a blind date for me. I don’t want to go. You can pretend to be my boyfriend.”

A fat girl in the unit suddenly said : “Do me a favor, please…”

“Ah?” Brother Zhang was taken aback: “I won’t.”

“Don’t listen to her! It’s occupying public resources! Why, no, no. Brother Zhang belongs to all of us.”

At this time, Zhu Zhenzhen also came to work. As soon as she entered the kitchen, she heard them yelling. So she cleared her throat: “It’s early in the morning, so you can’t pipe down?”

“Mr. Zhu, I want to make a small report!” The girl at the front desk pointed to the fat girl and jumped up and shouted : “She wants to occupy Brother Zhang! She wants Brother Zhang to pretend to be her boyfriend!”

Zhang Jiachang shook his head with a wry smile: “I really can’t.”

And Zhu Zhenzhen After listening, I looked Zhang Jiachang up and down, looked thoughtful and returned to his office with a few siu Mai.

About twenty minutes later, she came to the kitchen and said to Brother Zhang who was cleaning up, “Come to my office.”

When she came to Zhu Zhenzhen’s office, she quickly got up and closed the door After being locked up, Brother Zhang was even a little flustered at that moment, because looking at Zhu Zhenzhen’s demeanor, it seemed like he was doing something bad.

“Follow me after work tonight.”


“No, do me a favor and follow me after work. Just go.” Zhu Zhenzhen patted her thigh and said, “I told you yesterday, no, I am a very good face.”

“But you only broke up yesterday.”

“Hi…” Zhu Zhenzhen sucked in a breath of cold air: “I was rejected unilaterally, today you have to stand up for me, don’t embarrass me! After this is done, you will triple the bonus this month. “

“Huh?” Brother Zhang was stunned: “This is not good…”

“I’ll just say yes, don’t go to work in the afternoon, I I’ll give you the card, go and choose some clothes, just wear them on time at night.”

“Clothes.” Zhang Jiachang nods: “I’m not very good at aesthetics.”

“Okay, okay, I can go with you in the afternoon.” Zhu Zhenzhen said helplessly: “Let’s go after dinner.”

“Why did you suddenly think of this move, is it because Guo Qi inspired you just now? You? It’s fake, right.”

“It’s not fake.” Zhu Zhenzhen said seriously, shaking her finger: “It’s cheating, I think you are clean, if you dress up a little, you will definitely kill my circle in seconds. People here, you can’t let me down!”

“But I won’t.”

“Don’t worry, it’s not a big problem. What do you think they can do. ”

(end of this chapter)

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